Genius of unique lineage Chapter 122


Genius of a Unique Lineage

Talent and Personality Are Separate Issues
“Go to Manager Jeong Ho-nam right now and tell him why I’m needed and request to join.”

Gi-nam said.

I tilted my head as I looked at him.

Why is he acting like this?

“What are you doing? Aren’t you going?”

Gi-nam urged.

I shifted my gaze to Manager Aejuga and asked.

“Did this guy just call that a request?”

“He did.”

Why does a person making a request have such an attitude?

Even if he had spoken politely, why should I?



Gi-nam nodded. His eyes were practically demanding what I was waiting for.



He’s even stepping aside for me.

How kind.

I crossed my arms but still tilted my head as I spoke.

“Why should I?”

Hearing that, Gi-nam’s pupils wavered.

“I am of pure Jeong family blood. There is no better candidate for the reconnaissance mission than me.”

There is one.

I mean, apart from me, there’s another direct descendent of the Jeong family lineage.

“What about Manager Ho-nam Pyongyang?”

Gi-nam’s eyes narrowed angrily.

“Watch your language.”

Oh, come on.

He usually would have erupted and lunged at me.

What’s driving him so desperately?

Gi-nam took a deep breath and continued.

“I need merits.”

“Gi-nam, your attitude towards making a request is a bit off.”

Perhaps feeling pity, Manager Aejuga encouraged Gi-nam, and Gi-nam, making a big decision, bowed his rigid head to me.

“It’s necessary.”

His hair trembled. Veins bulged on his neck.

It seemed his pride was deeply hurt.

It was new to see him like this after seeing him act stubbornly all the time.

But why is he really doing this?

It’s not fun to keep teasing him.

You can accumulate records again when another chance comes.

What really do accomplishments mean to the Immortal Special Unit?

Such a question struck me suddenly.

Simply put, it’s proving one’s abilities, and additionally, it impacts promotion and salary.
Going further, it could elevate one’s name value.

But even so, no matter how important merits are.

Would Jeong Gi-nam really bow to me?

“Raise your head.”

Strangely, it didn’t bring joy. It was a sight I didn’t want to see anymore. It felt like gravel was lodged around my heart.

“Are you not going to help?”

Gi-nam asked.
I took a deep breath and steeled my mind.

“What’s with requests between us?”

Gi-nam’s pupils trembled even more.

It was true. Between me and Gi-nam, there are no requests. We share fists, not favors.

I loathe this kind of relationship. Absolutely loathe it.

“Not a request, then. Let’s make a deal.”

It’s improper to make someone bow their head and then exploit them.

If you desire something, the basic structure of our society dictates that you pay for it.

“No requests between us. Let’s make it a transaction.”

I repeated.

Gi-nam’s eyes returned to their usual calm demeanor. The trembling stopped. He found his composure.


Manager Aejuga formed a rectangular shape with his thumbs and index fingers, looking at both me and Gi-nam through it, and remarked.

“You two make a good picture.”

Gi-nam ignored his comment.

“I find it unpleasant.”

I expressed my feelings, Aejuga laughed, and he vacated the room, telling us to finish our conversation.

Now, the deal begins.


A short and blunt proposition.

Does Gi-nam have a lot of money?

Given his pure-blooded Jeong family background, he should be well-off.

But I don’t need money right now.

Unless he can buy me an apartment in Seoul or something, what’s the point of money?

I demanded something better than money.


Jeong Gi-nam had to take cell proliferation drugs for the regeneration of his severed arm and was forced to rest.

During his recovery period, he couldn’t engage in strenuous physical activities.

He had to sleep more than ten hours a day, consume more high-calorie foods than usual, and spend a minimum of four hours a day lying in the recovery room.

Lying idly in the recovery room was quite tedious.

The only visible thing was the opaque glass of the recovery capsule.

Since he couldn’t move his body, he was left alone with his thoughts.
During his reflective phase, Yu Gwang-ik popped into his mind.

‘At the airport…’

How did that guy identify the shape-shifter?

Considering the situation before and after, he could instantly recognize the object-transforming being that turned into a bag.

If that wasn’t the case, he would’ve missed the target.

If Yu Gwang-ik was a pure-blood, inheriting the heightened sensitivity of his lineage, it would be plausible.


‘No, that’s not it.’

He’s a hybrid.

So did he possess the heightened sensitivity as an irregular?

‘If he was born with it, it would have been noticeable from the beginning.’

That’s not it either.

The incident at the airport was not the end. There were times when his senses were nearly as sharp as my own.

It was the same when Dr. Park Byung-joon was invited and during the outpost battle.

Although I was the first to detect the Invader, Yu Gwang-ik’s response was just as quick.

How is that possible?

I have a hypothesis.


There’s a monster within Hwarim known as the best despite having only a modest bloodline.

‘Team Leader Lee Jung-bong.’

