Genius of unique lineage Chapter 155


Tell the president to come out.

The course of the battle remained etched in my mind like a painting.

The memory of my first spar with the team leader surfaced.

At that time, I thought I had tied up the team leader’s arms, but I was ultimately outwitted by a feint.

The same thing happened just now.

By deceiving him with a fake aura, I drew attention to his arms and then struck the crocodile’s arm with my left foot.


It was a strategy that could be executed without regard for one’s body, a perk of being an immortal.

It was a good learning experience.

Someday, such personal tactics might come in handy.

While the team leader fell to the ground, disarmed, a whirlwind of thoughts passed through my mind.

The crocodile, with vertical pupils filled with rage, was staring at the fallen dual-staff team leader.

“If you open your eyes, you die. If you move your hand, you die. If you open your mouth, you die.”

These were the words of Stick Teacher, spoken while holding the Rose Psycho by the neck, void of any emotion.

Just stating the cold, hard facts.

“Crocodile, move and I’ll kill this woman.”

Stick Teacher was ruthless. Judging that fighting the crocodile now would be reckless.

Team leaders Park Phil-ro and Park Da-ram, along with brother Honam, agreed in silence.

“Kill him.”

With that command, Crocodile rose to his feet.

The one-armed brute stopped the bleeding by halting his breath.

Like a child’s cry ceasing, the dripping blood halted drop by drop.

He wielded the remarkable ability to control each muscle in his body.

A signature of the Transforming Race.

If immortals prioritized senses, then shapeshifters emphasized physique.

Was it said that if superpowers were talent, then magic was effort?

Of course, sense, physical ability, talent, and effort are universally necessary to everyone.

However, such characteristics are prominently exhibited in each special species.

Not that immortals don’t work hard on their bodies.

And magic doesn’t mean talent is unnecessary.

The crocodile bastard didn’t even look at Rose. He was simply fuming over the loss of his arm.

The flesh on his left side was nearly reattached.

Thinking it was time to move again, the downed team leader caught my eye.

Team leader Deung-bong, the top agent of Hwarim Information & Communications.

Such a man wouldn’t have attacked blindly without considering the aftermath.

The loss of an arm had rendered the Immortal Ace combat-incapable.

If I were team leader Sibal, what choice would I have made?

There was the resource that was me, along with team leaders Park Da-ram, Park Phil-ro, and spell wielder manager Jung Honam.

And the weapons of Kinam were not to be underestimated.

If there were weapons available that could make an impact and resources to utilize, then we would have needed to endure.

But the team leader didn’t do so.

The Sibal team leader I knew had a rotten personality but was not an incompetent man.

Even when he went to battle, he did his job while picking his nose.

That’s Deung-bong for you.

Even now, he had done his job.

Well, I also anticipated that he wouldn’t pass out after that clash.

So what commands would he be giving now?

There’s always an unexpected twist.

Regardless of team leader’s intent, I only looked at the current situation.

A pure-blooded Transforming Race, a strong-bodied crocodile descendant stood before me.

Despite losing an arm, the crocodile had quickly found his body’s balance, with no disarray in his posture.

Nothing could match a shapeshifter in terms of physical prowess.

And nothing was more troublesome than an immortal rapidly recovering.

Shapeshifters even derogated immortals as cockroaches.

Thinking this far, I believed I had grasped team leader Sibal’s intent.

“Since team leader Deung-bong has lost an arm, I’ll take one of his legs. Should I take the left? Teacher, will you take the right? And team leader Park Da-ram, you take the remaining arm, and then let’s split the rest of the body as we see fit.”

The Transforming Race’s body was impervious to bullets.

It might even withstand adamantium jungle roads.

But it could be sliced with a lightsaber.

I caught the cylindrical rod flung by the team leader as he fell and flicked it with the tip of my foot.

With a snap, I grasped the switch on the cylinder, and from its end, a light flowed, forming the shape of a weightless optic weapon before my eyes.


The Transforming Race, equipped with strong bodies.

How many have blocked their path since their awakening?

How often had that guy been in danger?

From the moment we first met, Target No. 1 was excessively calm.

That’s the leisure of the strong.

The leisure of someone who has never been cornered.

The leisure of someone born with a silver spoon.

Those who aren’t poor do not understand poverty.

