Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 260


Dragon devouring mage


A chill ran down my spine.

As I entered the command tent, eight circles sprang into action and my five senses sharpened.

‘The magic density here is absurd…’

If the usual ambient magical energy was water, this was ice. Not ordinary ice, but the kind that’s frozen solid and won’t easily break.

To ordinary people, it might have felt slightly suffocating. But I, Russell, as an 8-circle Archmage, was particularly sensitive to the flow and density of magical energy.


Suppressing the goosebumps that had risen involuntarily, I calmed the rotating circles with a smirk.

‘That’s to be expected.’

Considering the notabilities gathered here, the surge in magic density wasn’t surprising.

Daria Snowwhite.

Hemingway Melville.

And myself.

Three 8-circle master mages were present.

‘Not to mention Lord Muyaho and Lady Aerein.’

Plus two others whose skills matched that of a mage were here.

And there were several superhumans besides.

It was inevitable that the magic density would be high.

Beyond the table where the superhumans sat, rows of staff officers were seated.

It was Daria Snowwhite, my mentor, who broke the silence.

“Have you arrived? We’ve been waiting.”

With a clap of her hands, she initiated the meeting.

“Now that the key player is here, let’s begin the conference.”

Indeed, Russell held the pivotal information for today’s meeting.

The owls risked their lives to gather intel on the enemy’s movements, but only I could overlook the entire scene from the sky, thanks to Pepper.

“I have mapped the size of the enemy forces.”

I spread out the map I retrieved from my subspace on the table.


The map, detailing the terrain, was dotted with red marks representing enemy troops.

“At two thousand per dot, that means…”

After Hemingway quickly surveyed the map, he spoke with dissatisfaction.

“By rough count, there are a million. They’ve gathered quite a force.”

“The darker dots seem to be undead. Even by separate estimate, that’s four hundred thousand…”

Niccolò Machiavelli sighed, imagining the countless deaths required to replenish such a large number of undead.

The atmosphere in the tent grew somber until Daria cut through it with a tap on the table.

Bang bang!

“Come now! There’s no use getting gloomy. Discuss our strategy!”

The subsequent strategy meeting unfolded rapidly.

Although superhumans were present, the staff officers seated outside were the ones tasked with devising the plan.

The superhumans simply answered questions, offered suggestions, and made decisions.

“We’ll split our forces into three. The main force will break through as the vanguard, while the others will flank to the left and right.”

This tactic—using the main force to disrupt the enemy while the flanks encircle and annihilate them—was devised specifically for the outnumbered Endymion Alliance to combat the imperial forces.

“I’ll take the front, the old man can handle the right flank, and the youngest will cover the left. Efficient.”

The strategy effectively utilized the firepower of the three 8-circle mages.

“The King of Beasts will support Daria from the front with the beastkin… and the elves led by Mneor can attack with the archers from the rear.”

Roles were assigned based on each race’s strengths and weaknesses.

At Baron Donovan’s words, Aerein and Muyaho each nodded in their way.

“We’ll do just that.”

“A frontal attack is where I’m likely to encounter the strongest enemies!”

Their tails and hair bristled, signaling their fighting instincts awakening.

“Then, we act…”

At that instant, it happened.


Daria and Muyaho sensed the precursor, quickly followed by reactions from Russell and Hemingway.

“Here they come!”

Before Muyaho could shout, her hand grasped the air.


In a fraction of a second, her bracelet jangled, transforming into her unique spiral spear. Nearly simultaneously, the three Archmages reached out their hands.


The ground seemed to fold under the impact, strong enough to trigger an earthquake of magnitude seven.


Outside the tent, soldiers screamed as they were caught by the blast wave.

Fortunately, the magic unleashed didn’t penetrate the barrier created by the combined strength of three 8-circle Archmages.

The tremors slowly subsided.

A surviving staff officer, catching his breath, muttered in confusion.

“What… what was that?”

The answer came from outside.

“The enemy… it’s the enemy!”

“It’s an imperial attack!”

The outbreak of a grand war, with forces in the millions, began with a preemptive strike from the empire.

“Do not panic. As soon as we move out, assess the situation and proceed with the plan.”

At Daria’s command, everyone, including Russell, nodded in unison.

