Genius of unique lineage Chapter 165


Chapter 164: Second Night of Protection

It was an ordinary day of security duty.

The client was an actress, someone who was slowly making a name for herself.

While her speech was rough around the edges, she didn’t seem to have any personality issues.

The accommodations were a small two-room setup.

The manager took one room, and I stayed in the opposite one.

The client used the room next to ours.

In any case, we had agreed on close protection for three days.

Since she’s a woman, sharing a room wasn’t an option; there was no choice in the matter.

According to Brother Panda, there weren’t any particular threats or dangers.

The reason they hired me was because of some nasty rumors circulating in the industry.

They said they received a strange letter at their lodging.

They checked the CCTV footage but couldn’t find anyone.

The answer was clear.

It involved a special breed.

And that’s why they hired me—specifically through the efforts of Agent Kim Jung-go.

That guy Jung-go really has an extensive network.

He seems to deal in whatever makes money, whether it’s drug enforcement or PWAT; looks dicey if you ask me.

But he’ll probably manage.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

The manager wasn’t much for talking.

And the client, actress Lee Yu-na, was even less talkative.

“She’s not one for words, and neither am I.”

“Ah, right, sure.”

That was after I entered my room.

I just gave a cursory response to what the manager had said.

“The boss is just really worried.”

I thought entertainment managers rushed around asking people to cast their actors, handing out coffee along the way.

I’ve seen a lot of those scenes in dramas.

But this reality didn’t quite match my expectations.

Even the company CEO was no exception.

According to Brother Panda’s research, the CEO was a former veteran actor who entered the business banking on just a single pool of actors, but it hasn’t been easy.

Out of that pool, the one with the most potential was the client in front of me, actress Lee Yu-na.

The manager was the CEO’s younger sibling, so you could say it’s a family business, but given their small scale, the term “cottage industry” kept coming to mind.

Considering they’re spending seven hundred fifty over three days in this situation.

Their financial flexibility didn’t look too good.

As for my current client, Lee Yu-na, she wasn’t living alone.

They couldn’t afford separate accommodation, so they lived together – yet they still hired me.

In addition, a security team from the Dangun Group was scheduled for deployment.

If it’s for safety, they’re willing to incur the cost.

Not too shabby. I like this kind of person.

“Mr. Security Guard.”

“Yu Kwang-ik. You can call me more casually.”

“Oh, okay, Mr. Kwang-ik.”

I could tell at a glance. She didn’t talk much, but her character seemed sincere.

The actress, the manager, and likely the CEO seemed that way, too.

“Thank you for today as well.”

It’s a greeting I give daily.

“Yes, you too, Manager.”

Buzz buzz.

The manager had two phones, and one of them rang.

“Two phones?”

“If it’s Julia you keep contacting—ugh, this person.”

Had I not been a conversation partner, it might’ve been a stronger word than “person.”

“What’s this about?”

“Nothing serious. Just keeps asking to meet up.”

While the manager typed a message in response, I washed up and lay down.

If there’s nothing else to do, I usually spend some time doing image training before sleeping.

At my current level, I could go without sleep for about four days and still maintain decent condition.

This isn’t stamina that came easy.

Training for shape-shifters is a series of really, really frustrating grind.

It was a special training set named after me, “Yu Kwang-ik’s Special Class,” by my uncle.

Naturally, it wasn’t for everyone.

I remember an old conversation with my uncle.

“Does everyone in our mother’s family train like this?”

I asked while enduring the fifth stage of Endure and swinging monkey-like through nets and bars at the training ground.


“Other shape-shifters?”

It seemed excessive, so I had to ask.

“If I trained them like this, they’d all die. You crazy?”

To that, my uncle asked in return,

“Then why me?”

“Because you can.”

I was left speechless by his simple response.

Of course, I was capable. So be it.

Whether immortal or shape-shifter, the basis of training is the same: physical strength.

It’s just that the scale of developing that strength is different.

Immortals train based on human benchmarks. Shape-shifters begin at a different level.

And for me, it was even more.

I already knew about my heritage as a hybrid of immortality and shape-shifting.

I rolled around persistently.

Physical strength, sense of smell, physical conditioning – I got them all ingrained.

No wonder they say the strongest shape-shifters in combat don’t come around easily.

Ah, it was really a drag.

But I gained a lot.

If I hadn’t gained anything, why would I have endured such hellish training?

And as I lay there, about to start my image training with closed eyes.

