Genius of unique lineage Chapter 156


am the head of the Phoenix team, under the Ministry of Public Administration and Security,” my father revealed.

The room was filled with confusion and surprise. The chief just tilted his head, unable to comprehend fully.

“Who?” At that moment, Gye-Nam murmured to himself from behind.

“Does the Immortal Special Forces consist of slow-witted fools who need to be told things more than once?” My father’s aura was cold and sharp. The gentle man I knew was not present here.

“I told Nam Myung-Jin to come out,” he stated firmly, and though his tone was steady, it carried the chilling sharpness of an iceberg freshly hewn from the Antarctic.

I’ve been there—knowing too well the environment when my parents had their rare cold wars. Mom was no less intimidating.

“No matter your position, it’s inappropriate to casually use the boss’s name…”

The dispatched chief began protesting but was swiftly interrupted by Chief Lee Jang-Mo. “Don’t,” he urged.

“Don’t do what?”

“Shut it,” Chief Lee Jang-Mo cut him off with a latent fierceness reminiscent of the strict instructor we remembered from orientation.

He hurriedly pulled the dispatched chief back and stepped forward himself to address my parents, “Would you like to go upstairs?”

My father nodded, and they inquired if my mother would accompany him. “Naturally,” my mother quickly affirmed.

“If you allow passage so readily, this will cause problems later,” the dispatched chief warned again.

“You’re facing Thousand Faces,” my father declared himself.

“Thousand Faces?” The name struck the dispatched chief into silence. Thousand Faces was a name known worldwide as the top Immortal, whose identity was a mere rumor.

With that, my parents moved forward with Chief Lee Jang-Mo leading the way. I followed closely behind, catching an important fact.

“Did you two…” I didn’t need to finish my sentence; the implication was clear.

“Naïve child, all this time, you’ve kept secrets from your father. For me, secrets from my son didn’t exist,” my dad chided me.

“Immortal Special Forces? Didn’t you say you were a public servant?”

Mom asked and I explained, “A public servant is still a public servant. It’s also a public corporation, which is a unique position tied directly to the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.”

Satisfied with my answer, we headed to the conference room, which was still somewhat intact. There we found Nam Myung-Jin, wiping blood off his head with a soaked towel.

“Long time no see,” my dad greeted Nam Myung-Jin, who nodded back, recognizing my dad.

And then my mom, in her unique way, launched a punch that sped through the air like a rocket, thrusting Nam Myung-Jin into a wall. Mom’s infamous “Rocket Punch,” clearly effective, was a technique derived from Bāguàzhǎng’s Eight Extremes Fist—a move inspired by comic books.

As Nam Myung-Jin coughed up blood from the impact, my attention was drawn to one of the employees, a security team deputy who had lost an arm and looked close to collapsing.

* * *

“Phoenix team? Thousand Faces?” Gye-Nam inquired to his brother.

Ho-Nam was equally stunned. “I’m just as surprised as you.”

The conversation halted as the teacher we knew as Stick entered the dialogue, “Do you know who Yoo Gwang-Ik’s mother is?”

Even Stick was startled by the woman beside Yu Yeon-Ho’s imposing presence and primal energy—definitely not an ordinary shape-shifter.

“She wasn’t ordinary,” Gye-Nam confirmed, still not fully understanding. Overwhelmed by the revelation of Gwang-Ik’s father’s identity and recovering from the battle’s exhaustion, they’d missed this crucial detail.

“And who might you be?” Gye-Nam finally asked Stick.

“I am the friend of Dual Stick and Yoo Gwang-Ik’s mentor,” Stick introduced himself succinctly, omitting that he had once been part of the Phoenix team.

“A collaborator,” concluded the white-haired chief as he joined the conversation.

“Related to Thousand Faces as well?”


Their exchange ended there as everyone was preoccupied with their thoughts—Stick curious about Gwang-Ik’s mother’s identity; the brothers shocked by his father’s status; and the chief pondering the propriety of a grown child’s parents visiting his workplace to confront the boss assertively.

“Yet that’s not right,” he ruminated. Regardless of being Thousand Faces, if this was a personal visit, it amounted to overbearing parents meddling in their son’s professional life.

Unaware of the attack on Gwang-Ik’s mother, the chief could only reflect that control of the situation had slipped from his grasp.


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