Genius of unique lineage Chapter 192


Genius of a Unique Lineage

**Chapter 191: The Bastard**

“The target has arrived with company.”

At quite a distance, precisely outside the realm of the Immortal’s senses.

Shin Juho, with a telephoto lens, framed Yoo Gwangik and his mother within, fixed his eyes on the lens, and then pulled out his phone to press the call button.

Shin Juho operated a freelancing business in the light and ran a private investigation agency in the shadows.

Providing photos and information was his work.

His agency was named ‘Specialatchi,’ specializing in unique cases.

Their services came at a high price, but Specialatchi held a reputable name in the business.

That is to say, they get the job done worth their fees.

The work of a private investigator is labor-intensive, especially when dealing with special kinds.

It wasn’t a task one could manage alone.

Shin Juho and his wife, along with his brother and his sister-in-law.

It was, bluntly put, a family business.

‘Not that anyone would know.’

Capturing silent images, Shin Juho reflected between the quiet clicks of the shutter, when suddenly the ringing tone cut off.

“Please speak.”

It was the client.

A man with a voice that seemed ennui-inducing, soporific even.

His tone was also gentle and smooth.

“The subject has brought along a companion.”

“They’re together?”



The client seemed to ponder.

Shin Juho calmly waited.

After all, his task was straightforward:

Sneak peeks and eavesdrops, then report back with organized information.

“Just carry on as you have been.”

“There’s an extra charge for the additional person.”

Usually, he might wait until after completing the job to upcharge, but this client wasn’t the type to trifle with.

It was just a hunch, but likely they spared no expense to unveil everything about the target.

His own was a group with such venom.

So, he brought up the money first.

“Do not worry about the cost.”

“Alright then.”

Shin Juho hung up, refocusing on his task.

His special ability was ‘Bat Ears.’

If the target was within sight, he could hear their conversations—a rather peculiar power.

As valuable as Medusa’s Eyes, though not combat-centric, which made times tough before he started the agency.

His ability began to catch Gwangik and his mother’s conversation.


He never doubted his ability.

When it activated, it wasn’t so much hearing their actual voices but feeling the dialogue seep into his mind.

Their exchange, captured by the telephoto lens, imprinted on his thoughts.

“These assholes have gone mad.”

The target’s mother said.

“Please, calm down.”

The target responded.

“I’m not upset. You, just stay by the director for a moment. Mom needs to exercise. I’ve been lacking lately.”

“Would you like me to handle it? I have more experience with these situations, after all…”

“Experience? Ah yes, you ‘briefly’ served in the special forces, didn’t you?”

“It wasn’t brief.”

“An unexperienced son who hasn’t rolled with us for even three years talks about experience. You handle the money. Mom will handle this.”

“…Father and mother, you two are a match made in heaven.”

“You only realize that now?”

Shin Juho was probably among the best informed about the current situation.

He was the one who had investigated everything.

He had unearthed all there was to know about Yoo Gwangik, his family, and his relatives, tracking their every movement.

‘Wasn’t the original plan to kidnap the mother?’

Right. The client had requested it.

That’s why the events had unfolded into the current scenario, and he was there to confirm and report the kidnapping.

He had wondered why he needed to capture the scene, but there was no reason to decline when the client offered extra money for it.

But now, what was with the conversation about exercise?

Shin Juho’s ability was adept at establishing facts.

The conversations stabbed directly into his mind.

However, it did not convey tones or nuances.

But that didn’t mean the meanings were uninterpretable. His experience didn’t just vanish into thin air.

Special forces, three years, soulmates.

Stripping the useless information and compiling what’s left, he made a conclusion.

His camera captured the mother stretching her neck from side to side and rotating her wrists.

It was stretching.

It seemed like a show of muscle, indicating she was about to get physical.

‘Is she really going inside?’

Into that den?

The forces the client sent were intimidating. He felt a chill just looking from afar.

And now she’d send a mother into that?

‘Is she a heartless bastard?’

A valid question.

Shin Juho didn’t know Gwangik’s mother.

* * *

“Inside, in the inner…”

The director who was mentioned finally broke down crying.

A woman in her sixties, her hair graying and face wrinkled.

As she was about to say something, a group of children crowded around her.

They had already been playing outside when the car arrived.

“Wow, what’s that car?”

“It looks expensive.”

Some children with thoughtful eyes admired the car, while others simply watched quietly.

Some asked who I was, and others avoided my gaze, perhaps too familiar to be curious.

One boy rushed to the mother,

“Did you behave yourself?”

With no fuss, the mother hugged the child, gave him a playful shake and then let go.

In the meantime, I approached the director and introduced myself,

“I am her son.”

“You? But I don’t have a son. Only daughters.”

…Surely you must be mistaken.

She was in the midst of panic.

Something terrible seemed to have happened inside.

It wasn’t robbers or thieves, too much could be inferred from the unfolding situation.

The children were kept ignorant of this crisis.

The director was flustered, shocked, and appalled, but the children were none the wiser.

No amount of soothing would resolve this easily.

If they had known, they would’ve been in a state of panic. So she kept it from them.

“Everyone, remember? We planned to go on a picnic!”

One of the bolder staff blurted out with a trembling voice amidst the chaos.

As children rushed together, I addressed the director,

“That person over there is the mother.”

“Oh? Oh, okay.”

She seemed to understand.

“I’m sorry.”

And apologized.

I reassured her it was fine and inquired about the situation in general terms.

A dreadful group had barged in unexpectedly, she said.

“Do you know the movie ‘Alien’?”

The director asked while describing the invaders, recalling scenes from the film.

