Genius of unique lineage Chapter 138


Genius of a Unique Lineage

137. “Can I really fight better than the team leader?”
Human Logger, No Pil-du.

One of the main forces of the terrorist organization Prometheus.

A pureblood shapeshifter, in the form of a werewolf.

His estimated combat power is S-rank.

He is predominantly evaluated as being specialized in close-quarters combat.

His special skill is Howling.

His nickname, Human Logger, comes from his ability to paralyze his opponents with killing intent and then decapitate them swiftly with his axe.

Because of this, No Pil-du is a high-priority target.

He’s a terrorist and a first-degree criminal.

His name appears prominently on the most wanted list in Hwarim, with a bounty on his head.

How much is his bounty again?

I remember it being in the billions.

It’s not just South Korea that has placed a bounty on him.

He’s a global criminal.

Additionally, he’s a shapeshifter. Among the unique species, they are considered the strongest in single combat.

“You think you can stop me?”

No Pil-du was brimming with confidence.

It was understandable.

Although I’ve been making a name for myself recently.

No Pil-du is considered on par with Combat Leader Shibal.

So, can I defeat Combat Leader Shibal?

“Why not?”

I asked with cautious earnestness.

“You can’t. Unless you’re on the level of Lee Jung-bong, you’ll be cut down in one second, kid.”

“Are you showing concern for me?”

“No, I’m saying I’m going to chop off your head today and dismember your limbs, then grind you up in a crusher.”

Immortals can die by forced suicide.

But, physical killing is quicker.

If I were ground up in a crusher, could I regenerate?

Up to now, no Immortal has succeeded in regenerating from that.

Cells may wriggle, but returning to human form is another matter.

“Don’t do that, it’s scary.”

I said.

It really is terrifying. I imagined myself in a crusher.

I estimated the remaining time of the drug’s effect on my body.

I should be good for about an hour.
“Can’t you just let us go?”

I asked sincerely.

“Would you let them go if you were in my shoes?”


I nodded with a bright smile.

Sometimes, a little white lie is necessary to survive.

“You crazy bastard, I am curious about your mother’s face.”

No Pil-du seemed to enjoy making depraved comments.

Just so you know, you’d be dead if you met my mom, you bastard.

Since awakening as an Immortal, I’ve gained some insight.

No matter how I look at it, my mother appears to be an overwhelming force.

So, No Pil-du didn’t intimidate me.

Of course, winning a fight against him is a different matter.


As I focused on the elongated snout of the wolf-headed No Pil-du, he suddenly vanished from my sight.

He disappeared into a blurry afterimage.

From above to below, from below to above.

The axes in both hands crossed paths. I dodged backward to avoid the visible trajectories.


The axes swung so forcefully that the air they cut through produced sharp sounds that stung my ears.

The wind pressure pushed against my chest.

An incredible force created by brute strength.

“Get down.”

When the voice came from behind, I lowered my head, feeling a line slicing through the air.

The line that grazed the top of my head headed straight for No Pil-du’s chest.

No Pil-du raised his axe blade as a shield.


It was a dart.

Not just any dart.

A poison-coated dart.

“We can’t just let a new recruit die alone.”

It seemed like he had just used a White Butterfly, as Team Leader Park Pil-ro, with his thigh looking fine, spoke.

“Sorry, I won’t be of much help.”

My voice gangster friend, who had a blood transfusion device called a Blood Jack hooked over her shoulder, was there too.

Well, this is interesting.

In fact, I was planning to engage moderately and then flee.

I still don’t have the confidence to defeat Combat Leader Shibal in a duel.

Of course, winning and killing are different matters.

I closed my eyes and then opened them.

I shifted gears.

I opened my eyes and included No Pil-du, myself, Team Leader Park Pil-ro, and my voice gangster friend in my calculations.

My brain whirred, creating dozens of battle scenarios.

I just realized for the first time that I could do something like this.

Running dozens of battle simulations per second, I concluded.

No retreat.

“I’ll handle the main. Team Leader Park Pil-ro, tackle. Voice gangster, keep your distance and find a sniping point.”

Quickly analyzing the situation.

What’s needed now is agility and judgment to avoid No Pil-du’s strikes.

For that, an enhanced sixth sense is necessary.


Holding my breath, I closed my eyes for a moment to open the “door” of my senses.

This was the secret technique learned from the Team Leader during the Dr. Park Byung-joon kidnapping mission.

It was also a technique I’ve been researching for some time.
A technique that, when used recklessly, often led to excessive excitement and hesitation.

After much research and contemplation, I reached a conclusion.

While Team Leader Shibal called this technique “opening the door,” it specifically enhances synesthesia.

‘Hearing the blue bell’ is a sound that one hears but visualizes.

Synesthesia is when one sense invades the domain of another sense.

While the pureblood Jeong family’s secret is “Sensory Separation,”

The Team Leader’s secret is “Sensory Fusion.”

All five senses are overlapped and intertwined to expand the realm of the sixth sense.

This allows one to predict the opponent’s movements, awakening an almost impossible extreme sense.

That’s what “opening the door” entails.