The three Archmages burst out of the partially destroyed tent—



Russell’s eyes glowed amber as they split like a reptile’s.

He employed the eyes of the Spirit Dragon to survey the battlefield from on high.

The reason was simple.

‘Something’s off.’

If a large force had moved, Pepper would have detected it. There would have been a warning…

Sure enough, the enemy had only just begun to march. The absence of Pepper’s alert and the ground-shaking vibrations confirmed it.

“It’s… the enemy superhumans attacking!”

Projecting his voice with magic, Russell roared out, and Daria promptly responded.

“We’ve taken a hit, but there’s still time to form ranks.”

“Staff officers, get the soldiers moving now, prepare to counterattack!”

Following Hemingway’s echoing command, staff officers began shouting orders.

“First, third, seventh, and ninth legions, hold the front!”

“Second, sixth, eleventh legions, move to the left flank!”

“Fourth, fifth legions…!!”

The sound of horns and drums followed the cries of the officers.

The troops, initially thrown into disarray by the enemy’s artillery, swiftly regrouped to the rallying call of horns and drums.

They exchanged their panic for banners and swords.

‘Indeed well-trained soldiers.’

The marching of boots shook the earth as the two armies converged with the ferocity to clash head-on.

Divided into three, Endymion’s vanguard that charged the imperial forces consisted of merely 150,000 troops—less than half of the enemy’s number.


“Kyahaha! Forward, my friends!”

The van of the Endymion army comprised the beastkin, commanded by the overwhelmingly strong Muyaho, brandishing her fighting instincts.

With a spiral spear in one hand, Muyaho planted her other palm on the ground.

Growling, her eyes flashed bright yellow and claws reminiscent of a beast’s materialized.

This was not dragon transformation (용화), but beast transformation (수화), inherited from the King of Beasts, Fenrir.

With a single claw gripping the ground, her fangs grew sharp and her thigh muscles bulged.



A series of shockwaves, where sound was outpaced by the explosion of air, burst out in an elliptical shape.

The wild charge smashed into the undead, who crumbled like bowling pins.

Perhaps picking is not apt—they didn’t just fall; they were shattered to bits.

For the imperial forces, she was a catastrophe in the form of a beastkin.

The ground rumbled with her approach, and the undead chanted ominously of death and annihilation.

“Be quiet!”


With a swing of her spiral spear, a gust of wind scattered the undead like fallen leaves.

Thump, thud—

The remains of the shattered undead fell from the sky, having been launched high by the wind pressure.

“Wait up!” shouted the other beastkin.

“You can’t hog all the fun like that!”

Annoyed by the delay in joining Muyaho, they voiced their complaints.

“Huh? If you’re jealous, catch up!”

Of course, Muyaho didn’t care; her focus was solely one person—Russell.

‘Actually, make that two… with Sister Daria.’

Then, across the battlefield:

“…Is that the famed King of Beasts?”

“Surround and capture! Besiege her! No superhuman’s strength and aura are limitless!”

Over ten knights charged from all sides towards Muyaho, swords drawn, their aura building.

Though not quite Sword Masters, they were exceptional individuals, accomplished in the aura arts.

“Yes! Some worthy adversaries at last!”

Muyaho’s declaration met them head-on.

“These are mine—do not interfere!”

Her voice was so hearty that even Russell, on the left flank, could hear it.

‘That’s a declaration fitting of Lady Muyaho.’

Russell flicked his tongue and his hands moved quickly.

‘If they’ve opened with a mass magic assault─’

We would respond in kind with our mass magic.

As if he and the other two 8-circle mages shared one mind, the area’s mana concentration surged rapidly.

Abnormalities visible in the twisted flow of magic ensued, and three spells painted the sky in each Archmage’s unique hue.

Russell Raymond.

Originality: Falling Sun.

A sun descended in flames.

Daria Snowwhite.

Originality: The Giant that Burns the Beanstalk.

A colossal giant rose, swinging arms of fire─

Hemingway Melville.

Originality: White Horse and Sea Bubble.

Eight white horses charged, a tidal wave with frothing foam in its wake.

This was the onset of a grand war that might determine the continent’s fate for decades to come.

The Mage Who Swallowed a Dragon.


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