Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 235


Dragon devouring mage


“What are you talking about, that thing from last time?”

“Could it be you’ve thought of some sort of method?”

Demeter and Amphitrite interjected as Russel was about to respond when the enemy launched another attack. It wasn’t as ferocious as before; nevertheless, the cephalopod wielded its tentacles like a whip in a sharp assault.

Squelch, squelch!

Dozens of tentacles writhed and moved, generating a threatening sound of air tearing apart with each motion. Each tentacle was tens of meters in length and several meters in girth. It’s often said that mass correlates directly to destructive force. Therefore, the spectacle created by them swinging around was in itself equivalent to massive destruction.


Even a glancing blow tore apart the ground of the spirit realm, revealing its innards, while purple lightning poured from all around, scorching everything within reach.


Boulders deeply rooted in the earth were sent tumbling in disarray by the gusts generated by the whipping tentacles.


Russel gritted his teeth as he expanded a hexagonal shield in a desperate move. Despite his haste, the power that crossed the shield was extraordinary.

They say that the swipe of a bear’s paw can instantly boast a destructive force of about a ton. That meant…

‘The force these tentacles can exert in a moment could easily exceed hundreds… no, perhaps even thousands of tons!’

It was a force capable of obliterating an entire city with a single blow, relentlessly lashing out like a whip.


Explosions occurred without pause, and amidst them, Agni suddenly exclaimed as if he had just realized something.

“I see!”

Half-human, half-horse.

As Agni transformed into a flaming centaur, he kicked away the tentacles rushing towards him and shouted.


“Indeed, if it’s the Dragon Emperor of this generation… a being who has inherited his and her power should have it!”

“What do you mean?”

“Please, explain it more simply!”

Zephyros and Amphitrite yelled as they struggled against the assault, Zephyros generating whirlwinds and Amphitrite intercepting tentacles with high-pressure streams of water.

“Think about it. You should know it too?”

“But what is it exactly…!”

Before Amphitrite could continue her protest, she suddenly fell silent. A moment passed.

Then the other three Elemental Kings’ faces simultaneously betrayed a clear expression of shock.


“That’s right. If we have that…”

Amphitrite quickly turned her head and shouted towards Russel, her usual haughtiness nowhere to be found.

“Do you have the Brahmastra?”

“Do you know of the Brahmastra?”

Russel’s question was met with responses from each of the Elemental Kings.

“Hmph. What do you take me for? I was the one who provided the water to cool it when it was made.”


“I provided the materials for its creation, excluding the dragon bones.”


“I was the one who provided the flame to melt those materials.”


“And it was my wind that fueled Agni’s flame even further.”


‘To think it was made like that…’

Its origin was as extraordinary as its power, yet it made sense. According to the Dragon King, the Brahmastra not only housed her divinity but also that of several other gods. Elemental Kings could be thought of as gods themselves, so it wasn’t strange that their powers were infused into it.

Meanwhile, the enemy… the evil god’s insatiable attack grew increasingly fierce.


An eerie sound that couldn’t be described by any melody on this earth indicated the enemy might be preparing another attack like before. Violet despair gathered around its mouth.

“Hah, think I’ll let you get me again?”


With Agni rolling his feet as a half-horse, half-human, Demeter murmured.

“Indeed, with the Brahmastra, even that monster could…”

“The problem is it takes some time to use the Brahmastra.”

“How long?”

“No response?”

“How much time do you need?”

The seriousness of the situation was palpable in the raised voice of Amphitrite. Even now, the mere fragments of the enemy were swallowing the shattered spirit realm, slowly regaining its original power.

“Ten minutes, we need about ten minutes.”

It took fifteen minutes last time, but the Russel of then and now was worlds apart. Having ascended to the realm of Superhumans, it was possible to shorten the time by at least five minutes.

“That is shorter than before, Lord Russel.”

Io, brushing the dust off his shoulder, his eyes shining silver just like a dragon’s, acknowledged as much.


“We will buy you the time. Therefore, Dragon Emperor, please prepare the Brahmastra.”

As if blocking Russel’s path, Demeter raised a massive earthen wall. Agni and Zephyros too positioned themselves in front of Russel.

“Just try to fail. Then there’s no Dragon Emperor or anything.”

With Amphitrite’s final word, all was set in motion.

The vanguard and rearguard had taken their positions.




The impact crushed the ground, and fragments were sent flying into the air by the powerful gale.


The monster greedily consumed these fragments, inflating in size, its red eyes fixated. Facing all of this, Russel slowly gathered his magical energy.

A deep breath emerged from the depths of his lungs.


