Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 245


Dragon devouring mage



“Charge, charge in!”

“Block them, block I say!”

“But first, deal with these damned flame brats!”

The clash of those attempting to break through versus those defending was relentless, and the shrill clang of metal resounded everywhere.

Ching-chang, tatatatatang!

Officers fought tenaciously, and the swords of knights collided, sending up sparks.

Amidst the melée, hundreds of soldiers thrusting and parrying with their spears resembled the crashing of titanic waves.



With cries of rage and screams of anguish swelling in every direction, Endymion’s forces gradually forced their way through the city gates and into the interior.

Seizing control bit by bit, like playing a game of territorial capture.

Though the advance was slow, like dye diffusing through water, the fortress took on the hue of Endymion’s banners.

Given enough time, even the impregnable fortress of Trevian could fall.

Russell squinted at the sight.

‘The problem is the loss of our own forces.’

Considering this was more than a battle for a single fortress, preserving the strength of their own side was crucial.

Although they had a significantly larger force, fighting within the fortress limited their numbers.

‘To end the battle as quickly as possible…’

Russell’s eyes darted across the battlefield, scanning rapidly.

Then, he spotted someone amidst the soldiers, shouting orders.

With a whoosh—

Russell leapt like lightning.


He landed with the swiftness of thunder before the man, a cloud of dust rising to the height of a grown man’s head.

Through the settling dust, Russell’s figure made Count Mayhem shiver uncontrollably.

“You, you are…”


A gust of wind rose, and before the sentence was finished, dozens of swirling vortices appeared above the dust cloud.

Then, as Russell flicked his fingertips, these whirlwinds transformed into sharp arrows and shot towards Count Mayhem like bolts.


Unlike ordinary arrows, these magical projectiles followed bizarre trajectories, each headed inexorably towards their target.

“Impossible, you—”

Recognizing Russell’s intention too late, Count Mayhem gritted his teeth.


A faint blue light started to shimmer along his blade.

Though not a complete manifestation of sword qi, it was an assured display of aura!


The wind arrows and the sword clashed, ringing out like a bell without end.

The lord of Trevian Fortress proved his skill was no mere title.



Russell’s arrows, so long as there was wind, could be indefinitely replenished.

Whiz, tatatatatang!

There were simply too many arrows to handle.

Flick, drip-drip—

Mayhem’s skin split where the arrows grazed, blood seeping out as his grip on his sword weakened, and just as he faltered…


Scorching heat cleaved through the wind arrows.

‘Burning Blade.’

Magic that molded the heat from his fingertips into the form of a blade and thrust it forward.

Slash—sizzle sizzle!

Combined with the sharp sounds of cutting, something seemed to combust—

“And so falls Count Mayhem.”

The world seemed to flip upside down as he felt a sensation of weightlessness, a chilling cold enveloped him.

His vestibular canals swirled, and his body felt disjointed with a sense of vertigo.

What he saw was his own body, severed at the neck, falling towards the ground—

‘My body, why is it there…?’

Before he could comprehend, a brutal grip seized his hair.


According to military tactics Russell had reviewed on his way to battle, there were several ways to crush enemy morale.

Overwhelming force, victorious duels of leaders, among others…

And though most seemed simple enough, even for the uninformed, beheading the enemy commander was certainly one of them.

Slash—sizzle sizzle!

Mayhem’s decapitated head rose through the air, eyes bulging in shock, and Russell, reaching out with a brutal grip, seized it.

“The lord has fallen…”

“The lord has perished…”

Despair rippled out from the point of battle like waves.

This was the emotion Russell had sought – the next step was to spread this feeling across the entire battlefield and fortress.

Russell, collecting his thoughts, launched himself forward.


Landing atop the fortress’ highest tower with graceful agility.

“There, there he is—”

A few officers, noticing too late, fired arrows, but Russell reached the top of the spire before they could reach him.

Thunk thunk thunk—

The arrows merely bounced off the barrier, and Russell, now at the pinnacle, grasped the imperial standard planted there.

With one hand clutching the banner and the other holding the head of Count Mayhem, Russell bellowed.

“Count Mayhem, once lord of this fortress, has met his end!”

Rumble, rumble—

His voice, infused with magic, rumbled across the entire fortress like thunder.



Flames erupted from Russell’s hand, swiftly consuming the imperial standard in a blaze.

Not satisfied with that, the fire soared into the sky—


Rising flames morphed into the insignia of the Endymion royal family, dyeing the sky red.