My dad is a classic movie buff, so I’ve seen it more than a few times with him.

“The outer-space monster?”

“It was worse than that.”

A flashback of the movie shot through my mind.

Worse than that?

Seems like even the ugliest of aliens had formed a couple and showed up.

Over ten horrors had ambushed the place, only wanting the whereabouts of the arriving volunteers.

Once she heard, the director clenched her teeth and told the children the orphanage was being fumigated and not to come in.

That led to the plan for an impromptu picnic, with only a couple of staff knowing about it.

The director wasn’t one to flinch.

She faced the emergency head-on when most people would’ve panicked, pacing frantically.

“My mother hinted at them, ‘These bastards have lost their minds.’”

“Please, stay calm.”

I attempted to soothe her. Rash actions now wouldn’t help.

We’d heard that two volunteers already taken had arrived early in the morning.

But rather than a hostage situation, they just encroached the place?

The back of my head tingled with unease.

It was as if they deliberately aimed for me.

“I’m not agitated. Please, stay by the director for now. I need to exercise; I’ve been lacking lately.”

“Don’t you want me to handle it? Given my experience…”

My mother cut me off mid-sentence.

“Experience? Oh, you mean when you were briefly in special forces?”

“It wasn’t just for a brief time.”

“You’ve been with us for less than three years, and you’re already preaching about experience? You handle the money. I’ll handle the body.”

My father instructed to buy whiskey, and now my mother was telling me to spend money here.

The two of them were indeed very much alike.

“…My parents are truly meant for each other.”

I remarked.

“You’re just realizing it now?”

My mother replied, then cracked her neck from side to side.

An audible sound of bones snapping echoed crisply.

“You mean to go inside, Mrs. Suh? Into that building?”

The director asked with quivering lips, her hands trembling as much as her voice as she tried to grab my mother’s coat.

My mother grasped her hands in response.

“It’s alright. I’ll save the people inside. I’ll even coax the children and return them safely. Nothing bad will happen.”

My mother detests lying.

Ever since my parents’ secrets were revealed, she seemed more inclined to honesty.

And even now, she only spoke the truth.

As she didn’t mention anything about verbal persuasion.



I wrapped my arms around the director, who seemed on the verge of collapse.

When I held her, her entire body shook uncontrollably like someone hit by the chill.

“You’re going in there, Mrs. Suh?”

“Yes, that’s not it.”

I responded to the director’s inquiry.

There was no need to alarm her unnecessarily.

“I’ll call the police and have them sort it out.”

“The attackers said they’d kill every hostage if they so much as heard a siren. Even the slightest sound means death for them…”

“Then I’ll ask them to come without sirens.”

“No, that’s not what I meant. They insinuated rather that they’ll act if police even show up at all.”

The director knew that too. From her manner of speaking, it was clear.

It’s just, at the moment, she truly had no other choices.

“I kept wondering whether to call for help immediately. But the radio signal was jammed.”


At her words, I glanced at my phone, and it was true.

I was outside the network coverage.

Calls and data were blocked.

This was jamming.

These invaders certainly weren’t here for a casual visit.

Had Prometheus made a hasty retreat and then returned?

No, that possibility was too far-fetched.

Infiltrating the capital region without others noticing couldn’t be done.

At this point, Prometheus would need to avoid the eyes of at least three organizations.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s Special Task Force and the Immortal Special Forces’ Intelligence Branch.

Next would be the Dangun Group’s private intelligence team.

Lastly, the National Police Agency’s intel division.

It was an impossible task without preceding signs.

My instincts said the same thing.

It felt somehow tied to that blondie.

I need to track down that blondie to get some real answers.

For now, I’ll just have to back up my mother….


My mother assumed a sprinter’s position and then she was off, running, breaking through, charging forward.

An ironclad stance she taught me.

In a blink, she crashed through the doors of the orphanage with her shoulder.


To the astonished director, I simply massaged the back of her neck.

I applied pressure with a mix of tension release, causing her eyes to roll back as she fainted.

I caught her in a ‘princess carry’ and turned towards the employees who appeared shocked.

“Can I ask for your help?”

I asked while handing her over.

“Yes? What exactly is going on here? What happened?”

The staff member was a robust man.

“I’m in the middle of explaining.”

Truthfully, an angelic boy named Neti was going to deliver some divine justice.

And I mean with fists, not any magic wand sort of thing.

Surely, it’s obvious, even without seeing.

But I couldn’t very well say that here.

“Please, keep your distance. This is now a tactical operation zone.”

I’ve not been eating my Immortal Special Forces rations with my nose.

Ad-libbing something like this wasn’t even work.


“As I said, we’re the team assigned upon receipt of the case. Do not worry, just keep your distance and standby.”


The male staff stumbled away with the director in his arms.

And I, too, turned around.

Regardless of my mother’s insistence on going alone, I couldn’t just let her be.

I directed myself towards the orphanage.

The place was already devoid of the children and staff, but I couldn’t just…


Before my thoughts could even finish, something shot out of a second-floor window and thumped onto the ground.

I went to check and found it was a shapeshifter with the appearance of a dog – a third eye right on its forehead.

The beast frothed at the mouth in pain.

Not dead, but certainly not in a condition to make a comeback.

No part of its body remained intact.

Its limbs were broken, and its snout had taken a beating, blood dribbling from it. Unconsciousness was a given.

Goodness, mother, could you not have gone a bit easier?

I slipped into the building as well.

As soon as I entered, the scent of blood assailed my nostrils.

The aftermath of a wreaked havoc by my mother lay before my eyes.


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