Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 250


Dragon devouring mage


Flags numbering in the hundreds fluttered along the extended palisades and tents. Not only the flags indicating the legions under the Empire’s lead but also those symbolizing various noble families and knightly orders. Among them, soldiers armed with spears and swords moved about with visibly wearied expressions.

It couldn’t be helped; the quality of their supplies had been steadily declining due to several supply lines being raided. Not only that, their quantity was also diminishing. This was the reason for the diminished morale and momentum of the Imperial forces.

In the heart of the Imperial camp, a man cloaked in a perfectly blended robe of white and crimson set down his fork and knife with a displeased expression. Clatter— “Tch.”

The man, with a full beard reaching his neck, was none other than Count Heizen. Disgruntled, he muttered as he put aside his cutlery, “Such an inferior meal this is.”

Before him lay a partially sliced steak with garnish and white bread—a meal that ordinary soldiers could not even dream of, yet the expression as he dismissed his cutlery was far from content. And it was to be expected, for Count Heizen was one of the Empire’s nobles and also one of the newfound superhumans with a 7th Circle prowess.

Having reached the realm of superhumans five years ago, he couldn’t remember the last time he had eaten a steak made from meat of such poor quality. “Someone, come take this away…”

His annoyance written all over his face as he attempted to clear away the remaining food, he suddenly stopped mid-sentence, spat upon his plate, and sprinkled sand over it from the ground. Although he intended not to eat it, the mere thought of his men possibly taking a bite filled him with disdain. “Hmph.”

Only after ruining the dish did he open his mouth once again, “The meal is over. Clear it all away.”

As soon as his command was issued, the entrance to the tent fluttered, and a figure entered. “Hmm?”

Expecting one of his subordinates to clear the food, he was confronted by a different person. “…General?”

The new arrival was the army’s commander, General Diol. The general’s face twitched slightly as he took in the sight of the spittle and sand-strewn food.

Diol sighed, restraining his emotions before addressing Count Heizen, “My lord, I have urgent matters to discuss with you.”

“Urgent matters, you say… Please, take a seat.”

Count Heizen knew well what the general would say next, but decided to listen regardless. As expected, Diol’s words were not far from what Heizen had anticipated, “If I’m not mistaken, your task is to eliminate the enemy raiding our supplies.”

The Empire’s forces had called upon superhumans including Heizen, to counteract the separate force of Endymion after communication with Sir Philip, who wielded a sacred artifact, had been lost.

“However… you’ve been sitting idle in camp for days, instead of pursuing the enemy…”

Diol bit back his actual thoughts—accusing Heizen of neglecting his duties in favor of frivolous complaints—and instead pressed, “I’m curious about your thoughts, my lord.”

Count Heizen smirked without uttering a word, fully aware of the general’s unspoken implications. A brusque response followed from the irritated noble, “Indeed, I’m aware, but I have my reasons for not moving.”

“Reasons for not moving?”

He snapped his fingers, and a map, rolled up to one side, unraveled smoothly across the table. “Philip Mason… That foolish man’s failure has made it difficult to predict their movements,” Heizen revealed. Opposed to the initial pattern of raiding supplies, Endymion’s force’s current actions were utterly unpredictable.

“We cannot block them if we don’t know where they’ll strike next.”


Diol nodded, finding sense in Heizen’s words, “Is there really no other way?”

Pondering a moment, Count Heizen offered a solution, “If we can’t pinpoint their location, then we must lure them out.”

“Lure them out?”

“Consider this. Philip Mason. Despite being a notorious fool of the Mason family, he had some ability. He even set out with a sacred artifact but ended up defeated. It’s clear who leads the enemy’s separate force.”

“Russel Raymond…”


Count Heizen grinned, “That tells us that currently, there are no superhuman-level forces with the enemy’s main force.”


General Diol’s eyes widened in realization. “If their main force is attacked, they will have to react, even if reluctantly.”

It did not matter to Heizen, for a sizeable blow could be dealt to the enemy’s main force regardless. With a cunning smile, Count Heizen chuckled while General Diol closed his eyes, reviewing the strategy once again.

