Genius of unique lineage Chapter 182


Chapter 181. Strike Again (2)

“How’s the sniper?”

“He engaged the immortal.”

No operation is without variables.


“Compound fracture in the left shin. Three ribs gone, and a crack in the jawbone.”

The sniper isn’t immortal. It meant serious injuries.

“As long as he’s not dead, that’s fine. After all, I never expected him to back down quietly when facing Prometheus.”

Panda hyung spoke as he turned the steering wheel.

“We did capture the security team leader, though.”

An unprotected left-turn sign was visible through the front window.

“Who’s that?”

“The overall team leader of Money & Save’s armed forces.”

A high-ranking position, certainly.

Not as strong as No-Phill-Doo, but a pure-blooded immortal of a smooth operator.

“That’s a big catch.”

“With the guy who launders money taken down too, it’s going to be a gut-wrenching pain for them.”


There wasn’t a particular space for a secondary rendezvous, so we bought a van and gathered inside.

Me, Mari, and Panda hyung settled in, while Hyemin and the sniper were absent.

The sniper should have joined us under normal circumstances.

But it’s alright.

He wasn’t dead, and on top of that, we broke another finger of our enemy.

Hyemin took the sniper to the hospital, so he should be okay.

Variables are unavoidable. Planning for everything would make Panda hyung a god.

“So for today’s work, it’s up to the two of you, and I’ve reworked the movement plan.”

Panda hyung spoke.

“Okay, well done.”

“…Why does it feel weird to be complimented?”

Well, I’m not really supposed to be the one giving compliments to hyung, and our roles have changed.

So, it’s understandable that it feels awkward.


The van came to a halt. Panda hyung turned on the hazard lights.

A two-lane road with an alleyway next to it was in view.

I got out of the van door.

“Brother, be careful.”

“Mari, do you think he’ll get hurt?”

Panda hyung said, looking back.

Right, it’s not like I’m the one who’s going to get hurt.

But, since my sister is worried,

“Don’t worry about me, just take care of yourself, Mari.”

At my words, Mari nodded.

“Yes, I’ll be careful too.”

That’s right, it’s just her.

Prometheus, unlike Money & Save, didn’t only have legitimate business operations in the sun.

They also dabbled in shady businesses, like drug manufacturing.

For instance, now, the loan shark business on the third floor of a building inside the alley.

Not a big fish, but still.

Tonight, I planned to filter out all the Prometheus factions I knew of.

“Let’s start. Dong-hoon hyung, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“If you say so.”

There were heavier shadows under his eyes than usual.

“You tired?”


Right, he’s a mixed breed of an immortal transformation. He’s an adept who controlled the transformation clan’s abilities in this training.

But why does he look so pale?

“Do you need to go to the bathroom?”

“No, I don’t.”

Maybe he’s just not getting enough rewards.

“I’ll buy you a watch once this is over.”

I waited after saying this,

“…Give me the money instead.”

Panda hyung replied, looking a little better.

Man, the guy would sell his liver and gallbladder for money.

Even a bear’s gallbladder can fetch some cash.

“Alright, let’s do that.”

I climbed up the building.

I pushed the door with ‘Pull’ written on it, with all my might.


The door banged against the wall, making a cheerful noise.

Flicker flicker.

Two chunks blinked with surprise, poorly mixed with blood, the hybrid young of a special species, sitting in the middle chair smoking a cigarette.

They were drenched in a thuggish atmosphere. If someone were to ask what that atmosphere was, I’d introduce them to this scene: grimy and damp.

Aside from the cigarette smell he was currently exhaling, the stale smell of cigarettes stung my nose.

Normally, you’d expect questions like ‘who are you’, ‘what are you doing here’, and so on.

I visited many businesses today.

And I trust the information Panda hyung confirmed.

So this is definitely a meeting place for the Prometheus runts.

“I’m the Grim Reaper.”

I revealed my identity before they could ask who I was.




The three of them showed their dumbfounded faces at the same time.

Hyung, I’m busy.

As soon as I finished speaking, I kicked the ground and struck the necks of the two chunks in front of me.

If you adjust the strength, you’ll be it.

There are still alumni who remember my neck-lifting skills from my special forces days.

Thump, thump.

Hitting the thick necks, a thud echoed.

Before the two of them fell, I jumped onto the thick wooden desk and kicked the boss-looking guy in the chin.

Crack, clatter.

Yellow teeth flew through the air.

“Scatter like cherry blossom teeth.”

It’s been a while since I did this.

