Genius of unique lineage Chapter 136


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Chapter 135: Hostage Extraction

Jeong Sura was flustered.
She hadn’t even considered this method of entry.
The team leader, Park Pillo, felt the same.
Their eyes met.
“Let’s do what we have to do.”
Park Pillo was the first to speak.
And he was right.
Yoo Gwang-ik hadn’t set off the noise grenade for no reason.
He deliberately created a ground entry point outside of the enemy’s field of vision.
Though the entry operation turned messy, time was still of the essence.
The two remaining agents needed to gain time for Yoo Gwang-ik to rescue the hostages before their arrival.
Jeong Sura pulled on the end of the alloy whip wound tightly around her thigh.
She was proficient with the whip, which had been modernized as a weapon.
Like a silver-scaled snake, her whip struck the floor and curved with a whiplike sound.
Though it was as thick as a finger joint, it seemed light.
“Break into the first floor and draw their attention.”
Park Pillo spoke through the comms.
Soon, booming explosions could be heard from below.
It was the quiet southern side of Jeju Island.
Since it wasn’t the middle of a city and there was no need to be concerned about onlookers, they unleashed their firepower.
On the first floor, they would blow up the door with a rocket launcher and storm in.
Watching Park Pillo, Jeong Sura thought, if what’s needed is time…
“I’ll draw their attention.”
She said and leaped out to the side.
As expected, bullets flew towards her.
Anticipating this, Jeong Sura moved her wrist in multiple directions.
The whip spun whirlwindingly, creating an afterimage in front of her and forming a hemispherical barrier.
Sparks flew as bullets ricocheted off.
It was an impressive display of skill.
Jeong Sura eyed the enemy’s armaments.
Grenades, grenade launchers.
‘I can’t show any weakness.’
There was only one thing she had to do.
Not give the enemy a moment to think.
Her eyes gleamed.
In the pure-blooded Jeong family, Jeong Sura’s nickname was ‘The Prophet Who Sees One Step Ahead.’
She acted true to her nickname.
She opened her senses and predicted the next move of her adversaries.
It was a combat style that was like walking a tightrope at the edge of a cliff.
Park Pillo couldn’t just stand by and watch either.
He pulled the pin on a grenade and threw it.
It exploded mid-air. Truly, an immortal’s shooting skills couldn’t be underestimated.
Whatever was thrown was intercepted before it could hit its target.
Fortunately, Jeong Sura drew their attention. Park Pillo thought, ‘This isn’t really my style.’
In a battlefield full of variables, there’s a high chance of failure.
It was better not to start such an operation.
But now, his subordinates had already engaged.
Even if he told Jeong Sura to join him, it seemed unlikely she would.
So, what to do?
Continue with the task at hand.
Silencing his presence, Park Pillo who deployed the Immortal’s Veil, moved across a gap.
While Jeong Sura was diverting attention, he hid himself.
Donning exclusive gear, Park Pillo, unseen, maneuvered behind those relying on their anti-slash and bulletproof suits.
Even a fully-encased suit had vulnerabilities.
Between the joints of the suit, Park Pillo thrust his weapon.
His nickname on the battlefield was ‘Death’s Nurse.’
Although he hated the name, it strangely suited him.
His weapon was a syringe-like piece of gear with a pointed needle, though resembling a syringe.
He pierced through and injected the substance.
‘Poisons aren’t only used by you guys.’
A toxin that rapidly congeals the blood in the body, rendering it rigid.
Although expensive due to its production from pure otherworld materials, its effect was certain.
A transformed foe, whom Park Pillo caught and injected from the periphery, bulged its eyes and swung its arms.
Park Pillo ducked to avoid it and rolled backward.
“One more here…….”
The transformed foe could only say that much before it fell forward like a felled log.
The nose must have been shattered.
It was a fast-acting poison, but its duration was short.
It would wear off within an hour at most.
Now attention turned to their side.
Meanwhile, Jeong Sura unleashed her fury.
She indiscriminately swung her metallic whip. Whatever material it was made of, limbs caught by the whip were cleanly severed.
Realizing that distance meant death, the enemy’s formation changed.
They moved from a dense formation to one spread out in all directions, attempting focused gunfire.
Jeong Sura returned, deflecting the bullets with her whip.
Park Pillo also resumed concealing his presence.
“Watch each other’s backs.”
An enemy commander ordered.
Moving in pairs, they covered each other’s blind spots. Thus, the same surprise attacks as before were impossible.
‘We can’t hold on for long.’
At most, 20 minutes. Park Pillo calculated coolly, and after that, whether it was Yoo Gwang-ik or anyone else, they had to escape.

