Genius of unique lineage Chapter 177


Why do they think I’ll end it here?


Jeong Sojin suppressed her desires with effort.

Her heart pounded, and involuntarily, her fingernails began to protrude, revealing their true form.

Control over one’s desires was a basic for a proper shape-shifter.

She didn’t easily reveal her intentions.

The forty shape-shifters brought in this time were essentially no different than scoreboards.

Before she took on this task, she remembered a conversation with a superior.

“Sojin hasn’t married yet?”


“Would you like to see a prospective groom’s face?”

The main character was Yu Gwang-ik.

A proper shape-shifter knew how to control their desires.

All the team members she brought today knew how to regulate their combat urges – they were ‘proper shape-shifters.’

And all forty of them reacted.

She was no different. She had merely pressed down and endured.

‘I want to fight.’

There was an irresistibly interesting scent.

Her nose twitched uncontrollably.

The superior didn’t send her without reason.

Those with accelerated abilities, a special kind of fighters, fell in one shot.

‘Ah, this is driving me crazy.’

She wanted to lay them lower, and yes, she wanted to fight.

She felt the urge for possession for the first time in a long while.

Not even the type who used their bodies with a blank mind.

‘He’s smart. Knows how to set the mood.’

Munbi was right.

They had only agreed to spare three, but they ended up killing just three.

Or perhaps four, counting the one who escaped.

Yu Gwang-ik personally took down three.

If this was his strategy, then his mind was amazingly sharp.

You wouldn’t guess it from looking at him.


Munbi crossed her arms and spoke.

Sojin nodded.

‘The grandson of the chaebol patriarch.’

Initially, she wasn’t interested.

There’s no rule saying inheriting blood always leads to extraordinary bloodlines.

Sojin could list at least ten names of bastards who believed in their bloodline and ended up dead.

The superior wanted an evaluation of Yu Gwang-ik.

Sojin thought of the first line for her report.


Yu Gwang-ik was an irregular never seen before in the world of special species.

Aside from his combat abilities, even his psychological warfare was exceptional.

‘Ah, I really covet him.’

A hot energy surged from her abdomen, rushing through her entire body.

“If you pounce now, you’ll cause a scene.”

Munbi tapped her on the hand without stirring.

Sojin returned to being a diligent corporate employee.

Gwang-ik, who had shaken hands with the pomade-haired guy, approached her.

“I’ve fallen for you again. Gwang-ik, sir, you’re the best, so cool. It’s thrilling, I wonder if it’s the same at night? Our Gwang-ik, strong and electrifying, right?”

“Yes, thank you. Why do you keep saying that?”

The response to her trailing words was refreshing. This front was quite naive.

Sojin concealed her inner laughter, letting her eyes droop and nose wrinkle as she asked.

“Do you dislike me that much?”

“Ah, really stop it, you’re strange. Really.”

Gwang-ik fled. He walked towards the PWAT team.

A woman standing at the forefront caught her eye. The woman seemed to speak upon seeing Gwang-ik.

It was a woman with fiery red hair.

What a pity.

Sojin licked her lips.

If only she had stayed a bit longer, she could have even shown some tears.

“Are you thinking of chasing them away, or jumping them? Choose one.”

Munbi spoke, her arms still crossed.

“Was it seduction?”


Munbi was cold.

Sojin had never approached a man in this manner before, failing to see what was wrong with her actions.

* * *

Lee Ji-hye was busy assessing the situation.

She read the traces of the fight and noticed what had happened before her.

‘Four had died.’

The rest were docile.

They had no intention of pouncing.

Had a group of drug addicts ever been this compliant?

The narcotics investigation team would be surprised by this.

Yet it was possible.

Gwang-ik had been conversing with a shape-shifter leader when he then headed towards her again.

‘Is there a connection with Dangun Group?’

She could see forty shape-shifters and what seemed like two leaders.

The shape-shifter group didn’t fight. There were no signs of it.

‘Did he do this alone?’

Who could have done it?

What use was asking?

“Did Gwang-ik do this?”

“Huh? Oh, yes.”

He sounded indifferent.

Which was even more astonishing.

