Genius of unique lineage Chapter 160


Chapter 159. As a Brother

On a day I sipped a 30-year-old Valentine with my father, he said to me, “Don’t be surprised, but listen.”


“You’re not just an immortal.”

“…Reminds me of the first time you talked about it at the supermarket.”

It had been almost two years since the day he confessed to being an immortal.

“Was it a bit abrupt back then?”

“Quite a bit.”

“I worried a lot before I mentioned it.”

“Is that so?”

It did not show at all.

“Now that both your mother and you know, my conscience has never been clearer.”

“Did all of your secret funds get wiped out?”

My father’s hand holding the wine glass trembled slightly.

Seeing that, I said to him, “You’ve kept a little.”

“A man’s loyalty, don’t forget that.”

Naturally, since he couldn’t bring his actual salary home, he must’ve received his pay in another account.

He had wiped that account clean this time.

Still, to think that he created a hidden stash.

“Truly, a Phoenix Team Leader is not an ordinary position.”

“It’s a passive skill of a head of a household in Korea.”

That’s right; this couldn’t even be counted as a secret.

It likely wasn’t enough money for my mother to be concerned about.

He’s my father. I know him well.

He must have been stashing money secretly to prepare gifts, flowers, and anniversaries for my mother without her knowing.

“If I’m not just an immortal, then what am I?”

I raised the topic my father had hinted at earlier.

“Do you know about pureblood lineages?”

I did. They’re family lines divided into two branches across the world.

In Korea, there’s the pureblood Jeong family and the pureblood Myeong family.

One insists on their surname, while the other forsakes the surname but increases their lineage, that is, the number of people within the family.

The pureblood Jeong family is sensitive.

The pureblood Myeong family specializes in high-speed regeneration.

Could it be that my father is the head of the Myeong family?

“I have no association with either family.”

My interest dwindled.

“Then what?”

My father straightened his whiskey glass to his lips and slowly tilted it.

Then, he savored the whiskey in his mouth before swallowing it.

While watching that, I picked up a slice of kiwi and handed it to him.

“It’s sweet. You should try it, son.”


I took a sip of whiskey and picked up a slice of kiwi to eat.

The kiwi melted gently in my mouth, well ripened.

The whiskey was bitter. I could feel it going down my esophagus, fiery enough in my stomach.

“Why do people pay 150 dollars to drink this?”

“You don’t know the taste of liquor yet.”

Yes, let’s assume that.

“The pureblood Jeong family is sensitive, the Myeong family has high-speed regeneration, and the last family has exceptional sensory control skills. It can be explained like this.”

My father said as he covered the liquor glass with his hand.

Watching that, I had this feeling that there was no glass behind his hand.

It was as if I had seen it with my eyes just a moment ago.

In other words, my father had deceived my senses.

“A skill to deceive one’s presence?”

“If you must put a name to it, you could call it leaking one’s presence.”

My father raised his hand and held the liquor glass again.

It was still there.

I instantly understood the structure of the skill he had just used.

It’s a trick using one’s hand movements.

Using fingers, muscles, tendons, everything.

It seemed I could use the principle of presence leaking by splitting it in half.

As he put the glass to his lips, my father said, “It’s a skill to control the senses.”

Sensitivity could be considered a living radar.

High-speed regeneration would show a form close to that of an immortal in combat.

And this sensory control ability…

“Who do you think created the immortal’s secret technique?”

My father’s words intercepted my thoughts.

That’s right. It’s a capability of control and regulation.

All secret techniques must have originated from the blood of this third pureblood family.

“Why is it just you and me left of that family now?”

“Would it be just the two of us? There are those who have entrusted themselves to the Immortality Sect and those who live in hiding.”

“No, why did it collapse?”

Both the pureblood Jeong family and the Myeong family are flourishing.

“It’s simple. A greedy old man claimed to be king, and some of them rebelled. There could have been an immortal kingdom even before the Immortality Sect came to be. Few know this secret.”