He is known for his efforts that surpass his bloodline.

It is said that he honed his vision and created his own unique combat style.

In reality, Team Leader Lee Jung-bong displayed exceptional work abilities and capabilities that surpassed the limits of his bloodline.

Therefore, the most reasonable conclusion is that Yu Gwang-ik achieved his keen senses through hard work and focus.


A signal sounded, indicating that four hours had passed in the recovery capsule.


Steam escaped, and the door opened upward.

As I sat up, the attendant spoke.

“You’re done for today, and you know the precautions, right?”


Avoid smoking and drinking.

Avoid strenuous activities.

Maintain a high-calorie diet.

These are all necessary for a fast recovery.

As Gi-nam left the recovery room, he continued his thoughts.

Acquiring skills through effort.

It’s a given, yet not so easy.

Here, it’s a matter of talent.

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m not a fool who disregards reality.

If Yu Gwang-ik is a genius, possessing talent that surpasses his inherent bloodline, then:

‘It’s possible even for a hybrid.’

Clomp clomp.

Gi-nam made deliberate footsteps in front of the door.

“Where does the one who should be resting in bed think he’s going?”

His brother’s voice echoed from inside.

“Manager Jeong Ho-nam.”

Calling out through the door, the door opened.

“Come in.”
As soon as Gi-nam entered, he spoke without taking a seat.

“Did you get a call from the main house?”

“That’s none of your business.”

Ho-nam was looking at a holographic map displayed on the table.

“It is my business now. I’m also a member of the Immortal Special Unit.”

“The main house’s demands will be handled on my end. You just continue doing what you’ve been doing.”

“That way, we will never be recognized.”

“I’ll handle it. Jeong Gi-nam.”

Ho-nam, lifting his gaze from the map, glared at Gi-nam.

“No. Include me in this reconnaissance mission. I’ll prove my worth.”

“With one arm lost?”

“It’s just one arm.”

“Just? ‘Just’ one arm?”

Ho-nam waved his hand, distorting the holographic map.

“How much more likely do you think you’ll be put in danger by losing one of your limbs? Do you think you deserve praise for catching a troll with one arm?”

“I don’t think it was poorly done.”

“This is ridiculous. Grade 3 employee, Jeong Gi-nam.”


As he spoke, Ho-nam turned his chair around. The legs of the chair screeched unpleasantly against the floor.

“Yes, Grade 3 employee Jeong Gi-nam.”

Being addressed formally, Gi-nam responded accordingly.

“Why should I take you?”

“For the reconnaissance mission, there is no one better than me to fulfill the radar role.”

“I am here.”

“You cannot perform both the commander and radar roles simultaneously.”

Role division in missions was crucial. Gi-nam’s words were correct.

“I will handle it. It’s my operation.”

“I will join the team.”

“Don’t be stubborn.”

“I will make sure our family can no longer speak a word about us.”

Silence descended after Gi-nam’s words.

The brothers locked eyes.

A moment of silence passed.

After about ten breaths’ worth of time, Ho-nam spoke in a whisper quieter than usual.

“There are many listening ears. Be careful.”

Gi-nam nodded slightly in acknowledgment without speaking.

Ho-nam paused in thought and then spoke again.

“If Yu Gwang-ik bows his head for you, I will take you. Prove to Yu Gwang-ik that you are needed and get him to come to me directly. Then I will consider it.”

Gi-nam’s expression changed. His cheeks trembled slightly.

“I will appeal to Director Kim Dong-cheol.”


“I will prove it to the Team Leader of Pioneer Team 4.”

“They would gladly send you. They are willing to use anyone as a bullet if they’re just sent their way.”

Ho-nam didn’t have a favorable opinion of the Team Leader of Pioneer Team 4.

“Leave Yu Gwang-ik out of this.”

The term ‘brother’ nearly slipped from his throat.

This wasn’t right. Why Yu Gwang-ik of all people?

“Convince Yu Gwang-ik to approach me. Now leave.”

Gi-nam clenched his eyes shut. Communication was impossible.

He knew from the outset about his and Yu Gwang-ik’s relationship. That’s why he was given such an unreasonable task.

Gi-nam was determined.
If his brother wanted this, he would oblige.

Furthermore, he had come to grudgingly acknowledge his genius, which somewhat lightened his burden.

‘That Yu Gwang-ik?’

The guy who always twisted words and comments, who would choke someone’s neck at the drop of a hat.

Gi-nam knew that talent and personality were separate issues, which made him feel downcast.


“Tell me what you need.”

Our Gi-nam was indeed in a hurry. Right?

Given that he came to me with the word ‘request’, which isn’t even in Jeong Gi-nam’s dictionary.

It’s almost cute how quickly he accepted the trade when I mentioned it.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Since you’ve turned your request into a trade, you’ll have to grant me a favor later on.”

I said with a smile.

