Genius of unique lineage Chapter 163


Let’s work together.


Above the clouds, a thin, elongated crack appeared in the air.

As soon as the crack formed, it emitted black wisps of smoke and expanded, turning into a circular hole.

Upon reaching this state, the hole erupted with energy, expanding further, and then it began to vomit invaders.

However, a hole opening high in the sky merely encouraged the death by falling for invaders unable to fly.

The black hole expanded as soon as it opened.

Normally, before invaders poured out after expansion, the sensor should have caught it.

Then, the specialized species for flight and fighters would mobilize, obliterating it with a barrage of firepower.

The situation was different from on the ground.

There were no buildings or people. Firepower could be unleashed without concern for collateral damage.

Additionally, fighters armed with railguns or laser weapons were on standby 24 hours a day.

Humans, having acquired various energy sources and new metals and resources, now dominated the skies.

The hole in the sky could not pose a threat.

The same was true for the hole that opened this time.

Under these circumstances, it would be subdued within minutes.

The expanded black hole swelled and then deflated.

The hole that opened in the sky spat out just a single insect before vanishing.

The sensor did not activate because the hole disappeared without enough energy being projected.

Just a single bug flew down from the sky to the ground, as if falling.

The invader spewed from the hole was numbered 7, called Desire Bug or Lust Insect, and known in the world of specials as Brainworm Mosquito.

It was an invader that could only live for six hours after birth, hence not considered a great threat.

Not all invaders were a fatal threat to humanity.

This one could be caught by any ordinary person.

However, if it laid its eggs in human blood and the parasites born from those eggs reached the brain, then the story changed.

The worm was dangerous because it could take control of humans, urging them to madness with its mind control ability.

Nonetheless, it couldn’t lay eggs in the blood of specials, so within the world of specials, it was considered a failed invader.

That one individual had descended over the skies of Seoul.

It had only about four hours left to live, and it moved instinctively.

The insect eventually found its only way to leave a trace of existence and found a target.


It drove its long snout into the skin, depositing its eggs.

It didn’t take long.


The target crushed the invader with the palm of its hand.

The invader was dead.

It left its trace, though.

Tigers leave their skins, humans leave their names, and invader insects leave their eggs.

* * *

“Damn it, seriously.”

Jang Pil-ho blew into his soju glass, his chest burning like fire.

The liquor dribbled down his lips.

He leaned back on the couch.

The ceiling spun.

Jang Pil-ho, once an up-and-coming actor.

He was responsible for prime-time dramas and frequently received movie scripts.

His life was glamorous.

With his good looks, even though he was an ordinary person, he caught attention even among the immortal celebs.

His career peaked from eighteen to twenty-one.

He’d dated an idol girlfriend and even been with a mixed-race immortal.

Despite rumors of his womanizing, because he was so successful, everyone hushed it up.

But for Jang Pil-ho, falling into the abyss of life happened in an instant.

Two DUIs, and loose words during a private broadcast.

Today, he got harsh words from his agency CEO.

“How long are you gonna live like this? You’re pretty and not a half-bad actor, but you can’t fix your sh*tty personality.”

‘That bastard.’

The punk who had been nothing more than a thug was now big-talking as the CEO.

As soon as he sucked me dry, he ignored me.

I wanted to kill him.

Of course, I didn’t have the guts.

Jang Pil-ho just drank.


[Julia] Sorry about yesterday, senior.

Checking his smartphone screen, it was from a junior actress he bumped into the day before.

An actress with a bold and pure image, and the one he had an argument with yesterday.

‘Just because I put a hand on her shoulder.’

She was too high and mighty.

He wanted to slap her.

More so, he wanted to pin her down in bed.

Problem was, he no longer had that capability.

No money, no fame.

He couldn’t even easily meet a bar girl anymore.

“Damn, I’ll eat them all up.”

After mouthing off, Pil-ho drained his third bottle of cheap liquor and collapsed.

