Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 248


Dragon devouring mage


Heavenly Bow Boreas.

As its name suggests, the Heavenly Bow contains the power of the wind god, Boreas.

Among the Four Winds that represent the gods of wind, Anemoi, Boreas has its etymology rooted in the north wind.

He is known both as a god of wind and as a symbol of ‘savage violence’.

True to that symbolism, the violently powerful Dragon Wind Fist relentlessly pounded the earth without respite.

And it wasn’t just one or two.

Dozens of Dragon Wind Fists, as if a torrent of rain, were pouring down in circles towards the inside of the canyon.

Boom, crash, r-rumble!

Starting small as a knuckle’s thickness, growing to the girth as wide as a grown man’s waist.

Nowhere did anything seem to be on a scale deserving to be called a Dragon Wind Fist.

Of course. The swirling whirlwinds that dazzled the eyes were the result of Dragon Wind Fists being compressed to their limits.

A storm of such power could not only breach the gates in a single blow but also had enough force to bring down the walls.

Even a mere brush would sweep away and tear everything to shreds, not leaving even a corpse intact!

Boreas’s other alias.

The name “Storm Arrow that Never Misses” did not mean it always hit its intended target.

Rather, it meant by sweeping away everything in the area, the intended target would inevitably be caught up in the destruction.

A different kind of fatal attack (必殺).

The atmosphere cried incessantly, hammering the ground.

With each hit, the cliffs stretching on either side trembled as if they would collapse at any moment.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Shockwaves spreading and fissures creeping across the surface.

The ground, weakened by the continuous attack, began to cave beneath where Russell and his companions stood.

‘Each blow is at least of the 6th Circle level…’

Some of them even had the power to rival the very top spells of the 7th Circle.

Creak, crackle.

The shield, structured in hexagonal and cubic forms, began to show cracks.

As violent gales seeped through the cracks, Russell furrowed his brow.


If the shield started to crack, he could simply cast another, but the concern was locating the enemy.

If only he knew from where the attack came, a counterattack could be launched, or he could devise some strategy.

Despite the relentless power of the onslaught, the caster was nowhere to be seen.

‘Where…where are you?’

Russell’s eyes swiftly scanned his surroundings as he heightened his senses, strengthening his shield.


The time it took for an 8th Circle Archmage’s mana sensing domain to extend for several kilometers was truly a mere moment.


But still, he could not find any trace of the caster.


Although the sight was overwhelming, this was not an attack using magic.

It was an attack using a divine artifact (神器) and divine power (神力). Had even a hint of divinity been detected, Russell would have noticed.

However, he could feel no trace of divine power within the storm arrows of the Heavenly Bow.


As Russell glared at the pouring storm, his eyes deepened with determination.

‘Reverse-engineer the magical structure and circuitry to locate the caster.’

He could only conclude this because he had yet not realized the attack was made using divine power, hence he had not sent Pepper out to scout.

‘Even for Pepper, it will take a considerable amount of time to locate a caster who has concealed themselves.’

Why bother when it’s much simpler to do it from here?

The only complication…

‘Is that I have to maintain the shield in the meantime.’

A significant amount of mental focus would be required to analyze and backtrack such powerful magic.

Then, suddenly.

Someone placed a hand on Russell’s shoulder and said,

“You look like you’ve thought of a plan.”

It was Hubert.


“Then go ahead and try. If you are worried about maintaining the shield, we shall help.”

“We? If…”

Bewildered by the voice, others behind Hubert began to speak.

“We also know a little of magic…”

“Though individually our power may not be enough…”

“At least for a while…”

Voices that were not entirely audible over the roaring winds.

Still, a small smile appeared on Russell’s face.

He clearly understood what they were trying to convey.

“Then I’ll be counting on you.”

Of course, their power alone wouldn’t completely stop the storm.

But at least, it could lessen the burden placed on him.

“Join the effort.”

Prompted by Hubert’s call, various kinds of mana began to cover Russell’s shield.

The pressure felt by Russell significantly decreased, and he took a deep breath.


Breath deeply drawn into his lungs.

The moment he widened his eyes, previously closed, his pupils, slit vertically, were exposed.

His amber eyes (琥珀眼) glittered like jewels as he lifted his head.

He stared at the storm covering the sky with draconic eyes.

‘Here we go…’

The moment his power touched the storm, it scattered into dozens, hundreds of pathways.


What Russell sought was the swirling flow of mana and the connection to the caster on the other end.

His consciousness expanded swiftly, following the dispersing mana.

Even through the turbulent storm of mana, his mental fortitude and analytical ability showed no signs of faltering.

Thanks to his past growth in analyzing Hellfire.

After some time sifting through the currents of mana, Russell’s consciousness finally connected to something at the end.

‘This is…!’

Only then did Russell’s face twist menacingly as he grasped the true nature of the giant attack.

‘Divine power!’

It was then he realized — much too late — that this was no ordinary magic, but an assault consisting of divine power!


As he hastened to retract his consciousness, something massive began to pour in through the thin connection.


