Genius of unique lineage Chapter 137


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 136: Human Logger Noh Pildu

If it had been a fight against many, I could have held on. I could have bought more time than now. But the situation had changed.
‘This won’t do.’
Park Pillo had estimated twenty minutes to be his limit.
Vroom, vroom.
Swinging his axe with a grin smeared on his face, the transformed cretin chuckled. A force surpassing that of a regular agent.
“Come out. That one’s mine.”
He was after me, and Park Pillo had to respond.
Seeing pure-blood immortals was common within the Immortal Special Forces, but in the world of special breeds, pure bloods were far from ordinary.
The opponent was a pure-blood transformer who had undergone combat training.
It would have been better to be showered in a hail of bullets. Close combat with a transformer was something no immortal would favor.
Only ten minutes had passed since Kwang Ik pierced a hole through the ground.
“There were three of you. Where’s the other one? I may not know where you’re hiding, but I’ll kill that bastard too.”
The transformer showed his fangs. Pointy teeth protruded, nothing like a human’s.
“Thinking you can face me without transforming?”
Displaying vulnerability was a poor tactic.
Park Pillo, instead, stepped forward as if he were not bothered at all.
“Who are you even? Could you be the Phantom?”
The Phantom of the Immortal Special Forces was an agent of legends.
Park Pillo knew who that was.
“Absolutely not.”
And that’s why he was annoyed.
“Then what are you?”
“An Immortal Special Agent.”
“Shit, just a small fry?”
The transformer’s eyes narrowed fiercely.
Killing intent constricted his entire body. Park Pillo clenched his teeth, shaking off the murderous aura.
His adversary was not one to be taken lightly, even with a silent killing attempt.
It wasn’t a question of his skill’s proficiency.
The dynamic vision of the transformer was not to be underestimated, capable of detecting an immortal’s movements right before their eyes.
So, using silent killing was not an option.
‘It’s disadvantageous, but-‘
Ignore the provocation.
Park Pillo’s greatest asset was his cool-headedness.
Among battles of pure bloods, immortals were at a disadvantage against transformers.
Their raw strength and combative instinct were akin to natural fighters.
Moreover, they were now fighting in the confined space of the rooftop.
The Phantom, or rather, Team Leader Lee Jungbong, was an oddity.
He’d been engaging transformers one on one.
Briefly, he checked the status of Jung Soora.
Without a closer look, one wouldn’t notice that her metal whip had slowed down.
Five minutes at most—that was her limit.
It was the end. To keep a standoff only meant more damage. It was time to give in.
Just as he settled his thoughts.
“Hostage secured.”
A voice came from behind, and immediately after, a presence registered in his senses.
It was the hole that Kwang Ik made.
Park Pillo’s head instinctively turned back.
The startled transformer also glanced past Park Pillo.
There stood Kwang Ik.
“Is it so surprising? I said I would come back with her.”
Only ten minutes had passed. And what about the terrorists below?
Park Pillo had many questions, yet no opportunity to speak.
It wasn’t the time.
Jung Soora shouted.
Ignoring her trembling muscles, she swung her metal whip.
The child ran to her in a single breath, wrapping around her.
The child called out.
Mother and daughter reunited.
Seeing her unharmed daughter, who had been taken hostage, the mother’s expression changed.
Jung Soora’s pupils shook.
“Once you’ve secured the hostage, you should report in.”
The team leader stated.
“The helmet flew off, so the communicator’s not working.”
Kwang Ik argued while tapping his uncovered head.
That made sense. He lost his helmet when he jumped from the helicopter.
“Damn, couldn’t keep track of that one thing.”
A voice came from the front. The pure-blood transformer stomped on the ground as he spoke.
Park Pillo concealed his Poison Needle behind him and stretched his left arm forward.
‘Offer the left arm and pierce.’
He intended to take advantage of the gap to escape.
However, the bastard ignored Park Pillo and lunged toward the hostage.
His body froze to an unexpected movement.
The transformer’s extended arm lashed like a whip from above, bringing the axe blade down with it.
The scene unfolded in slow motion before his eyes.
‘I missed it.’
The child had been the target.
He pictured the child being split in half from the top of the head down.
The distance to Jung Soora was merely three steps, but the transformer’s axe was several times faster.
In the split second of a split second, Kwang Ik’s voice cut through.
“That lunatic.”
As the axe descended, a heavy blade greeted it.
Clang! Ooooooh!
A resonant clash rang out as the two blades met, vibrating through the air.
A shockwave, potent enough to petrify, rippled outwards.
As Park Pillo inwardly winced, another sound roared.
Kwang Ik’s shotgun, the number 4 batter, spat fire.
The pure-blood transformer twisted his body, using the foot grounded by the axe as a pivot to dodge the shotgun’s blast. Observing, Kwang Ik sheathed his jungle knife used to block the previous axe attack, and with the hand that released the number 4 batter, he grabbed the opponent’s wrist.
“You’re finished.”
The transformer murmured the same words but with a caught wrist.
An immortal engaging in close quarters with a transformer with freakish strength was considered stupid.
However, Kwang Ik was different from other immortals.
“Rave on.”
Even as they exchanged words in the blink of an eye, a flash of light exploded between them.
An immortal’s senses acutely perceived what happened as the light burst forth.
The transformed axe-wielding foe pulled his arm attempting to strike with the opposite elbow.
Kwang Ik blocked the elbow with his right arm.
As he blocked, his forearm snapped at a right angle.
In that opening, Kwang Ik gripped his jungle knife in reverse with his left hand and slashed upwards.
The flash was the reflection of light from the knife leaving its sheath.
The blade cleaved across the transformer’s left limb and shoulder seam.
The transformer let out an agonized wail from the pain.
“What are you doing, team leader? Performing a ritual?”
