Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 263


Dragon devouring mage


Former Raymond Clan Head… It was amidst the war with the Empire that Russell lost his father.

Of course, the trap set by the former Grand Duke Bismarck and the sorcerers played a significant role in that process, but ultimately, it was undoubtedly the Empire’s soldiers who claimed his father’s life.

Russell Raymond.

─A son who lost his father during the war with the Empire.

Marquis Mason.

─A father who lost his son to such a Russell.

From that perspective, the meeting of the two men was truly a cruel twist of fate.



A heavy silence settled between the two.

Chang, cha-jjang─.

Seoguk, dda-da-dang, puuk-puk!

The sound of clashing metal and blades digging into human flesh echoed around them.

Amidst the still raucous and eerie clamor, the atmosphere surrounding the two figures seemed eerily still.

As if even the air that carried the sound had vanished, creating a tense vacancy.

Perhaps this was because the two men were pouring all their focus solely on each other.


The collision of magic distorted the space around them.

Marquis Mason was the first to speak.

“I had no intention of participating in this war initially.”


“The war stank of foul play right from the start. To dip one’s hand in without knowing what lies behind it would be no different from being a mere floating weed, pushed along by the current. A foolish act.”

He then looked at the sorcerers who owed their lives to him and scolded them.

“I had even less intention of saving those vile creatures.”

Endymion and the Empire.

Despite being a noble of an enemy nation, Marquis Mason had a reputation that epitomized nobility.

Therefore, he had no fondness for the sorcerers who flippantly played with lives and mocked the dead.

His recent tone of voice revealed as much of his true feelings.

“However, what choice do I have?”

His voice continued calmly.

Within it, Russell sensed a tightly suppressed rage bubbling and brewing.

A fury like magma before an eruption, not yet released.

“No matter how unworthy others might say my child is, to me, he was my only one.”

He had wanted his son to gain favor in the eyes of the new emperor.

To accomplish that goal, his son sought to distinguish himself in battle.

It was for this reason he had entrusted the heavenly bow, Boreas, into his son’s hands.

Though he had no plans to participate directly in the war, he had hoped for his son’s safe return.

But when he heard the news that his son had lost his life at the hands of Endymion’s young Grand Duke, his heart was torn with grief.

It felt as if the sky had collapsed.

That was the reason.

He had held back from joining the fray even as the Emperor’s wrath loomed, but now he had stepped onto the battlefield.

“Oh, it seems I’ve spoken at length…….”

With a click of his tongue, he adjusted his grip on the bow that he held.


An old bow, its ivory well-polished with use.

It had crossed countless life-or-death moments just as much as the marks of its handling.

Although not as capable as the heavenly bow, Boreas, it brought peace of mind… a bow that had brought him victory in many fierce battles.

If one were to borrow a common phrase, it would be called a beloved weapon, or perhaps a cherished bow.

And yet, why?

‘Why does the bowstring feel so exceedingly heavy today?’

Perhaps, because the young man before him, the young Grand Duke of Endymion, seemed far more dangerous than any other adversary he had ever encountered.

“Grand Duke, I’ve heard some things about your achievements.”

Endymion’s young prodigy.

The most exceptional talent to emerge in the magical world since the New Era.

Once a potential threat to the Empire, he now posed a direct menace.

Countless accolades followed his name.

‘A young lion he was, one with exceptionally sharp claws and teeth……’

Had it not been for the fact he was his son’s killer, he would have admired the enemy nation’s talent despite their rivalry.

Perhaps he would have lamented why such a talent was not born in his own Empire.

But that didn’t matter now.

None of those honors between him and the young Grand Duke were relevant.

“Lost your father in the war against your homeland, did you?”


The time it took to nock and draw the arrow was under a second, a mere fraction.

In less than a heartbeat, Marquis Mason, having aimed at Russell, spat out with a resolute voice.

“Our exchange should never have been words to begin with.”



Lightning fast!

The moment he drew the bowstring, the arrow was nearly upon him, and instinctively, Russell deployed his shield.

Wizard Body and Overload.

He staunchly fortified his body using both spells simultaneously.

Creating a hexagonal force field with hundreds of shields deployed in an instant.

The magical barrier, layered fivefold, collided with the incoming arrow.

─────────Boom and roars!

Russell was blown away from the impact, his body pushed back hundreds of meters, nearly reaching a kilometer.

Everything in the path of his retreat was vaporized, leaving behind nothing but a torn earth, flayed and fissured, its innards exposed.

Crack and tremble!

It was only upon collision with an enormous rock several kilometers away that Russell managed to stop rebounding.

Crash and crumble-.

The shattered rock fragments, each weighing tons, rained down threateningly over Russell’s head without pause.

‘What kind of arrow…’

As he deflected them with magic, Russell clicked his tongue.


That a single arrow could weigh more than a strike from a seasoned Sword Master was an astonishing realization.

And Marquis Mason’s bow wasn’t just heavy.

Whiz, whiz, whiz-!

The moment he emerged from the rock debris, a torrential rain of arrows poured toward Russell.


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