It was the divine power within the Heavenly Bow, left by the god Boreas.

The savage, violent god’s divinity, like a raging torrent, rushed towards Russell.

It was too late to retract his consciousness, and with a crash!

Russell’s consciousness collided with Boreas’s divine power, bringing excruciating pain that nearly ripped his mind apart.

Had he not clenched his teeth, his ethereal form might have scattered to oblivion.

Not only that.



With blood spurting from his mouth as impact reached his body, the alarmed shouts from Hubert and the mage corps followed, but he had no room to attend to them.

Any moment of carelessness could lead to his consciousness being shredded by the savage divine power.

‘This is no ordinary divine artifact then?’

The god in question, a prestigious Olympian wind god, bears a significant divine stature.

Moreover, the divinity within the artifact is extraordinary.

By any means inferior to Arachne’s sewing kit.

‘To counter such divinity…’

Russell, too, must exert his entire willpower.

But that would cause the shield to vanish, leaving himself and his surrounding mages victims to near-total annihilation.

In a critical crisis.

Meanwhile, Boreas’s divine power continued to ruthlessly consume Russell’s consciousness.

Absence of will, just raw force and violence—such divinity saw the 8th Circle Mage’s mind as nothing more than delicious prey.

And then, at that moment.

Something within Russell stirred to life.


As if provoked by Boreas’s divine power, it growled menacingly and roared to life.

‘What is this?!’

As it burst from within Russell, it opened its vast maw wide.

It bit into Boreas’s divine power.




‘This is—!’

The moment the power within him devoured Boreas’s divinity, Russell became aware of its true nature.

‘Divine power…!’

It was indeed divine power.

It bore a might far more arrogant and formidable than Boreas’s own.

But was there a basis for such arrogance?


With a chilling ripping sound, the divine power sprung from Russell’s body engulfed Boreas’s, then swelled even further.

The released divine power returned to Russell’s inner depths, and the newly awakened holiness radiated throughout his body.


A golden luminescence faintly encircled Russell before fading away.

The same radiance that had appeared above the camp the night before. Amidst it, Russell pondered why he possessed such divinity.

‘Dragon God King (龍神王).’

The ruler of all dragons and a god in awe.

He was the descendant and successor of such a Dragon God King. It wouldn’t be strange if he had inherited divinity.

‘The catalyst…was it then?’

When imitating Brahmastra, striving to contain even a shred of its echoes.

That explosion that occurred.

Perhaps that divinity had resided within him ever since.

As evidence, the [???] icon distorted and a new alarm rose.

[You awaken to the divinity (神聖) of the Dragon Emperor (龍帝).]

In the middle of this, Russell moved a finger surreptitiously.

As he lifted his head, he saw the storm that had filled the sky above the canyon had vanished.

Sustained by both divinity and divine power, the storm had been stripped away.

‘There would be no storm left.’

He could not foresee what changes the divinity within him would bring forth.

But what needed to be done now was clear.


Russell turned his head. The direction of the power that connected moments before the clash with divinity had been firmly noted.

“Your… Highness?”

Noticing a subtle change, even a touch of reverence, in Russell who seemed different, Hubert murmured nervously.

“Just a moment—

Before he could finish, Russell’s form disappeared from the spot.

“—I’ll be back.”

Echoing as if a mere afterimage, the last sound left by Russell dispersed in the wind.




Sudden agony struck the man clutching the Heavenly Bow to his knees.

His name was Philip Mason, the eldest son of the famed Mason archery family in the Empire.

Though not yet a Master, it was said he might reach that level within a few years—a rising challenger.

Moreover, his father was the Empire’s sole Bow Master.

And the reason he possessed such a divine artifact, the Heavenly Bow, was precisely because of that.

“Young Master!”

“—Young Master!”

As Philip clutched his chest in agony, figures previously hidden in the dark emerged and surrounded him.

Meanwhile, Philip shuddered his fingertips.

“What, what was that just now, what…”

Having heard rumors that the Endymion forces might attack this place’s supply lines today, he even borrowed the artifact with hopes of achieving glory.

“What on earth…”

His muttering broke off.

For a reason all too clear.

In an instant, the pain transmitted from Boreas had mercilessly shredded through his heart and mind.

Following that was a sensation of being drained, as if his soul was being torn out.

His spirit connected to Boreas, and with Boreas’s divinity so ruthlessly stripped away, his spirit couldn’t escape unscathed.

That’s when it happened.

“Young Master, the Heavenly Bow?!”

Alerted by a retainer’s cry, Philip looked up, drooling from his mouth.

“The Heavenly Bow… why is the Heavenly Bow…?”

He saw the once massive, silvery bow crumble into black ash.

“A family heirloom… why is our divine artifact…?!”

The divinity that had sustained its existence as a divine artifact had vanished.

“It cannot be. This cannot be!”

In desperation, he tried to gather the dispersing ashes, but doing so wouldn’t bring back the torn divinity.

And the next moment.

“I’ve found you.”

A voice chillingly sliced through the wind.

The Mage who Devoured the Dragon.


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