Genius of unique lineage Chapter 193


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 192: Grandfather’s Gift

Was it shoddy construction work?

It didn’t seem likely.

I couldn’t tell how many of them there were, but excluding the one who had dived into the ground outside earlier, I saw three on the first floor.

Two lay sprawled out on the floor with all limbs broken, while one had become something of a grotesque art piece.

Pinned against the wall headfirst.

He was stuck up to his shoulders, his body hanging limply, as if the touch of a malevolent artist lingered there.

Upon closer inspection, the one embedded in the wall had skin that had turned to a hard texture.

And there was a pig’s tail attached as well.

A hybrid of the Transforming Clan and a special species endowed with supernatural powers.

The same as before, this one too—

They were all experimental subjects.

Identical to the experimental subjects sent by Prometheus.

Bang, bang, bang.

Above, someone was pounding on the wall as if tolling a bell.

The sounds of thumping and crunching mingled together.

I wondered if my mother could be in danger, but it was better to hurry rather than be caught off guard.

The marble staircase leading up to the second floor was half-collapsed.

There was no point in hesitating. I opened a window on the first floor and climbed the wall using my fingers as anchors.

As I was about to slip through the hole my mother made using a three-eyed dog’s head, the wall on the other side collapsed with a rumble.

Is it really okay to demolish the building like this?

I wasn’t sure. I slipped through the hole.

Immediately after, I caught my mother’s presence and moved into the adjacent room.

There was no need for doors when you could just bust through the walls, and a few steps were enough with holes gaping open everywhere.

By the time I arrived, things were nearly settled.

A creature with a bear’s face and sparrow’s wings lay bleeding on the floor, about to speak to my mother.


By appearances alone, it looked more monstrous.

But in terms of capability, my mother also belonged to that monstrous lineage.

A pureblood of the Transforming Clan, her brute strength could crush nearly anything with physical force.

One of its wings was torn, presumably by my mother, leaving the bear-sparrow creature glaring with only one wing intact.

“Are you fearless, or have you been modified that much? To think there are still those who conduct such experiments.”

My mother’s tone was still calm.

She had been composed since she said she’d handle it herself.

If it weren’t for the blood splattered on her, she’d have looked like any housewife out for a drink.

“Is this the last one?”

“It seems that was the only talking one.”

My mother crossed her arms as she spoke.

The bear-sparrow wasn’t just missing a wing. Now that I looked closely, half of its face was caved in.

I had assumed it was supposed to look that way.

The ones with every limb broken went without saying.

The ones below were all the same.

“Who sent you?”

My mother asked.


The bear-sparrow responded.

Someone who sent their child to a place like this couldn’t possibly be their real father.

Must’ve been some sort of brainwashing, right?

“So this fa-fa-fa-father, who is he?”

I inquired.

“Fa-fa-father is… Park, Park, Hyuk.”

The stutter seemed to be a passive skill held by all experimental subjects.

No, that’s not right; Mari doesn’t stutter.

“Park Park Hyuk, you know him?”

I asked my mother.

It wasn’t for nothing. Her eyebrows furrowed immediately upon hearing the name.

Soon regaining her composure, my mother spoke.

“Park Hyuk, that insane perverted psycho scientist.”

Her description was modest.

“I thought he was dead.”

She murmured so quietly, I would not have heard her had I not possessed the ears of an immortal.

Was a dead man back to life?

Right, the Pandas would rejoice to know.

As they call me a returner, would they be happy to label Park Park Hyuk or Park Hyuk as a returner or reincarnated entity?

The bear-sparrow creature, which was groaning, turned its eyes over with a flip.

Fainting was the least of its worries.

Even for an experimental subject, losing so much blood could result in exsanguination and death.

“I need to make a call.”

Was it that urgent?

My mother picked up the phone.

“We should be out of the coverage area, no?”

Someone was jamming the signal.

Once out of this area, we could call the police and take care of the aftermath.

As I was about to say this,

“Huh? It’s working?”

My mother replied.

Checking her phone, it appeared the jamming had been lifted.


What’s this, did someone activate the jammer only to release it now?

That seemed unlikely since I had been sharpening every sense I had since the beginning.

Unless someone with at least the skill to kill the presence of a division head was around, there was no escaping my senses.

