Genius of unique lineage Chapter 168


167. 이게 이렇게 되나?


Umiho asked.

What can’t be done?

“Yeah, you do it.”

Umiho frowned at my words and muttered.

“It’s ominous.”

Ominous, what?

She is also an immortal. A special kind among her kind, faithful to her own senses and a foolish hybrid who hones them with relentless training.

A man known among the immortals as a viper, called “Ukruji” and the like.

Umiho was a stingy witch who was harsh in training and frugal to the last penny in everyday life.

Once, a female colleague she was somewhat close to asked why she was so harsh.

“It’s an inefficient question.”

Umiho definitively answered her.

I also heard that she seriously responded just once to the endless wooing of Brother Guytae.

“You’d need at least two billion in cash at your disposal, separate from your assets. Come back when you can give me that amount.”

Two billion for a meeting.

That was too materialistic, even for a materialist.

Brother Guytae became even more passionate after hearing that.

“Love? Don’t make me laugh. I’ll buy it with money then. How much? How much will it take?”

His drunken rants were like that for a while.

Whenever that happened, I would whisper “two billion” in his ear.

Not to mock him, but to awaken his sense of reality.

Because I do care for Brother Guytae.

“It’s too much.”

Then he would say that and burst into tears.

Such a sentimental man.

That’s Umiho for you. The cold, serpent-like immortal.

She must have her reasons for being so keen on money.

But I had no intention of asking. Not like she looked like someone who would share such things.

This was merely a gesture of goodwill.

Actually, transporting this for sale would be a hassle.

Back in Hwarim, the company took care of everything, but now that I’m out on my own, it turns out to be a task.

Instead of poking around to sell it, I might as well just give it away.

“What’s the big deal about it anyway.”

As a gift, it was quite grotesque.

I handed over a cloven head.

The brain was not inside the skull.

These tentacles were all the true form of the Desire Bug.

A Desire Bug, after parasitizing, devours the brain, causing its host to commit madness.

That’s why it’s called a Desire Bug.

Unable to withstand their desires, unable to contain their swearing. Spouting anger, crying, laughing.

Becoming maddened.

And when the brain is fully consumed, the head bursts, and tentacles grow out. That’s the end.

In recent years, there had hardly been any victims of the Desire Bug.

Vaccines were readily available, and prevention methods were well-known.

Nowadays, it’s nothing more than a cerebral mosquito.

“A bit of an oddball for a gift.”

I passed it off nonchalantly as Umiho cocked her head.

“You really giving this to me? Why?”

“Ah, no particular reason.”

Every kid attaches a reason to everything.

“It’s inefficient.”

I heard her mutter.

Are people machines? To live only efficiently?

If it’s cumbersome, it’s okay to do it this way.

Thinking this, I spread my senses around.

No more threats present.

“Hey, Umiho, take care of the cleanup in Hwarim.”

I finally shrugged off my responsibility and approached the person I was guarding.

“Um, are you alright?”

The manager saw me coming over and asked.

“I’m immortal.”

“Even so, you can still get hurt.”

“I’m not hurt.”

I passed by the manager and opened the van’s back door.

Yuna looked at me anxiously and was pale, whiter than white due to shock and anxiety.

As she opened her mouth,


“She’s fine.”

I said and looked up at the third-floor window.

What is Park Hosoon doing?

Now that everything here is settled, should he not call an end to the situation?

Umiho stood idle, staring at the cloven head I’d smashed.

Aren’t you going to do your job?

Normally, this would be the work of the Immortal Special Forces, but this time I took care of it.

“Miss Yuna, I’m Yoo Kwangik, your personal bodyguard. From this moment, all threats have been eliminated, and it’s safe.”

My voice reverberated in the quiet.

The Lujeet building was on the outskirts, with few passersby.

That’s why I was treated to silence.

“Is it okay now?”

There were not just the manager and Yuna in the parking lot.

Of course, I was already aware.

There was a foreign SUV parked in a secluded corner of the parking lot where few people passed by.

A woman’s voice came from there.

“Yes. Situation is over.”

I answered.

No sooner had I finished speaking than a voice burst from above the third-floor window.

“Unnie! Unnie!”

Julia, the high school troublemaker who loved chicken and had her blond hair fluttering.

“Hey, you.”

Getting out of the car, Yuna tearfully pointed at the window.

A mix of joy from being alive, exultation at being free from fear, a voice blended with various emotions.

But they weren’t the only ones.

“I’m alive, I’m alive.”

Cheers followed.

Someone said that watching a horror movie was for the sake of realism.

Because the events of a movie don’t happen in real life, they cherish the relief they feel when the movie ends.

Perhaps these people were no different.

The survivors cried and cheered.

I must have just been introduced to them because a few kids were already calling my name.

“Thank you, Kwangik oppa!”

One girl was choke sobbed as she cried out.

I waved in response.

I felt like an idol.

“Phew, that was an experience I hope never to repeat.”

The woman from the foreign SUV came over.

“Are you Yuna’s personal bodyguard?”

“Yes, sort of.”

For three days, yes.

“Thank you. I thought I was going to die for a moment there.”

Honestly, without me, they probably would have.

Certainly, that crazed Desire Bug host would have devastated everything around.

The sirens belatedly started to blare.

“I reported it earlier.”

She said with a smile.

Bold, aren’t you? Smiling as soon as you’ve escaped death?

“Is your name Yoo Kwangik?”


My name is already being shouted a few times around here.

The woman then turned around without a word.

A man followed her closely, and it became clear who held the reins between the two.

The woman was stoic.

The man’s legs were shaking.

“It’s okay. Don’t cry.”

The woman soothed the man.

Watching them turn away, I rubbed my ears.

My ears must be ringing from being called oppa so much.

