Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 262


Dragon devouring mage



Like the Archlich, it is a branch of the top-tier undead.

Perhaps to prove its rank among the rest of the dead, the moaning and breathing of the creature were fundamentally different from other undead.

Just listening to it could chill one to the bone and seemed to stir the most primal fears in humans.



The unsettling moan caused the nearby soldiers and knights to step back involuntarily.

Whether they were conscious of it or not, they instinctively did not want to approach the Doom Knight.

Of course, it had no effect on Russell.

‘Infrasound, perhaps?’

Dismissing the waves emanating from the Doom Knight, Russell frowned.

‘But that slashing attack just now, it seems oddly familiar…’

Although the energy was slightly different, the trajectory of the attack and the framework of the sword technique evoked old memories.

It was then.

An ominous and bizarre energy flowed towards the Doom Knight.


A sticky and unpleasant force spread throughout, enveloping the Doom Knight.


As if waiting, the eyes visible through the visor of the Doom Knight flickered with a fiercer light.

‘Cultists; the method must be… choir?’

It didn’t take long for Russell to penetrate their tactic.

Just as choirs sing to empower warriors, the cultists were employing a similar method to enhance the power of the Doom Knight.


Immediately after, with a roar, the Doom Knight lunged towards Russell.



With explosive sounds, the figure of the creature shot forward like lightning.

Its footwork was fast, moving as if folding the ground beneath, surprisingly agile despite its bone encased in iron armor.


In an instant, it covered tens of meters, and despite the distance not entirely closing, the creature fiercely swung its long sword.

Squeak, squak!

Vertical and horizontal slashes nearly intersected together, as the released sword ki formed a cross, charging at Russell.

‘This is-!’

After leaping dozens of meters and launching another series of slashes from even greater distances, Russell identified the nature of the attack as it soared through the sky. He stomped the ground in response.

Pabat, tak!

Flipping his body, he flicked his fingers.


A flame spear, born over the shoulder, rushed forward, clashing with the slash.


The slash and flame spear devoured each other, erupting in a huge, crimson explosion.



As if every sense in his body was ringing an alarm, a dense web of slashes enveloped the spot where Russell had been.


An explosion that could deafen ears rent the earth asunder where the slashes connected.

As if that wasn’t enough, the weakened ground collapsed, sending up a cloud of dust and sand high into the air, so dense it could even obscure Russell and the Doom Knight.


The aftermath of the shock made the earth tremble lightly.

Even though Russell was a mage of the 8th Circle, his opponent was the Doom Knight, an undead of a nearly superhuman caliber.

This undead, enhanced by the cultist scoundrels, was unleashing such a powerful sword strike.

Should such a blow hit even Russell, he would not be unscathed.

With that thought, a few knights watching from afar raised their voices in cries resembling screams.

“Your Highness!”

“Grand Duke Your Highness!”

Among them, some overcame their dread of the Doom Knight’s aura, trying to move forward.

“Assist the Grand Duke Your Highness!”

“Deal with those cultist vermin!”

In that moment!

“That’s right.”


A bright yellow iris twinkled amid the whirling dust.


“What kind of human eye is that!”

The mere presence of the iris made a few cultists who were watching the dust freeze up and tremble uncontrollably.

While the Doom Knight’s aura was born of death,

The feeling overflowing from that eye seemed like the terror of facing a predator.

Was this what a mouse before a giant serpent felt?

As cold sweat trailed down his spine, Russell’s voice rang out.

“No wonder it felt so familiar.”

His tone was remarkably calm despite having been hit directly by such an attack.


In the next moment, the fierce lash of a flame spear cleared away the swirling dust.

“Decisive Technique, Form 2.”

“Flame Tip Spear.”

A spear commanding all the fire that could exist in the world. If that was all there was to it, Russell wouldn’t call it a decisive technique.


The air distorted along the length of the spear, warping the scenery around.


The heated air revealed the view beyond the dust, dividing reactions sharply.


“A mage has engaged the Doom Knight at close range!”

“It’s indeed the Grand Duke Your Highness!”

“The Grand Duke Your Highness is unharmed!”

Despite taking such an attack, not a single scratch was on Russell’s body.

At worst, a bit of dust and sand had settled on his hair and shoulders.

Rather, it was the Doom Knight who suffered damage from the attack.


A part of the left arm of the Doom Knight, pierced by the Flame Tip Spear, carbonizes and crumbles away.

“So it’s a Doom Knight made using Mclay Hughes as the host body?”


