Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 246


Dragon devouring mage


Lost Magic.

That was the term used to refer to the remnants of a mythological era that had been lost or forgotten by the magicians of this age.

From the Anti Magic Shell, which prohibited all forms of magic below the 8th Circle in the surrounding areas, to the Glory of Fury…

Hell Fire was one of the words representative of that Lost Magic.

The prowess of Hell Fire was as heinous as its name implied.

‘A hellfire in the truest sense…’

According to oral tradition, ancient transcendents who used Hell Fire extensively caused even the sea level to drop momentarily.

It was an intense heat that desiccated every bit of moisture in the body upon approach, leaving muscles and bones to disintegrate into nothingness.

It was no coincidence that Daria, the greatest pyromancer of this era, could not reproduce its temperature and drew upon the flames of Muspelheim.

What made Hell Fire truly fearsome was that its power focused not only on temperature.

‘Flames that could burn life and even the soul.’

Once transferred, Hell Fire’s flames continued to burn until they completely consumed the life and soul of its target.

To stop it, one would have to either cut off the affected parts…

‘Or eradicate the flames with overwhelming magical power.’

Avoiding being hit was one method, of course, but nevertheless…


Russel placed his fingertips on the scroll where Hell Fire was inscribed.

He then began to feed it with his magic.


The scroll contained a faint level of magic, too weak to manifest the spell.

Russel’s intent was not to activate Hell Fire, but to analyze its magical structure and circuits.

The power he poured in flowed along the magic circle and its inherent magic circuits.

Russel’s concentration surged.

Following the flow of magic, he memorized the circuits, pulling formulas and techniques through them.

Instead of creating magic through formulas and techniques and arranging circuits, he was engaged in the pinnacle of reverse calculation, extracting formulas and techniques from already constructed circuits!

This was akin to unraveling finished cotton fabric thread by thread to infer not only the original form of the plants but also their growing environment, a bizarre feat.

Russel was accomplishing such a complex task as if it were nothing.

Even more so, with 8th Circle Lost Magic as the subject.

Had ordinary magicians witnessed this scene, they would have exclaimed in astonishment with their mouths agape!


But Russel, who was achieving this, only breathed quietly.

Hell, or the netherworld.

Perhaps because he was borrowing flames from another world.

‘It’s somewhat similar to summoning magic.’

Being familiar with handling spirits, Russel encountered familiar spellcraft behind the new formulas.

As these formulas surged chaotically, they engulfed Russel’s consciousness like a flood, and soon after…


The sound of waves receded as Russel’s consciousness sank into the sea of formulas, deep and bottomless.


At that moment, Baron Donovan, who was entering the tent for his next report, caught sight of Russel and staggered in shock.


He covered his mouth with his hand to stifle his astonishment and quieted his footsteps.

He had perceived that Russel’s state was different from usual.

Though not schooled in magic, he had enough awareness to recognize that.

Russel’s focused figure, eyes closed, engrossed in something.

‘What an astounding concentration.’

He saw space warping along Russel’s shoulders due to the heat emanating from his body, causing a mirage.

It was then.


Behind Russel, a ring of flames formed, out of which a small, red dragon-like creature emerged.

A young dragon with two pairs, four wings, appeared.

Next, a bluish glow gathered around Russel’s wrist, and a blue quadruped dragon species revealed itself.



The two dragons encircled Russel protectively.

They took their places, spewing aggression.


Their demeanor seemed to warn against approaching any further.

‘His Majesty mentioned controlling spirits. Indeed…’

The beings seemed closer to dragons than spirits, but Donovan, with his limited knowledge, could only think so.



Trying not to agitate the two dragons any more than necessary, Baron Donovan quietly exited the tent.

He then called the surrounding soldiers together.

“Do not let anyone enter the tent for the time being. If anyone asks, say it’s an order from me.”

And for matters that need addressing, seek me out instead of His Majesty, he finished with these instructions.


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