Genius of unique lineage Chapter 188


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 187. The Blonde Brat Appeared on the Broadcast

I didn’t know I was being filmed.

It was only my back, but the whole fight with the champion was broadcast live through a personal stream.

The comments went crazy when the video that featured me was seen.

The fights seemed to be categorized into a few groups.

-What is this? Is it edited?

-Edited? It was live, you idiot.

-Why are you cussing over a simple question?

-Is that a secret weapon made by the shapeshifters?

-No, he dodged everything. To fight like that you have to be an immortal. I know it.

-What do you know, dumbass? Do you have any idea how solid the champion’s Number 8 forearm is? An immortal who can break that with bare fists? You’re talking nonsense.

-Idiot, a shapeshifter can’t move like that. They can dodge by looking, but look, at 7 minutes 44 seconds, he dodges without looking. Impossible, right? Unless he has eyes on the back of his head. But he did dodge. It means the senses of an immortal are extremely developed.

-What a load of crap.

-You son of a… I was a vice-director of a private research facility in the past.

-Stop lying.

-I’ll find you. Definitely going to find you.

The self-proclaimed researcher tried to hack and was reverse-traced by the police. Thanks to that, the one claiming to be the vice-director of a private research facility was caught. He was a criminal with a bounty on his head. Not a vice-director, but someone who had conducted illegal drug experiments.

-Immortals and shapeshifters aside, who is that person? What’s his affiliation?

-Don’t know.

-Nobody knows?

-Don’t know.

-Wow, creepy. So, was it just a random fight he walked into?

-Don’t know.

-F*ck, what do you know then.

-Don’t know.

-Seriously, I don’t even know who the brat is, but why do you keep answering like that?

-Don’t know.

-Crazy son of a bitch, does anyone know this hero?

-I know.

-Who is he? Name? Affiliation?

-Don’t know.

-I’ll kill you, you bastard. Stop this.

-He’s a former member of the Immortal Special Forces.

-Really? So he’s an immortal?

-Don’t know.

-Aaaaaaaah! You’re dead! If you knew who I was, you’d be terrified. You ignorance!

The one who was excitedly fishing for my identity turned out to be affiliated with the ministry of defense, specifically a sergeant of the special forces, who presumably investigated on orders from above, although he claimed to have just been curious.

-But is it correct for a black hole to open so suddenly? People couldn’t evacuate, and many bystanders were just watching.

-It’s not usually like that. You detect it in advance. Measure the energy, operate the reader, and clear the area before the hole opens. You’ve seen it, right?

-That’s what I’m saying. But they didn’t do it this time.

-Why do you think?

-That’s why I’m asking.

-The police f*cked up, that’s why.

-Is it solely the police’s fault?

-What about the corporate security team that boasts about protecting citizens? Are they just sucking honey?

-Do you know that the special forces under the ministry of the interior didn’t even show their faces? These bastards are crazy. If they’re eating my taxes, they have to do something, right?

-At least the police showed their faces at the end.

-Yeah, they came for the closing.

-But isn’t that something?

-Yeah, too little too late. After losing the cow, they built an 18-story barn. What idiots.

-Stupid as it may be, at least they came. There are those who didn’t show up at all, specialists like horny dogs and roach special forces.

-Who are you calling horny beasts?

-Roach special forces? Are you nuts? Are you with the police?

Each were from the police, the special forces, and the Dangun Group, respectively.

Shamefully, a special forces associate was actually there to manipulate opinions.

Is this considered public opinion manipulation?

Rather a beating in public opinion.

Everyone had their circumstances.

Because a black hole exploded all of a sudden.

Since it wasn’t detected.

Anyway, thanks to that, I got a new nickname.

Guardians on the streets, vigilantes, world’s strongest special species, to name a few.

The nickname “World’s Strongest Special” (세계 최강의 특수종, SeGye ChoiKang TeukSuJong – 세최특, SeChoiTeuk for short) particularly pleased me.

Regardless of the heated debate in the comments.