It’s not an unpleasant feeling though.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you very much.”

Everyone was busy expressing their gratitude.

They knew they were alive thanks to me. How could they not after such chaos?

I had gone all out with two luxury cars with my gloves.

Hmm, I felt good about the impact.

“Then, let’s head back to the accommodation.”

I said to the person I was guarding.

I did my job. I was still doing my job, and it was time to wrap it up.

I turned around with the manager, Yuna, and Julia.

What’s left is for the remaining two agents to do their job. Umiho, and another colleague whose name I’ve already forgotten.

With the police arriving late, that’s how the event concluded.

* * *

Only one day was left on Yuna’s escort, and that day passed without incident.

Everyone, including Yuna, needed to rest.

They received psychological counseling.

A time to calm their shocked hearts.

But it wasn’t boring.

They kept starting conversations.

“Thank you for saving our Yuna. If there’s anything I can help with in the future, please let me know. I’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means selling my body to help you.”

It was Yuna’s agency’s CEO.

The exaggeration was not entirely absent, but the sincerity could be felt.

“It was work.”

It was work that involved money after all.

I casually dismissed it.

“Thank you sincerely. If there’s anything I can help you with in the future, let me know anytime.”

The manager also offered, and though I doubted such a scenario would occur, I said I understood.

“Well, then you can set me up on a blind date with an idol someday.”

“If you wish, I’d even sell my soul to make it happen.”

Just like siblings, the two were the same.

Why would you sell your soul for a blind date?

“And, oppa, do you have a girlfriend?”

Then suddenly, Julia asked that.

“Even if I don’t, I might soon.”


“I don’t take younger girls.”

I said tapping her forehead and pushed her away.


Julia puffed her cheeks.

Cute, but are you sure about that?

Beside oppa is Kang Hyemin, a rather fierce sorceress, you know.

If she learns about this, she might cast all sorts of curses on you.

“I’m an adult.”

Now it was Yuna.

“Are you hurting somewhere? Were you too shocked mentally? But apart from the tentacles, was there anything else surprising?”

“It was when you swept away people with those two cars. I was most shocked then.”

“More than the tentacles?”


She is a bit strange too.

“Thank you for your hard work; well, I’m off.”

So I finished my first job and returned home.

“Did you make some money?”

Welcomed by my mother, I handed her some beef.

“Indeed, my son.”

“Oh brother, have you returned? You didn’t do anything to worry about, did you? Marie was very concerned about you.”

Marie also welcomed me home.

Her expression is getting stranger each day.

“I was fine.”

I ruffled her hair, something she genuinely likes for some reason.

Marie, after a few gestures, soon helped mother prepare the meat.

And so, I fully rested that day.

The next day, while catching up on web novels in my room, I got a message.

It was from Umiho.

[Sherlock Holmes Forsythia] If you’re anything like Bang Guytae, then the terms are the same.

What kind of dog barking is this?

[Sherlock Holmes Forsythia] You must have it since you cashed in on the bounty.

The message came again.

[Me] Twenty billion?

She must be out of her mind.

I typed a storm of messages.

It was about my ideal type.

Pretty, big-chested, virtuous by day and seductive by night, pure yet sexy, elegant and intellectual; that kind of woman.

[Sherlock Holmes Forsythia] There’s no woman like that. Even that betrayer Choi Mina wasn’t like that, was she?

This is really poking at a sore spot.

Choi Mina, the only woman I almost fell for, albeit just for a moment.

But really, why is she so obsessed with money?

Could she be in deep debt or something?

Still, even with debt, you don’t just hand out tens of billions to anyone.

There’s a reason there’s a saying about debt being a measure of one’s means, right?

[Me] Did you take out loansharks or something?

No response.

Instead, the phone rang.

Just when I thought I could relax, the calls keep coming persistently.

It was Brother Panda.

“Did you hear about the Desire Bug?”

“I caught it. The host too.”

“You did a great job. What about the money?”

Attending to his groin at home while calling, I could almost see him.

Yet such a man is keen on money.

“Should I give it all?”


“Just kidding.”

“Just a joke.”

“…you little rascal.”

I was just saying. Just words.

“I’ll take 20% off for your hard work.”

“Ah, thank you so very much.”

Well, that’s some whining.

Just do more work in the future.

My brother does love money, buying himself a luxury watch for his wrist for Christmas. It goes without saying.

“Why do you need to buy more things?”

“Toys. A new one just came out. And this one, let me tell ya, is a gem.”

A half-moon bear monster transformed by my mother’s transcendental magic.

The old Donghoon is no more.

Only the shapeshifter controlling his instincts remains, or so I’d like to think, but the core essence doesn’t change.

My uncle added that my mother has never seen a shapeshifter maintain their character to such a degree under her guidance.

The shell may have changed, but the content is the same.


I hung up.

I don’t want to know where he spends his money.

He’s a person who spends everything on luxury items, a person with a hole-riddled spending habit.

And when I told him to sell the watch for living expenses, he refused to death and instead sneaked and borrowed money from me.

Let’s read instead, just read.

I reach for my phone again, and yet another call comes in.

There’s no rest to feast on knowledge.

Now it’s Middle-aged Brother.

“What have you done?”

His first words out of the gate.


“The entertainment industry is uproarious about wanting to hire you. Actually, can’t you work there regularly?”


“They said they’ll match your salary.”

“How much do you think I earn?”

“Do you know who has the biggest brains in this sector?”

I’m aware of the major entertainment companies.

During training, whenever that entertainment company’s stock dropped, the tutoring teacher went berserk.


Among those two, one was out of reach, the crème de la crème of Korea’s entertainment industry.

Their invitation had arrived.

“Starting at a yearly salary of 300 million, are you interested?”

Middle-aged Brother inquired.

It was an enticing offer.


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