Needing this ability, I brought it out.


No Pil-du, instead of moving his lips, moved his axes.

It seemed like he was eager to embed his axe blade vertically into the skull of the Immortal who dared to block his path.


The axe blade invaded the realm of my sixth sense.

He’s not aiming for me.

His left-hand axe slashes horizontally, and the right-hand axe is thrown.

Just like that guy on the rooftop.

He enjoys unexpected strikes.

The flying axe was aimed at my voice gangster friend.

She wouldn’t be able to dodge it.
The force of the wind pushed against my chest.
No Pil-du’s monstrous strength had created a spectacle.

“Get down.”

Following the instruction from behind, I ducked my head, and I sensed a whizzing line slicing through the air.
The line that just missed my head streaked towards No Pil-du’s chest.
No Pil-du positioned his axe blade like a shield.


It was a dart.
But no ordinary dart.
A poison-coated dart.

“A new recruit can’t just die alone.”

In the meantime, after possibly smoking a White Butterfly, Team Leader Park Pil-ro, whose thigh was unscathed, spoke up.
“Sorry, I won’t be much help.”

The voice gangster, who also had a blood transfusion device hooked over her shoulder, had arrived.
Hmm, this is something.

The truth was, I was planning to disengage and escape.
I still wasn’t confident about defeating Combat Leader Shibal in a duel.
Of course, winning and killing are different matters.

I closed my eyes, switched gears, and when I reopened them, everything including No Pil-du, myself, Team Leader Park Pil-ro, and my colleague, was taken into account.
My brain spun rapidly, projecting dozens of potential battle scenarios.
I hadn’t realized until now that I was capable of this.

Running numerous simulations per second, I reached a decision.
There would be no escape.

“I’ll take the lead. Team Leader Park Pil-ro, handle the melee, and voice gangster, spread out for a sniping position.”

Quickly putting a plan into action.
What we needed now was the agility and judgment to dodge No Pil-du’s attacks.
For that, an enhanced sixth sense was necessary.

I took a breath, briefly closed my eyes, and then opened the ‘door’ to my senses.
This was the secret technique I had learned from the Team Leader during the Dr. Park Byung-joon kidnapping operation.
It was also a technique I had researched extensively.
It was problematic to use thoughtlessly, as it often led to excessive excitement.

After much consideration and research, I concluded.
Team Leader Shibal described this practice as ‘opening the door’, but more precisely, it is Synesthesia Enhancement.
‘Hearing a blue bell’ is perceived audibly but visualized.
Synesthesia is when one sense invades another sense’s domain.
If the pureblood Jeong family’s secret is ‘Sensory Separation’, then the Team Leader’s secret is ‘Sensory Fusion’.
All senses are overlapped, expanding the domain of the sixth sense.
This unlocks an almost unbelievable enhanced perception to predict an opponent’s movements.
That’s everything ‘opening the door’ entails.
I needed that, so I used it.


No Pil-du, instead of speaking, let his axes do the talking.
He seemed eager to plunge his axe vertically into the skull of the Immortal who dared stand in his way.
The axe invaded the realm of my sixth sense.
He wasn’t just targeting me.
His left hand’s axe swept horizontally while the right-hand axe was thrown.
Just like the guy on the rooftop.
He enjoyed unexpected strikes too.
The thrown axe was aimed at my voice gangster colleague.
She wouldn’t be able to dodge it.
Kicking off the ground with my left foot and then again with my right, I jumped back to my original position.

By kicking sideways, I had evaded the range of the incoming bullets.

This was a technique fitting for a shapeshifter with immense strength.

I swung my machete at the head of the returning opponent.

He blocked with the handle of his axe and pushed my blade away.


“Hmph, adamantium, is it?”

Neither weapon showed any damage.

While the axe appeared smaller in his transformed state, in my hands, it would be unwieldy. The blade alone was as large as a 20-inch monitor.


No Pil-du seemed to be enjoying the fight.

“Block this one too!”

He kept babbling endlessly.

There was no time to sheathe the machete, so I let the weight of the blade carry me as I spun and swung again.


Feeling an intense, dreadful force, I let go of the machete mid-swing.


What did he do?

The machete flew and embedded itself into the ground.

“Pfft, now you’re without a blade.”

No Pil-du laughed as he spoke.

All he had done was swing his axe, but with several times more force than before.

Thus, I lost my machete.

I pulled out a wire knife and held it in a reverse grip.

There was no chance for a handgun.

He continued to force close-quarters combat.

Relying on my enhanced senses, I barely managed to dodge.

Despite dodging and deflecting, scratches appeared on my body. The wind pressure made it feel like I could be blown away any moment.

Blocking incorrectly caused my bones to creak.


I made a mistake while dodging, and he stepped on my big toe.

It felt crushed.

The remaining effect of the drug would heal my body on its own.

No time to worry about it.

Bang! Ping!

Without the support of the two providing cover, I would have been in a grinder by now.

Despite using every technique I knew—stealth, deception, scattering—nothing worked.
Or rather, he didn’t even concern himself with them.

No Pil-du kept his eyes on me, swinging his axes.