Sizzle, sizzle—

“Those who surrender—”

As if a sunset had made an unexpected appearance, Russell roared once more beneath the blood-red sky.

“May yet keep their lives!”

News of Russell’s conquest of Trevian Fortress reached even the capital of Endymion.

“To penetrate an impregnable fortress in a mere day, with just one battle…”

At the unbelievable report, even the King murmured with a flick of his tongue.

Regrettably, not all news could be good.

Tales from all over the front lines tempered their happiness.

“Seventy-two engagements occurred; in forty-seven of these, we successfully breached the empire’s defenses and proceeded inward. Fifteen battles remain stalemated, while the rest continue their clashes. Your Majesty.”

The Defense Minister’s report slightly twisted the King’s expression.

It was a victory in more than sixty percent of the battlegrounds.

If only they could revel in the news of triumph, but knowledge of the enemy thwarted such simple joy.

“Is it not all too easy?”

This war’s ease was a concern.

“Has a war with the empire ever been this effortless?”

For hundreds of years, these two great powers had waged war more than ten times.

If the past had been this easy, the empire would have crumbled long ago.

“Moreover, their vaunted supers and countless undeads have yet to appear on the battlefield.”

The King faltered before turning to Hemingway, who stayed to defend the capital.

“Have we received any particular intelligence from the empire?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Hemingway responded with a respectful bow.

“While we have reports of undead being redeployed from the border to the rear, no further information has come.”



With the completion of the Tower Lord’s report, sighs echoed.

Joy over battlefield victories and heroic exploits was marred by ignorance of enemy maneuvers.

Eventually, King Alfonso Latmos sighed, decreeing,

“Send a commendation for their achievements, and alongside it, an advisory on the issue, instructing them to remain vigilant.”

A victory was a victory, albeit tinged with an uneasy satisfaction.

And so, the war between the two continental powers of Endymion and Britannia was announced.

* * *

A few hours after taking Trevian Fortress, Russell sat inside a hastily erected tent, examining a pile of magic scrolls.

These included some of the 8th circle magic scrolls obtained from the lair of the Black Dragon, spells recorded therein.

Though his magical prowess rivaled an 8th circle master, his true proficiency was merely at its threshold.

‘To adapt to this new realm, diligence is key.’

Hence his reason for deciphering the scrolls—the intent to deepen his understanding of the 8th circle.

After some time had passed,


With a rustle and a deliberate cough from beyond the tent,


At Russell’s permission, Baron Donovan entered, offering a military salute.


“Strategist Baron Donovan, reporting to His Grace as instructed.”

Russell acknowledged the salute with a nod.

“The first matter is casualties. Our forces suffered a total of seven hundred seventy-seven, including two hundred and seven dead, and injuries ranging from severe to minor….”

The relatively low casualty count from taking Trevian Fortress was encouraging.


‘Life cannot be measured in degrees of severity.’

Russell, lips twisting bitterly, asked Donovan,

“What is to be done with the recovered bodies of the dead and those with serious injuries?”

“Typically, some forces would stay behind with them until reinforcement arrives, as they’ll handle further procedures. However…”

Even for the dead, Endymion had a system to ensure their bodies could return home.

Donovan trailed off before adding,

“In this case, it seems right for our main force to remain until the follow-up troops arrive.”

“Due to the surrendered enemies?”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

The report stated approximately three thousand had surrendered; nearly half of the empire’s forces in Trevian.

The others had either fallen to Russell’s magic in battle, or were executed for failing to surrender.

“Three thousand…”

To monitor them until the next force arrived, they’d need at least five thousand men.

Better to rest and regroup than wait for reinforcements to take charge.

“When are the reinforcements expected?”

“In three days.”

Three days—a critical span in war, seemed manageable given the swift capture of Trevian.

“Understood. We shall follow your suggestion, Baron.”

After the meeting, alone in his seat, Russell leaned back in contemplation.


Six thousand imperial troops, even with a geographic advantage, couldn’t halt Endymion’s massive army.

‘The empire must realize this.’

They hadn’t even deployed their vaunted Supers to face the legions.

Puzzling over these inscrutable thoughts several times,

Russell bowed his head.

‘There’s no immediate answer to ponder.’

Instead, he’d better focus on the tasks at hand.

‘The next three days.’

Estimating the time he had, Russell picked up one of the scrolls spread before him.

[Hell Fire]

Red script blazed before his eyes like flames.

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