Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 236


Dragon devouring mage


Transcendent Dream (超越夢).

This magic, invented and perfected by the founder of the Raymond family, is a technique that transforms one’s body into magic… It is akin to the apex of magic, attainable only at the end of the 8th circle.

For Russell, grasping, let alone touching this magic seemed an impossibility, a feat that was never meant to happen.

Yet, against all odds, Russell miraculously reached the threshold of Transcendent Dream.

He succeeded in transforming his body into a projectile of magic.

It was more difficult than threading a needle while it spun in mid-air, but he did it.

Russell’s body morphed into a projectile, and in an instant, the projectile burst into a beam of harmony.

─ Bang!

A red bolt of lightning shot vertically into the sky as he kicked off the ground.


Seven circles spun crazily, overheating in an almost frenzied dance.

Such a sight, it could easily be mistaken for magic gone wild.

The moment the magic power flowing from the circles was fully harnessed, the Brahmastera regained its true power.


Purple psychic waves caught in the trajectory of the lightning were ripped to shreds, pulverized.


The startled creature retracted its wildly thrashing tentacles in response.

It attempted to intercept the incoming flash of light with them, but it was already too late.


Something was utterly pierced through, and Zephyros opened his eyes wide in disbelief.


Amphitrite too jumped up and down with joy.

“Yes, you did it! Yippee!”

Her childlike hopping seemed a far cry from her initial haughtiness.

Just like the two avatars emotioned…

Tentacles thrust from indiscernible darkness, the unreachable sky high above revealed itself as the blockage cleared.

Evidently, even the tentacled creature had a true body, and the Brahmastera had successfully penetrated it.

Divine Kill (神殺).

Although just a fragment, having pierced through the essence of an Outer God, the Brahmastera created such a scene.

The storm of purple lightning pouring from the being’s body gradually lost its strength and dissipated.

The world-crushing tentacles, the devouring maw, and even the grotesque eyes all faded into obscurity amidst the bright sunlight, which now ushered in a shimmering parade of tiny somethings.

“What is that…”

“The primordial spirits.”

Tiny creatures the size of a fingertip, sludge-like in appearance, swarmed in on the wind and along the ground.

They came to restore the ravaged spirit realm.

“I thought primordial spirits had no will of their own…”

Arein murmured, and Demeter responded.

“That’s a common misconception.”


“Primordial refers to being close to the origin. In that sense, these little ones represent the spirit realm’s will even more than the four Spirit Kings.”

Their lack of will and thought allowed the most fundamental will of the spirit realm to reside within them.

“I see.”

Arein was about to nod in understanding when Ioa, noticing something high in the sky, dashed off with a pallid look of urgency.

“Lord Russell!”

Though his ribs, possibly punctured by a lung due to the fight, throbbed, it didn’t matter.

Russell’s condition seemed far more perilous as he free-fell from the sky.

Not just because he had passed out from a great height.

The backlash from reaching miraculously for power beyond his means had not fully dispersed outward; instead, the residual force of the Brahmastera was consuming Russell from within.

“Lord Russell, Lord Russell!”


Russell, pulled from the sky, was in a dire state.

One leg had been reduced to ash by the heat of the Brahmastera long ago, the other was slowly carbonizing.

His torso and face were more than half carbonized while the overheated circles throughout his body put him under further strain.

“Potions… bring potions…”

Having laid Russell on the ground, Ioa fumbled and spoke.

Some of his limbs had carbonized and flown off, and most of the remaining body was charred.

It seemed absurd that potions would help, but that was all Ioa could rely on at the moment.

“The savior of the spirit realm…”

“If one has received this much grace…”

The fading images of the suffering Russell sparked meaningful exchanges between the Spirit Kings.

Ssssh, sssshhh-.

Wriggle, squirm, wriggle…

Something converged from all directions. Tiny, jewel-like, and jelly-like entities.

The primordial spirits.

Primordial spirits that had come to repair the spirit realm, now climbed upon Russell’s body, densely covering him.

“What is this…?”

Confused by the unexpected movements of the will-less creatures, Ioa whispered as Demeter stepped forward.

“This is the will of the spirit realm.”

To the entity that saved the world from an external predator.

The spirit realm now expressed its gratitude to that being.

But, even with their numbers, the power of the primordial spirits was too weak.