* * *
As soon as I got down, I immediately took out and consumed my drugs.

The first one was HCS-3.

High Calorie Super-revival 3.

A high-calorie, super-regenerative version 3 drug.

A compound mixed with herbs from the otherworld, it still showed me hallucinations.

A white butterfly appeared in front of my eyes and then vanished quickly.

I touched my leg bone with my fingers.

Destroying and mending my body so frequently, knowing how it was broken was a no-brainer.

“You never know what might happen on the battlefield. You have to know how to fix your own body.”

The teachings of my Immortal wilderness tutor come in handy like this.

At the time, I thought it was a foolish endeavor.

I blocked out the pain.


I realigned the broken bone correctly.

The excruciating pain followed but, having gone through it countless times, I quickly forgot it.

The drug’s effect started mending my broken body.

Seeing the white butterfly is a characteristic of the physical cocktail drug.

I took out a mind cocktail drug as well.

It’s in the form of a cigarette.

Made from Blunt, the drug most loved by Immortals after awakening.

Its nickname is ‘Sensitive Boss.’

It’s the type that heightens sensory sensitivity upon ingestion, officially called ‘Blunt Alpha.’

I took the white butterfly as a pill and brought the Sensitive Boss in an inhalable form.

So, it’s a cigarette, essentially.


Lighting the cigarette, I took a drag, and I was ready.


With one drag, all my five senses became sharper.

The side effect of the white butterfly dulls the senses. I smoked the Sensitive Boss to mitigate that side effect.

While my leg was healing, I opened the doors of my senses and separated them, then focused.

I learned it from Gi-nam.

Ignoring the sounds of the fight above.

I focused my senses downward.

With my eyes closed, I poured all my senses into my hearing.

Sensory separation.
A secret technique of the Jeong family. Well, once I tried it, it worked, so I just used it.

Listening and feeling. My senses, reaching the realm of intuition and instinct, pinpointed a location.

I caught a short breath and estimated the distance.

Third floor.

There was no need to wait.

I ran to the emergency exit. I dashed down to the third floor and kicked the door open.


Using the stealth technique while dashing, no one seemed to notice I was there until the door flew open.

Seeing my opponent’s bewildered face, I slashed at his neck with the machete.

Blade drawn.

Slice, thunk.

The incredibly sharp blade severed the Immortal’s neck.

An assailant who deceived his senses and attacked from a blind spot.

The head with widened, astonished eyes fell to the floor with a thud.


Blood sprayed from the severed neck stump.

“Damn it.”

“You crazy bastard.”

There were two more. I scanned my opponents with my eyes.


Two of them lunged at me. I sheathed the machete and took out my fourth weapon.

As soon as I placed my finger on the trigger, the two opponents scattered to the sides.

It was an instinctive maneuver to avoid the shooting range.

I pretended as though I was really going to shoot.

It was a natural reaction.

After deceiving them, I kicked off the ground.

Bang, leaving a footprint on the floor as I dashed forward.

Objects blurred and moved backward, everything turned into lines due to the sudden acceleration.

The targeted door seemed to rush up to meet my eyes.

I rammed my right shoulder into the door.


The door flew off its hinges.

“Come any closer and the hos……”


There were two of them, and one tried to say something.

The hostage was in the center of the room.

The one speaking was a step closer to the hostage than the other.

Simultaneously as the door broke, I took out a knife and threw it.


The speaker’s mouth was silenced by the blade.

I kicked off the ground again. The other opponent raised a knife high and brought it down toward the child.

Aiming for the kid? Disregarding the attacker?

I threw my left glove and fired a triple shot.

Bang, bang, bang!

The triple shot struck the glove, and the glove, detecting an excessive impact, activated its Galaxy Field.


The galaxy-shaped barrier formed in the air deflected the blade.


Before he could recover from his surprise.

I closed the distance again.

I placed my foot between his legs and aimed upward, thrusting the knife into his chin.


He let out a battle cry.

Telekinetic, huh?

He reflexively activated his telekinesis.

I felt resistance in my upward thrust.

Well, it’s like jelly.

Telekinesis is proportional to the user’s abilities.

A telekinetic capable of overpowering a shapeshifter’s strength at close range is extremely rare.


