Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 249


Dragon devouring mage



The wind blew, making the forest tremble eerily. With it, the robe that had been covering him was swept away.


The black hair that was rare to see on the continent spilled forth, glistening under the pouring moonlight, while the crimson eyes emitted a faint glow.

“Ru, Russell Raymond!”

The unique appearance startled the men who had accompanied Philip Mason, and they shouted in confusion.

A celebrity not only well known across the kingdom but also throughout the empire.

“Could it be…!”

“The one who has been attacking the empire’s supplies is Endymion’s Duke?!”

Had they known, they would have stopped Philip Mason from setting out by any means necessary.

For a superhuman beyond the realms of man, no matter the power of relics, was a formidable foe.

But now that they were face to face.

Even at that moment, Philip Mason could not gather his wits, scraping up the ashes that were scattering.

“My, my treasure…”

“The relic…”

He muttered such things.

Now in his mid-thirties, he seemed too young to be on the brink of superhumanity.

Of course, he was around a decade older than Russell, but that comparison felt inherently flawed.


‘It appears his mental fortitude is severely lacking for someone of his caliber.’

Perhaps because he was raised like a flower in a greenhouse.

Indeed, it wasn’t Philip Mason of high caliber who first regained composure amidst the spreading panic, but his attendants.

“Block him!”

With a veteran’s confidence, a man pulled out his sword and stood in Russell’s way.

“Seven of you, delay him! Two, take the young master and flee!”

The opponent, a superhuman, had no chance in a head-to-head battle.

Thus, they had to sacrifice their lives if necessary to save their young master.

With that decision, the men moved as one.


Without a set plan, their long practice together allowed them to smoothly form a formation against Russell.

“Young master!”

“Excuse us for a moment!”

Taking advantage of the gap, two more scooped up the dazed Philip Mason and fled.


The effort took but an instant. Of course, Russell wouldn’t just stand by and watch.



Accompanied by an eruption of force, one man blocking Russell’s path crumpled to the ground.

Originally, the spell had been aimed at the ‘young master’ who had fled.

One of the men had blocked it with his body.

‘Not lacking in skill, then…’

“Where do you think you’re going!”

The men’s eyes blazed with determination, refusing to let Russell go easily.

Russell sighed softly and conjured his mana.


Several circles rotated, and powerful mana swirled violently in all directions.


“How could such immense energy come from a human body!”

Startled, they coughed up protective auras while Russell moved his finger.

It wasn’t that he had any particular hostility towards these men, nor did he take pleasure in unnecessary and senseless killing.


…it was war.

‘I have no choice but to get rid of them.’

As his thoughts concluded, a vast flame surged from beneath Russell’s feet.

Flames then spread like a tidal wave through the night, driving away the darkness.



Feeling the heat at their backs, one of the fleeing men clenched his teeth.

Their opponent was superhuman.

He knew that his comrades, who had stayed behind, wouldn’t last long against such a foe.


One of them had been their long-standing captain.

His sharp gaze then shifted to Philip, who still had not regained his senses.

‘For this worthless scoundrel…!’

Despite his exceptional skills, his character was the worst.

Philip Mason was nothing like his father, the noble Duke Mason.

If not for loyalty to the Duke, they would’ve abandoned Philip and fled long ago.

Then it happened.


A sharp crack of thunder, and from the sky, a red lightning bolt struck down.


No, it wasn’t lightning but a spear of flame, swift as lightning.

Piercing Philip’s fleeing comrade straight through the chest and impaling him into the earth.


The impaled man couldn’t even utter his last words.

Perhaps his innards were sizzled as well.

Black smoke billowed from his mouth non-stop, and burnt flesh emitted a putrid stench.

‘He’s already…!’

The remaining man panicked and turned.


He instinctively drew his sword, striking at something.


Several magic missiles chasing after him collided with his blade, clanging loudly.

‘What the hell kind of magic missiles are these…!’

Could it be that they packed as much punch as if blocking a mace!

Just as he thought this.

“You’re wide open.”

A chilled voice came from behind him.



A spike erupted from the earth, piercing through the man’s chest.

A spike large enough to tear through his back and leave a part protruding out like a severed head.


