Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 243


Dragon devouring mage


“Like a damned thunderous bear…!”

Brick Boar, the youngest of the White Grim Reapers, ground his teeth, murmuring under his breath. The magic power that surged with his anger instantly stimulated the mana in the vicinity.


A chilling gale blew as though it would tear apart one’s flesh, something that would have been considered formidable in the past…


Now that Russell has reached the realm of the 8th Circle, this level of threat was no different from a mild breeze.

Should Brick make the mistake of stepping forward, unable to hold back his rage, he would be met with a decisive blow that would send him tumbling down.

And then, it happened.


The eldest, Stro Boar, extended a hand, stopping his brash younger brother in his tracks.

“It’s but a mediocre formation. Do not act recklessly.”

He spoke, his gaze fixated on Russell’s left hand, the very hand that had been ready to deliver a swift blow should Brick lurch forward.

‘Even among 6th Circle wizards, there’s a difference between the Tower Master and the rest.’

Russell gave a wry smile, retracting his magic power, as Stro Boar stepped forward.

As if he planned to face Russell himself, he advanced and spoke.

“Young one. I understand what you’re curious about, but we see no reason why we would need to provide an answer.”


“At least, we are not about to be trampled by the likes of a youngster like you.”

His voice resonated with clear intent, and the movements of the Galmanium White Tower’s mages behind changed accordingly.

The moment Stro Boar moved forward, they spread out to the sides, arrayed like the wings of a giant bird.

Then, the flow of magic power began to concentrate from them, originating from Stro Boar’s heart, the echo of the winds growing more intense.


His presence was like a giant storm encapsulated within a magic circle.

“Formation, was it? Among those ancient techniques of the East, there are indeed fascinating ones.”

Within the maelstrom, Stro Boar revealed a sneering smile, and spoke.

“This formation is rather curious, as it can conjure illusions of giant storms or tidal waves with a mere arrangement of stones… and some can even pool the power of many into a single individual.”


Russell now grasped their strategy.

They were funneling the magic power of dozens into a single individual via that ‘formation.’


The atmosphere ripped apart with a thunderous roar.

A massive pillar of wind appeared to embody the magnitude of the magic power held by Stro Boar, striking down behind him.

Stro Noar laughed heartily in face of the swirling Dragon-Fist Wind that seemed to lift a giant’s head.

“Hahaha. Hahahahaha!”

All the magical power, including that of his two younger brothers and the wizards under them, was his.

His sense of accomplishment in reimagining the Eastern trickery into scholarly magic was evident, and he was drunk on the arrogance of possessing magic power that far exceeded twice that of a 6th Circle magician.

“This is the breadth that the scholarly pursuit of magic encompasses, you child!”



Stro Boar was the first to launch an attack. He swung his hand sideways, and—


Compressed wind, a mass of magic power shaped like a sword, grazed past Russell’s head as if it were lightning itself.

A few strands of hair cut by the whirling force turned to dust, and with a rattle,

The Sword of Wind spilled forth a sharp gale in all directions from where it fell.

It was as keen as the sword qi generated by an Aura practitioner, carving the earth haphazardly, revealing its innards, and splitting wide open.

The devastated range extended for tens of meters. If one were to be struck directly, it would not be the earth torn apart, but Russell’s body.

While its power was of an average 6th Circle magician, the issue was the volume of the mage’s mana.

“Ha. You dodge quite well for a little mouse!”

Immediately after his words, dozens of Wind Swords, just like the one before, encircled and assaulted Russell from all directions.

Despite unleashing magic of such magnitude repeatedly, he still had enough mana to not even falter in his breath—a vast amount of power indeed.

Facing the oncoming Wind Swords, Russell reached out with his fingertips.


He intercepted the Wind Swords with equally numerous spears of flame.


The spears and swords collided, blasting explosive heat and wind in all directions.


The wind gusted with such force, it felt as though the wooden flagpoles would snap like twigs.


Baron Donovan and a few others could not resist the gust and were pushed back several steps.

Not just Baron Donovan.

The troops, preparing by Russell’s command, also staggered heavily.

“Uh, ugh!”

“What kind of aftereffects from a battle reach this far!”

The resounding thunder, the faint trembling of the ground, and the rising currents of hot air whirled sand and dust, obscuring the view.

Within that turmoil, Russell prepared his next spell.

7th Circle magic, five-fold Keraunos.


Amidst the ominous thunderclouds, blue magic radiance pooled, and, just as the power to cleave cliffs in one strike concentrated, Russell gestured downward.

From the sky, he summoned the Spear Strike of the Thunder God.

In that moment—

“Humph, where do you think you’re going!”

As if prepared, Stro Boar deflected the attack with wind.


The atmosphere itself roared as the swirling Dragon-Fist Wind spiraled upwards, starting from the ground to the sky.

Wind surging from earth, and lightning crashing from heaven!

The moment the two spells collided, plasma formed, and vivid magic luminance adorned all directions.


