Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 252


Dragon devouring mage


“What—?” Just as he had said.

Russel’s intrusion into the heart of enemy territory wasn’t solely to inflict massive damage on the imperial forces. He hadn’t charged in thoughtlessly or recklessly. It was a move calculated with precision.

‘From the moment I arrived on the battlefield, I felt a presence that caught my attention.’ Power condensed within a single person, rivaling that of an entire army unit. The presence of a superhuman. The very reason Russel infiltrated the enemy lines was to draw out the owner of this overpowering aura.

‘Look at that.’ As Russel had aimed for, Count Heisen revealed himself.

Provoked by Russel’s mocking words, Count Heisen’s face hardened in an instant. However, that was momentary. Clenching his teeth in feigned composure, he began speaking. “Well, whatever your reasoning for stepping forward, it’s none of my concern. But it seems you, the Duke, have overlooked one thing.”

His trembling lips barely concealed a smirk as he spoke with forced calmness. “Your plan would only work if you could safely return alive.”

The publicly known extent of Russel’s abilities was comparable to that of a 7th Circle Master. This meant although he could be compared to one, it wasn’t publicly known that he had mastered the 7th Circle yet. Compared to Heisen, who had recently ascended to 7th Circle Master, Russel was half a step or perhaps a full step behind. Moreover, he was only in his mid-twenties. To seasoned mages, years equated to experience and wisdom, the sum of their lives’ work.

In Heisen’s view, there was only one thing where Russel surpassed him. ‘His talent, having reached such heights at such a young age. I will concede that he is a genius.’ But…

‘That’s as far as it goes.’ Heisen spoke from such reasoning. However, Russel’s subsequent demeanor was something Count Heisen had completely failed to anticipate. A derisive chuckle emitted from Russel’s twisted lips, and Count Heisen frowned.

“What is so amusing?”

“Well?” Russel shrugged in response to his question.

“I have one question…” Russel continued to speak. “Do you truly believe I would recklessly leap into action without any thought?”

His arrogance suggested he never once considered defeat. It was inevitable; Russel’s abilities far exceeded Count Heisen’s expectations. Merely in terms of magical power, he was comparable to an 8th Circle Master.

Perhaps even beyond, given that his mana was pure. Moreover, Russel’s understanding of the 8th Circle magic had deepened during his acquisition of Hellfire. It seemed to Russel that there was no reason he should lose to Count Heisen.

“This insolent…!” Angered by the continuous provocations, Heisen finally exploded.

The magic of the Fyuel Mage Tower was often related to magma and volcanoes.

Heisen’s face reddened fiercely. Simultaneously, the ground beneath his feet split, spewing out scarlet flames.

Screech— The flames that fell upon the ground flowed out, spreading their domain further.

“Retreat! Fall back!”

“Fyuel Tower’s lava magic…!”

“This, this is Count Heisen’s final move!”

The unusually intensifying heat and the rising sulfur gas had the imperial commanders shouting one after another in panic. They simply maintained formation out of coincidence, knowing all too well there was no place for them in the oncoming battle between the two.

The soldiers collectively withdrew. “Let’s see if you can still bluster once your bones and flesh have melted away!”

Surging like a bubbling cauldron, the area around the lava pool rose into a monumental mountain.

‘Decisive moves…’ Among all the original spells, those named “Final Moves” were special. And for good reason; for any mage who has reached a certain level, their “Final Move” was the culmination of their lifelong devotion to magic.

Drang Heisen. Final Move. Nevado Del Ruiz.

Decades ago, a single volcanic eruption on the continent claimed the lives of more than 50,000 people. Using the name of that volcano, this spell literally created a small volcano—a signature spell of Count Heisen.

Boom and rumble! The earth rose high, forming a monogenetic volcano with a lake of lava settled into a hollow basin. Along with the splitting of the ground came volcanic earthquakes.

As the spell was cast, the aftershocks alone were enough to cause tremors above magnitude six, relentlessly bashing the area.

Bang, crash! Amidst the tremors, Heisen tread upon the lava like a surfer riding the waves, and reached down with his hand.

“Let’s see you take this!” At that moment, a portion of the boiling lava pool erupted skyward.

Tracing trajectories like meteor showers, the lava rocketed towards Russel’s location with terrifying speed.

Sizzling, and boom!

What rose as molten balls of lava hardened as they fell, becoming solid rocks. The volcanic bombs dropped incessantly, bombarding the ground.

