Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 244


Dragon devouring mage



The avalanche recreated by the Frost Storm heavily pressed down upon the region.

Due to the aftereffects of the earthquake, the already weakened earth vibrated as if it could collapse at any moment.

Within a radius of several hundred meters… no, kilometers, the Frost Storm blanketed the area, with blue magical light flickering incessantly, dazzling the eyes.

Kureung, kuruureung-

Wild Charge.

It was due to the lightning that Russel had imbued, rampaging wildly within the Frost Storm and causing discharges.

The magical backflow that occurred with the dissolution of the formation.

Above it, lightning struck down, instantly unfolding a situation akin to hell on earth.



“Sa, save me…!”

But none of their screams could escape the Frost storm.

The sonorous rumbling created by the Frost Storm completely blocked their cries.

Jeok, jeojeokjeok-

Along with the frost that formed over the split and shattered earth, a thin layer of ice began to overlay the ground.

The densely enveloping Frost Storm was like a wall, not only obstructing sound but also blocking any line of sight from the outside.

Count Mayhem, who was overseeing the direction of the battle from atop the castle, shouted in frustration.

“How, what is happening!?”

In response to his question, a soldier, who had been trying to peer into the Frost Storm with a telescope, hesitated momentarily before replying.

“That, that’s…nothing.”


“Nothing is visible.”


Displeased with the answer, Count Mayhem roughly swung his hand.

He almost forcefully took the telescope from the soldier.

Desperately, he turned his head toward the direction of the Frost Storm.

That very moment.

“I’m not sure what you’re looking at.”

A voice was heard.

With the sound of something descending, a sudden shadow blocked the sunlight, obstructing the Count’s view.

“Shouldn’t you be paying attention to something else right now?”

“Who in blazes are you…?!”

Black hair, red eyes.

Looking up, the image of a young man, just as described in the intelligence reports, could be seen precariously standing on the edge of the castle wall.

Despite the biting wind enough to make one lose balance and fall, he stood without a hint of trembling.

“How, how did you get here so quickly…”

Just moments ago, he was clearly below the city wall, fighting on the plains.

It hadn’t even been a minute since the Frost Storm had engulfed the area.

Could he have flown here in that time?

The Count mumbled in disbelief and quickly stepped back.

“What are you doing! The enemy commander has delivered himself to us!”


“If we let him go now, the nickname ‘Impregnable Fortress’ will cry in shame!”

Drawing the sword at his waist, he shouted.

“Kill him-!”


With a roar filled with hostility, the soldiers on the city wall thrust their spears at Russel in unison.

A barrage of spears as dense as the barrage of arrows or magic.

From within that, the blades of the officers, including Count Mayhem, rushed at Russel like beams of light.



Spears and swords from all directions except the rear flew at him.

To avoid this attack, one would inevitably have to jump off the city wall and throw themselves backwards!

‘Even if we can’t kill him, we can at least push him outside the castle walls!’

That was the moment Count Mayhem thought so.

Hwarak, hwarak-!

In a sensation that seemed to stretch time, Russel’s flowing robe fluttered.


Dozens of arms of flames emerged from within, gripping the spears and swords that rushed toward them.


The dwarves made of flame crawled out from the inflated robe interior, each of them opening their mouths.

Hwarak, hwaralak-.

Daria Snowwhite.


Log Dwarves.

As the blade of the spear and the sword held firm in the dwarves’ grip whitened from the intense heat, blood-red molten metal dripped down.

The heat transferred along the spear shaft.


“My, my hand!”

The soldiers, trained to endure pain, unknowingly dropped their spear shafts on the ground due to the scorching agony searing their palms.

Jjeolleong, jjeolleong-!

A clamor of metallic sounds and screams erupted from various places.

Regardless of the uproar, the dwarves made of flames continuously emerged from the bloated interior of Russel’s robe.

Ten, twenty, thirty, and in an instant, the number grew to hundreds. The dwarves swiftly occupied a part of the city wall.

Hwarak, hwaralak-.

Russel’s serene voice echoed.


No sooner had the command fallen, the flame dwarves scattered in all directions.




“Kill, kill them!”


“The, the fire, it’s spreading!”

“Those who are wounded, fall back! Water, bring water!”

“My leg, my leg is…!”

Cries and orders from the soldiers, along with a few commanding shouts, filled the area.

A scene of terrifying chaos.

No other terms than ‘Asura’s battleground’ or ‘abject pandemonium’ could better describe the sight.

Hundreds of dwarves made of flame rampaged indiscriminately.

With every swing of their fiery spears and swords, soldiers of the Empire were washed away in an instant.


