Dragon Devouring Mage

Dragon Devouring Mage Cover Photo

[Destiny has chosen you as the bedrock of a new legend. In its pursuit, you are bestowed a second chance.]

Russel Raymond, the last scion of a once-prominent but now diminished lineage of foundational contributors and a third-rate mage beset by a curse. His aspiration was to restore his family’s lost honor, yet he found himself ousted from the academy.

Relegated to the life of a mercenary mage of the lowest tier, Russel clung to survival.

On a fateful day, en route to a provisional assignment, an extraordinary event unfolds. The ‘Dragon’s Heart’, a keepsake ring from his mother, awakens. This catalyzes an unforeseen opportunity: Russel ‘regresses’ to his academy years.

[A mana stone (consumable) is awarded to you as a mission reward.]

Thus begins Russel’s meteoric rise, akin to a dragon unfurling its wings for the first time.

Confronting the tides of destiny that once overwhelmed him, he ascends, breaking free into the luminous realm that had once barred his entry.

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