Genius of unique lineage Chapter 158


157. I will train with the Metamorphosis Clan.

Yu Yeon-ho had taken a full three days of rest.

He ate, drank, and spent time with his wife.

It was a hearty time, although his wife’s expression changed when she heard what he was doing.

“Do you trust me? You won’t do anything to worry me, right?”

“I’ll do my best.”

He couldn’t tell his wife any more lies.

It was dangerous work.

He decided to tell her everything that wasn’t classified.

His wife nodded her understanding.

And they accepted Mari into their household.

It wasn’t because they thought of her as real family.

But he saw the look in his wife’s eyes when she looked at the child.

It was calm, yet it was filled with pity.

‘An experimental subject.’

For what she was, her manners were impeccable.

“I’ll run the errands.”

“Sleep well.”

“Did you sleep well? Here’s some water.”

“Have some fruit.”

She was diligent.

She would be the first to wake up and offered to do the dishes, but of course, they couldn’t just let her.

So he asked his son to do it.

His son grumbled, but he did what he was asked.

The four of them laughed together while watching TV.

They also watched movies.

The child seemed wary of disrupting them, looking around cautiously.

Yu Yeon-ho felt a pang in his heart seeing this.

He could sense that she didn’t want to be abandoned.

‘The poor thing.’

It was sad and pitiful.

He still wasn’t sure.

Whether she would become real family.

But since his son had brought her home, they had decided to take responsibility for her, and his wife had wanted her, so they kept her.

He believed the answer would come in time.

Some things require time.

And some things lose their meaning if not done immediately.

Upon arriving at work, Yu Yeon-ho immediately went to meet the Minister of Administration and Security.

“How can I help you? Shall I erase Huwa-rim?” the Minister asked abruptly, standing up from his chair.

“Just say the word. I’ll take care of it as you wish.”

Yu Yeon-ho seated himself on a couch in the reception area.

“Let’s talk over a cup of coffee.”

“Ah, right. I’m out of my mind. Secretary Kim, two cups of coffee.”

“Yes, Minister.”

Soon, a young man neatly groomed brought in two cups of coffee.

“What’s the plan? To remove Nam Myeong-jin from his position? Throw him in jail?”

Even the Minister couldn’t incarcerate someone like Nam Myeong-jin, a big shot, without putting his own career on the line.

Both Yu Yeon-ho and the Minister knew this.

But there was a reason he brought it up.

“I’m not going to resign.”

“Of course. Who would manage the team if you left? You know the Phoenix kids, all troublemakers. You know I trust only you, Team Leader Yu.”

The Minister replied without even taking a breath.

Their relationship had been somewhat official.

But as time passed and merits accumulated, their relationship had twisted a little.

The special task force of the Ministry of Administration and Security, especially the Phoenix team, had acquired power that had created this shift.

Their ability to make the impossible possible, along with Yu Yeon-ho’s presence, was the reason.

If he asked for asylum right now, any country would welcome him with open arms.

Every year, the World Government Coalition Headquarters sent him offers.

Elbows on the table, Yu Yeon-ho spoke.

“Even if you demote him, he’ll find his way back to his position in a few months.”

“You think I would let that happen?”

Yu Yeon-ho stared intently at the Minister.

“It means you’ll try your best to stop it.”

The Minister’s voice became softer.

Could he really be stopped?

The man had put his wife in danger.

If he had it his way, he would grind him to dust.

But he held back; his son was involved.

Yu Yeon-ho decided on a different approach.

He would only send a warning, showing what happens when someone crosses him.

“No support for three years.”

All companies and departments related to the Ministry of Administration and Security receive support from the government.

That was obvious.

Otherwise, operational costs couldn’t be covered.

The security team’s earnings from celebrity and conglomerate protection were merely pocket change.

“How about five years then?”

“And restrict access to the Other Side for three years.”

“What? That, too?”

Resources from the Other Side were managed by the Ministry of Administration and Security. If they said you couldn’t go in, you simply couldn’t.

“Okay, I’ll do that, too.”

“Of course, this includes cutting off personnel support. For three years.”

“Personnel, too? Alright, I’ll handle it.”

Slurp, the Minister took a sip of his coffee, seemingly parched.