Once he started drinking like this, he would be out for two days.

It was a bad drinking habit.

His manager had given up halfway.

He was a setting sun.

Onto his forearm, an invader insect landed, its proboscis pierced in.

Pil-ho, half-asleep, caught the bug with his palm.

A slap – the bug died.

And Pil-ho slept for another two days.

The bitten spot swelled up, but Pil-ho was out cold and couldn’t see it.

A day passed, and when he woke up, there was no sign of the bite.

Suffering from a hangover, he oddly felt very clear-headed.

“Why do I feel so good today?”

He murmured to himself.

His condition was good. When was the last time he woke up feeling so refreshed?

Something else had changed.

‘What is this?’

In front of him was a piece of cube cheese he hadn’t finished two days ago.

Half-eaten, with his teeth marks in the cheese.

He reached out his hand. He felt he could move it without touching it if he wanted to.

But nothing happened.

“Ah, am I still drunk?”

Feeling embarrassed even though he was alone, he mumbled to himself.

“Superpowers, what a joke.”

His hunch was surprisingly accurate.

It was a series of coincidental events.

Desire worms could not control the brain of a special.

Jang Pil-ho was bitten by one, and it infiltrated his brain.

The next moment, Jang Pil-ho awakened as a superhuman.

Late awakenings of special abilities were rare, but not unheard of.

Jang Pil-ho was one of those few.

And now, his brain was taken over by the Lust Insect.

* * *

“Let’s loaf around.”

“Who calls their girlfriend by such a nickname? Seriously, learn some manners.”

“Who’s my girlfriend?”

Hyemin boldly pointed her thumb at herself.

“Are you going to the hospital?”

She kept forgetting to take her medication.

“The prenatal exams are all scheduled; you never know when you’ll turn into a beast.”

Insinuating I might transform unpredictably because she knew I’m a hybrid.

It was a bright daytime cafe.

As I faced Hyemin across the table, I realized I raised a tiger cub.

“I lose.”


Hyemin’s nose lifted a little higher.

“So. How long will you keep playing?”

I asked as I drained the green tea smoothie, savoring the mix of sweet whipped cream, matcha flavor, and the cold smoothie.

It was exquisite.

A cafe famous for its quality in the neighborhood.

Having moved, it was unfortunate I couldn’t visit it often.

Well, only two subway stops away, to be precise.

“I’m always ready to work. You know my dream.”

“You still haven’t looked up what a good wife and wise mother means?”

Hyemin’s tattoo stood out on her forearm.

A drawing of a devil and an angel locking swords.

The work of no ordinary artist, it seemed almost ready to jump out.

“Why can’t I become your bride?”

Hyemin’s eyes welled up on one side.

She’s gotten pretty good, but the saying ‘like father, like son’ was still far off.

“I’m already married.”


A fierce glint exploded from the eyes that had just been teary.

“Married to work.”

“Hmph, they call me a swan, but you’re still unemployed.”

“I’m a freelancer.”

“A freelancer works. What are you, eating, shitting, playing every day?”

“Brat, I have my worth. Should I just take any job?”

I’m known as the Savior of Dongdaemun, the Hero of the Desert of Art, the Ace of the Immortal Special Forces, the Lumberjack Killer, and the Crocodile’s Rival. A person of fame, after all.

I haven’t even started looking for a job.

Just getting ready.

“Ah, yes, indeed.”

“Your sarcasm is top-notch.”

“I learned from the best.”

“You sure did. So what’s your plan?”

I didn’t come by train two stops for nothing to meet Hyemin.

Kang Hyemin, the witch that can kick.

On the flip side, she’s said to be a once-in-a-decade genius.

At least that’s what she claims.

Either way, she’s a magician, and clearly, she could be of help, so I asked her to join my team.

It seemed Hyemin has decided to see me once every four days, considering it an opportunity, and today was the day to end it.