Bang, bang, bang!

The heavy impacts cratered the weakened crust, and the bombs burst open, spewing out more magma upon explosion.

The power of the recreated volcanic eruption was immediate, and Heisen swung his hand once more. With every stroke, the lava lake surged up again and again, expelling a deadly rain of volcanic bombs.

Step—. As the spell was deployed, Russel stepped onto thin air.

He moved laterally several steps, evading the volcanic bombs that plummeted toward him.

As their target vanished, the bombs dropped, now striking the unsuspecting imperial troops.


“Someone, save me!”

“You dodge quite cleverly!”

Amongst the chaotic screams, Heisen began another incantation. “Dodge this if you can!”

Without hesitation, a tidal wave of volcanic ash and gas flooded in.

Nuée ardente. Like before, magic was used to simulate another natural phenomenon, this time a pyroclastic flow.

Of course, if it was simply that, it wouldn’t have been so threatening. If it were merely a landslide of ash, one could have just escaped into the air.

However, the true threat of Nuée ardente was just unfolding. The surging pyroclastic flow altered its shape and began to soar against gravity, in an attempt to engulf Russel.

‘Is it being manipulated through will?’ Such behavior would never be observed in naturally occurring pyroclastic flows. That’s why it was “magic.”

As the heated flow climbed high, skimming the ground below, Heisen gestured again.

“Go!” Another disaster followed the flowing cascade––magma began to move.

Gurgling up, the magma assumed a form akin to a predatory slime, focusing on Russel.

Pyroclastic flow and magma closed in from both sides, an attack that could envelop him if he were but a moment too slow in ascending.

Crack! The flow and magma collided, creating an explosive shockwave.

Splosh, splash! Some magma flew off like shards, hitting imperial forces positioned far away.



Those hit by the high-temperature magma screamed as their bones and muscles melted in agony. If one was in their right mind, they would limit the damage to their own troops.

But Heisen did not do that. Instead, he expanded the range of his magic, attempting to capture Russel. For him, who needed to eliminate the spy’s disciple, the lives of ordinary soldiers were expendable scarecrows, nothing more.


Despite wielding volcanic bombs, pyroclastic flow, and magma, Russel’s movements remained elusive, which further angered Heisen who stood upon the volcano.

“Always so talkative, but in the end, all you can do is run away!”

Resonating across the battlefield, Heisen’s crossed arms lashed out.

Boom! The movement of the magma and pyroclastic flow transformed again.

Bifurcated into dozens, even hundred strands, they whipped across the region like a storm.

Boom! The pressured earth shattered under the weight, and magma swept across the surface, melting it away.

The attack spanned hundreds of meters, even kilometers.

The surrounding area had long since transmuted into a landscape of burning sand. Unperturbed by the blizzard of fiery lashes, the storm of cinders continued, rapidly narrowing the area where Russel could maneuver.

Facing such an onslaught, even Russel couldn’t just evade indefinitely. Confirming his struggle amidst the fiery whips, Russel exhaled a soft sigh. His opponent was a mage capable of using final moves, going beyond originality.

If possible, he wanted to observe the shape and structure of the magic a little longer.

“…Is this as far as it goes?”

“What…?” Hearing a voice so calm and unwavering, despite death looming close by, Count Heisen couldn’t help but utter a confused question. And in that moment.

Whoosh! Russel’s pupils dilated frighteningly.

“I’ve seen enough; now, let me repay the favor.”

His pupils split vertically as eight circles commenced their unique rotation.

Whirring— The rising magical force repelled Count Heisen’s incoming magic.

Boom! An overwhelming surge of magic pressed on all sides, making it almost seem as if Russel now commanded all the magic in the area.

He didn’t stop there. The aura surrounding Russel ignited into an aurora, taking on a red form. This was the majesty only those beyond the limits of humanity, the true masters, could manifest.

Count Heisen. Being a mage himself, he inevitably understood what such a phenomenon meant.

“What, what…?” Despite knowing, the shock of the reality before him compelled him to voice his disbelief.

Regardless, Russel coldly surveyed Heisen’s magic and indifferently murmured, “A final move…”

Hellfire. An original spell Russel Raymond created by adding his own essence to a restored Lost Magic.

Russel Raymond. Final Move. Second Form, Fiery Lance.

A lance of roaring flame ignited within his grasp.

Whoosh—. The dragon-devouring mage.


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