Genius of unique lineage Chapter 189


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 188. 세최또 (The Best Crazy Guy)

“No, as far as I know, there is none.”

No way.

“Not even the slightest possibility?”

Is there really nothing?

“It’s impossible. We’ve done a lot of research on the other side, but the achievements regarding black holes have been particularly meager.”

Everything from Manshu’s pupils, breathing, to his hand gestures entered my view, allowing me to naturally deduce the truthfulness of his words.

He wasn’t lying. If he managed to fool all my senses and said this, then there’s nothing I could do about it.

“Why do you ask?”

“I was wondering if we are screwed.”

I spoke calmly, causing the police chief to blink his eyes.

No one is easy to trust.

Better save the story about the blonde for later.

It was a reflexive action.

If it had been a battle, it would have been judgment akin to instinctive defense or attack.

For now, it’s enough that only I know.

Even if the police chief seems upright and incorruptible, and even if I trust him, I can’t be certain about everyone under him.

It could be a matter related to the police. My attitude was based on the warnings of my sixth sense and intuition.

After managing his expression, the police chief opened his mouth again.

“That’s a strange question, Mr. Gwang Ik.”

“Didn’t you hear my nickname?”

“Other than ‘The Best Special’?”

I answered with a smile, and he too responded with a laugh.

“It’s 세최또.”


The police chief tilted his head in confusion, prompting Team Leader Ji Hye to whisper at his side.

“He’s had that nickname since his special forces days. It stands for ‘The Best Crazy Guy’ in the world.”


He’s confused again, the old guy.

“It’s alright. I somewhat acknowledge it. I was just curious and asked. If it were possible, oh, I thought the earth would become an echo chamber.”

I told the bewildered police chief.


He asked again, the old guy.

“This friend likes to use such expressions, Chief.”

Ji Hye noona seemed to have her hands full.

“May I leave if we are not drinking? I’m still not fully recovered from the fatigue after the battle.”

It was, of course, a lie.

There was no fatigue. Everybody thought I went through a blood-drenched struggle.

But it was manageable.

If you deceive their rhythm and steal their timing, Invader 8 champions are easy to handle.

The troublesome ones are those boasting overwhelming power or seemingly impenetrable shields.

Or those that are more problematic by self-destructing or swarming in numbers.

The thought crossed my mind that I was lucky.

If blind dogs had come leaping at me in waves, there’s no way I could have caught them all.

And if I missed even one, it would have resulted in casualties.

This hole was what they call a ‘Quality Gate.’

A type where a relatively small number of tricky Invaders would appear.

I ended up with the nickname ‘The Best Special’ because I held it off alone.

“Sure. See you next time then.”

It was when I had risen to my feet and put my hand on the doorknob that I saw it labeled ‘Mishio’ and nearly pulled instead of pushing.

“Mr. Gwang Ik.”

The police chief’s voice held me back.

Turning only my head as I pushed the door, I faced him.

“Mr. Gwang Ik, are you immortal? A shapeshifter?”

For a brief moment, I pondered the question.

While I held onto the door, I sensed that the police chief was not all he appeared to be.

So I gave him a suitable response.

“You seemed magnanimous, but you’re quite sly.”

Since it was a question that didn’t require an answer, I replied in this manner and stepped outside.

As I passed two bodyguards and headed toward my car, thoughts crossed my mind.

This guy isn’t in the police top seat for nothing.

He discreetly asks all he wants to know.

While starting the car, I pondered.

Could it be possible to open a black hole at will?

If it’s possible? Or if it’s not?

If I consider the possibility of it not being possible, then I can’t erase the thought that perhaps the police are involved.

From my experiences fighting with madmen who wish to bring things like Princess Maker, Prometheus, fire, or soybean paste to humanity, I’ve learned one thing.

You shouldn’t easily believe anything.

Conversely, living in a world of special species, I realized something else.

In this world, anything can happen.

That means, possibly even opening a black hole at will.

So, I can’t hastily conclude anything.


I stepped on the accelerator.

While driving, I called my uncle.

When I asked if I could see grandfather, he said,

“Coming now?”


