Genius of unique lineage Chapter 148


Genius of a Unique Lineage

“Let’s have the second round.”
“That bastard Nam Myeong-jin has lost his mind.”
Yoo Yeon-ho rarely got angry.
There was even a joke in the unit that said, “Buy a lottery ticket if you see him angry.”
That’s how rare it was to see him in such a state.
After hearing just a few words, Yoo Yeon-ho deduced what had happened and knew it wasn’t wrong.
The president of Hwarim Information Communications, the first-generation hero Nam Myeong-jin, had tried to use his son’s identity to clean up the company.
The female junior who had relayed the message asked with her eyes what to do.
“What are you asking?”
The Minister of Administration and Security spoke from behind.
“Let everyone go. Gather all the nearby guys and deploy them right now.”
That was necessary.
Yoo Yeon-ho could not afford to hesitate.
His wife was in danger.
A secret? The risk of being exposed as an immortal?
That’s all for later.
If anything happened to his wife right now, whether it’s the Immortal Task Force, the government, Hwarim, or Nam Myeong-jin…
“I’ll erase them all.”
Chills ran down the minister’s back at those words.
Yoo Yeon-ho was someone who delivered on his word.
Working in the special task force was Yoo Yeon-ho’s personal choice, not the country’s capture.
If he wished, the minister had to let him go.
He was that kind of talent, that kind of immortal.
“Yeon-ho, it will be alright.”
The minister used to call him by his name when taking a more personal approach.
“Yes, it will have to be. Minister.”
Yoo Yeon-ho made the title clear, while the minister cursed the Immortal Special Force inwardly.
‘Why don’t you just lend your hands from behind? Wouldn’t it be nice to do so?’
Having put his son in the force and then pretending not to know led to problems.
However, the minister did what he could at the moment instead of showing dissatisfaction.
He arranged for them to leave immediately.
“Go to the rooftop.”
The minister said, and Yoo Yeon-ho immediately moved.
A few members of the unit followed behind.
In the special forces, they were known as the Phoenix Team—a special force within the special force.
Although the total personnel, including Yoo Yeon-ho, was only five, the impact of their actions was far from trivial.
They prevented wars and caught special phenomenon suspects. They had infiltrated enemy organizations to retrieve top secrets countless times.
They were a team of the strongest immortals considered as top-class within Old Force.
“I’m not going as the task force commander now, I’m going as a husband. If anyone wants to leave, do so now.”
The junior who always called him “senior” followed and said.
“Should I start calling you ‘brother’ from today? I follow as your younger brother.”
“I’ve always been your brother, big bro.”
Another team member spoke.
Even a white-haired elder joined.
“So what do we call you other than Captain? Younger brother?”
“Have some conscience, you man. Younger brother, really? You’re more like a nephew.”
“Why do you always pick on me?”
Another immortal who tagged along with the elder complained.
“I’ll call you ‘younger brother,’ so you, old man, should just be a ‘nephew.’ I’m being generous here.”
Instead of replying to their words, Yoo Yeon-ho kept moving.
Upon reaching the rooftop, the minister had already prepared a helicopter taxi.
Yoo Yeon-ho boarded without saying a word, and the rest did the same.
Right after boarding the helicopter, Yoo Yeon-ho sent a text message.
The content was brief.
[Check on my son.]
Less than a minute passed before a reply came.
[What are you asking a retired man to do?]
[Go, right now]
It was a tone that did not allow for insubordination.
Another reply came.
It was a message of acknowledgment.
The helicopter soared into the air. Yoo Yeon-ho’s heart burned with fear.
All he desperately hoped for was that nothing happened to his wife.
* * *
“He’s alive.”
The voice of Target of Avoidance Number One rang out.
“He’s not the type to die easily.”
Panda Deputy, with his back turned, responded.
“Right. We made him that way.”
“What are you asking me?”
Panda Deputy asked mockingly.
“Don’t you think about just fading away?”
“That’s good. There are at least two bastards I need to kill here. It would have been better with Eejoongbong here.”
“You’re still not one to listen to others.”
It was clear that the two knew each other.
Everyone has their own secrets.
Whether it’s a sharpshooter or a team leader.
And even Panda Deputy might have something he is hiding.
It was just surprising because it seemed like he was chummy with the top brass of a terrorist organization.
I asked behind him.
Panda Deputy answered.
“Alright. I don’t care about your past, Deputy. It’s time to show your hidden strength. Wipe them all out. I need to catch my breath for a while.”
“Should I?”
The situation was not favorable.
