Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 237


Dragon devouring mage


─ Boom!

The loud blast resounded as Russell transformed himself into a magical bullet and shot himself forth, chasing after the echo of an explosion in his ears.


Piercing through the heart of the Evil God and soaring high into the sky, Russell’s body, unable to defy gravity, began to fall back down. His whole body creaked from the recoil of the Brahamastra.

The heat that penetrated deep into his lungs, the pain so intense that it seemed his insides would melt away, surged relentlessly towards his mind.


In such a state, Russell thought to himself, ‘How many times is this now?’ As this thought abruptly faded, Russell’s consciousness snapped back to the starting moment.

─ Boom!

Back to the very moment he had transformed himself into a magical bullet…

Already hundreds, thousands of times. It was a sequence of events endlessly repeating, like running in place, as if trapped within an infinite spiral. Even a fool would realize that this couldn’t be reality after so many repeats of the same situation.

The question was─ ‘How does one escape this infinite loop……?’ Whoosh-. ‘…I have absolutely no idea.’ ─ Boom!

Of course, this did not mean Russell stood idly by without any effort. Although he didn’t understand why this was happening, there were gains to be had from repeated circumstances─

‘…I can review what was lacking time and time again.’

He could endure the pain of the backlash eating away at his body. After all, with every cut in consciousness, his body completely healed and reset to its original state.

However, it was a situation repeated over thousands of instances. Even if one were to be a perfect human, one couldn’t be equated to a mechanical device. Naturally, the resolve to learn something from these repetitions slowly dulled.

All that remained in Russell’s mind was the question of whether he could escape this illusion.

Time continued to flow in the meantime. Continuously……



As time flowed inexorably…

It’s uncertain how long it had been, but at some point, Russell’s eyes plunged deep in thought. In the process of endless repetition, all stray contemplations vanished. His eyes and heart only captured his own figure turning into a bullet shot into the sky, a detached vision of himself transformed through magic.

As this repeated thousands of times more, Russell arrived at an epiphany. At that moment.


A sound, as if gears locked into place, reverberated deep within Russell’s core. It was as if the cogs of a machine were perfectly aligned.

After that, the world surrounding him transformed. Crack, cr-crack─!! The surrounding world shattered into pieces. A new world began to emerge as one world crumbled away like shards of a broken mirror.

‘What is this……?’

Upon witnessing a scene reminiscent of creation itself, clarity returned to his once muddled eyes.

Seven circles began to spin in unison, and at that moment, another circle attempted to overlay them! ‘─!?’ Russell’s consciousness surged to the surface. Whoosh!




With a dry cough, the blood that had clogged his throat spurted out. The bitter taste of blood filled his mouth.

‘I’m going to die…’ Feeling the front of his shirt soak with blood, Russell clicked his tongue.

It was unclear how long he had spent lying in bed. Slowly, Russell revived his sensations by wriggling his fingers and toes, expelling a deep sigh.


That’s when it happened.

Someone wiped his soggy chest and then brought water to his mouth. The bitterness and the thirst that filled his mouth were washed away.

Using that strength to regain his senses, Russell struggled to sit up.


Opening his eyes slowly, he saw the worried face of Elo looking back at him, a cup of water in one hand and a blood-soaked rag in the other.

“Are you alright, Russell?”

It seemed she was the one who had given him water.

“Thank you, Elo.”

“Don’t mention it.”

With a bright smile in response to Russell’s gratitude, Elo’s face returned to one of concern.

“What about your body…”


After a moment of quiet, Russell quickly assessed his body and shrugged.

“Less worrying than you might think.”

Though he had expelled a clot of blood, it helped ease his discomfort. He wasn’t sure how long he had been lying down, but his body should recover after a few days of rest. More importantly-

‘8 circles.’

The presence of the eighth circle swirling around his heart was astonishing. What was truly amazing was the amount of magic within the eighth circle.

It wasn’t just the outer shell that was formed; an overwhelming amount of magic filled the eighth circle, spinning around. It wasn’t the level of a beginner who had just reached the 8 circles, but rather that of an 8-circle master.

It was far too much magic to be filled by eating several high-grade magic stones. An amount one would have to scoop up with a shovel repeatedly to consume.

‘Where did such an immense amount of magic come from…?’

The notifications that appeared before him answered Russell’s question.

[You have accepted the power of the Fire Incarnation, Agni. Your understanding of the fire attribute has greatly increased.]

[You have accepted the power of the Water Incarnation, Amphitrite. Your understanding of the water attribute has greatly increased.]