“Why? Busy?”

“Is the group head so free?”

He just asked to see me, but right now?

“The opposite.”


My uncle continued,

“It means he really wants to see you.”

Grandfather must really miss his grandchild.

Well, if not that, then he probably wants to see the special species causing a stir in the world nowadays.

The latter seems more likely, what with the image of a group head naturally leading to that bias.

“I’ll go now, then.”

I replied and took the address to drive there.

The police chief had rented an entire bar, but I wondered how grand the scale of grandfather’s would be.

Meeting two people in one day does make one compare and secretly look forward to it.

My mother’s father.

Would we resemble each other?


I’ll know once I meet him. It’s nothing to worry about beforehand.

The yellow traffic light turns to green. My car speeds on the road.

Clouds gather overhead, blocking the sun.

Instead of the sting of the sunlight, a cool breeze blows on this afternoon.

* * *

Park Man Chu had replayed the scene of Yu Gwang Ik fighting more than ten times.

He was astonished.

It wasn’t just astonishment.

His physical control ability, his concentration during a fight, his judgment of the situation.

None of these things could be easily overlooked, indicating an extraordinary combatant.

Stealing timing with his feet and refusing to let even a single creature out of his range, he calculated the time Invaders emerged from the hole and killed them accordingly.

He distributed his stamina and utilized his strength well.

Admiration came naturally.

In a world of special species, in a mad world where he had lived for decades, it was a talent he had rarely seen.

“He’s specialized for combat.”

Such talent was indeed rare.

“The hero of the first generation that emerged from the chaos of the ‘Terrible Year,’ the Earth’s black hole crisis.

The hero of the second generation born from the emergence of the giant black hole ‘Hughes Gate.’

Both tragedies bore heroes.

“He’s not inferior compared to them.”

And so, the greed set in.

If such a person could be taken under wing, it would certainly be easier to get what one wanted.

Park Man Chu dreamed of police reform.

For that, he needed certain things.

Influence, virtue, reputation.

Under the current circumstances, the easiest way to gain reputation was through the birth of a hero.

And that hero was currently rolling around outside, just waiting to be taken.

“Yu Gwang Ik, Yu Gwang Ik.”

He silently chewed on the name.

He had heard of the immortal special forces and roughly knew the stories of Gwang Ik’s entrance and exit.

Even the stories’ behind-the-scenes aspects were more or less grasped.

Nam Myung Jin, the foolish hero of the first generation, the old immortal fearful of breaking his rice bowl.

Park Man Chu saw Nam Myung Jin’s decision to release Gwang Ik as a mistake.

“How was it?”

Beside him, Lee Ji Hye asked.

“He has a sharp mind.”

Park Man Chu tossed back a straight glass. The brown liquid burned down his throat, warming his stomach.

A warm sensation coursed through his body.

“It’s not the type to use brawn rather than brains.”

He knew he was a half-breed of immortals and shape-shifters.

He knew, so he asked.

The last question was a sign that he knew Gwang Ik’s secret.

Knowing everything but not questioning or probing, but instead conveying a welcoming of Gwang Ik’s existence itself.

Gwang Ik had understood and called him sly for it.

“He’s an interesting guy.”

“Will he enter the police force?”

“I don’t know.”

While he answered that way, Park Man Chu felt positive.

Whether it’s a creature with wings or one that tears steel with its claws, it needs a nest.

To survive in this world, you need a nest to protect you and a team.

But Gwang Ik was alone.

“Don’t make it obvious, but fulfill any requests he has.”

A favor for the future, Park Man Chu felt Gwang Ik was worthy of it.

* * *

I felt lucky.

Still, that thought crossed my mind.

If that gate had not been a Quality Gate, there certainly would have been creatures I missed.

Once again, I was made aware of the fact that I was alone.

Although it was an outcome that resulted from the absence of the police, Dangun Group’s public security team called Hwarang, or the Immortal Special Forces.

Well, if needed, I could just get them involved. Plans for the future were being laid out one by one.

Lost in thought, I parked the car.