The dwarves’ breath and body temperature, along with the red-hot spears of flame, boiled the air. Not only that, but it pierced through the chest of an oncoming soldier.


Blood vessels and muscles leading to the heart snapped, and a fierce heat spread through his whole body.


Blood evaporated in an instant, and a bright red vapor rose.

“Ke, keuk…”

With internal organs cooking from the inside, black smoke billowed from their gaping mouths.

A fatal wound that could mean immediate death, or even if survived, living the same life as before would be impossible.


“How dare they hurt Thompson!”

“Die, you monster!”

Not missing the opportunity, a few soldiers clenched their teeth and rushed in. Immediately, their cast spears penetrated a dwarf and, puuk!


Flame surged along the trajectory of the pierced spear.

But that was all.

Hwarak, hwaralak?

The speared dwarf tilted its head in confusion, as if it didn’t know what was happening.

“What, what…?!”

“Why won’t these creatures die!”

Unless the core of their magical power is destroyed, such magical traits wouldn’t fade.


With several spears stuck in its body as if adorned with flowers, the dwarf moved freely, ignoring the spears.


At that moment, flames accompanied the dwarf’s motions, and it embraced a nearby soldier.


With a scream, a soldier was instantly turned into a charred corpse.


The dwarf, unbothered by turning the soldier into a cinder, slowly rose from the remaining embers.

“This is…”

“That witch’s…”

A few veterans who had seen Daria’s magic on the battlefield long ago trembled in their beards.

For good reason, this magic was a nightmare, indelibly etched into the memories of the people of the Empire.

Unless they were aura practitioners who had mastered the skill of infusing their swords with mana, ordinary soldiers stood no chance against this army of flames!

Of course, this place was once known as an impregnable fortress.

Even in its current state, there were many skilled fighters who could imbue their swords with mana and even wield sword energy.


Hwarl, a…g…!

As one of the knights vigorously swung his sword, a flames dwarf that had been caught in the motion vanished on the spot without a chance to squeak a final breath.

This marked the beginning, and soon flags of counterattack began to rise from inside the castle.

Russel’s magic transformed.

Hwarak, hwaralaralak!

Several dwarves who had been scattering to wage battle suddenly changed direction and started running towards one place.

Tadak, tadadadadak-!

That was the direction of another flames dwarf, and hwaralak!

Dozens of dwarves leaping and overwhelming that single dwarf in an instant!


A majestic roar shook the entire region.

Daria Snowwhite.

Originality, Transformation.

The King of the Log Giants.


With the roar and movement of the giant king, the scorching flames washed over various parts of the castle like a tide.

Moreover, flames soared into the sky after completely burning one of the towers.



The number of giant kings created was not one but two.

“This monstrous creature…!”

At the sight that defied belief, one of the imperial officers muttered in despair.

Half a beat later.

“All troops! Charge!”

The sound of drums came from outside the castle.

Dong, dong, dong, dong, dong-


“His Grace the Duke has breached the castle!”

“Protect His Grace the Duke!”


Endymion’s soldiers charged across the plains that had been quieted by the Frost Storm.




……………………Die, just die!

Beyond the area blanketed by the Frost Storm, Baron Donovan perked his head, hearing the distant commotion and screams from within the castle walls.

“This is…”

─Once the head-on clash is over, my magic will obscure their vision.

Right before going into the fray, Russel had left these words, now flashing through his mind.

─Once you hear an uproar from inside the castle, move the troops.

Even with the impending battle, the troops had been moved up to halfway across the plains for this very reason.

“Being ready to move our forces at any moment…!”

“Could he have foreseen this situation from the beginning─!”

“Was this the scenario in his mind when he first entered the clash?”

The strategists belatedly realized Russel’s plan and murmured in astonishment.


Sharp footsteps.

Baron Donovan drew the sword from his waist, chiding himself.

“This is no time to stand idle.”

There was one reason he had climbed his way up to the position of tactician in the army.

To avenge his son, who had been sacrificed in a long-past war with the Empire.


The Frost Storm slowly began to dissipate.

“If we don’t move the troops now…”

Gazing at the top of the Treven Castle, which was now faintly visible beyond the storm, he spat out his words.

“His Grace the Duke will be bringing everything to an end.”

Moments later.

Dong, dong, dong, dong, dong-.

“All troops─!!!”

With the sound of drums, Endymion’s army began its advance.

“─March forward!!!”

The noise of tens of thousands of feet thundered across the plains, rushing forth.


The key stronghold of Treven Castle, once thought impregnable or even an iron fortress.

Was crumbling in just one day.

At the hand of a single man.

The mage who devoured a dragon.


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