Footsteps reached my ears.

Heavy, solid footsteps.

It wasn’t just one person. At least three, a team, were approaching.

I adjusted the blade of my sixth sense to determine the direction and looked outside.


“What’s the matter?”

My mother asked, approaching me.

“Why are they here?”


I pointed downward, and my mother noticed the three approaching shadows. Tilting her head, I spoke up.

“It’s the Transforming Clan. Direct subordinates of the Dangun Group.”

That meant they were Grandfather’s men.

It’s a two-story building. It didn’t take long at all to see each other’s faces across the cement parking lot.


Below, the physical brute Sojin blew a hand-kiss my way.

I dodged it promptly with a jerk of my head.

“How have you been?”

His voice was booming. Our physical brute seemed like he’d do well even in opera singing.

“Fine. Yeah.”

I replied casually and gestured with my palm for him to wait.

They didn’t come alone.

Luging what was clearly an unconscious load over his shoulder, someone had brought along.

Casually dumping the human-like baggage on the floor, I observed.

“What’s with him?”

My mother inquired, noticing Sojin.

“Seems I have some popularity.”

I casually replied.

“Are you dating?”

My mother prodded.

“You know my type.”

I stated, which meant no.

To that, my mother sighed briefly before speaking.

“Son, being a virgin till twenty-five won’t make you a wizard, you know that. Wizards need to study and learn from a young age. It’s a skill that takes time.”

“What are you saying?”

“Don’t tell me you believe that if you’re a virgin till twenty-five, you can wield magic?”

It sure sounds serious when she jokes like that.

“You’re not actually serious, right?”

“No, I’m not.”

Mother replied flatly and gestured with her eyes.

Let’s go down.

It looked like it was time anyway.

I hopped down from the building, leaping and kicking the wall a few times until I reached the ground.

No need to go around in circles since the stairs were broken too.

Behind me, my mother descended by gripping the wall’s gas pipe and repelling down with bounces.

It was truly a show of physical repelling.

Landing, I placed my hands on my waist before speaking.

“What brings you here?”

I addressed all three.

“Missed you, so here I am.”

That’s our physical brute Sojin.

“We’re together.”

That was Unbi.

The one who had worn a mask at Kwaknim Cafe and took a beating from me—it was this friend.

Knowing that, I greeted her appropriately.

“How are you feeling?”

She must have been treated and healed by now, this friend.

“You knew?”


I smiled brightly and nodded.

“Your hands showed no mercy.”

It wasn’t Unbi but another who answered.

I turned my head towards the new voice.

I hadn’t seen this friend before.

With deep scars marring his face, first glance made it difficult to discern his features.

He was one of the masked ones Grandfather had sent to challenge me for a New Year’s bow.

Same temperament.

Not even trying to hide his presence or using spell gear, he couldn’t fool my senses.

The immortal’s senses told me he was the same individual from before.

“Always do your best when it’s time.”

“You were holding back though.”

Oh, quick on the uptake, this one.

People vary, and even among the Transforming Clan, some are not of the dull-brained type.

“I’m shy when meeting Grandfather for the first time. You know I get nervous around new people.”



My words silenced everyone.

Not only the three but also my mother.

“What, can’t I be shy? Can’t I get nervous?”

“Be shy. As much as you want. Son.”

My mother sided with me.

Blood ties really are the best.


Unbi murmured.

“I can hear that.”

I spoke and looked at Sojin.

Being a third-order before, perhaps he brought some work for me again this time?

His eyes asked me why he truly came, and before he could respond,

“Just think of us as forces sent by the group to support you.”

It was the scar-faced Doan-gyeol—substituting for Sojin—who replied.

Does he have a higher rank?

“My name is Doan-gyeol.”

The scar-faced man extended his hand.

“Alright, Yu Gwang-ik.”

I shook his hand in return and continued to ask.

“I never requested support though.”

“Consider it a courtesy, a part of your New Year’s cash gift,” he said.

So, Grandfather sent over three Transforming Clan soldiers as a loan?

“For rent?”

I asked succinctly.


Without changing his expression, Doan-gyeol, now sounding slightly disgruntled, replied.

Does the term ‘rent’ bother him?

He’s not used to straightforward expressions, it seems.

Regardless, bureaucracy is the issue. Rigid corporate culture stiffens these kids’ minds.