Though hundreds of thousands coated Russell, they were barely able to halt the degradation.

“If this is the will of the spirit realm, then…”

“There’s no reason we shouldn’t intervene.”

“Even if it weren’t so, we can’t just let our benefactor perish.”

Demeter, Zephyros, and Agni each reached out.

Their energies enveloped Russell.

“If everyone feels the same, then so do I,” declared Amphitrite, hesitantly extending her hand with a sly expression.

“May the purity of water cleanse your body.”

“May the strength of earth dwell in your flesh.”

“May the freedom of the wind ease your pain.”

“May the heat of the flame reignite that dying spark of life.”


Then, something astounding happened.

Russell’s dimming life force began to kindle like a flame.

Not only that, but parts of his body that had disintegrated started growing like roots, regenerating.

The healing powers of earth and water not only closed wounds but also restored completely lost flesh.

The surrounding wind swirled with hot steam as the internal heat, unable to disperse, escaped.

The remnants of the Brahmastera’s heat were expunged by the power of the wind.

From the primordial spirits to the Spirit Kings, it seemed the entire intent of the spirit realm was now focused on Russell.

His near-dead heart started beating more quickly, and the rampant circles that threatened to burst stabilized gradually.

The surplus magic slowly converged on the seventh circle’s periphery.

Slowly, very slowly…

Despite being avatars of the Spirit Kings, it was no small feat to fully regenerate such a devastated and depleted body.


After several hours, Amphitrite sighed and released Russell’s hand, fatigue evident on her face.

The other Spirit Kings did the same.

Reduced to a tenth of their original size after expending most of their energy, Demeter stood, looking not a bit less dignified.

“We’ve done all we could. It’s now up to His Imperial Majesty to surmount the rest.”

“What do you mean?” Ioa asked, puzzled.

A completed healing process normally left little aftermath to endure.

Demeter offered a knowing smile at Ioa’s question.

“Exactly what I said. All external and internal injuries are healed, but it appears that His Majesty himself faces a great trial yet.”

Still confused by the vague implication, Ioa worriedly gazed at Russell as Demeter continued,

“He might fare best by staying in the spirit realm for a while.”


This time, Amphitrite explained while sitting listlessly to the side.

“You fools. The Emperor’s body is full of the spirit realm’s power right now. To stabilize and fully assimilate it, no place is better than here.”

Taking that as the end of the explanation, Demeter stood up.

“We should prepare a place for our guest to stay.”

It was one of her specialties to elevate the earth, construct walls, and build a house.

A month later, Russell had yet to awaken, spending the entire month in a deep slumber, with Ioa devotedly tending to his side.

Most of the time, Russell slept peacefully, appearing almost dead; however, on occasion, his body would burst into flames or become as cold as an ice block.

During those times, it fell on Ioa to care for him.

Now was one of those times.

Whether the fever had subsided after a surge, Russell’s bedding and clothes were drenched with sweat.

Typically, one would change wet clothes…


Unable to bring herself to do so, Ioa cleared her throat to dispel the inappropriate thoughts and spoke.

“Would you help me out a bit?”

At her request, a few spirits perched on the window ledge, watching Ioa and Russell, stirred into action.

Plop, plop.

A water spirit crawled over Russell, absorbing the sweat and impurities while air and fire spirits combined their efforts to dry the damp clothes.

Soon enough, the tainted and wet garments turned fresh and dry.

“Thank you.”


The lower spirits bounce cheerfully on the windowsill in response to Ioa’s gratitude.

In the past month, Ioa’s affinity for spirits naturally grew while residing in the spirit realm.

Even water and fire spirits, which normally had little interaction with her, now followed her lead.

“Now then…”

After finishing tidying up the bedding, she straightened her back and surveyed the interior of the mud house Demeter created and said,

“The incense has all burned out. I need to go get more.”

She referred to the incense she crafted herself from herbs found in the forest to aid in relaxation and sleep which seemed more potent than those from the material realm.

With her stock depleted, she considered adding herb gathering to her afternoon chores.

She stepped outside the mud house and had walked about ten meters when suddenly…


A massive storm of magic power erupted, stopping Ioa in her tracks.


The source of the tumultuous magical storm was none other than Russell’s resting place, the mud house.


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