“Please don’t contact me.”

I heard the manager’s voice.

“No, what did I do? Shit, just asked if you wanted to eat, you’re sorry? That’s how you apologize?”

The conversation was underway.

Focusing on my hearing, I could even make out the voice on the other end.

An agitated man. Was he drunk? The voice clearly showed his emotions.

During shape-shifter training, I realized that the more I practiced, the more sensitive the immortals’ senses seemed to become by extension.


The manager sighed.

“You sighed just now, didn’t you? You son of a—”


The manager hung up the call.

It looked like she turned off her phone completely.

Right, that’s how it should be.

Reacting to each and every incident would spoil them.

It was a mere incident.

Thus, it became the second night of my duty.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Not even an hour had passed since I’d fallen asleep.

The intuition of immortality reacted.

I could hear the sound of footsteps climbing the stairs.

I got up and went to the living room, knocking on the manager’s door.


A voice sounded, as if woken from sleep.

“Do we have any scheduled visits around this time?”


She seemed startled; it wasn’t a prior appointment.

I contemplated dressing up for my security duty, but in the end, I chose a hoodie and jeans.

Of course, they weren’t made from ordinary materials.

They were all from brands specializing in new materials.

They were tough to tear and robust.

In other words, it only took 5 seconds to get dressed.


Unlocking the door, I flung it open.


What was this now?

A man with drool hanging down with his head twisted sideways came into view.

My senses told me.

This guy wasn’t a special breed.

Nor was he your average Joe.


His motions were swift. As soon as he saw me, he swung what he had in his hand.

It was a Chinese cleaver.

The diagonal strike he made was serious—no playful injury if hit.

I raised my left hand to grab the wrist holding the cleaver and threw a quick, sharp punch with my right fist.

One hit to the jaw.

Thud, clink.

One punch and the intruder’s eyes rolled back, leaving only the whites visible.

Having knocked out the intruder with one hand, I propped him against the wall.

“What is it?”

The manager emerged behind me, her face showing alarm.

“Should we call the police? He’s not a special breed.”

Not a special breed. However, his strength seemed to exceed an average person’s training.


“Do you recognize him?”

“No, he’s the CEO of a company.”

What reason could a company CEO have for visiting another company’s actress at night with a knife in hand?


I silently sniffed the air around this ‘CEO’ intruder.

Part of shape-shifter training includes smell training.

That training involves smelling things you shouldn’t be able to smell.

Like this, for example.

Special breeds can use energy known as ‘aura,’ and even that aura has a scent.

And now, the aura’s scent wafted from this nighttime sword-wielder.

In other words, someone with supernatural abilities was involved.

“Yu-na, Julia.”

The manager knocked on the next door.

Lee Yu-na opened the door in a box tee and pajama pants.


She, too, had a startled expression on her face.

Why was she alone?

I didn’t hear any breathing. There were supposed to be two people living here.

“Where’s Julia?”

Lee Yu-na’s expression faltered for the first time.

A poker face, indeed.

“It’s just, Brother, she…”

“Why? Isn’t she home?”

“She’s not here.”

I answered for her.

“I heard today was the day she meets friends to eat chicken.”

“Are you crazy? There’s a missing person incident happening right now, and you’re talking about chicken at night?”

I heard about it, too.

A missing person, one case.

But the person in question was known for doing as they pleased, and rumors had it that they were probably fine.

Whether it’s a genuine disappearance or another unannounced break was unknown, not even to my capable brother Dong-hoon.

Regardless, the individual had a history of these occurrences.

So I hadn’t paid it much mind.

Rumors about the Immortal Special Forces investigating were true.

They mentioned a lack of assignments lately and needing to dispatch personnel anywhere they could.

This time was no different.

A proposal for preemptive dispatch was suggested due to worrying rumors.

Certainly not for free, though.

The cost of deploying a single agent for a day started at five hundred.

How absurdly expensive. Anyway.

In comparison, I’m really quite cheap for the job I do.

Sometimes even the Immortal Special Forces security gets paid more than the Dangun Group’s security team.

Being immortals, they can withstand attacks with their bodies, so they surely earn their keep.

“Where’d she go?”

I asked.

Lee Yu-na answered.

“She said she was going to Luzit’s lodging.”

Luzit? Now what’s that?

I looked at the manager.

“That’s the CEO’s company over there.”

Entertainment Management Luzit, got it.

A sense of foreboding surged haphazardly.

