Genius of unique lineage Chapter 175


Chapter 174: It’s Not Us

“Should we push in the squad’s forces all at once?” Sojin, the muscle hooligan, asked.


It would be quite terrifying to suddenly have forty transformed clan members appear in front of us.

“What about the police?”

She’s a grinning female giant.

Although she may seem slow on the outside, if she really was that slow, she wouldn’t have achieved the position of a Third Order.

She also knows that getting the police involved in this is trouble.

To be precise, I’m interfering with what the police are doing.

“Are the police joining in?”

She asked again.

I shook my head.

I hadn’t spread the information to the police.

But still, in some way or another, they would turn up.

Team leader Lee Ji-hye acted like a tail-wagging fox on the surface, but she’s a professional.

She didn’t step back for no reason.

It meant she intended to tail me.

As expected.

I had sensed the tail a long time ago.

The tail that followed was from a special species with the power of invisibility.

Invisibility doesn’t hide one’s presence.

I had read the presence.

It’s just that their form was invisible to the eye. There’s only one answer: an individual with the power of invisibility.

They had followed quite carefully, but it had caught on my senses.

Ever since the training with the transformed clan, for some reason, my ability to detect presence had developed further.

It felt as though I had grown antennae.

Anyway, about that tail, I could shake it off anytime I wanted to, but there was no need.

I might as well take it along for the ride.

After all, I intended to contact big sis Ji-hye before entering.

“We’re doing this just among us, right? It will be fun.”

If I had to put it into words, it’s not exactly just among us.

I didn’t feel the need to explain further.

The navigation screen showed there were 25 minutes left to the destination.

One of the transformed clan members who was quiet was driving.

A shy assassin of the transformed clan sat in the passenger seat, and Sojin and I sat in the backseat.

A car full of physical hooligans.

A sedan would have been too much; we were in a jeep.

“Is it okay to smoke?”

He asked from the side.

It resembled what my uncle would often hold in his mouth.

“Isn’t that a cigarette? What is that?”

Uncle got scolded on the first day of training for holding a cigarette, arguing that it wasn’t a cigarette at all.

The log teacher who heard that said he hated it even more.

I had forgotten to ask, but since he held it in his mouth right beside me, I inquired.

It didn’t seem like an ordinary cigarette.

I could see a black filter and a gray body.

“It’s a booster.”


“Not only immortals use drugs, you know. Shall I tell you?”


“Then give me a peck.”

This one is not normal either.

“Never mind. I’ll just ask my uncle.”

“Ah, it’s just a joke. Does a man get upset over something like that? That’s a waste of a physique.”

You do realize you’re only about half of that physique when you’re speaking, right?

The booster, one of the potions developed by the transformed clan.

There are those that calm you down when excited and others that make you even more excited.

Drugs have been said to be one of the three major weapons for immortals.

Even that is an old story now.

“When you throw money and researchers into a lab and grind for a few years, this is what you get. Isn’t it amazing? Why don’t you come over to this side? The work here is interesting. You’ll have more fun than when you were a special squad agent. Want to try a booster?”

I ignored all his words except for the last part and smoked a booster.

There was no smell of tobacco.

Nor did it have the burning effect of an immortal’s drug.

“It’s made by extracting only the positive ingredients of the drug while eliminating the harmful ones.”

As I inhaled, I could tell.

The effect was too weak for an immortal to use.

But for the transformed clan, it seemed to be reasonably okay.

The smoke swirled inside my lungs and seeped into my whole body. I felt my blood flow slow down a bit.

Or perhaps it actually did.

My heightened senses allowed me to introspectively perceive my insides.

“Not bad.”

I commented.


This girl, who is innocently smiling, is she really the same person who beat up dozens of drug addicts last night?

Laughing while beating people up, she’s nicknamed the laughing gorilla.

“This one isn’t the only kind either. The awakening booster is different. It’s damn expensive, but we get it as supplies. Isn’t your uncle the branch chief? He’s a booster fanatic. He doesn’t smoke, but there are many who misunderstand because of that. There’s raspberry scent and orange scent, but I personally like the grape scent. I’m smelling like grapes from my mouth now, you want to try it?”

20 minutes left before arrival, do I have to listen to this chatter all the way?

I interrupted with a question.

“Is it true that your nickname is the laughing gorilla?”

When asked.


The veins on her forehead throbbed.

“Calling a woman a gorilla? Who said that?”

A smiling face with veins throbbing, the nickname suits whoever came up with it quite well.