The unique flying slashes and the net of sword strikes that covered the area were as good as a signature of his.

“Muderous Technique, Thousand Cuts of Heaven.”

Remembering the name of that technique he had heard before, Russell spun the Flame Tip Spear in his hand.

“To be a nemeses in life and unto death is quite vexing.”

Russell clicked his tongue with irritation.

“Rare is such a persistent nemesis.”

Of course, were Mclay Hughes still alive, he would have felt much the same.

Having lived with burn scars from his match with Daria Snowwhite, covering half of his face with a mask for a lifetime.

‘Either way, an unwelcome bond.’

A part of him felt it lucky.

A past connection that he could not sever due to a lack of power was finally coming to an end today.

“I’ll put an end to this long-standing enmity.”

What followed was a display of almost unilateral violence.

Boom, boom, boom!

With each sweep of the Flame Tip Spear, explosions erupted as fire poured forth.


The spilling flames washed over the former Mclay Hughes, the Doom Knight, as if they were tidal waves, and the impact from the swirling spear shaft buried its lower half into the ground up to the ankles.

The sheer presence of the Flame Tip Spear, embodying a high concentration of aura, allowed it to maintain its existence even with continuous blows.

Augmented by Russell’s skills in spear techniques.

Bang! Boom!

Of course, in close quarters, the sword-wielding Doom Knight was at an advantage, in theory.

‘But that’s only if it were a fair fight!’


Ducking his head, the creature’s attack barely grazed past his back.

Locks of hair fell belatedly as Russell placed his palm on the ground.



A portion of the earth melted away like a swamp, pulling at the creature’s left leg.

Amidst the distorted balance with the Doom Knight flustered, Russell released a memorized spell in a blink.

Shock Boomer!


Compressed air exploded, creating multiple layers of shock waves.

Intricate patterns etched across the ground like spider webs.


As an undead, it didn’t lose consciousness despite wobbling, trying to use its long sword for support as it staggered.

Russell, having long since left the area with Blink, spoke from above.

“I’m over here.”


The ominous sky rumbled, and a blue lightning flash flickered from beyond. Raising his hand high, Russell drew it straight down.

Mjolnir Of The Thunder Giant.

The power of Mjolnir, wielded by an 8th Circle Archmage, was extraordinary.

Bluish light coalesced, connecting heaven and earth while sparking in all directions.


Agonizing like being scorched alive, the Doom Knight screamed in torment.

Although 9 out of 10 of its flesh, muscle, and nerves had gone, leaving nothing but bone, there was one thing Russell’s magic could electrify.

‘The magical core at the heart of the Doom Knight.’

This core, unable to withstand the mana surge accompanying the lightning, was what screamed in pain.

‘That’s where it is.’

As if resisting, a strong repulsion burst forth from the core. Noting this, Russell hurled the Flame Tip Spear he held.


Let go from Russell’s hand, the Flame Tip Spear traced a red trajectory and plunged down, thrust!

Piercing the Doom Knight, the essential core of its existence wouldn’t allow it to move once destroyed, no matter how strong its vitality.

“Burn it up.”

As the words were spoken, the flames of the Flame Tip Spear devoured the core of the Doom Knight.

Whirling flames!




“Impossible, how could the Doom Knight…”

“How did he defeat a Doom Knight?!”

Sword Master Mclay Hughes was used as the base, and with their enchantments on top, the Doom Knight’s power was nearly equivalent to an early 8th Circle mage.

For such a Doom Knight to fall without inflicting any serious wounds was shocking.

Several cultists were trembling as if struck by lightning.

Surely until recently, he was just a 7th Circle Master.

Even with a completed decisive technique and enlightenment to reach a new realm, he must have only entered the 8th Circle!

But the shock was brief.

Exchanging glances, the cultists sprang into motion almost simultaneously, scattering in different directions, seeking a way out.

In that instant, ssswaaack; thunk!


Plunging from the sky, a single flame spear pierces one of them, pinning him to the ground.

The cultist, pierced from chest to back, shuddered once before slumping down.


Indifferently, Russell prepared to drop another Gáe Bolg, but then.


Sensing danger, Russell instinctively twisted his waist.

Shortly after, an arrow whizzed by, barely grazing the lower region of Russell’s waistline.


Observing the slight bleeding from the cut, Russell turned his gaze.

He bit his lip, looking in the direction from which the arrow had come.

“Mason, the duke.”

There, one of the superior bow masters of the empire stood, with the expression of a father who had lost his son.


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