All I did was what needed to be done.

After the battle ended and the gate closed, I saw the PWAT team arrive.

“Ah, you, or no, you did this alone?”

The one who asked had small eyes and fair skin like a polar bear; he was a special type with super abilities.

“Yes, just happened to.”

When asked, “Are you with any organization?”

“I’m freelance, and you’ll give me a reward for cleanup, right?”

It was a matter of overcoming a threat to the city. Naturally, there should have been compensation.

Still, the client set a condition.

“The chief really, really wants to see you. Please meet him just once,” pleaded team leader Kim Hyo-jin, clutching at the hem of my clothes.

I gave my contact information, and this was the kind of contact I got.

They should’ve just given me the reward quietly.

Anyway, it was worth meeting.

The black hole, it started from the egg that the blonde had cracked.

I witnessed it right in front of my eyes.

There was no way I could forget that.

If it was the chief, he might know something.

I dealt with the invader alone and closed the hole on my own.

I became the most famous person in the country in less than a day.

No matter how good my stamina, it doesn’t mean I don’t get tired.

I overworked my body.

Of course, I was hungry and tired.

After giving my number and telling the bear-like team leader that I’d prefer not to be bothered with annoying things, I headed home.

“Son, you seem so excited that you’re missing half your steps. Be careful.”

Mother’s nagging greeted me when I returned.

“I did it on purpose.”


“Invaders can learn too. So I’m trying to change the tempo.”

Invaders have intelligence. So, I kept the same patterns but changed the tempo.

In other words, I played with timing.

Counter, off-beat, on-beat, moving twice as fast or half as slow, and timing my punches and kicks to throw off the opponent.

The champion was an invader with skills.

All of those skills were high-level.

Creating a flaw because of that, they all tried to understand me in a few encounters.

So I broke their rhythm.

Anyone with eyes would know.

The greatest weapon I had when facing the horde of invaders alone was my feet.

“Grow up.”

My mother didn’t add more.

“There are eight more explanations about why I pulled my feet back, Mother. I need to clear up the misunderstanding to feel at ease.”

“Shall we clear it up physically?”

“Does it smell? I need to go shower.”

Exchanging a few jokes with mother was also a way to recover from fatigue.

Indeed, I smelled awful.

I went to the bathroom to clean up, and after coming out, a feast had been prepared, so I ate like crazy and immediately went to bed.

I woke up and immediately went to the bathroom, did my business, and left the house.

“I’m going to meet the police chief.”


“He keeps asking to meet. I have things to ask.”

Mother let out a short grunt and then asked.

“Do you want to meet your grandfather too?”

I looked at her intently and asked.

“Mom, did you reconcile with our house?”

She often said she didn’t want to have anything to do with them if she could help it since they didn’t get along.

“Just because your mother holds grudges doesn’t mean you have to. I am me and you are you.”

Hm, sounded like a bait worth biting.

I thought about it and then answered, it wasn’t something I needed to ponder deeply.

“Yes, I would like to meet him at least once.”

He was the head of a conglomerate.

Also a renowned figure in the Excurias, lifting the status of Korea, and listed as one of the most influential shapeshifters worldwide in the famous American magazine ‘Triple S’ that specialized in special species.

To put it shortly, he was incredibly, extraordinarily great.

And he was my grandfather.

On birthdays, he’d sometimes send me 100 or 200 to buy candy, he said.

That’s what my uncle said, so it must be true.

“I’ll schedule a meeting.”

She didn’t look displeased.


After responding, I got into the car and drove straight to the meeting place.

I thought they’d ask me to go to the police station, but they called me to a high-end bar that was open even in broad daylight.

Daytime drinking, huh?

As I entered…

“Are you Yu Gwang-ik?”

A bodyguard in a black suit with sunglasses asked me.


“Just a moment.”

Like when I previously entered Hwarim, I went through a few security procedures.

I complied and walked in.

Quite a scale, this guy.

He had rented out the whole place.

A bar with rooms, but there was no need to enter any of them.