For a high-ranking mage, the optimal environment to unleash their full potential was one with a reliable vanguard. While War Mages may prepare countermeasures for close combat to cope with various situations and overcome the innate weaknesses of a mage, such as Russel’s spear techniques or Vermillion’s muscle mysticism.

Still, the best circumstance for a mage was undoubtedly having a trustworthy vanguard. And finding a better vanguard would prove difficult.

‘Such esteemed vanguards…’

The incarnations of four Elemental Kings, Io with the power of the Silver Dragon, and Munaer of the elf tribe. The adversary was an evil god, a being more powerful than Briares whom they fought the day before, from beyond the world.

‘No room to hold back.’

Defeat in this fight meant that the next target the enemy would aim for was undeniably the material realm.


Russel murmured, and his blood began to boil. Dragon scales emerged along his left eye and below his elbow, and translucent horns grew beside his head, akin to wearing a crown fashioned from flames of various colors.

Then, the dragon ferocity emanating from Russel began to push back the enemy’s psychic waves.


Dragon ferocity and psychic waves collided, sparking wildly. Tens of magical circles floated around Russel.




Life never quite goes as one plans – the current circumstances reflected this as well. Even with some of the most formidable vanguards in existence, their opponent wielded power that far exceeded theirs.


Psychic waves emitted by the enemy corrupted everything; living beings, earth and water alike.


After purifying the psychic waves three times, Amphitrite gasped for breath, nearly at her limit. Likely the next would be her last – even as a divine being, she wouldn’t be able to contribute to the battle any longer.

As this happened, the enemy prepared to unleash another psychic wave.

“So soon…?!”

It was only a moment ago that a widespread psychic wave was emitted, yet it was already preparing the next one.

‘Has it regained that much power already?’

An entity growing stronger with time, not diminishing in power! Even the number of tentacles had doubled since before.


Io was flung by a wildly lashing tentacle, tumbling to the ground. A little further, and she would have been sucked into the surrounding storm of lightning, torn apart!


As the Elemental Kings showed signs of growing weary, the creature changed its mouth formation. From wide open to a small pointed shape, it aimed at one spot.

“No way!”

“Your Highness!”

Noticing where its focus laid, Demeter, and Arein exclaimed as if screaming. But they and the other Elemental Kings, were too entangled with multiple tentacles to react.

A purple flash struck in a straight line towards Russel!


The mass of despair, resembling a Dragon’s Breath.


At that moment, amidst Pepper’s distressing cry, another roar echoed.


Shabet, previously in the form of a bracelet, changed into a colossal ice wall in front of Russel to shield him. However, the young dragon’s power alone was hardly sufficient to completely withstand an outer god’s strength.


Fractures appeared on the thick ice as if glass were shattering.


It took but a fraction of a second for despair’s breath to pierce through the ice wall.


Shabet, now riddled with wounds, rolled on the ground, too exhausted to revert to bracelet form.

And then, following immediately…



A long lance of flame pushed against the despair. It was held in Russel’s hand and began to pierce through the assault directed at him.


‘La Mancha.’

‘The charge of Rocinante.’

With added rotation, the technique shattered all in its path, pushing forward. The scepter of La Mancha’s spearmanship.


“It is the Brahmastra!”

The Elemental Kings cheered at the sight. Indeed, within Russel’s grip was the divine weapon, and though slow, it was splitting the breath of despair!

Unlike the cheering Elemental Kings, Russel’s expression was far from positive.

‘Not enough…’

Whether because his own power was not yet on par with the spell or because the energy within the completed Brahmastra was insufficient. Though it seemed evenly matched now, if it continued as it was, defeat was inevitable.

‘I need to compensate for the inadequate power.’

Countless strategies and magic configurations flashed through his mind, only to dissipate. Hundreds of magical formulas and structures circled his thoughts, and amidst this, Russel’s consciousness compressed intensely.

As the vast universe contracts back to a singularity before the Big Bang, Russel’s focus became similarly concentrated.


Then the Big Bang occurred. With a surge that went up his spine and reached the depths of his mind, Russel came to a singular conclusion. He clenched his teeth and layered another spell upon it.

‘I don this-’

If power was lacking, he would add all of his own upon it. The insight gained from the previous day’s fight with Walter Piggot, the concept of ‘donning’ magic.

And above it, a spell created by the founder of the Raymond family.

‘Transcendental Dream.’

A spell that transformed the magician into magic itself.

‘I am─’

His surging circle spun, screaming as if it were alive.

Russel offered his body, his own magical power─

‘─become the Brahmastra.’

He transformed himself into a projectile and shot forward.



A mage who swallowed a dragon.


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