The plan had logic and potential, but its success hinged on one condition: if they couldn’t stop that person when he revealed himself to protect his main force, their own side would suffer significant losses instead.

“That child, despite his young age, has reached the pinnacle of superhuman and is a genius. Are you confident you can secure a victory against such an opponent?”

Struggling to retain the words that almost spilled from his throat, General Diol asked, to which Count Heizen’s face contorted sinisterly, his anger flaring up.

“How dare…”

Count Heizen was the deputy tower lord of the esteemed Pyuel Tower and a disciple of Duke Jehecek, feebly suffering from an inferiority complex towards Daria, another mage from the same school of red magic. Perhaps Jehecek’s inferiority had fully transferred to his disciple as well.

“How dare you compare me to such a whelp?”

Magical energy surged, the temperature inside the tent spiked, and the tent’s fabric billowed. Whoosh— The fire, meant for warmth, blazed up abruptly, boiling the water in the kettle placed upon it.

Peep, peep, peep…

Throughout this, General Diol spoke with unshakeable calm, “There was no intent to undermine you, my lord. It’s best to clarify things in my position of responsibility…”


Count Heizen snorted disdainfully, his eyes blazing, “A genius? Don’t make me laugh.”

With a growl in his voice, he spat out his contempt, “A mere mid-twenties. I shall show him there is a sky beyond the sky he knows.”

Flutter, flutter…

A night bird winged its way through the dim moonlit sky, its eyes searching. Flutter, flutter… After some time, it found its target, circled the area, and began to descend slowly.

A hawk adorned with red and black knots on each leg landed gently, received by Hubert, who muttered, “News from the main force.”

Flutter, flutter…

As the bird adjusted its stance, Hubert deftly untied the knots, and while extracting a message, Russell remarked, “To find us so precisely, that’s quite the extraordinary hawk.”

“These birds were trained by the homeland for war purposes. They’re sharp ones, chosen and educated from a young age.”

While speaking, Hubert swiftly untied the message and handed it to Russell, “Please, take a look.”

Though he’s called a convict, Russell was the one leading the separate force. He barely needed a moment to harden his expression after reading the contents.


Through splintering wind, a group raced at high velocity, their agile movements akin to wild beasts leaping through gorges. Such was their speed that their stretched shadows resembled molten sugar.

Amidst their flight, several mages whispered in awe, “This is the acceleration assist magic utilized by the White Tower… A mastery not even most White Tower mages could match… To maintain such speed for an entire night without wavering…”

It was the result of meticulous observation of the magic used by the former White Tower mage, Olive.


As the scenery blurred past them with screeching winds, Hubert spoke, “An encounter battle…”

“I reckon they’ve noticed I’m leading a separate force from the main body, not just the supply issue.”

An encounter battle didn’t entail a massive clash between the full might of the Empire and Endymion. Rather, part of the Empire’s legion was simply closing in on Russell’s main body. Among them was known to be a 7th Circle powerhouse from the Pyuel Magic Tower and his accompanying mage squad.

In Russell’s absence, there was no one qualified in the main force to counter such figures.

‘Can we make it in time?’

That’s why they had traveled non-stop, using acceleration magic throughout the night, ‘If the info in the dispatch is correct, the encounter battle will take place in a plain beyond this gorge…’

Suddenly, sharp psionic waves crossed from the eagle circling high above.

…………………Crush the dogs of Endymion!

……………Advance! Do not yield to the filthy Empire!

Clash, clang, clash!

Amongst these voices, the clamor of clashing spears and swords echoed incessantly. “It seems to be over there!”

Receiving information from his eagle, Russell immediately veered in direction, followed by Hubert and the group of mages. Russell’s figure soared dozens of meters at a leap, and as he propelled himself off a tall rock…


The vast battleground where forces of Endymion and the Empire clashed came into view. Both powers surged towards each other, initiating the encounter battle. The conflict had begun with a thunderous roar.

A mage who had consumed a dragon.


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