[You have accepted the power of the Earth Incarnation, Demeter’s…]

[You have accepted the power of the Wind Incarnation, Zephyrus’s…]

And so on…

The list of notifications went on. Through them, Russell could infer what had happened to some extent.

‘The incarnations aided in healing my body.’

Because of them, his understanding of the four basic elements had grown substantially, almost reaching the pinnacle of mastery.

But what truly surprised him was the content located at the end of the piled notifications.

[Mission completed.]

[Awarding rewards.]

[The restriction and burden of the Dragon-kin Transformation have been greatly alleviated.]

[Dragon Transformation (용화) is now possible. You can transform into a perfect dragon form, surpassing the appearance of the Dragon-kin.]

[It is also possible to transform only part of your body into the dragon form.]

‘Dragon Transformation?!’ The term meant he could transform into the form of a dragon.

Startled only for a moment, Russell’s eyes sharpened with coolness.

‘Of course, Dragon Transformation wouldn’t be purely beneficial.’

Just like the Dragon-kin Transformation, there might be repercussions after using it. Even if there were no repercussions, it wasn’t certain that the Dragon Transformation was only a powerful force.

‘Just like a sharp blade can injure its wielder if not handled properly.’

Russell had lived his life as a human being. To him, the tail and wings that would emerge from the Dragon Transformation were akin to suddenly grown body parts.

‘It won’t be easy to maneuver.’

He would clearly need a considerable amount of effort and practice to adapt to the transformed body. To wield the power that came with the Dragon Transformation properly, it would take even more effort.

‘Not that I’m not going to try.’

After all, he had gained another trump card.

“─ Russell… Sir?”

Elo’s voice brought Russell back from his deep thoughts. His silence had made her worry, and she leaned in closer to look him in the eye.

“Is there something wrong?”

Her palms on their foreheads as if checking for a fever.

“No, no. I’m fine. It’s just that we’re a little too close…”

Russell, who had snapped back to his senses, cleared his throat and averted his eyes, noticing their proximity, which was closer than a breath away.

“Oh! I, it’s not that I meant…!”

Realizing her actions, Elo flustered and waved her hands. Her face turned red, and she bowed her head deeply, just when someone else’s voice was heard.

“It looks like things are getting quite intimate here?”

Amphitrite and the other three Elemental Kings were standing at the entrance of the hut, observing the scene with a warmth in their smiles that hinted at mischief.

“We came because we sensed a strong flux that awoke us, but had we known this would happen, we might have stayed away to give you two some space.”

Demeter chuckled as Zephyrus and Agni nodded with hearty laughter.

“You’re taking the joke too far.”

Elo muttered softly, her cheeks as red as a beet. Having spent almost a month in the Realm of Spirits, she had grown quite close to the Elemental Kings. Additionally, she didn’t want to be a burden to Russell. After all, there was someone Russell had promised his future to.

As the Elemental Kings continued their laughter, Demeter looked carefully at Russell and spoke after a while.

“Fortunately, you’ve not only awakened safely, but it seems you’ve managed to gather your strength well.”

“It’s all thanks to you four Elemental Kings.”

“There’s no need for thanks. We’ve only done what’s right for the one who saved the Realm of Spirits. If anyone should get thanks, maybe give them to the silver dragon next to you.”


Russell looked puzzled, and with a twinkle in her eye, Demeter remarked,

“While you were unconscious, it was that silver dragon who stayed at your side.”

“Indeed. So diligently cared for you, hardly sleeping; it was touching.”

Amphitrite’s lips pursed as Russell’s eyes widened in surprise.

He knew she took care of him. But to think it would be with such devotion.

As if confirming the truth behind the Elemental Kings’ tales, Russell turned to look at Elo.

“Uh, um…”

Elo’s eyes spun everywhere except towards Russell, her face already revealing all the needed answers.

There was no need to ask further.

“Thank you, Elo.”

Russell’s gratitude carried a deeper sincerity this time, prompting Elo to dip her head even lower as she replied with an almost inaudible whisper,

“What are you talking about… It’s natural for me to do so.”

Just then, Amphitrite lightened the atmosphere.


With a sudden clap, she entered the hut, addressing them in a decisive tone.

“Alright, we uninvited guests have tasks to finish up before clearing the space.”

“Tasks to finish…?”

Russell wondered if their visit wasn’t solely to check on his awakening.

Amphitrite’s face radiated a meaningful smile to his question.

“We might be incarnations, but flesh and blood of the Elemental Kings.”

‘We did what was necessary to recover your body,’ said Amphitrite, turning to the other three Elemental Kings before addressing Russell.

“Could we overlook rewarding the one who saved the Realm of Spirits?”

The dragon-swallowing mage.


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