It’s mentioned so nonchalantly.

Well, thankfully he didn’t talk about this at the supermarket.

This place is an immortal-exclusive bar, so there are soundproof walls.

“Don’t go impregnating this and that woman in the name of reviving the family line. You don’t have such a duty.”

“I’m still a bachelor.”

“You look decent enough.”

That’s rather an insult when he puts it like that.

“Anyway, that’s the story, son.”

He spoke of it so casually, yet the content was monumental.

So, I actually inherited the blood of another pureblood family like any other pureblood.

Although the lineage is mixed, the bloodline continues.

This was a fact already confirmed by both of my parents.

“So, son.”


“What are you planning to do now?”

My father inquired.

I had something in mind and opened my mouth.

There’s something called idealism.

It’s not realistic.

That’s what I dreamed of.

It was for that reason I worked for the company.

However, after joining Hwarim, I realized it wasn’t the place I had been longing for.

It was distant from my ideals.

“For now, I’m thinking of taking on contracts as a freelancer.”


Hwarim Special Forces is not the only answer.

I know that.

“I’d like to live a bit recklessly. I want to know if I can do that, if it’s alright for me.”

I could not do that while at the company.

Though I acted quite recklessly, I was always followed by rewards and punishments.

I was evaluated, and my wrong actions were reprimanded.

But who gets to decide all that?

The world of special kinds is a world of madmen, the world of the Unlaw.

Judgement must come from oneself.

That’s what I think.

So, I decided to stand alone. To test if I could live my own way.

And there was much to do.

Every day I think of new things I must handle.

“Hmm, fine. I’ll support my son.”

My father has always been the same.

He never opposed what I did.

“Thank you.”

“If you are thankful, you’ll pay today’s bill.”


“You have the money, son.”

That day, I got fleeced by my father for the cost of the drinks.

* * *

The memory of the drink with my father flitted through my mind.

As a freelancer, there was so much work I had to do.

From taking on the work to handling all sorts of official procedures, it was no ordinary job.

I have a clever mind.

But doing all this alone gave me a headache.

Then I thought, do I really have to do this myself?

A good worker – no, a good colleague – that would suffice.

Preferably someone I know.

Better if they had nowhere else to go.

And even better if they were proficient in handling paperwork and organizing.

There was a suitable candidate.

Looking at the assistant sitting across me, I asked,

“Once the Team Leader wakes up, do you think Deputy Manager Dong-hoon can go back to work?”

It wasn’t possible.

I knew that when I asked.

“I think it’s unlikely.”

The expected answer came.

Hmm, right.

“When will the Team Leader regain consciousness?”

It would be good if the Team Leader was alright; Deputy Manager Panda might not end up in prison.

That fellow would even manage to escape wearing a mask if things turned badly.

“The minimum is two weeks; he has already regained consciousness, though.”

“The Team Leader, you’ve already met.”

“Yes, I informed him about your resignation and we discussed your parents.”

Our esteemed mother.

Somehow the rumor spread that an ordinary mother chased the company president and landed a blow on him.

Hearing that, everyone just nodded without question; I really didn’t understand.

Only, my reaction was ‘that’s your mother,’ Johan hyung had said, which somehow felt unpleasant.

No, my mother may be a simple being from the shapeshifter clan who acts first before speaking, but…

Enough of that, let’s drop it.

I feel like I’m spitting on my face.

“Do you know about my father?”

I am an adult. I take care of my own business.

However, if I can leverage it, I am clever enough to use any background, including my parents’, if it’s beneficial.

My father, Yoo Yeon-ho, is a Phoenix Team Leader.

Even the Minister of Administration and Security can’t address him casually – a talent watched by the global government coalition, Old Force, and one of the strongest combatants among the immortals.

He’s a person not to be trifled with by the Korean government.

At home, he’s a Dad who raids his son’s wallet, but outside he’s an impressive man.

