Genius of unique lineage Chapter 169


Chapter 168: Bait

“Did you really manage to find a director for Lift?”



I heard my older brother’s voice over the phone.

I don’t remember doing such a thing.

Just as I was about to speak up, I remembered the woman who had been enjoying a secret rendezvous in a car at the corner of the parking lot.

She was a woman with a particular taste for excitement, engaging in affairs with a male celebrity in someone else’s corporate parking lot.

“Yes, that was me.”

I half-heartedly agreed. It could have been her or any other person there for all I cared.

What did it matter anyway?

“You could freelance, or get paid five hundred a day for VIP protection with the Special Forces. It seems like they’d even match your current rate if you asked.”

My price had just doubled.

Special Forces VIP protection is naturally expensive.

Immortals, after all, can use their bodies as shields to protect their charges.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always profitable.

And it’s not something that happens often.

Highly-paid personal protection is needed because there is a threat.

And neutralizing that threat costs money.

Gear based on new materials is expensive.

Me? I’m different.

I can handle most things physically.

Even if not, the gear I own is pretty efficient.

The Number 4 batter’s adamantium ammo is quite expensive, but I had obtained some from someone else’s stash before.

The parasitic sniper rifle runs on my blood.

The adamantium wire is a shame to buy, but it can be recovered when there is an opportunity.

The coat and gloves don’t need repair unless they’re damaged.

If there’s a problem, I just have Hyemin take a look at it.

Hyemin may not be better than a spell gear engineer, but being a special species that handles magic, she can manage the basics.

Looking at it, all my gear has good cost-performance.

Made with individuality by their creators.

Honestly, who else besides me would even use these?

The Number 4 batter is meant to be a shotgun, something that only an immortal’s reflexes could handle, especially when targeting a moving opponent.

Moreover, despite its weight, its shot grouping is unnecessarily precise, making the damage area much tighter than expected.

No need to mention the other gears.

The only ones with good versatility are the coat and the gloves.

The gloves are considered one of the royal family’s treasures; they are not something you could just buy in the market.


“It’s all good.”

“What do you mean ‘it’s all good’? Why?”

“It doesn’t interest me.”

Threats, as they call them, often just amount to special species stalking and such.

Plus, it wasn’t my intention to take on more of that sort of work anyway.

I had achieved what I aimed for.

“…Do you do your job for fun?”


My older brother knew this world well, and was a wealth of information; he only worked for money, but my balance was too high.

“…I envy you.”

My older brother muttered.

“Please look for my next job.”

“Yes, sir. As long as you pay the fee, I can even look in hell for work—that kind of agent.”

“Go, Kim Jung-go, and fetch me my work.”

We were in sync.

“Yes, yes, sir. Maybe give me a bonus later.”

It was astounding how he could convey such fawning with only his voice. My brother really is something.

I hung up the phone with a joke.

I wonder if he still works with the police. It looked quite dangerous.

Not that it was any of my business.

Two days had passed since then.

Just once, my name became widely known for a job I did in the entertainment industry.

“You got pretty famous, didn’t you?”

My uncle commented.

I often ran into him at the training grounds.

Every time I see him, I wonder if he ever works.

According to SNS, he’s always clubbing or drinking, and visits me during the day.

Despite cutting into his sleep time, he’s the type to live for fun.

He doesn’t smoke, but surely enjoys his drink.

I know why he’s like this.

The closer one is to pure blood among the shifters, the harder it is to control their instincts.

Thus, my uncle’s behavioral pattern is the result of his struggle against his own instincts.

Panda hyung collects anime and figurines for the same reason—to channel his desires elsewhere.


“Yes. Absolute Shield has been asking about you.”

Absolute Shield is one of the top security firms under Dangun Group.

Not everyone knows of my existence yet.

Nor that I’m a half-breed.

But my name—Yu Gwang Ik—sure got out there with this incident.


I put down the barbell I was holding.

A tension stiffened my chest muscles.

Interest from Lift’s director.

Attention from Absolute Shield, a subsidiary of Dangun Group.

And it didn’t stop there.

Yesterday, Steven Choi also reached out.

“Friend, did you miss me and decide to call?”

I felt welcomed.

“Have you been well?”

“Is that what you’re curious about?”

“…Because we’re friends.”

“It hurts my feelings a bit that you have to think before you answer.”