Was it the first time since Kim Nam’s teeth flew?


The guy who spilled corn kernels from his yellow teeth, spat out bloody foam.

I dodged the blood splatter and leaped down, grabbing his head and slamming it onto the table.


The head was half-buried in the table.

At a glance, it looked like his blood had some immortal lineage.

A quarter of damage like this should take some time to heal, but I’m not the one to worry about people who leech off the populace.

I looked around.

A safe was in sight. It would be too much trouble to crack the code or tear it open here, and I was busy today.


I stuck my fingers into the safe, lifted it, and brought it down.

On the way down, startled by the brief commotion, I saw someone, presumably a woman, standing awkwardly on the second floor.

She was wearing a short skirt.

The woman looked at me, her pupils vibrating crazily, and her legs trembling.

Anyone could tell she’s scared.

“It’s nothing serious. You can go back inside.”

When I said this, her chin started shaking even more.

Come on, at first sight of my face it’s not like it’s that scary.

Am I not rather charming?

“Miss? You’ll be fine, I won’t hurt you.”

On hearing this,

“Pl-please spare my life.”

She’s pleading even though I told her I wouldn’t hurt her.

“Well, yeah, I’ll spare you.”

Better make it quick or she’ll get the wrong idea.

I brushed past her, carrying the safe, then suddenly realized something.

It must have been the mask.

It must have been frightening with the gold paint and blood on it from the fight.

But I can’t show my face, so…

I briskly walked out, carrying the safe, and loaded it into the waiting van.

“Let’s go.”

“That should cover my watch, right?”

“Why even say it?”

Every job needs its reward.

I never touched Money & Save’s safe; it had ordinary people’s money in it, so no need to inflict that damage.

But this place?

Pure extracts of the commoners’ spines. Can’t return it to them, so I’ll just take it and use it for something good.

Eat something nice, buy good liquor, get Panda hyung’s watch, buy clothes for Mari.

If there’s any leftover, I’ll donate.

Recently, Mother’s been into donating and volunteering, so I can just give it there.


“Okay, let’s go.”

Panda hyung muttered an old catchphrase.

Seems like he’s got his energy back.

Seeing his eyes sparkle at the sight of the safe, I can tell.

Let’s go, huh? If Hyemin heard that, she would have called him an old man.

The van started moving again.

That night, Mari and I had a busy hustle.

Until 6 am, we hit place after place.

We hit loan sharks, black market phone dealers, and gangster offices, a total of nineteen locations.

We got eight safes and a pile of gold bars from a gangster office.

Nice loot.

We got cash, goods, and a fair share of jewels.

As we were leaving, a gangster boss with broken arms and ankles gave us a menacing message.

“You’ll sell the gold bars and jewels to a fence, won’t you? We’ll chase you to the ends of the earth.”

He thinks he’s the leading man in a noir film.

“Do you want to die?”

I murmured, filled with menace, and he wet himself.

Thinking he can talk big after being spared, the fool.

That’s how we spent the day. Thus, it was a day well spent.

“Let’s go home now.”

“Yes, Brother, Mari enjoyed using her strength for a change.”

“Right, occasionally you need to let off some steam like this. The transformation clan needs to release its desires too.”

“Yes, Mari agrees with Brother’s words.”

Typical Cheonghak-dong Ace, exceptional in manners, thanks to Mother’s upbringing.

Listening to our conversation, Panda hyung muttered.

“Both of them are going insane.”

“We can hear you. About the watch…”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Pandisthenics, the slave of money, kept quiet after that, and peace ensued.

The horizon was beginning to light up, and the Han River came into view.

The sight of the Han River, illuminated by the window, was mysterious.

Orange light torched the sky and dashed atop the river. It was as if a cavalry made of light was racing over the water.

“It’s beautiful.”

Mari commented.

I thought the same.

Such a beautiful world.

Although I entered this world to shed Invader blood, sweeping out filthy scum seemed akin to the same kind of work.

Now then, how will those sons of bitches from Prometheus respond?

It was an enjoyable thought.

They’ll come at me, and if they do, I’ll have my next move ready.

Prometheus has several bases in Southeast Asia, doesn’t it?

While they couldn’t be so overt in Korea, they built such bases in Southeast Asia.

It was reliable information since it was something the sniper said.

It was a confession made under the influence of a truth drug by that crazy Rosie.

Ultra-classified stuff.

“You can trust it.”

The sniper said that before leaving.

No thanks were given, though.

Somehow, we ended up sharing similar goals.

So, no need for such formalities.