My body was not normal, and there were no reinforcements coming.
With one eye, I surveyed the surroundings.
In front of me was Panda Deputy, and behind were the terrorists.
I saw someone sticking an adhesive bomb to the entrance of the emergency stairwell on the first floor.
A transformer yanking at the elevator doors was also visible.
They came with a plan.
The intruders were intending to use the first floor as their base.
Therefore, immediate backup from the main force was not an option.
An explosion sounded.
Several special force agents who were pushing through the stairs were blown away.
“Kill them all.”
Target of Avoidance Number One commanded as he charged in.
Panda Deputy met him.
Though I had seen it before, Panda Deputy fought well.
Thump, thwack, thwack.
Target of Avoidance Number One swung fists and kicks, but Panda Deputy dodged and evaded effectively.
The fist of Target of Avoidance Number One nearly grazed Panda Deputy’s nose. Panda Deputy dodged by nearly lying flat, propped himself with his hand on the ground, and kicked upward with both feet joined.
The blocking foot of Target of Avoidance Number One was lifted.
Wow, the Deputy is strong.
Hyemin mumbled beside me, spreading his hands in the air.
Then, a spherical shield formed over us.
The shield was shaped like hexagons connected together, a design known as a hexagon field.
Thudding sounds.
Bullets fired at us failed to pierce the hexagon field and ricocheted off.
“She’s a mage. Get her first.”
It was the voice of Ttaranttadoo.
“There are too many.”
Hyemin mumbled.
It was indeed too many.
At least the strength of several squads was present.
And each one was a professional’s work.
Now, what to do?
Yearning for Blood Jack and a few kinds of drugs; even nutrition to gulp down, anything, even a mint chocolate bar.
Unfortunately, none of these were obtainable at the moment.
I racked my brain.
The enemy’s force combined immortals, transformers, and those with superpowers.
What we had here were me, Hyemin, and Panda Deputy who still had some strength.
Out front, there was a sharpshooter, but considering those breaking in through the main glass doors, the situation on that side had to be a mess as well.
Thus, it would be a bad move for the sharpshooter to barge in on the scene.
The sharpshooter I know would find a vantage point and stick to shooting.
Thump, whir.
Panda Deputy continued to struggle in front of me.
Grabbing an outstretched arm, he attempted a flying armbar, but Target of Avoidance Number One lifted Panda Deputy and smashed his arm to the ground.
Panda Deputy relaxed his pose and rolled to the side.
The foot of the foe pounded down like a stamp, and with each impact, the floor cracked and shards splintered everywhere.
Since joining the company, I had never seen Panda Deputy in action.
In operations, he only carried out support duties and never took the frontline.
A blood-fearing immortal.
It was all nonsense.
Panda Deputy fought pretty well.
I sorted my thoughts.
If I needed something, I just had to get it.
“Can you blind those guys for a moment?” I pointed to some who were shooting at us from afar.
“I can,” Hyemin responded and immediately began chanting a spell.
Listening closely, it was a spell with an odd content.
“Rise in a haze, let the mist descend. Wet everything it touches, envelop and erase.”
As Hyemin spoke, his left hand waved, and his right hand reached into his pocket to pull out a small orb and throw it to the ground.
The orb shattered, and from it, mist began to rise.
The mist soon formed into a long rod-like shape, as if trapped in a cylindrical flask, and crept along the floor.
“They’re playing tricks. Are you watching a magic show?”
It was Ttaranttadoo’s command to his men.
At his command, a transformed creature with a face guard lunged forward.
He leaped from the floor, closing the distance, and stabbed his knife into the hexagon field.
With a thud, the invisible barrier swayed under the impact.
“Struggling in vain.”
The transformed creature mocked us.
The rod-shaped mist pushed through and spread amidst the group blocking the stairwell entrance and the elevator.
Despite not exploding, the mist spread as if a video was being fast-forwarded, rapidly consuming everything around it.
“Escape the mist. It’s an order.”
As soon as Ttaranttadoo said that, he, along with five others, moved toward the entrance.
The mist followed them as if it was alive.
“It lasts at most 10 minutes.”
Hyemin’s face had grown considerably pale as she spoke.
“That’s enough.”
The transformed creature, who had pierced the hexagon field with a knife, began pounding it down with his fist.
Each time, the barrier resonated with a ringing sound.
It seemed like it would break soon.
With every shake of the barrier, Hyemin’s complexion grew paler.
“Count to ten.”
As I spoke, I also pulled out a knife.