“Also, please use my name when dealing with President Nam Myeong-jin.”

“Your name?”

The Minister looked at Yu Yeon-ho for a moment and nodded with a forced smile.

“Alright, I promise. Team Leader Yu.”

If he did this for the company’s sake, sending a warning by hurting the company itself was the message.

* * *

“It’s been a while, sister.”

Kang Seul-hye spoke to someone she hadn’t called first in twenty years.

“Have you been well?”

“I’ve heard bits and pieces from our youngest.”

“Our long history makes small talk unnecessary. I have a favor to ask.”

“Are you returning?”


“Then please, speak.”

Her sister was blunt and cold.

Still, they were kin, their blood connection unchanging.

“Shut down one of the company’s financial sources.”

Her son turned away with the excuse of being hungry.

He was a sensitive boy.

But he quickly moved on, probably because it related to a place he was once a part of.

Her husband probably wouldn’t intervene either. Given his nature, he might just let it slide.

So she couldn’t just sit back and watch.

She could overlook targeting her.

But the person used her son as bait.

She couldn’t let it go.

Was punching him just venting her frustration?

Now, it was an adult’s problem.

If the victim doesn’t speak up, they’re seen as a pushover. Kang Seul-hye had no intention of letting her son become a pushover.


“Huwa-rim Information and Communications.”

“Do you know what you’re talking about?”

Companies need funds to operate.

And Kang Seul-hye’s family controlled the lifeline of those funds.

There wasn’t a place in the country that could ignore her family and prosper in business.

“Immortal special unit.”

“It seems you weren’t just covering your eyes and ears.”

“Even with my eyes and ears covered, I can smell someone stirring trouble in front of me.”

Metamorphs have an excellent sense of smell. She used this as a metaphor.

“Was it a bad smell?”

“An unpleasant one.”

There was no threat to her life.

Sending a few Immortals wasn’t enough to threaten her.

Their son, referred to as Prometheus’s Crocodile, had tried to attack the company, but their son had fought him off.

Yet, the unpleasantness lingered.

“I understand.”

“For at least three years, freeze it.”

“Even if we stop it, there will likely be government support.”

“It will still be bothersome.”

Being denied by banks and other financial institutions, and organizational enterprises refusing to cooperate wasn’t just a headache.

“Do you want to know why?”

“Do you wish to know?”

“No. But do sometimes meet our youngest. He misses you.”

She didn’t respond immediately.

After a brief silence, Kang Seul-hye answered.


Meeting the youngest meant reconnecting with her original home.

And it had to be done. That’s why she gave a positive response.

Her son bore the power of transformation.

She couldn’t mock him.

At least she couldn’t let him get beaten elsewhere.

For that, she’d need the support of her family.

The world is not for one to live alone.

“May you be well.”

“And say hello to father for me.”


This time, her sister hesitated before responding.

That her sister didn’t get along with their father was known to the whole family.

She sighed but quickly shook it off.

It was more comfortable to put troublesome matters aside.

“Huh, the weather’s getting quite cold.”

Her son walked in through the front door and spoke.

He seemed different all of a sudden.

‘Mixed with immortality and metamorphosis?’

How many such beings existed in the world?

She knew of none.

Not a monstrous aberration of an experiment, nor a degenerate hybrid focused on one side.

‘God must have blessed us.’

Her husband and she didn’t know, so they had the child.

The night before, she had learned from her husband about the heritage of immortality.

She also spoke of her heritage.

Pure-blood Immortal, pure-blood Metamorph.

Not just pure-blood, but pure-blood belonging to their respective noble houses.

Their son was a hybrid inheriting these two bloodlines.

“Mom, I have a favor to ask.”

The son began to speak.

* * *

For three days, I reflected and gathered my thoughts.

How many in this world are like that crocodile? Like Associate Panda? Like Team Leader Sibal?

Another special race might scoff, but I felt my own shortcomings.

Shortcomings that come from being able to do more.

It wasn’t about the capacity and qualities of Immortality.

I hadn’t even begun to tap into my Metamorph abilities.

Precisely put, I hadn’t even transformed yet.

So I spoke to my mother.

“Could I possibly see the tutor again?”