Blocking with his left axe, swinging with his right.

He repeated the same simple motions, while I was busy dodging and blocking.

Time was on No Pil-du’s side.

As a shapeshifter, he could maintain these simple actions for days.

I knew this too, being a shapeshifter myself.

But letting him continue wasn’t an option.

“You think you’ll catch me?”

While provoking him, I alternately used my fourth weapon as a shield and swung it as a blunt weapon.

Clang, clang!

Even when deflecting the axe blade, the shock reverberated through my bones.

Cracks started forming on the solid adamantium.

“Keh. I could do this all week.”


A week, really? That’s a bit of an exaggeration, isn’t it?

“You’re just saying that because you can’t catch me right now? Sorry, but I only need to hold out for 30 more minutes.”

“30 minutes?”

All this banter was exchanged while dodging and maneuvering around the axe swings.

Pretending to be out of breath, I continued engaging him in conversation.

“Your greatest fear, Hyung Jung-bong, is on his way.”

At those words, No Pil-du’s eyes gleamed.
“Who are you calling ‘hyung’!”

Anger and heightened emotions are weapons often used by shapeshifters.

In the explosive vortex of emotions, No Pil-du’s axes danced.

But No Pil-du, you wolf-headed bastard.

Isn’t it strange how cold your eyes are for someone supposedly enraged?

The moment his right-hand axe sliced through the air, his left-hand axe, which he had been consistently using as a shield, came flying horizontally.

It was faster than any axe swing he had executed before.

Before the axe blade could reach me, I rolled back swiftly, evading it.

Honestly speaking, his consistent blocking with his left hand while swinging the right-hand axe was more troublesome.

“You dodged that?”

No Pil-du spoke, having paused mid-action.

I raised my hand, signaling Team Leader Park Pil-ro and the voice gangster to halt their attacks, then answered.

“No wonder they call you a dumb beast. Are you really that stupid?”


“Consistently blocking with your left hand while pretending to be enraged, yet your eyes are so cold. Who would fall for that act? Sir, don’t bother with the charade. It’s painful to watch.”

It was his strategy.

It probably worked well under normal circumstances.

But with my sensory fusion and synesthesia enhancement, I could read all of his movements.

His speed and reflexes outmatched mine, so I had to rely on predictions.

“You will die today.”

Now, No Pil-du was genuinely angry.


He took a deep breath, his chest swelling up. He thrust the axes he was holding downward.


An explosive sound echoed, and dust billowed up.

Seeing this, the team leader threw his weapon, needles.

He must have run out of darts. These needles were coated with poison that could affect even through a scratch.

No Pil-du barely glanced at the needles before swatting them away with his palm like they were flies.
Through the dust, his swollen chest above, the wolf’s snout opened.


An ear-splitting, heart-wrenching howl, Howling.

It’s a signature move of shapeshifters that rivals the fear induced by Invaders.

A single howl can paralyze the opponent’s body.

If wild killing intent disrupts balance through a sense of impending doom, Howling literally freezes the entire body.

For an Immortal who hasn’t experienced it, freezing up in response is inevitable.

Team Leader Park Pil-ro bit his tongue, causing blood to drip from his mouth.

Biting his tongue was his way of enduring it.

However, at this distance, enduring the Howling was almost impossible.

If you had experienced it numerous times, if you had built resistance by rolling through fields of killing intent, you could withstand it.

It seemed Team Leader Park Pil-ro was not one of those people.


The axe came flying, and the blade seemed to be roaring ferociously.

My brain felt hot, almost boiling. Synesthesia enhancement heats up the brain. It can’t be maintained for long. Plus, it makes the Howling even more excruciating with heightened senses.

So, I released the enhancement.

Instead, I tensed my abdominal muscles and endured it.

You little bastard, I’ve endured my mother’s killing intent and scoldings with this very body.

Although Pil-du’s Howling is more aggressive, the split-second killing intent my mom unleashes right before a back-smashing is akin to a ticket to the River Styx express.

The guts honed by my mother’s training helped me withstand the Howling.

And No Pil-du didn’t know that.

Up until now, I’ve only used the combat techniques of an Immortal, not a shapeshifter.

I also pretended to be paralyzed by the Howling.

I can’t win against No Pil-du in a sparring match.

Currently, I can’t even defeat Combat Leader Shibal.

It’s a cold, rational judgment.

However, killing him is a different matter.

No Pil-du had no doubts in his eyes.

Just before the axe blade pierced my flesh, I moved my left foot sideways, dodging it by just 1 centimeter.


As the axe slashed through the empty air, I used the Feint technique.

Feigning with my left hand caused his muscles to twitch. It was a natural, instinctive reaction. In that gap, I positioned the muzzle of my fourth weapon under his chin, killing the sound.

“There’s still one shot left, you bastard.”

I spoke and fired.


No Pil-du tried to dodge, but he couldn’t move faster than my trigger finger.

It was partly due to his being off guard.

It was also an unexpected shot.

And, thanks to the Feint, his muscles moved reacting to my left hand.

The adamantium bullet exploded at close range, bursting his head like a ripe tomato.


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