His strength left him, and Philip Mason, whom he had been carrying, rolled to the ground.



Tripped over a root, Philip cried out in terror, crawling on the ground.

Finally realizing the predicament, he tried to escape.

But one figure stood in his way.


“You’ve come far enough.”

Unsurprisingly, the figure was Russell.


The man collapsed backwards, fear-filled eyes wide, as he began to speak.

“Do you know who I am…!?”


“I am Philip Mason, the eldest son of the Mason Duke’s house.”

“Philip Mason?”

As if trying to remember, Russell tilted his head.

This seemed to convey a different message to him.

“Yes, that’s right. I’m a noble, so treat me with the proper respect due to a noble…as a war prisoner, then…”

His blathering, irrelevant to Russell, went on; soon Russell recalled where he had heard the name Philip Mason.

‘Ah, I remember hearing rumors about him before regressing.’

The Duke Mason from the empire was fairly known even in Endymion.

The only Bow Master on the continent, and…

‘Undoubtedly a respectable man, despite being an enemy nation.’

But the Duke had one flaw: his son, Philip Mason.

A father’s noble character not inherited at all, as they say, a puppy born from a tiger.

The Duke himself also struggled with his only son.

Resultingly, the character of the raised Philip Mason was wholly distasteful.

Despising his subordinates, forcibly stealing weaker men’s fiancées, and even murdering them.

‘The very embodiment of impunity…’

As he recollected memories of the man, Russell’s eyes grew cold.

‘A pest unworthy of life, regardless of being an enemy.’

This encounter meant definite hostility with Duke Mason, but it mattered not.

They were already enemies, and should they meet, it would surely be on the battlefield.

While Russell organized his thoughts, the man continued to babble nonstop.

“If you respect me, as the eldest son of the Mason family…the family will provide gold…”

Russell grabbed the man’s hair before he could finish his sentence.



The man screamed as a tuft of hair was yanked from his scalp.

Regardless, Russell raised his arm, lifting him by his hair and locking eyes with him.

“I’ve heard tell of Duke Mason raising a puppy as his own child.”

“What, what…?”

Russell’s words struck him like he’d never heard before. But Russell wasn’t finished speaking.

“How terrible the deeds of that puppy are, that even enemies abroad share tales of them.”

“Eek… You! Do you have any idea who I…”


A shockwave burst from Russell’s foot, revealing a Shockwave spread in a localized area!


A gruesome sound as a shinbone, sliced halfway, dangled raggedly.


Even then, the man screamed.

“In this predicament and you’re still unable to discern right from wrong.”

Virtually on par with Span, he was no more worth saving than he was.

Crack, crack, crack!

After a few more powerful strikes, the man spoke, nearly unconscious, finally uttering the words Russell wished to hear.

“Sa… Save me…”

“I ask you…”


A tiger’s roar seemed to mingle with Russell’s voice.

“Did you stop when those women you forced yourself on asked you to?”

The man deserved nothing less than death.

Yet, Russell posed these questions, for one simple reason.

“When the men whose lovers you’d taken pleaded for their release, did you comply?”

The man before Russell was indeed an intolerable human being.

That was the reason.

“One last question.”

Was it the massive amount of qi flowing from Russell or the Dragon Fear mixed in?

The man couldn’t answer, drooling from his mouth, barely conscious, with foam dribbling down his chin.

A foul stench rose as yellowish fluid seeped through his damp trousers.

But regardless, Russell looked at him with disdain and said:

“When they begged you to spare them, did you?”


“Your answer is clear.”


In an instant, the air around converged.

“I won’t kill you.”

Sharper than a blade, a visible wind cutter revealed itself.

Exactly four of them, the precise number needed to cleave off both arms and legs.

“You will live, stuck to the ground like a worm, and atone for the rest of your life.”

Wind Cutter.

A basic 4-circle spell, but rendered by an 8-circle mage, it had the power to rend even steel.

“Of course, that’s if you can survive and return home without your limbs.”

Before the words finished, a geyser of blood spouted high.



Amidst the rich scent of blood, screams reverberated through the forest.

The Dragon Devouring Mage.


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