“I want to train properly.”

“Metamorphosis Clan training?”


My mother looked at me for a moment before answering.

“I’d be better.”

“No, I prefer the tutor.”

“Don’t you like training with me?”

“…I do.”


“It’s just that the tutor might do better, right? You haven’t lived as a Metamorph.”

My mother had lived as a housewife, hiding her lineage.

One of the hidden special beings.

If it was about making use of one’s innate abilities, the tutor was more suitable than my mother…

“Give me fifteen days to get in shape and get my senses back. We’ll start after that.”


“That’s the plan. Prepare for it.”


My mother looked at me blankly.


I reflexively changed my tone in my response.

I wondered why thoughts of creating trouble were crossing my mind.

Scenes of my mother’s true educational methods flashed through my mind like a zoetrope.

“It’s not going to be theory classes, right?”

I clung to a glimmer of hope when I asked.

“It’s time to learn through the body more than words.”

My mother cut the hope cleanly.

There was no choice.

To survive in this world, I had to at least properly harness the power of the blood I carry.

“I look forward to it.”

“Are you really saying you don’t like doing it with your mother? If you hate it, just say so.”

To say I hated it here would be akin to asking to be killed.

“I am thrilled beyond measure to have you guide me, Mother.”

“Do you want me to flatten that frown with an iron? Is it wrinkled?”

“No, not at all.”

I managed a forced smile and escaped to my room.

My mother continued from behind, saying that it was okay to state if I disliked it.

I didn’t fall for the temptation.

Lying in bed, I looked up at the ceiling as various thoughts passed through my mind.

One of them was President Nam Myeong-jin.

I had grabbed his weakness effectively, right?

It wasn’t the apartment or the money that mattered.

The important thing was that the man responsible for the Immortal special force unit was now in debt to me.

Acting on anger over what he did would leave me with nothing.

So, what if I kept this for later use?

I didn’t tell my parents, but holding onto his weakness could prove useful someday.

My phone rang. It was a notification.

[Ten Age] Wanna marry my sister?

Has Ten Age swiped a full bowl of drugs?

[Me] All of a sudden?

[Ten Age] I heard the story. It’s all ’cause you were born clutching a spoon of dirt, right? I’m not just going to stand by on this one, but if you initially climb the social ladder, then no one would dare mess with Guang-ik.

[Me] This incident?

[Ten Age] Huwa-rim’s president.

I wondered how the prince was aware, whether it was due to his remarkable information network or because the security on this matter was lax.

[Ten Age] Guang-ik, I told you. If something happens, talk to me. But why don’t you? Still seeing me as a prince? Just wait three years. I’ll be running this country. Then will you be satisfied?

Satisfied with what?

[Me] I will take care of my own matters. The egg should cover itself, right?

[Ten Age] Between us, when is there your thing and my thing?

What’s our relationship even?

[Ten Age] Anyway, I won’t forgive you. You’re not hurt, are you? And my sister is pretty.

I’m an Immortal. Even if I’m injured, I heal.

And as lovely as she may be, I’m not considering international marriage yet.

[Me] Perfectly healthy. I’m not seeing anyone. I plan to marry for love.

[Ten Age] Okay. I’m healthy too. Marriage, take your time to think about it.

[Me] Yes, yes.

[Ten Age] You sound annoyed, don’t you?

Keen senses.

[Me] Not at all.

[Ten Age] If it’s hard living in Korea, tell me anytime.

[Me] I like Korea.

I hastily replied. Ten Age continued to chatter, saying he was rising in stature and that he missed seeing our father.

He mentioned facing threats but managing to prevail.

I pacified him before going to sleep.

In my dream, President Nam Myeong-jin was pulling a chariot with a gag in his mouth, and I was atop it, lashing the whip.

It was a ridiculous dream.

The fortnight passed swiftly, and my mother brought me to the same training grounds as my previous tutor.

There, my mother, the log tutor, Mari, and a man I hadn’t seen before were present.

“So, you’re Guang-ik?”

The man looked like a punk with his yellow-dyed hair.

And he was a Metamorph.

He was no ordinary person, not hiding but rather flaunting his wildness.

I could feel that from our very first meeting.


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