Why is the transformed clan driving shaking their hand?


The chassis shook as it hit the speed bump.

“I just heard it in passing.”

“Hmm, hmm, let’s say that’s the case.”

It seemed like I lashed out unnecessarily.

“Unbi, it wasn’t you, was it?”


The shy transformed clan member answered.

“Is it you by any chance?”

Sojin prodded the seat in front of him with his toe.

The transformed clan member driving straightened his back and responded.

“No, sir. Third.”

“Is that so? I wonder who it could be, who could it be, who could it beee.”

She sang the question, but it sounded like the background music of a horror movie.

If caught, it seemed like they would really get beaten up to death.

Hmm, I kind of feel sorry.

I’m not sorry for the friend who let me in on the nickname.

“I was out of line. I shouldn’t have asked like that.”

I directed the apology towards the physically offended party in front of me.

The muscle hooligan blinked a few times before responding.


“Ah, kinda.”

“No, really, let’s have a drink together later.”

“Never mind.”

Keep going like this and people will see you as weird.

Arriving at the destination.

It was the outskirts of Incheon port.

Not adjacent to the sea, but an area crowded with warehouses.

I held the phone inside the slowly moving car.


I greeted cheerily, and the other side greeted me back with equal brightness.

“Elderly killer Yu Gwang-ik.”

“Am I an elderly killer?”

“You’ve stolen my heart.”

This person really is entertaining.

On the surface, she teases me softly while tailing me from behind.

Is that what a professional does?

“I’m employed though.”

We exchanged such words.


“How much is my body worth?”


An unexpected question, perhaps.

But I’m a freelancer.

I don’t work for free.

“Just to note, I’ve had a daily fee of five hundred suggested, and even an annual salary of 300 million with separate bonuses. Is my agent there with you too?”

My older brother and I know each other; we’re connected.

Elderly killer Lee Ji-hye couldn’t have missed that, could she?

“Hmm, faster than I thought. Yes, he’s here.”

I faintly heard my older brother’s voice from the other side of the handset, asking, ‘Are they looking for me?’

He must’ve been right next to her.

“He’s my exclusive agent. You can write the contract there. So, how much?”

She seemed flustered.

“How much do you want?”

You’re asking me to call out the price?

I rotated one raised finger as I spoke.

Noticing my gesture, the quick-witted muscle hooligan kicked the driver’s chair with his foot.

The car started to spin in place.

The three buses following the jeep did the same.

The tail that was following would naturally feel awkward.

“Three times the official fee police department has ever paid for a freelancer.”

“Wow, Mr. Gwang-ik, aren’t you rich?”

“There are only two things in this world that are better the more you have of them.”

“What are they?”

“Money and women.”

Since she acted like a fox, I played with fire in return.

Beside me, the muscles on the hooligan’s face softened. Why are you suddenly smiling?

Scary. That face.

“You playboy.”

Sis Ji-hye remarked.

“Or I’ll cut the tail and leave.”

Silence prevailed for a few seconds.


Okay, the body price negotiation finished.

What I said wasn’t true. Truthfully, I don’t have much attachment to money or women.

One woman is enough if I meet my ideal type.

Money is sufficient as long as it’s not inconvenient.

Well, there’s a different reason I’m actually collecting money.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

The muscle hooligan’s glamour became more sinister.

“I like playboys.”

“I don’t.”

I cut her off firmly and got out of the car.

We were already at our destination.

With the police tailing, let them tell my position.

Striding forward, I moved.

Our destination was an outskirts warehouse, the car stopped a distance far enough that even the hearing of an immortal would be immune to listening in.

I walked without turning on any lights.

Neither immortals nor the transformed found such darkness a hindrance.

A large entrance to the warehouse where cars could come and go came into view.

Light leaked from the slightly open door.

Two guards in front noticed us.

I scanned the guards from head to toe.

They were armed with rifles and wearing stab-proof vests.

Not as good as an immortal special force but quite a solid armament for a terrorist group.

They both had beanies on instead of bulletproof vests and their eyes shone.

Both were immortals.

“Who’s there?”

The voice shook.

From the opposite side’s perspective, I must seem rather frightening.

Walking through the darkness is a half-blood and forty members of the transformed clan.

From the other side, it would look like a horror film.

Eighty pairs of eyes shining through the darkness.

“Yu Gwang-ik.”

I said my name at the same time.

Both men raised their muzzles simultaneously.

“Stop. What’s behind you? Hey, stop, stop.”

I didn’t stop, just kept walking.