“What about him?”

Pointing to the collapsed figure, I ask what his deal is.

“On the way, our phones cut off. Turns out he was running a jamming device.”


I tilted my head quizzically.

Isn’t he quick with words?

Doan-gyeol thought for a moment before answering.

“Picked him up on the way.”

Adaptability at its finest. He picked up straightforward expressions in no time.

In the course of assessing my whereabouts, they coincidentally caught him.

They had all run here, leaving their transport behind.

So, the caught guy was just unlucky.

“Father sent him?”

As my mother spoke, she scanned them.

All three recognized her.

Doan-gyeol bowed first.

“Pleased to meet you for the first time, senior.”

Next, Sojin.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, but you were already gone by the time I awakened.”

Lastly, Unbi.

“Uh, big fan for a long time.”

What kind of corporate life did my mother lead to have fans?

“Pleasure to meet all three.”

Mother didn’t seem to mind.

We had already discussed this on the way.

To accept all that was given without playing hard to get.

If this was a cash gift, I should accept it.

“We’ve put a little New Year’s money in your account as well. And the final gift, in lightening your heart, he [Grandfather] said, ‘Money & Save’ will be acquired by the group.”


I nodded in understanding.

The message was welcome.

The Dangun Group had decisively bought out Money & Save through a hostile M&A setup by Prometheus.

Technically, it was devoured by another bank company in league with them, but the result was the same.

Prometheus’s withdrawal from Korea had left Money & Save adrift.

Had it disintegrated, those with money tied up there might have been measuring the Han River’s temperature.

It was a platform well known for its high interest savings and fund products.

A lot of funds flowed through it.

All of it was initiated by me.

Though I take no responsibility for all the consequences stemming from my actions, the unease was unavoidable.

Thus, this was truly my New Year’s money.

But it wasn’t just a favorable occurrence for me; it was a windfall for the Dangun Group.

Who wouldn’t enjoy acquiring an entire corporate entity?

“Can you take care of the aftermath here?”

“Yes, boss, leader, husband. What should I call you?”

Our Sojin got jestful.

“Though hastily formed, think of it as a team… Team leader?”

“There’s no team leader title anymore. Only orders.”

Scar-faced Doan-gyeol chimed in.

I guess you’re now Scarred Doan-gyeol.

Physical Sojin, Scarred Doan-gyeol, not bad.

Even Immortals like our Ki-nam, Stone-hearted Mi-ho have catchy nicknames.

I’m good at coming up with nicknames.

“Then just call me an order.”

I responded offhandedly to Doan-gyeol’s words.

What does it matter how you’re called?

Dangun Group affiliates use First, Second, Third Order to designate command authority, instead of job titles.

And at the highest echelon of each department, they abbreviate United Order to Youna Order.

But what difference does it make?

Might as well make good use of the newfound manpower.

“I think the kids are still outside, so please fix up the building without alarming them too much…”

I started to say, but then paused.

It didn’t seem right to say “just patch it up a bit.”

“These two volunteers fainted inside. Please send them to the hospital as well.”

Mother seamlessly continued where I had left off.

“Yes, understood. I will see it done.”

Unbi stepped forward.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was diving into enemy territory alone to rescue two hostages.

Everything was cleared out; only two unconscious civilians remained. Kid, it’s a simple job.

“Wait, I need to see.”

“No, Director, you can’t. This is a tactical operation zone.”

Voices arguing could be heard.

It was from the entrance to the orphanage outside.

Beyond the green iron gate, the Director had stepped in.

Ah, she must have been worried.

It’s alright. Mother has resolved everything. They’ll take care of the rest.

I was about to greet her with a smile, but…

“Ah, the building…”

The Director clasped her own neck before I could speak.


I turned around again.

Someone had knocked down half of the building.

What was once an aged but tidy structure had, in an instant, transformed into a haunted house.



“You’ve got money, right?”

“I will handle the repairs.”

I had intended to donate from the start.

This time, it just came with a reason.

Mother had caused the mess.

Well, even if I had told Father, he would have sorted it out, but this was my way of doing my filial duty.

“Just trust me.”

“Okay, son. I trust only you.”

Mother smiled.

Content, I smiled back.

The Director fainted as she watched our interaction.


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