Twisting the handle, I extended an adamantium wire, wrapped it around my broken leg, and yanked it tight.
Flesh was sliced, bones sawed. Enduring the pain, I retracted the wire, wrapped the cut end around my thigh, and bound it.
Blood was still leaking, but my body had already begun to recover.
For nothing was the immortals’ robust and durable body.
Even my damaged eye was slowly regenerating, allowing me to see faintly through the previously darkened half of my vision.
My hearing had already fully returned.
Hyemin clicked her tongue.
“Doesn’t it hurt?”
How could it not?
Instead of replying, I let out the breath I had been holding and gestured to Hyemin.
Without finishing the count of ten, but understanding the gesture, Hyemin released the barrier.
The knife on top of the barrier plummeted down as the barrier disappeared.
The transformed creature smiled, thinking he had a clear shot, lunging forward with his fist aimed straight at Hyemin’s head.
With no legs to balance on, it was tough to get up.
Instead of rising, I pushed off the floor with my hands and lunged forward, smacking away the incoming fist with the back of my hand while falling and grabbing the creature’s ankle.
“Why they call you a lunatic, I see now.”
The transformed creature maintained his composure.
“No, you don’t know.”
I replied, exerting force.
When I snapped his ankle with just my grip strength, he choked back a groan and kicked me away.
I absorbed the flying kick with my shoulder, twisting my body.
Dispersing his point of impact, the creature lost balance.
“You, little…”
Yeah, not your little buddy.
Still clutching the ankle, I dragged him in and struck his knee with the handle of the knife.
Click. Snap.
The joint in his knee dislocated with one blow.
This buddy is good at suppressing screams.
I wrapped my body around him like a snake, turning behind him, grabbed his throat, and choked him.
The half-broken-neck creature trembled, losing consciousness.
I forcefully removed his helmet and threw it aside.
“Don’t get a bullet in the head,” I told Hyemin as I tossed it to her.
In the meantime, an immortal who emerged from the mist spotted me.
Reacting reflexively, he raised his gun, and I threw the dropped knife of the transformed creature.
Swoosh. The knife flew, striking the helmet straight on.
The blade, wedged halfway into the helmet, attested to my strength.
I crawled across the floor—fast enough to surprise anyone who saw.
Reaching the fallen creature, another transformed being charged at me again.
There was no time to breathe. I grabbed the fallen one’s wrist, overlaying my hands on his, and pulled the trigger on his holstered gun.
As the transformed creature leaped sideways, dodging the bullets, it was basic training to judge the direction of the gun and evade.
As he dodged, I searched the fallen immortal’s body with my other hand.
The basic equipment of an immortal in combat wouldn’t be different just because they belonged to a terrorist group.
There it was. Blood Jack.
As I squeezed the submachine gun’s auto-fire, tearing through its magazine, I found the Blood Jack and planted it into my arm.
The cool liquid flowed through my veins, invigorating my body.
I continued to search but found nothing else of use.
Meanwhile, my sixth sense and instincts screamed out warnings. I lifted the immortal with the knife in his head to shield myself.
A mortal’s senses can’t be fully blocked by mere fog.
The bullets fired by the enemies who’d found my position based on the air’s movement and sound.
Shielding myself against the hail of bullets with the body I held.
Feeling the blood begin to circulate, I looked down.
My blood vessels were growing, a cluster of nerves forming, bones and flesh, muscles too were regenerating.
In no more than five minutes, it would be enough.
With my leg regrown enough to touch the ground, I snuffed out my presence and crawled backward.
While crawling back, I stripped the fallen one’s clothes off.
They formed a vest styled for stab-proof and bulletproof protection.
“Wear it, getting shot hurts.”
I tossed it to Hyemin as well.
Hyemin, who clung close behind me, said,
“…I’ve heard, but brother, you really fight well.”
“It’s too early for admiration.”
I replied, catching my breath and focusing on recovery.
I knew from countless encounters with injuries, cuts, and pain that my recovery rate was influenced by my concentration.
Barrages of bullets and transformed foes eyeing me, I ignored it all and focused.
Regeneration comes with pain. So I bit down hard on my molars.
No matter how well one endures, pain remains pain.
My not fully-formed muscles notwithstanding, my soles touched the ground.
Although I couldn’t declare the effects of the blast entirely neutralized, my body was sufficiently healed to fight again.
The mist cleared. The terrorist group’s forces appeared before me,
Including Ttaranttadoo, who stood looking at me intently.
Seeing them all, I spoke out.
“Let’s have the second round.”


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