Those who’ve never been cornered can’t adequately respond to such situations.

Team leader Sibal knew this bastard well. He must have observed him over a long time, meeting and fighting him.

Wouldn’t he know his personality to some extent?

“I wonder if I can make a bag out of that hide.”

Detecting my intent, brother Honam spoke.

With a revolver dangling in his hand, he stood to my right.

“Don’t try to emulate Yu Gwang-ik, manager.”

Kinam, twirling his gear in his hand, took his place to my left.

And soon behind me, team leader Park Da-ram approached.

“Even if I can’t gain the strength of the Transforming Race from forging iron, I’m sure I can take a leg or an arm.”

“Why bother with the gym if not to prepare for fights?”

I took over the conversation.

“Am I the one cleaning up the aftermath?”

Finally, with team leader Park Phil-ro joining, all the agents were behind me.

All of us were immortals.

This was the Hwarim Information & Communications, the home of the Immortal Special Unit.

Immortals are known to be crazy folks who would sever an opponent’s limbs at the risk of their own lives.

“Let’s do this again.”

With those words, I glared at the crocodile.

Our eyes met.

The vertical pupils remained unflinching.

Just as I wondered if I had misjudged, the crocodile, with an emotionless face, kicked off the ground.

I widened my eyes. If he intended to strike first and with fury, I was determined to block that first blow.

The tension was palpable.

As I concentrated, prepared for anything, disappointment immediately followed.



That was the word the crocodile left behind as he propelled himself from the ground.

The words followed, one by one, completing the sentence.



Spoken as it broke through the wall.



Called out while getting further away.


The last word hung faintly in my ears.

“…He got us.”

Brother Honam uttered these word among the remaining agents.

It was a statement that understood my intention.

Twin-Nam and Stick Teacher nodded in agreement.

A showy spectacle.

Well, not an impossible tactic.

However, the aftermath must have been severe.

With the outside yet to be settled and the situation upstairs yet to be confirmed, our work wasn’t done and Rose Psycho, along with some terrorists, remained.

A terrorist glanced around nervously and then spoke up.

“Bring fire to this world for blessed prosperity…”

He couldn’t finish the sentence.


Team leader Park Da-ram approached swiftly, hand on the helmet, then struck with his elbow.


With a crisp sound, the terrorist fell, and the helmet muzzle pressed closely as the trigger was relentlessly pulled.

Bang, bang, bang!

No matter how sturdy the bulletproof helmet, it couldn’t withstand such attacks.

Soon holes appeared in the helmet and blood spurted out.

The few remaining terrorists who lunged were quickly dealt with.

The momentum was broken.

For them, there was no crocodile, their commander was captured, and the core of their forces, the test subjects, were dead as well.

Having watched that, I opened my mouth.

“Hey, that guy seriously lacks loyalty. He left you behind?”

Rose Psycho glanced at me, looked at the empty space where the crocodile had been, then back at the hole he made, and finally turned her trembling gaze to me again.

“Will you let me go?”





“Should I?”

“If you do, I’ll do whatever you want.”

She must believe she could slip away if only I agreed.

I looked into her eyes carefully; her pupils darted, her eyelashes fluttered, and her lips were parted unknowingly.

She might even start drooling.

She was panicking. Maybe she never expected the crocodile could actually leave her behind.

“Then I’ll let you go, so you gotta tell me everything you know. Let’s start with future operations, names of the higher-ups, each branch, oh, and the businesses you guys own – it’d be great if you could testify that all of them are fronts for the terrorist organization. What else is there?”


Just as she uttered an eager interjection, Rose Psycho’s eyes glazed over. Her focus waned, her gaze clouded, and she started trembling uncontrollably.


Instead of responding to me, Rose dribbled drool.

“There’re orders on her, compulsion, binding, restraint, and many others. If left alone, she’ll turn into an imbecile.”

Suddenly, Hye-min appeared and commented.

“Can you stop it?”

“This is my area of expertise.”

Hye-min put her hand on Rose’s forehead and began to murmur something.

As I watched, considering whether to head upstairs or outside, a siren mixed with noise from outside.

The appearance of PWAT seemed likely.

The situation outside would soon be resolved.

From above, figures including the white-haired Director and other executives hurried downstairs.