A clash of mighty powers!


To everyone’s astonishment, Stro Boar from the Galmanium Tower emerged victorious from the contest.


The furious storm engulfed the lightning. Seizing that instant, Russell snapped his fingers once more.

As if a hammer struck an anvil, successive lightning fell upon the first, striking it with force.


The impact disseminated the lightning in all directions, lashing the ground below.

Scattered Lightning, the net-like diffusion of lightning, continued unceasingly, encircling Stro Boar and the entire Galmanium White Tower contingent.

Crack, crackle—!

The circling and encroaching lightning, along with the sparks and smoke that rose without pause.

“Tricks and gimmicks…!”

Enraged by the tightening ring of thunder, Stro Boar ground his teeth and surged his magic power.


As lightning struck against a wall of wind, and the White Tower’s formation wavered with groans emerging from various locations.



As moans echoed around, Russell’s eyes quickly scanned the formation.

‘I see the method now.’

All magic power within the formation was focused on Stro Boar, but its members shared the shockwaves.

That must have been how they were able to withstand 7th Circle magic with only a 6th Circle spell.

To verify this, Russell had opted to disperse the storm with lightning instead of piercing through it decisively.

‘Now that I understand the structure… perhaps I should analyze, dissect, and tear apart the formation piece by piece?’

The idea crossed his mind, but Russell soon shook his head.


Doing so would show the old man the difference in class between magicians.

But this was a battlefield.

It was a place where it was more critical to boost one’s allies’ morale and demoralize the enemy, rather than demonstrating a difference in class.

‘So, in that case…’

Overwhelm with sheer power.

While using 8th Circle magic would be straightforward, there was no need.

‘If I keep hammering them with 7th Circle spells, the individuals composing the formation will eventually falter.’

Besides, there were other ways to demonstrate the gap in class.


Magic radiated toward the ground, instantly churning the surrounding terrain.


The soot lines, spread like branches from earlier lightning strikes, began to crack apart.

The earth convulsed chaotically, as—

“Ah, aahh!”

Amid the unraveling and shifting scenery—

Galmanium Tower mages screamed as they were assailed by boulders and shattered rock.

“Hold the formation!”

The second brother, Wood Boar, shouted out with a fierce voice.

If any part of their ranks broke rank, the magic power concentrated on Stro Boar could be severed.

Yet, Russel’s spellwork wasn’t done.

“…O ruler of the bitter cold, breathe your breath before me. Frost Avalanche—!”

As the 7th Circle mass spell unfolded, the heated atmosphere, previously aflame with fire and lightning, cooled with startling frigidity.


The sky, gathered to summon lightning, stirred ominously as snow plunged down.

The cascading snow created a blizzard on the ground, skidding its way across—


7th Circle ice magic, Frost Avalanche.

He condensed the scope of an avalanche rolling down a mountain and replicated it upon the surface, sliding rapidly forward!

“What on earth…!”

“Frost, following fire and thunder attributes, not to mention earth, now ice as well?!”

Indeed, it was possible to utilize all those elements. But at such a swift casting speed and completion!

Astonished, they watched as Russell flicked his fingers.

“Run wild. Wild Charge.”

Rumble, rumble—!

Blue magic radiance burst amidst the tidal wave of snow.

Dozens of lightning bolts, formed from magic, coursed through, unfurling their power.

A vast storm, made of frost and lightning, raged and enveloped Stro Boar and the Galmanium White Tower mages in a fierce howl.


To repel magic of such force with mere 6th Circle spells, an overwhelming amount of mana was required!

“Power… give me more magic power!”

Stro Boar squeezed out the mana from his subordinates as if it was his own.


“Master, our Tower Master…?!”

As a vast amount of mana drained away in an instant, lower Circle mages clutched their chests, collapsing on the spot.

The illusion of their hearts being ripped out was overwhelming.

Their depleted circles twisted wildly in pain, crying out.

Yet, Stro Boar continued to greedily extract mana from his peers without hesitation.


“Brother, Brother!”

“More, give me more mana!”

Ignoring even the desperate cries of his younger siblings, he formed a massive wind of mana, pushing against Russell’s spell—until a realization struck.



A voice emerged right beside him.

“So, if pushed beyond limits, it even wrings out life force. It seems inspired by the Eastern Formation, but in fact, it more closely resembles the subtleties of heretics. You didn’t just study this for a day or two.”

The culmination of such an endeavor could not have been achieved without the sacrifice of hundreds of mages in his hands.

“I was curious why you’d conspire with heretics—”

“Wh-, how did you get here?”


As he grasped, a spear of flames elongated through the air.

“…You were rotten from the very start.”

Death’s magic spear, Gae Bolg, pierced through the heart of the defenseless Stro Boar.


A half beat later.

The frost and lightning storm he had resisted crashed in powerfully.

Instantly enveloping everything around.


The Mage Devoured by the Dragon


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