Urged by Kwang Ik, Park Pillo switched from a spectator to a participant.
“Run. We’ll escape along the exterior wall. I’ll buy us some time.”
Just as Park Pillo said, he fired the rope gun to a ventilation column.
The sharp-ended dart lodged firmly into the column with a thud.
He dropped the rope over the railing and tossed the gun, completing the escape route.
“Go, we’re tight.”
Jung Soora took the lead, holding her daughter.
After her, the voice actor gangster followed.
Lastly, Kwang Ik gripped the rope with one hand while tapping the wall with his feet as he descended.
“Hit them!”
“Let ’em escape, and we’re dead meat!”
The remaining terrorist gang poured bullets upon them.
“Catch this.”
The team leader, his arms and thighs perforated by the hail of bullets, shouted amidst firing randomly before throwing a smoke grenade.
It was the moment Kwang Ik’s feet touched the ground.
Upon landing, Kwang Ik heightened his senses.
Above him, the heavy team leader fell, and Kwang Ik cushioned his back with his palm, bending his knees to absorb the impact.
Nestling him in his arms, he rolled to the side, letting the momentum flow.
One didn’t take the weight by force but with skill.
The rolling team leader got up and said.
“Let’s go.”
* * *
Park Pillo sure isn’t ordinary.
That was what I thought.
Jumping down from above like that, that’s not something just anyone could do with mere guts.
The escape plan originally had three options.
One was to hop on the helicopter when it was still operational.
Another was to break through the front of the building if the strike team secured an exit on the first floor.
The final one was to descend along the exterior wall.
Team Leader Park Pillo had considered all the variables from the start.
He calculated diverse variables and designed corresponding action patterns.
He was the exact opposite of Sibal Team Leader, who drags the situation according to his wishes.
Of course, there were unexpected events even for him, but whatever, beggars can’t be choosers.
The hostage was safe, and we were all in one piece—well, except for Deputy Chief Sim.
“Run. We make an immediate breakaway from the operation area.”
I was halfway relieved.
Having given Prometheus the finger again, I felt a sense of accomplishment.
Going back, I’d brag to my supporter.
Having a quiet meal together would be nice.
I couldn’t guess how happy my supporter would be.
Of course, the response I’d get would likely be a plain “Good job.”
“Are you okay?”
I asked the team leader, and he retorted.
“Your arm?”
“This? It’s nothing.”
The drug’s effect was still circulating in my body, and as I ran, I set my bones back in place, quickly reattaching.
Just a slight fracture now?
“It rivals rapid regeneration.”
The team leader said while hobbling on his thigh that had been punctured.
Ferocious battles were still ongoing in front of the building.
We descended on the side opposite the conflict without a moment to escape.
If that guy I carved up in the shoulder and arm transformed to desperately chase us, that was another problem.
It wasn’t about me; we had a non-combatant child here.
Protecting someone while fighting is a damn tough job.
But there was something familiar about that bastard’s momentum.
Jung Soora called her daughter by her name, embracing her.
The child, crying but insisting she was fine, stayed strong in her mother’s arms.
Though I pondered, that kid seemed quite resilient.
“Mom, I’m okay. Really, I am.”
“That’s right, that’s right. Mom’s fine, too.”
Suddenly I wondered about Jung Soora’s age.
“How old are you?”
Asking when curious is only natural.
Quite older than I thought.
“You had the kid pretty early.”
“At eighteen.”
She had a child even before awakening as an immortal.
“Then you, kiddo, you’re ten?”
“Who’s a kiddo? My name is Park Unyul.”
Pure-blood Jeong family, right?
I heard they always bring men into the family as sons-in-law?
Well, there must be circumstances.
Is it really time to be asking about someone else’s family affairs?
My family’s situation is more insane.
Dad, an immortal; mom, a transformer.
The product of a collaboration is me.
But why is Jasura suddenly answering so easily?
“I’ll tell you properly later, but thank you. I’m thankful. I will definitely repay you.”
Jung Soora spoke sincerely.
It sent shivers down my spine—an unexpected strike.
“Ah, stop it. Let’s just continue as we did before. Big sis.”
I tried to shrug it off nonchalantly.
“No, I’ll definitely repay you.”
She’s persistent on strange matters.
“Alright, then.”
Jung Soora locked eyes with me, full of warmth as she glanced at her daughter, then turned that gaze to me once more.
“I was sharp with you, right? I’ll apologize for that too.”
No one changes so quickly, right?
“Hey, can I call you big sis?”
It’s a bit awkward to retort when she’s coming on like this. Teasing too.
“Feel free to call me little bro.”
I mean, she’s seven years my senior.
“Let’s talk later.”
I said that and halted my steps.
There’s no such thing as an easy life.
I don’t know if everyone else has breathed a sigh of relief, but I haven’t.
My sixth sense and intuition kept warning me.
It’s not over yet.
My senses weren’t divided, but I was still conscious of a pursuer from behind.
Soon, I sensed a dreadful killing intent approaching.
Team Leader Park Pillo said. He took shots through the thigh and arm.
Sure, being an immortal, he’d heal quickly, but he wasn’t immediately combat-ready.
“It’s that guy.”
My fellow academy mate said.
He’d just been released from captivity.
Even if he were unscathed, he wouldn’t be any help.
If the opponent was an enemy beyond regular standards, a normal agent couldn’t cope.
“That guy? An ex-boyfriend?”
I asked.
“There was a monster-like one.”
My mate spoke, his complexion pale.
“You guys go on ahead.”
Let’s see, my arm’s healed.
My left leg’s also fine.
Two adamantium rounds left.
Remaining weapons are intact.
“Got to take back my coat.”
I snagged the coat I had thrown over the child.
I shook the coat in mid-air and draped it over my shoulders.
“Busy? If not, how about a chat?”
The pursuer was a hideous transformer, dripping killing intent as he went along.
And he was an old acquaintance.
* * *
As soon as No Pil-du heard his disciple’s scream, he headed for the rooftop.