I also saw Director Leejangmo, famous for his bald-headed style, and behind him was Kim Han, the red-headed Team Leader of Analysis 2.

Kim Han’s head color was just as notable. Natural redhead?

They all came down, helmet-free, surveyed the surroundings, and spoke.

“This is an even bigger mess, is that team leader Deung-bong?”

Director Leejangmo asked.

“Yes, that’s correct.”

Team leader Park Da-ram stepped forward to confirm.

“There was also a sudden attack by the Immortal Sect upstairs.”

“What were they after?”

“Whatever they targeted, they wouldn’t have gotten anything.”

Director Leejangmo replied, and the white-haired Director approached me.

“It’s you again.”



There seemed to be a hint of pride in his gaze. Didn’t he dislike me?

The Director restrained the surviving terrorists, and Hye-min soon turned Rose Psycho into a vegetative state.

“Hey, you’re the expert, right?”

“Yeah. Expert. That’s why I’ve stopped her from turning into an imbecile. I’ll have to spend time later making her normal again. You think magic is a magic wand? It doesn’t just produce gold instantaneously.”

“So things didn’t go as well as you thought?”

Hye-min gets talkative when flustered.

“…Is it obvious?”

“A bit.”

Hye-min said it was out of her hands; what could be done with bare hands was already done.


Right on cue, Deputy Leader Panda woke up.

Once the transformation was undone, it seemed like the blood of immortality was pulsing, as he showed no signs of critical injury.

He rubbed his head, scanned the area, and met my gaze.

“How did I do?”

He didn’t remember, but he seemed to know that he had gone berserk after transforming.

Well, in cases like these, you absolutely have to tell the truth earnestly.

With brevity, encapsulating all of his actions into one sentence, I would have liked to say it to him.

I pondered and after much consideration, I summed up Deputy Leader Panda’s situation with concise words.

“You were beastly.”

Upon hearing that, Deputy Leader Panda’s eyes drooped down.

Having heard my comment, Kinam chuckled beside me.

“You really don’t mince words.”



As the noise outside began to fade and the situation was seemingly under control, the two Directors approached Deputy Leader Donghoon.

“Donghoon Deputy Leader, despite being part of the headquarters, for attacking colleagues, hiding personal information under a false employment, and displaying behavior with unclear intentions, you are being detained. Do you have any objections?”

Every action has consequences.

It wasn’t for nothing that Deputy Leader Panda had hidden his identity until now.

“It would’ve been worse if it weren’t for Deputy Leader Donghoon.”

Unexpectedly, Kinam stood up for him.

“This isn’t the place for an employee’s input.”

Brother Honam pulled him back by the arm.

“Then should we just watch?”

“Not now.”

They whispered to each other.

I just watched blankly. Deputy Leader Panda sent me a hand signal.

It meant to leave it alone.

I had no plans to do anything at that moment either.

To be detained doesn’t mean anything will be acted upon right away.

The cute newbie who used to stomp around when a team member was dragged away is not here anymore.

Now, there was just a moderately seasoned deputy who’s gotten used to corporate life.

The agents soon took away what was left of the team leader’s halved body.

Thus, the fight was over.

Only then did I breathe a sigh of relief, but suddenly, something crossed my mind.

Oh, um, didn’t someone go to my mother earlier?

“Is this the right place?”

“Yes, this is Hwarim Information & Communications, Seoul Branch of the Immortal Special Unit.”

A familiar voice broke through the quiet post-cleanup.

It was an intrusion for two reasons.

One was that we couldn’t properly sense their approach, even though immortals filled the room.

The second was the calm voice carried noticeable annoyance and anger.

Our gazes met—I looked at the man once, the woman once.

A momentary warmth flickered in their eyes but quickly vanished.

“I’ll only say this once.”

The woman stepped forward.

Wearing plain overalls and a cotton tee with a sunflower on the chest, she looked like someone casually strolling around the neighborhood.

“Tell the president to come out.”

I recognized both faces; next to me were Sashu and Uh-Miho.

I signaled to Sashu, asking what was going on.

“Um, Deputy Leader Yu Gwang-ik, your parents are here.”

Sashu, with a calm yet firm voice, informed the taken aback crowd.

And I was among the bewildered.

Parents coming to their fully-grown son’s workplace.

And with an expression that seemed to demand answers.


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