I was sincerely determined, just as much as the sniper, to spank those Prometheus bastards whenever the chance arose.

We arrived home.

Mari and I went in quietly.

Mother was sitting on the sofa.

“Where’s Father?”


Her voice was cold.

“I’m going to shower first.”

Hastily I tried to head inside, but then,

“Yu Gwang-ik.”

Mother called me.

“Yes, Korea’s most beautiful mother.”

First off, some flattery.

“Do I raise my kids to take their younger siblings out with them?”

The fact that she’s addressing the incident being live-streamed means she knows Mari was present too.

“Mari did well. It would be a waste to let those abilities sit idle, don’t you think?”

“She’s different from you.”

There’s a gleam in Mother’s eyes. Could it be named ‘killer intent’?

“Yes, I’m a man, Mari is a woman.”

“I’m not talking about that. Do you think you can get out of this by joking?”

“No, Mother, I acknowledge that I’m the immortal son, and Mari is a transformation clan member.”

Even I, an immortal who can heal from injuries, is different from Mari.

But this isn’t what I wanted.


Before I could be scolded, Mari stepped forward.

Mother’s gaze turned to Mari.

“You stay out of this. Mom will handle it. If your brother asks you to do anything strange, you should refuse.”

That’s not it, though.

I scratched my head.

“But this son seems to show no remorse.”

Mother began to stand up.

Mari blocked the way between Mother and me.

“No, Mari wanted to.”


“I want to prove it. Surely, there must be a reason why I was born into this world? I don’t want to live just known as a test subject, but as Park Mari. To do that, I need to do what I’m capable of. And I thought that means helping Brother with his work.”

Mother was silent for a while. The silence lingered.

Mother stared at Mari, then showed a smile.

Wow, I’ve only seen Mother smile like that a few times in my life.

Was it after I beat up those bullies and, despite being scolded, said I’d still continue?

I think I saw it then.

“Did you come up with all this on your own?”


“What you just said.”

“Yes, it’s what Mari believes. Gwang-ik Brother didn’t coerce or force me… well, that’s not it. He didn’t.”

“If he had threatened you with harm, I would have killed my own son.”

The smile, mixed with such calmness, spoke volumes, even more so than when armed with a killing intent.

And I really do think of her as my sister.

Not as a woman.

“You’ve grown up.”


“You’re all grown up, my daughter.”

Mother said, getting up and placing her hand on Mari’s shoulder.

Mari hugged Mother.

“I may have only held you for a few years, but you are still my daughter. And as your mother, I’m happy to see you’ve grown up.”

It was straightforward yet full of emotion.

Pride mixed with previously unspoken worries.

A transformed test subject.

A transformation clan member who has lost all memories of her past.

Who she used to be, neither she nor anyone else knows, not even the scientist Park Byung-jun.

For her, life began and ended here.

Mother knew that too.

“Do whatever you want. Live your life doing whatever you, our Mari, want.”

Mother said, gently stroking Mari’s hair.

Mari said nothing, just blinked a few times before shedding silent tears, expressionless.

I’m not sure why she’s crying there, but I feel a lump in my throat.

“I always thought of you as my real sister.”

I chimed in from behind.

“I know, Brother.”

Mari, wiping her tears, came out of Mother’s embrace and said.

“I’ll shower first then. Thanks, Mom.”

And with that, she disappeared hastily into the bathroom.

All heartwarming, isn’t it?

Especially her last words.

“Hah, finally acting like a human.”

Mother spoke.

“Isn’t that the truth.”

I too watched with older eyes as Mari entered the bathroom.


Mother’s hand landed on my shoulder.

“But taking your sister out without telling me, that’s a whole different issue, isn’t it?”


What are you talking about now?

“Son, Yu Gwang-ik, do you wanna die?”

Mother was filled with killer intent.

“I didn’t put her in any real danger.”

“Not dangerous? Dropping her in the midst of those terrorist punks? Making her punch through walls and fight?”

Who’s telling tales?

“My son, got guts to spare? Have they split like Buddha?”

There is no escape. So,

“Spar with me?”

It’s less painful to get hit first when you’re about to take a beating.

“If you’re challenging me, this mother will personally accept. Shall we transform and have at it?”

“That’s a bit…”

If we transform and fight, it’ll all be out. Since knowing that I was an immortal, the intensity of the punishment has increased.

“Let’s go, son.”

Mother wrapped her arm around my neck.

Well, what can you do? If it’s inevitable, then you just have to comply.

Mother was half reprimanding me and half surely happy with Mari’s growth.


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