“The condition was three dates, and today is the third, right?”


Hyemin clicked her tongue and glanced at me sideways. Eyes filled with resentment.

“You slept through the two-hour movie, gulped down your meal in ten minutes, and now you sit here in the cafe rushing me. Is this a date? Where’s the hotel reservation? The cruise?”

“Hey, I was training my transformation yesterday. I was tired. Can’t you be considerate? First of all, who books a morning movie without a word?”

“I wanted to see it early.”

“And what hotel at two in the afternoon? Go home.”

“Get a room. You’re rich.”

“If you think that’s what I meant, you’re possessed by a lewd spirit. Shoo, you demon.”


Hyemin clicked her tongue.

“Okay, except for one condition you know.”

“The dates are excluded.”


She clicked her tongue again.

When will she grow up?

“Anyway, I’m counting on you.”

“Where are you going?”

“Do you have another woman to meet?”

“No, a middle-aged man.”

“…I hate that even more.”

“Shut up.”

I gestured for Hyemin to leave as she followed me out quietly.

“Aren’t you dropping me off?”

“Do you realize you’re saying that when your apartment is right there in front of you?”

The destination is already in sight; there’s no need to drop her off.

“I can’t bear to be apart from you, not even for a minute.”

Her ability to speak such words without changing her expression showed she was unique.

“Go, get lost; nothing works out when I’m with you.”

I barely got rid of her.

Geez, scouting a witch is freakishly hard.

I had been a recluse for four months.

In that time, magicians began to appear sporadically in the world.

In other words, various magical associations had come into the limelight.

They began to build a positive image by killing invaders and fighting terrorist groups.

It takes more than a day or two to build an image, so there might be many hurdles ahead, but for now, that was the situation.

In response, each group began actively recruiting magicians to match this shift—but that wasn’t easy.

Affiliated magicians from the union did not fall for mere recruitment.

Their solidarity was solid.

What remained were non-union magicians.

Witches and individuals from private schools.

However, they were not easy to find, either.

That was the situation.

Without even starting any work, I had recruited a magician to my team.

Standing in front of my parked car, I grasped the handle, and click—the door opened automatically.

A door that unlocked with fingerprint recognition. What a wonderful world.

It’s true; you have to spend money.

This is what you earn and enjoy.

The latest sports car made of new materials, hot in the market.

Built-in charm defense was a given, and the material barely dented even with considerable impact.

Of course, fuel efficiency was trash—the car was so heavy.

But the ride was killer.

When I got out of the car, people’s gazes pierced me.

The price was about 1.8 billion.

Insanely expensive, but my uncle secretly bought it as a gift.

It was a graduation present for my training.

My uncle was a good man.

I grabbed the steering wheel and placed my foot on the accelerator.


The engine roared out an exhaust note.

As I waited for the car to warm up, I thought back to the conversation I had with Panda Agent before coming out today.

“Donghun oppa, let’s start working.”

“We should. As freelancers, right?”

“So, what shall we start with?”

Blinking, Panda with heavy dark circles blinked blankly at me.

“If you’re asking me to look for a job, you’ve got the wrong idea.”

“You mean?”

“I spent my whole life doing tasks assigned by the company, looking for jobs is a different matter. You might as well ask your father or mother, or even your uncle. Wouldn’t that be faster?”

“No, thank you. I don’t like it.”

I couldn’t pull the parent card from the start.

I had to prove I could do it on my own.

Lately, my mother always talks about how I should just work under my uncle.

While my father quietly believes in his son, my mother still doesn’t seem pleased.

“Then ask Jung-ah.”

So I contacted my mentor after a long while, and my mentor suggested someone better suited than herself.

That was what happened this morning.

I didn’t need to get that person’s contact details.

I already knew him.

“It’s been a while.”

Kim Joong-go, the one from the past who helped rob Money & Save vault, the brother who is well-versed in the underworld.


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