But Julia wasn’t my protective duty.

“Please save her.”

“Save her, please.”

Both the manager and Lee Yu-na spoke simultaneously.

Desperation was evident in their eyes.

An unexpected situation. Normally, a bodyguard would stay where they were.

Leaving a protected client where harm might occur goes against the basics.

I learned this during my time as an agent.

I didn’t reply, so Lee Yu-na grabbed my arm.

“She’s like a sister to me.”

I knew they weren’t blood relatives. Nevertheless, they might as well be that close.

“I should go and see for myself. Yu-na, stay here with…”

I interrupted the manager.

“Special breeds are involved.”

It’s not something a normal person could handle.

Even the man I had just knocked out – if it hadn’t been for me, the manager would not have been able to stop him.

“I can’t go alone.”


I couldn’t just leave a protective client out of sight. Yet nor could I ignore this issue.

So what’s the answer?

“Let’s go together.”

Better to keep them within reach.

It was safer than waiting for the police.

“Make the call.”

I told the manager to call the police and pressed the elevator button.


The manager called the police.

We went outside, and Lee Yu-na trembled.

“How long has she been out?”

“She hasn’t come back all day.”

“Not at all?”

The manager was even more surprised.

Was she playacting to have been there?

“What’s the point in arguing about that now?”

Lee Yu-na said.

True enough.

The manager took the wheel.

A ten-minute drive – not too far.

* * *

Drip drop.

Jang Pil-ho scarfed down two pizzas where he sat.


‘I am a person with superpowers.’

Telekinesis never surfaced for him.

However, he quickly realized his ability.

A rare form of power within the range of superpowers.

A buffer.

He had awakened the ability to temporarily enhance others’ powers – a ‘buff’ ability.

It was different from normal abilities.

Unknown to him, his brain had fused with a worm, creating a new ability.

What would’ve been a simple strength enhancement gained the power of mind control.

He could dominate and utilize others.

Jang Pil-ho, realizing his ability, began to experiment.

How far could he control someone?

He needed a test subject.

He used his power on someone infamous for being as low as him.

He succeeded in enhancing strength and controlling minds, laughing uncontrollably.

However, the remnants of his sanity kept him from revealing his power recklessly.

He named his technique.

‘The Hand of Servitude.’

Anyone he touched could receive this power.

Thus, he did so.

In his early forties, a middle-aged actor, now turned his slave, went with him to invade his own company.

“Jang Pil-ho? Haven’t come to your senses yet. You think I’ll see you with no appointment? Who’s behind you? Hm? Jo Hyeong-woo?”

The CEO was a third-rate thug.

He still had connections to the underworld.

A so-called younger brother stood guarding in front of him.

‘How strong can it be?’

He wanted to know the true power of his Hand of Servitude.


Ordered by Jang Pil-ho, the younger brother frowned.

“Has this sob gone mad?”

The slave touched by the Hand of Servitude acted.

With one hand, he snapped the neck. No amount of punches and kicks from the other side could mount any resistance.

The younger brother was dead.


A gift from the gods.

That’s what Jang Pil-ho believed.

His rationality began to fade. Desire pushed him further.

‘Let’s build my kingdom.’

This was the beginning.

This place was the first stronghold of his kingdom.

Everyone would be under the Hand of Servitude, protecting his fortress.


He went to the executive office and subdued the startled CEO with his power.

The building’s loafers were treated the same.

Thus, his stronghold was established.

After the deed, he buried himself into the CEO’s chair.

The chair boasted about being expensive.

Satisfaction swelled within him. This world was now his.

As contentment filled him, cravings surged anew.

After the violent desires were sated, other urges surfaced.

A common trait among those affected by desire.

Jang Pil-ho felt lust boiling within.

‘That wench.’

Julia came to mind.

Her eyes looked at him as if he were trash.

The way she acted as if she had touched filth just from slapping her shoulder once.

What if he laid her down?

The thought alone sent a buzz through his lower body.


His tongue swept across his lips.

He thirsted.

He picked up the phone.

After a few calls, now the manager answered.

Rage bubbled up. Uncontainable.

“Bring her to me.”

He utilized his enslaved subjects.

Following his command, the CEO acted on his orders.

‘What shall I do as I wait for her?’

The thirst remained.

Right beside the corporate building stood a 7-story officetel.

It housed up-and-coming talents.

Jang Pil-ho’s steps veered in that direction.

A convoy of slaves followed him.

Over fifty in number.


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