In place of the bodyguards, an impeccably dressed elderly gentleman came into view.

Using a cane, not out of necessity for his legs but more as a stylish accessory, his biceps were as thick as mine.

I could even hang my left wrist on it.

Moreover, that cane seemed to hide a blade within it.

It wasn’t for nothing that he carried the blood of immortals.

Just by heightening my senses, I could tell how well-made the weapon was.

“…Is this the place?”

I asked, raising my head.

“Why? It’s classic and nice, isn’t it?”

The frankness of the old man’s blunt speech was, after all, something that came with the age gap.

“I am Yu Gwang Ik.”

“Let’s go up.”

The elderly man led me in, and we entered a place called ‘Flower Child Tea House’ on the second floor.

From the signboard and choice of the name, the scent of the black-and-white TV generation wafted through.

It had a very ‘Topgol Park’ vibe.

Climbing the stairs, the inside had a similar atmosphere.

“Over there.”

The old man tapped the floor with his cane and pointed to a table at the far end.


I exclaimed admirably.

A large figure standing beside a chair and table came into view.

He was the first human of such form I had ever seen in my life.

Shoulders twice the width of an average man and about three heads taller.

His size rivalled that of an Invader Giant.

It was as if “as big as a house” could be taken literally instead of figuratively.

His face also looked fierce.

The scars scattered across his face made me wonder how he found clothes to fit, while also adorned with a combat vest, knives, and unabashedly displayed guns.

Watching this, I questioned if he was even human.

“He’s my bodyguard.”

The cane-wielding old man, who wasn’t the grandfather, sat down.

“One sweet flag tea, and what will you have?”

The giant wasn’t the grandfather, so he must be the one with the cane, the group chairman.

His white-haired bodyguard scanned me briefly and brushed me off.

“This kid?”

“Don’t call someone else’s grandson a kid.”

“What should I call him then, that kid?”

“Enough. Gwang Ik, what will you have?”

They seemed quite informal.

“…Green tea, please.”

I took a seat with a plunk.

An elder lady soon approached us with a tray.

“Is he your grandson? Quite handsome.”

“Right? He’s handsome, isn’t he? He doesn’t look like my daughter, but I like his looks.”

The grandfather chuckled in response.

He didn’t quite give off that group chairman aura.

His scale was indeed different.

While the police chief had rented a franchise bar, this place only looked like a tea house on the outside.

Inside, everyone was a shape-shifter.

Even the walls gave off a peculiar sensation, meaning they were warded.

And that wasn’t all.

I could sense the presence of psychic power—an aura—from the sofa and deeper inside the tea house.

The exterior is merely a tea house, but the place is akin to a fortress.

Regardless, introductions had to be made.

As our eyes met, I chose my words carefully.

“Good afternoon, chairman.”

I figured this title should suffice for our first meeting.

He was external family after all. Even though we shared blood, the idea of calling him grandfather was simply…

“Want to hear a scandalous story about your mom?”

Before I could finish my introduction, grandfather blurted out.

My ears perked up instinctively.

“A scandal?”

“Again, am I your chairman?”

After chuckling, grandfather said slyly.

“Grandpa missed you.”

I spoke with feigned affection.

Words flowed effortlessly from my lips, filled not with emotion but rather courtesy, which was often merely a hair’s breadth from pretense.

Praise and silence could also be a thin line apart.

Better to keep conversing by finding positives to compliment than to fall silent.

“The bodyguard grandpa’s physique is really, um, impressive. Must be reassuring.”

“His size is large, but he’s dull.”

“Dull my foot.”

Ignoring the grumbling white-haired giant of a bodyguard, grandfather’s eyes twinkled youthfully.

The old man settled himself into the couch.

Having sat down, I realized this sofa was exorbitantly comfortable. My rear felt incredibly at ease.

Grandfather leaned into the sofa and began to speak.

“Your mom, after her awakening, went on a rampage.”

“Excuse me?”

What kind of rampage?

“She barely felt like my daughter back then. I said she could do whatever, but never imagined she’d join a gang, no less.”

He chuckled, recounting the backtalk about his own daughter.

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