To think this person could single-handedly take down core members of a Korean drug manufacturing chain and set them up like a row for inspection.

“Will you keep your promise?”

Gwang-ik asked.

“If I get what I’m owed.”

“Oh, that was what that friend said.”

He gestured with his finger as he spoke.

“Hey, what did you say earlier? Who was your boss bribing?”

“Me? No, I, that’s, if you speak so loudly…”

“Ah, is it a secret? Then say it’s a secret.”

Normally, this stuff would be hushed up without needing to be said.

It’s more awkward to be discussing things like this publicly.

However, Ji-hye was more focused on determining the credibility of the information rather than voicing her thoughts.

“It’s a compensation.”

She called over a subordinate capable of discerning truths while examining the other person’s face.

“The parted hair?”

“Yes, I’m the parted hair, Jo Byeong-cheol. Will I be handed over to the police now?”

The pomade-haired stood, hands together asking. The attitude was respectful.

“That’s right.”

Ji-hye nodded absently.

The main characters of this group were four.

The first was the boss.

Angry and wide-eyed, both arms blown off, he was dead.

The second was the monkey.

Dead with his head exploded.

The third was the bighead.

He died alone outside from a gunshot.

That left only the parted hair, Jo Byeong-cheol.

Drug addicts, as it goes, are tough and tenacious. And these four, the real deal manufacturers, even operated overseas.

But why were they so docile?

“Yes, I will testify to my best and serve my sentence.”

Jo Byeong-cheol extended his hands politely.

His eyes signaled.

“Handcuffs please. I insist on cooperating with the police.”

Docile and obedient.

Ji-hye tilted her head curiously.

She tilted her head as she looked into his eyes.

Fear. She saw the fear in his eyes. He looked like he might wet himself if left alone. Following his gaze.

“Lucky to be alive, our parted hair.”

Gwang-ik snickered after hearing the nickname for Jo Byeong-cheol.

What had happened here?

Ji-hye’s eyes met with Yu Gwang-ik’s.

“Do you have any plans to join the police?”

Her true intentions slipped out accidentally.

If he joined, he’d be fast-tracked to a high rank immediately.

It’s really rare to have someone this capable in the force.

“No, I don’t.”

Gwang-ik was firm.


Ji-hye let out a sigh of regret.

“Then leave the higher-up positions alone. They’re mine.”

She had to maintain the connection somehow.

Yu Gwang-ik was the real deal.

He was undervalued just because he was in F-immortal Special Unit.

That thought crossed her mind.

“……Why are you being like this?”

Shaking his head, Gwang-ik turned and walked towards Kim Jung-go.

* * *

“I’ve been a bit odd lately.”

“You were always odd. It’s okay. That’s normal.”

He had come to visit ‘Panda’ hyung at home after finishing work.

“No, really, I mean it.”

“What is it?”

“Lately, too many people are after me.”

“……Get out, get lost.”

“Really, I have too many admirers recently.”

“It’s either they’re after your money, or they have an ulterior motive. Do a background check first.”

Why was he reacting like this when I was seriously seeking advice?

“Let’s not waste words. How much did you earn?”

Our Panda hyung, he sure loves money.

“Do you want to buy a watch?”

“Am I your wife? Do I need to keep a check on where you spend your earnings?”

That’s a fair point. Privacy should be respected.

I considered the benefits I had gained from this mission.

The contract with the police that Jung-go hyung made on my behalf stated 2000.

Then there was about 400 million won from the drug dealer’s emergency fund.

I couldn’t take it all.

I only took the actual items and cash. The boss hoarded gold bars.

So, I had a bit of gold jewelry now.

And there’s more.

“Do you know how to appraise items?”

The knife and knuckles the boss had been holding.

“Hmm, you sure collected everything frugally. Didn’t the police object when you took these?”

“They didn’t really say anything.”

I scooped them up while the shape-shifters were blocking the path, so the police didn’t even see me take these.

“That’s quite a haul.”

Panda hyung whistled in admiration.

I made quite a bit. Though, I didn’t do it just for the money.

The purpose lay elsewhere.

Now, did Prometheus get scared because of this?

“Let’s see what the future holds, from the greatest brain born of the F-immortal Special Unit.”