My pace was neither quick nor slow.

The two guards exchanged looks. After they looked at each other.


The two unleashed their rifles at me.

I just walked. I took no action.

No need for it.

Instead, two transformed clan members in front of me stood up.

They were the transformed clan members holding shields twice the size of their own bodies.

“Move aside.”

As soon as Sojin, the Third Order, spoke, two other transformed clan members excluding the shield-holders sprang out.

They ran splitting to the left and right, tracing arching paths.

Their movement was vivid in my senses.

The immortal guards previously keeping watch turned their rifles sideways, alert to the two circling around.

It was an opening.

From behind the shields, the shy Unbi charged out.

The span of a blink was all it took to cover the distance with a leap.

Of course, since my eyes were wide open, I caught every movement.

He was quicker than my own dash.

Bound to differ in the realm of strong bodies though.

He made no sound even as he kicked the ground.

Unbi closed the distance and stretched out both arms.

Swinging both arms which were already moving at high-speed became lethal weapons.

Snap, swoosh.

Not a groan, not a scream. The struck duo toppled over.

Passing by, I saw two holes in their necks. Fingertips had left the holes. A clean job.

The shield-bearing transformed clan member took the lead again.

The two transformed clan sprinted and pulled the doors open on both sides.

Screeeeeetch, ping!

Sparks flew from the rail attached to the bottom of the door.

“You should oil the door a bit.”

I said as I walked in.

A huddle was gathered inside.

“……Yu Gwang-ik?”

They had already heard the name outside.

“Yes, I am the savior of Dongdaemun, the ace produced by the immortal special force, the human lumberjack killer, the rival of the crocodile, the agent Yu Gwang-ik admired by the team leader.”

Some strange noise seemed to come from somewhere, but what did I care?

“You’re insane.”

Behind me were forty elite transformed clan members from Dangun Group.

They all seemed a bit petrified with fear.

That’s why I stepped forward.

“Get on your knees and raise your hands, and I’ll spare you. First come, first served, three people.”


It was a man in the middle of the group.

His earlobes resembled a monkey.

“Are you depending on that mass behind you?”

The man took a step forward.

He looked to hold some rank.

Definitely not some bottom-feeder.

“You mean the mass behind me?”

Riled up, Sojin tried to move forward, but I blocked him with my arm.

“Sorry, they’re mine.”


The things I said weren’t empty words.

Three will be spared.

They will serve as warning letters to Prometheus.

They are the DMs to tell what happened at this place.

Crackle, crunch.

I rolled my neck and hooked my hands above my elbows and pulled.

Loosened my waist, stretched my legs.


“What are you doing?”

The monkey asked.



“To fight.”


He asked. That was the answer.

The muscle hooligan said ‘we,’ but it’s not us.

I was thinking to do it alone.

That way, even Prometheus would get the message.

Ah, this one really isn’t to be underestimated.

We have to show something for ourselves if he approaches.

You can’t mess with a mad dog.

“I really didn’t want to do it this much.”

“What, you bastard?”

My eyes met with the monkey. Despite his words, his eyes were full of caution.

I didn’t care.

I pushed my toes against the ground.


The moment my body kicked the earth, I flew slicing through the air.

Extending my left foot forward, my left fist followed.



The monkey twisted his body. Thanks to that, his shoulder tampered with, blood and flesh flew.

Our eyes met. I saw the color in his eyes changing.

Overshock reaction to transformed clan blood, it seemed.

Let it be.

I shifted my weight while drawing back my right foot, transferring energy up through the ankle, calf, thigh, and waist.

Twisting my shoulder, I threw my fist.

Mother and uncle say in unison.

“If you punch with full force, even adamantium would break.”

That’s my straight punch.


The sound of bones interlocking as I eyes locked with the changing monkey and hurled my fist.

In an instant, his reaction was commendable.

Hunching over, the monkey friend braced his neck.

Unable to dodge, he decided to block with his hardest skull.

My fist collided with his forehead.


Not many could take a shell to the forehead and survive.

Unless they practiced strong body techniques.


The muscle hooligan sighed from behind, and I kicked the ground once more.

Still no one kneeling with their hands up.

So they were all prey to hunt.

These are from Prometheus.

Those who targeted my mother and me.


The second round cannon caused the man with half his body shot away to roll across the ground.

A punch that a stab-proof vest couldn’t handle.

Mother born into a pure lineage of Dangun Group.

The crocodile had a strong body.

And the blood that came down to me from my mother’s side is…


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