The basement level had walls all around, soundproofed.

Even equipped to withstand a serious bombing.

It was a famous bar popular with special species, also a franchised business.

The business sense behind this was incredible.

Something to learn.

It really felt like it was from the Dangun Group.

This bar was also grown deliberately by the Dangun Group.

The bar name was ‘The Shelltail’.

A mix of shelter and cocktail, that was the idea.

The police chief had a rugged look, with many scars and broader shoulders than me, a really huge guy.

Super special species usually look like ordinary people, so was he in his mid-40s? Or perhaps older.

Hard to guess age due to his physique and the aura exuding from his body.

“I’m Park Manchoo, the police chief.”

The man with the scars spoke softly and politely, contrary to his appearance.

“Hello, I’m Yu Gwang-ik.”

“The world’s strongest special species, Yu Gwang-ik.”

He smiled as he spoke, and despite the scars, when he laughed, he presented a surprisingly pleasant face.

“You look really kind when you smile.”

“That’s why I smile often.”

He laughed heartily as he spoke. He came off as a cheerful person.

We took our seats.

No bartender was in sight at the long bar table.

A few people looking unmistakably like police personnel concealed themselves around, unnoticed, keeping watch.

They seemed like bodyguards.

And there was one more.

“It’s been a while.”

A woman, Team Leader Ji-hye, sat across the table with the chief between us.

“It’s a small world and we have connections, so I invited her to join.”

Chief Manchoo said.

“Yes, I know her.”

I spoke gently and we exchanged the usual pleasantries.

My father’s identity is no longer classified.

They don’t seem to know much about my mother’s identity yet. They didn’t ask and I didn’t offer any information.

The more we talked, the more the chief seemed like a decent person.

He never tried to cross a line.

His intentions were clear in the questions he asked.

“You’re very kind.”

I stated my honest feelings.

“That’s my strength. But that’s also my weakness. The chief really dislikes corruption, so he has a lot of enemies.”

Team Leader Ji-hye smiled wryly as she spoke.

“Thanks to the Prometheus Gate this time, we gained a lot. I wanted to thank you, Mr. Gwang-ik.”

Chief Park Manchoo smiled as he talked.

I’m definitely taking a liking to Mr. Manchoo.

“Then buy me an expensive meal.”

“I can also treat you to expensive alcohol.”

“That’s fine.”

“And I can give you a salary that could afford a luxurious house, car, meals, alcohol for life. I can give you even better things than that.”

It’s a different matter to be polite and to make an offer.

The chief got to the point.

“Something better?”

“If you want to fight to protect someone, come to the police. I can fulfill that desire for you. Weren’t you disappointed by the Immortal Special Forces?”

Look at this scar-faced guy.

Calmly smiling while hitting right at the heart of the matter.

He came pretty close to the truth.

It’s right. What I thought of the Immortal Special Forces and my experience inside were different.

But would the police be any different?

Above all, I have no intention of belonging anywhere.

“Will you get angry if I refuse?”

“Why should I get angry? It’s a shame if you refuse, but it can’t be helped.”

Absolutely likable.

“Yes, I refuse.”

I responded promptly.

“That’s unfortunate.”

He appeared collected on the surface.

“May I ask one thing?”

The man in front of me was the police chief. He must know a lot that I don’t, the unseen and truthful aspects of society.

“Is it possible to open a black hole at will?”

This question has been lingering in my mind ever since seeing the blonde.

Even if I hold off discussing the blonde, I need to hear the answer to this question.

If this were possible, terrorist organizations worldwide would welcome it with open arms.

From the standpoint of guarding the city, it would be the worst-case scenario.

I’ll have to deal with Prometheus more in the future. I have no intention of giving them such a weapon.

If such a technology exists, I ask to bury it with power.

If it doesn’t, I need to find the cause of what happened before my eyes.

The blonde seemed to have opened the black hole intentionally.


Mr. Manchoo locked eyes with me.

The police chief’s mouth opened shortly after.


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