He casually said.

“Why did Liu Bei perform the three visits when recruiting Zhuge Liang, but I accepted in just one?”

“You didn’t have a choice, did you? Prison or here. It was binary.”

“That’s true. Well, now the real challenge with Prometheus starts. They’ll come at us in full force from now on.”

Panda hyung gulped down his canned beer and said.

Assassins at this level would be the least of our worries.


Hyung finished his sentence and burped.

A sour, tingling smell filled the air.

“What did you eat for dinner? Something spoiled? I told you not to just pick up anything.”

Pinching my nose, I spoke.

“I had pineapple pizza. So what now?”

Pineapple does not belong on a pizza, at least in my opinion.

Well, pizzas aside, there were many ways to deal with Prometheus.

I could ask for protection from Dangun Group or ask Dad.

And there’s still another way.

“We hit back.”

Saying this with pinched nose made me sound nasal.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Just taking hits will make them think we’re easy going.”

I learned this back in school days.

When smashing bullies, if you only hit those who come at you, they’ll rashly attack at first, but later they ignore you and just harass those around you.

Can’t just let it go on like that.

If the opponent were reasonable, I’d talk them down.

But there’s no reasoning with a terror group.

At the drop of a hat, they speak with bombs, fists, and bullets.

So I’ll respond in kind.

Hammurabi’s style is just that.

Panda hyung blinked in response to my words and asked.

“Who are you talking to?”

“My junior will keep it secret for life, but you don’t have to, hyung.”

Panda daeri turned his head from side to side and spoke.

“Why are we bringing up Jeong-ah all of a sudden? It’s just us two here, right?”

“You know all about the remaining Prometheus forces in Korea, don’t you?”

He’s trying to dodge the subject.

He must’ve picked that up from sly Team Leader Sibal, but he couldn’t fool me.

Panda hyung’s shoulders twitched. No matter how much he tried to hide it, he couldn’t deceive the senses of an immortal.

I let go of my nose. My voice returned to normal.

“Give it to me.”

“…You want to pursue this further?”

Hyung asked.

Why do they think I’ll end it here?

Is it because I touched a minor part of Prometheus’s business ventures that I should stop?

I want to make Prometheus dreadfully afraid of me.

They should have nightmares at just the thought of me, get so furious they pound their chests in anger.

They should pee themselves at just the sight of me.

It would be even better if they can’t sleep because their hearts race.

“Of course.”

That was my answer.

“Ha, you crazy bastard.”

Hyung exclaimed.


Now it was my turn to gulp down the beer.

The gases filled me, and a deep burp erupted.

Panda hyung got up and opened the window.

He looked at me intently, leaning on the window sill.

“If Jeong-ah finds out, I’m dead.”

If he reveals the hidden information, given the supervisor’s temper, she won’t just go ‘Oh, really?’ and let it be.

But is there really something to fear here?

“If we leave it, the rot will fester. We need to cut it out, and who else will do it if not me?”

When questioning the drug dealer, I found it appalling.

So many people have taken their dirty money.

In the government, in corporations.

The seeds Prometheus sowed have taken deep root in Korea.

So what should we do?

Simple, rip them out wherever you see them and burn them.

“Hey, you’re going to tell Jeong-ah, right?”

Blinking, I shut my eyes tight.

What’s with him?

“Alright, I’ll tell her. It’s me.”

“And hyung, I heard that a princess-fed official from Asia is stirring up trouble, heard anything about that?”

“That’s classified.”

How do you know that classified information?

“The one we caught spilled the beans.”

“So you know who’s coming?”


I heard.

Our eyes met, Panda hyung and mine.

Asia, specifically Japan, was up to something. The goal seems to be deploying troops into Korea, and the guy in charge is someone I know.

The official partaking is Crocodile.

As our eyes met, I felt we were on the same page.


“Yes, it’s bait.”

Hyung confirmed my suspicion.

Crocodile, the guy who unusually used his brains for once.

“살아서 다행이네, 우리 가르마 대가리.” (Lucky to be alive, our parted hair.)

Hyung hid his knowledge and thus provided the bait.

But a bait that had to be spotted and dismantled at the source.


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