The result was predictable.

He fell with the knife embedded from under his chin upwards.
I looked at the two swathed in cloth, took one last drag, and then spat out the cigarette.

Finally, my mouth was a bit freer.

Isn’t it uncomfortable fighting with a cigarette in your mouth?

The team leader manages it well enough though.

“I’m from the Immortal Special Unit. You’re safe now.”

Saying that, I removed their cloth coverings.

The child, unable to breathe properly, was pale.

I recognized the face under the code name Adele.


“Long time no see. But look behind you.”

She was an acquaintance.

We shared a room during our OT.

She was the female colleague I had once called a voice gangster.

And I already sensed what was coming from behind.

The two guarding the door realized their mistake.

Leaving the door unguarded had allowed me an entry angle.

They turned back immediately, but the situation was already resolved.

I sensed the incoming presence behind me, stepped back with my left foot, and rotated my body 180 degrees.

Aiming my fourth weapon at my right side, I pulled the trigger.

Bang! Whoosh!
The backdraft blew my voice gangster friend’s hair back.

Glancing sideways at her, I turned my gaze straight ahead.

“Let’s consider the funeral cremation.”

The lower half of the Immortal, whose upper body had been blown away, collapsed onto the floor.

They were trying to kill the kid. I may have used excessive force, but I didn’t have the luxury to spare them.

“I feel like throwing up.”

My colleague said from behind.


The child threw up.

“Do you want to keep your eyes closed?”

I said to the child and then looked at the remaining opponent.

“Want some more?”

“…You monster.”

This one seemed to be a shapeshifter too.

His pupils trembled violently.

The remaining opponent took a few steps backward and then turned on his heel and fled.

“The first floor is swarming with enemy troops. Your way out is blocked.”

Somehow, she was still aware of the situation, my voice gangster friend remarked.

I untied the bindings on their hands and feet, took off my coat to wrap around the child, and retrieved my thrown glove, putting it back on.

“Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay.”

The kid answered boldly.

That’s a good sign.

“We’re not heading to the first floor.”

I said.

Then where?

My voice gangster friend asked with her eyes.

Fortunately, both of them were uninjured.

Usually, captors sever the legs of Immortals first, but these two were still intact.

“Where’s that researcher or whoever?”

I asked.

“He should be downstairs. Be careful. There’s a monster-like guy there. If he shows up, we won’t get out.”

Even with their eyes covered, trained agents hear and feel things. It wasn’t for nothing.

“Okay, let’s go without looking.”

Saying that, I aimed my fourth weapon.


Sent one off peacefully. It’s not because I’m a saint.

What would I do if I were the enemy?

I’d block the emergency exits and passages first.


Aimed the muzzle upwards.

The wires shorted out, sparking.

The broken ceiling. The rooftop ceiling is quite thick, but not this part.

One shot is enough.

Of course, adamantium bullets are ridiculously expensive and inefficient.

But when saving lives, efficiency shouldn’t be the concern.

“Let’s go.”
Looking at the hole I made, I spoke.

“…I never would have thought of this.”

My voice gangster friend said.

Yeah. Those chasing us wouldn’t have thought of it either.

That’s the point.

Holding the child with one arm, I grabbed the edge of the hole with my other hand and pulled myself up as if doing a pull-up, then extended my hand.

I lifted my exhausted colleague, who hadn’t eaten or rested properly, with one arm.

“You’re really strong.”

“Don’t fall for me.”

“I won’t.”

Even in this situation, she had to get her comments in.

While chatting, my hands didn’t stop moving.


I fired the gun above my head, making another path.

Let’s head to the fifth floor now.

If we reached the sixth floor, it would be the rooftop.


“Boss, we’ve been hit.”

The remaining shapeshifter immediately ran to the second floor.

There, the boss was watching over the situation on the first floor and the rooftop.

He looked irritable, itching for action.


“The hostage has been taken.”


“I don’t know where he came from, but an Immortal Unit agent suddenly…”

“You idiot, speak clearly!”

The shapeshifter terrorist gulped and slowly explained the situation again.

Their boss had a short temper.

He wasn’t nicknamed the ‘Human Logger’ for nothing.

He was a monster who would slice throats without hesitation if things went south.


The enraged Human Logger, No Pil-du, let out an animalistic growl.

“Block the emergency exit! If we leave an escape route, you’re dead!”

He made a logical choice.

As expected by Gwang-ik.


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