“Weren’t you guarding the emergency exit?”

“We were.”

He saw a hole in the rooftop floor.

‘They came up through a hole, not the stairs?’

What a madman.

On top of that, his disciple’s arm had been cut off.

The disciple, covered in fur, did not seem to recognize himself and bared his fangs.

He was in a half-human, half-beast state.


“It’s okay.”

When the disciple bit down hard on his own arm, No Pil-du grabbed the snout with one hand and twisted it.


The jaw dislocated, and the transforming disciple whimpered in pain.

Like a dog caught in the rain.


After knocking him out with a karate chop to the back of the neck, No Pil-du looked for two of his Immortal subordinates.

The ones with particularly keen senses.

“Find them.”

“They went that way.”

One subordinate said. Yu Gwang-ik and his group had left less than five minutes ago.

No Pil-du headed to the railing, extended his claws, and slid down the wall.


Three long lines were etched into the building’s outer wall.

With a thud, No Pil-du landed and immediately began the chase.

As he caught up, he recognized a familiar face.

It was the damned Talanta.

Talanta was what Prometheus called Gwang-ik.

“Oh, what was your name again? I know your nickname. That’s right, right? Human Logger? Sir, they say you’re excellent at cutting grass with an axe.”

It was a minor provocation. But No Pil-du, already enraged to the limit, transformed in an instant.


The suit around his body tore apart, fur sprouted, his spine elongated, and muscles expanded.

His snout extended forward, and his claws grew longer. His eyes turned a yellow hue.

The axe in his hands, which had looked oversized, now appeared like a hatchet.

“My nickname is Human Logger.”
Just hearing his voice, filled with fierce energy, was enough to make one’s legs tremble.

This was Prometheus’s pride, the human weapon, No Pil-du.

“Man, you sure do like to put on a show.”

Gwang-ik gave a sarcastic remark as he watched the transformation.


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