“Me? I responded right away.”

“Suppose that’s true.”

I asked about the purpose of the call.

“Have you ever considered enlisting?”

Our country still has conscription. However, my situation is a bit different.

Agents working with the Immortal Special Forces are exempt upon reaching a certain rank.

So I’m exempt.

Seeing that I didn’t respond, Steven Choi talked on.

“The core of the military, the so-called Goblin Team, has reached out to you. But it seems difficult for them to get your contact details. Some other department is apparently blocking them.”

Probably my father’s doing.

“It’s not easy to pressure the telecom company for information either.”

And that would be from my mother’s side.

“But then, I am friends with Mr. Gwang Ik, aren’t I?”

His tone, which had been subdued, now rose in pitch.

“So, what do you say? Should I arrange it? It’s a great opportunity.”

Steven Choi was a professional.

Business is business.

It must not have been easy for him to reach out to me.

I wanted to ask him if he was serious.

“For real?”

“…Excuse me?”

“Is it really a good opportunity?”

“Can I just ask for one thing in all seriousness?”

“Go ahead.”

“Don’t say ‘really,’ okay?”


“…Let’s drop it.”

And with that, the call ended.

Well, why did he hang up the phone just because I asked a few times?

Anyway, I’m not joining the military.

There’s an army that specifically uses immortals.

Their main duties include guarding the borders, handling black holes near the base, and dealing with invaders coming from the now MZ (Militarized Zone) North Korea in the DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone).

I’m not against the existence or the suggestion of such an army.

However, I have no intentions of being shackled somewhere again.

With this, the military showed interest.

My mother also subtly suggested that if I wanted to enter the group, I should just say the word.

And my father said,

“It’s really fascinating even though he’s my son.”

“Why doesn’t the Phoenix Team scout you?”

Wondering why only the Ministry of Home Affairs wasn’t showing interest, I asked.



“It’s insufficient. The Phoenix Team does not accept immortals who cannot prove themselves.”

“Okay, I will definitely not apply there. I’m sorry I was unaware of my insufficiencies.”

At my words, my father’s eyebrows twitched. There was a brief change in his complexion.

He was clearly flustered.

There aren’t many occasions where I’ve seen my father flustered—except when my mother is angry.


“I’m definitely not doing it.”

“That’s not it, son. Wouldn’t the normal reaction here be to be curious about their tests when all they do is ask you to come, wondering do they even dare to test me?”

“Have you been watching dramas recently?”

It sounded like a cliché where a chaebol is drawn to a commoner—like, I’ve never met a man or woman like you.

“Watching dramas is your mother’s hobby.”

Mother’s hobbies soon become father’s, since they spend a lot of time together.

“Well, no serious intentions anyway.”

“It’s got everyone curious about you.”

That’s really what fame is.

Could I do the same things outside the Immortal Special Forces?

The answer was yes. Not just yes, but I could knock out fifty enhanced humans on my own.

I hadn’t even used my gear in that fight.

I just used the parked cars.

My father also explained to me the ripple effects of my actions.

“Probably, that Kim Jung-go fellow was talking about that. Wondering if you could do as much without the Special Forces support.”

“But you caused quite a scene this time. That alone changed their perception of you. Not every special species world knows you yet, but at least your associates active in the country will definitely be interested. Did you aim for it?”

Caught off guard, I accidentally let out a laugh.

“Not exactly.”

It was partly intentional, partly luck.

Since many people around me talked about it, it just happened.

Father, mother, my mentor, Panda hyung, Team Leader Sibal, Brother Honam, and even messages from Al.

Al, well, if anything goes wrong, he threatens to send the royal troops, so let’s pass on that.

Actually accepting it would be a problem, and it’s not like he’d do it; I’ve heard he’s been quite busy too.

What I aimed for, then, was exactly what everyone was saying.

“Prometheus and Immortal Sect both won’t leave you alone. Not to mention those crazy scientists.”

How does a terrorist organization maintain its name value?

Simple. Because the name itself becomes synonymous with fear.

But I was the speed bump they kept hitting, and not just that, but their car flipped over this time.

Would the driver behind Prometheus’s wheel just shrug it off, saying, ‘Ah, bad luck.’?

That’s hardly likely.

They’re targeting me, they say. Everyone says so.

That’s why I did it.