I genuinely spoke with a simple smile.

“You look like a devil when you smile. Don’t smile.”

Gi-nam made a personal attack.

I can’t even beat up a guy with one arm, for goodness’ sake.

Even when I had Gi-nam in a rear naked choke in the dormitory, I didn’t beat him up in the end.

I do have a conscience.


Perhaps Ginam has his own reasons for insisting on going this time. Well, then, I’ll step in.

In truth, Ginam joining the reconnaissance team was beneficial rather than detrimental.

I quickly parted ways with Ginam and went to find Manager Jeong Ho-nam.

Not finding him in the dormitory, I peeked around until I saw him alone in the conference room, repeatedly writing and erasing something on a tablet.

Knock, knock.

I entered with a friendly greeting as I opened the door.

“Hello, senior officer, Manager Jeong.”

“Address me properly, Grade 1 employee, Yu Gwang-ik.”

“Yes, Manager Jeong Ho-nam.”

“Is there something you need?”

“Employee Jeong Ginam wishes to join the reconnaissance team.”


The pen on the tablet made a sideways mark. Though I couldn’t see the screen, I noticed that he unintentionally put more force into his hand.


“Employee Jeong Ginam wishes to join the reconnaissance……”

“Do you think we need an Immortal special unit member with one arm? What nonsense is this?”

Nonsense? That’s a bit harsh.

“The arm isn’t necessary. What we need for mission execution are a commander, an attacker, a sniper, and a radar, right?”

I’ve been on enough missions to know what I’m talking about.

I’ve seen plenty throughout my time here.

Moreover, our team, External Security Team 3, operates as a small elite unit, so each member often takes on multiple roles.

While we don’t typically categorize roles strictly, we do define them for mission execution.

Therefore, the currently needed roles for the reconnaissance team are: a commander to oversee and direct, an attacker on standby for any combat situations, a sniper to suppress Invaders from a distance, and finally, a radar to anticipate all possible dangers.

Before Ginam joins, Manager Aejuga was fulfilling the radar role.
The otherworldly muddy desert disrupts our communication devices with abnormal signals, and even deploying drones is challenging.

If a drone goes too far, the signal gets disrupted, and it crashes once the battery runs out.

Thus, an exceptional Immortal with sensory abilities to detect surrounding threats was essential.

That’s the radar’s role.

Though Ginam lacks an arm, he still has eyes, ears, and a brain.

Most importantly, we witnessed it in the outpost.

Ginam was the first to detect the appearance of an Invader.

“Who else can fulfill the radar role better than Employee Jeong Ginam?”

Although I might be able to improvise, why bother using a flathead screwdriver to turn a Phillips screw?

With a well-functioning Phillips screwdriver like Ginam, I can focus on my own role.

That’s the essence of division of labor.

Manager Jeong Ho-nam’s hands trembled as he glared at me for three seconds.

His gaze was full of malice.

It’s really strange, why does this guy dislike me so much?

“Fine, let Ginam join the team?”

“……do it.”

Manager Jeong Ho-nam responded.

After that, until the start of the operation, nothing special happened.

Ginam gave up investing energy in healing his arm and moved his body instead.

He had to adapt to the imbalance in his body caused by having one less arm.

Manager Aejuga enjoyed drinking, and the assistant manager under him practiced shooting.

Calling it practice was a bit of a stretch; to the Immortal, shooting training was more like a fun game.

Since he hit the mark every time he fired, there was no reason it wouldn’t be enjoyable.

I also worked out in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening, training my body and improving my condition.

“That’s why he subdued the Invader with just one left hand. They say he knocked out an orc with just his left hand?”

“Apparently, he killed it with a single blow to the head.”

“He must be stronger than the average shape-shifter.”

“Actually, isn’t Guang-ik a shape-shifter, not an Immortal?”

“He turns into a beast when he takes off his clothes at night. A beast that transforms only at night.”


It wasn’t a real scream but a playful imitation of one.

After putting all my effort into weight training and stamina-building runs outside the base, such rumors began to spread.

Of course, the last part about the beast was something I actually heard.

I thought it was a sharp observation when the talk about shape-shifters first started.

These people really talk more when they have nothing else to do.

It doesn’t matter what entertainment is provided; there’s nothing more entertaining than gossiping about others.

Anyway, time passed that way.

“We’re heading out.”

We embarked on the reconnaissance mission.

Exploring the otherworld made me appropriately nervous.

My heart pounded, and blood circulated through my entire body.

As I stood there trying to hide my excitement, Manager Aejuga’s lackey mumbled beside me.
“Ugh, we might as well think of ourselves as dead and roll with it.”

Otherworld exploration.

It may be primarily perceived as engaging in battles with Invaders, but in reality, it’s different.

This was a fact already known through briefings.

Of course, it might be tough for an average Immortal, but for me, I just thought of it as a somewhat strenuous schedule.


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