“Deputy Manager Dong-hoon won’t have to live as a fugitive forever if you could extend some help, would he? That’s why you asked the assistant to convey the message.”

There was no response, only a groan of pain.

“It hurts to regenerate, right? Bear with it. They say the more it hurts, the more you mature. Don’t you know the saying ‘pain makes a Team Leader?’”

“What kind of nonsense is that?”

I don’t, it’s just a made-up story to tease you.

“Dong-hoon hyung, rejoining the company won’t work right? Even if the president allows it, the government wouldn’t lift a finger for just a test subject, right?”

The situation gave a pretty clear picture.

“A cunning little brain you have there.”

“I am an immortal. I can hear you even if you whisper.”

“It was mumbling to myself.”

“As if.”

“So, what are your demands?”

The Team Leader was quick to catch on.

“Give me some slack the next time we meet on the field.”

Either way, I had to bring Deputy Manager Panda.

I needed him.

A talent like him with just the title of shapeshifter experiment subject removed is not easy to replace.

I heard of offers from various companies trying to scout him even when I first joined the company.

I even asked my acquaintance, headhunter Steven Choi.

“If Deputy Manager Dong-hoon, Dong-hoon Lee from Hwarim, were to hit the free agent market, what do you think?

“It would be a frenzy. People with his capabilities aren’t common.”

Deputy Manager Dong-hoon is an administrative superstar who once handled the workload of ten people.

Moreover, a special kind, who could even take on the role of combatant if things went south.

Of course, there’s the title of an immortal who’s afraid of blood.

Yet that title still stood.

Hwarim had prevented the rumors of Dong-hoon’s shapeshifting form from spreading.

President Nam used crafty methods.

It was covered under different rumors, such as my mother hitting the president and me stripping the president bare.

The brains of our President Nam worked impressively.

“You have no loyalty as a teammate.”

The Team Leader grumbled.

Without realizing, I chuckled.

“You start with swearing from the first meeting and now you expect loyalty? Sir, you’re really useless.”

If you have more to say, go on.

A moment of silence followed.

“As a brother.”

With that said, the call ended.

“Our Team Leader isn’t over forty yet, right?”

I asked the assistant.

“He’s over forty.”

“He has no conscience, this fellow.”

Regardless, since he asked me to call him hyung (brother), that means he accepted my condition.

I was going to bring him over anyway, but now I have one more condition in my favor.

“Then, see you again.”

“Stay healthy.”

The assistant greeted me, so I strode over and gave a firm hug.

“The reason for joining was for the family, right?”

I recalled seeing a faded family photo in the assistant’s room once before.

“It’s a tragic but common story. Losing family to a terrorist group and seeking revenge.”

The assistant spoke.

It’s a revenge that goes as far as turning into a combat drug user. It wouldn’t be a common story.

Holding the assistant, I said, “I also detest those damn people, so if trouble arises, I’ll help.”


With the assistant’s reply, I let go and turned around.

Of course, I didn’t plan to help for free.

Now a freelancer, my time was money.

I’ll provide support to Hwarim after charging a worthy fee.

That’s to say, my current words and actions are part of the sales process.

Now then, where to start with the operation to rescue Deputy Manager Dong-hoon?


I opened the café door and stepped out to find it was still early, yet the sun was already setting.

It’s the nature of winter days to be short.

Snow was falling from the sky.

It was the first snow.

Unnoticed, it was already winter.

I picked up my phone again.

I hesitated briefly but decided that our relationship wasn’t so distant that I couldn’t make a call.

Maybe he’ll accept a favor?

It’s obviously not the only reason why Mother showed up at the company, but good was good.

“Hello. How are you? Hyung, could I speak with the president?”

The call was to Hwarim Information & Communication’s president’s secretary.

The person I wanted to speak to was President Nam Myung-jin.

After all, the issue with Deputy Manager Dong-hoon had to start here.


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