I had plans to stir up a few more problems.

Whether it’s celebrity protection, important person protection, or whatever job Kim Jung-go brings.

I planned to emit a scent.

A scent that would attract scavengers.

Those crazy scientists are after me for a slightly different reason, but it’s the same for them too.

Because they don’t know about my hybrid of immortality and shapeshifting, my body’s value seems astonishing to others. It’s not something an immortal’s body is supposed to be capable of.

Even the special forces agents who witnessed it up close were left stammering in astonishment.

Had I not been a grandson of the Dangun Group, they would have probably set their minds on researching me in earnest.

An immortal with fighting abilities on par with a shifter.

It seems so extraordinary to those unknowing onlookers.

In any case, that’s the situation I heard about.

That’s why I’m preparing to offer hospitality.

I’ve been taught from a young age that when guests come, you have to treat them well.

That’s why home education is so important.

I intend to do just that.

“I’m going out.”

I stopped my exercising and stood up.

“Going out again?”

“It’s evening.”

My evening workout had just finished.


“Aren’t you going to the club tonight?”

“Do you want to come with me?”

Honestly, I want to go at least once.

“Some other time.”

“Alright, another time.”

As I spoke, I stepped outside. The fresh night air cleansed my lungs through my nose.

It’s spring—the perfect weather for a run.

Lately, my routine was ordinary.

If there was no work, I would exercise all day, chat with my uncle on occasion.

I would have light sparring with Mari.

Oh, I don’t see Mari often since she’s busy.

Once I had roughed it through the shapeshifting training, my mother took Mari with her and returned to training full-time.

There was some epiphany, it seemed.

Sometimes, Hye Min would come for coffee or a meal.

There were times when I would play games with my father at home.

And there were visits from Yohan hyung or Gwitae hyung for meals.

Then I would deliver side dishes to Panda hyung and chat.

As evening passed, I would go for a jog or a walk.

This had become a daily routine.

Roaming quiet alleyways became my hobby.

So that’s what I did—lightly running to the subway station eight stops away and back.

On the way home, I turned into a street with flickering streetlights.

Underneath a shadow where the light couldn’t reach sat three boys in school uniforms, snickering huddled together.

When my eyes met one of theirs, I knew right away: Their eyes were too wise for their schoolboy facades.

Yes, the scent of bait had attracted the hyenas.

“They’ve noticed.”

The one I locked eyes with said.

And with that, the other two sprang up and charged at me.

Both were shifters.

Simultaneously, I felt an intangible pressure, and moments later, arrows flew at me from both sides.

A simultaneous assault from all directions.

For an average immortal, such a comprehensive attack would be impossible to defend against in an instant.

An immortal can sense it but can’t physically respond quickly enough.

All incoming strikes are caught in the net of their senses.

In an instant, I gauged the sequence of their attacks.

Although it seemed simultaneous, there were microseconds of difference.

The arrows were first.

I drew the knife I had concealed and swung it from left to right so quickly that it cut through the darkness like silver ribbons.


I deflected two arrows and saw the faces of the pair charging at me while I jumped up for a scissor kick.

Clang, clang.

Both shifters crossed their arms in an X to block my kick.

I ignored the forceful pressure from the telekinetic shifter—the intangible power pressing down on me was nothing compared to enduring life’s hardships.

“When were you expecting me?” I asked as the guy who caught my earlier glance curled his lips up.

“You knew I’d come?”

“Everyone warned me. They said you wouldn’t give up so easily.”

“Crazy bastards.”

“I hear that a lot.”

His arms hung loosely as he spoke.

Ten in total.

On the walls of the alley, two immortals with crossbows.

The kid with the ill-fitting school uniform in front seemed to be a telekinetic or maybe even a normal human.

The other two seemed to be shifters.

And somewhere out of sight, at least five telekinetic specials were behind me.

I hadn’t brought any other gear or weapons.

Just the one knife.

That was intentional, of course. Who would take the bait if it was too obvious that the hunter was hunting them?

It was calculated vulnerability.

I spun the knife in my hand, opting for a reverse grip.

That was the signal.

Once again, the telekinetic force weighed down on my shoulders, heavier than before.

“But, is this really all of you?” I asked, feeling the pressure.

Instead of an answer, they charged again.

Their coordination made it clear they were a team.

The chapter continues with an intense battle…


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