Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 234


Dragon devouring mage


According to a certain chronicler, there was once a dragon that obliterated entire mountain ranges with a single breath. The tale does not claim Io’s power rivals that ancient dragon. However, the fact that this was a dragon breath remained unchanged. More akin to divine authority than magic, a destructive force surged forth, piercing the heavens!


A spectacular sight unfolded as if a torrent comparable to the Milky Way reversed course, soaring skyward—a breath imbued with the power of iron and wind from the Silver Dragon. Its force could easily surpass by tens of times that of molten iron expelled at supersonic speeds. The moment of impact unleashed a dazzling, silver-white magical radiance, dazzling and taunting one’s vision.


Amidst this, everyone present prepared for their next move in unison. Casting spells once more, they summoned bows from thin air and pulled back their bowstrings.


Even a superhero-class warrior couldn’t have emerged unscathed from that previous assault. But the creature they faced was a monster dubbed even as a shard of the evil deity. Even such formidable dragon breath would, to such a monster, merely be considered trivial.

As faint remnants of Io’s magical breath still lingered, Russell signaled Pepper. At that moment, Pepper’s mouth gaped open, unleashing a pillar of fire towards the sky.


A searing breath, amplified by the power of the fire dragon, erupted without need for preheating. Even as Io’s breath initially surged towards their foe, Russell had readied Pepper for this attack. Added to this mix was another force.

“I’ll lend a hand too,” declared Agni as flames began to swirl around him.


Together with Pepper’s breath, they morphed into a firestorm. It felt as though all the moisture in the vicinity evaporated, and a red inferno shot upwards towards heaven. Russell flicked his fingers rapidly at this sight.


Before the pillar of fire reached their target, Russell’s scattered magic intertwined with the remnants of Io’s magic.

‘The breath of the Silver Dragon carries iron and wind!’ The reason Russell had readied Pepper’s breath was precisely because of that wind. Within the remnants of the Silver Dragon’s breath, oxygen and hydrogen began condensing with a terrifying force!

The moment of collision!


An explosion beyond the domain of human cognition enveloped the heavens. The force was so immense that the previously purple-stained sky momentarily flared red as if ignited by sunset. The sky seemed to boil, and the scorching atmosphere screamed in all directions without a mouth. The blast’s roar was primal, akin to a scream.

Taking the opportunity, Arein released the tension of her drawn bow. With a single motion, she launched four arrows in rapid succession.


This was no ordinary bow. Following the trail of the arrows, the Whole Gale began to spiral like a dragon, lifting trees and rocks from their roots as it wound around them.

It happened in an instant. Mere fractions of a second later, storm winds reached the edge of the sky, ushering another wave of shockwaves. Russell reached out to punctuate the moment.

Russell Raymond.


Gáe Bulg.

The redness that had filled the sky. Remnants of magic left by Pepper and Agni swirled about. The maelstrom converged in five directions, forming the silhouette of a spear as it spiraled.

In the next moment, with clenched fists, the fiery spear transformed into lightning!




Five bolts of flame thundered across the void, etching their marks as they sped towards the center of the storm. Several seconds of deafening noise passed, and the atmosphere echoed intermittently with the remnants’ roars.


Starting with the roar of the Silver Dragon and followed by the subsequent assaults, the barrage of attacks would have vastly surpassed the special moves of any average Master-class superhero. Even Daria, heralded as the strongest mage, would not have been able to unleash such firepower in a short span. Maybe, just maybe, the attack had an effect.

Just as Io thought this…


A chill ran up his spine as every electrical signal in his body collectively flipped into fear, rushing to his brain. It all happened in less than a second—an immeasurably brief moment.




A cloud of dust and sand, kicked up by the lightning storm, shrouded the inside of the area.

Cough, cough… cogh…

Amidst this, someone let out a cough.


Russell spat a clump of sand from his mouth, grimacing. With a wave of his hand, he summoned a breeze to clear the airborne dust and surveyed the landscape.

Rumble, rumble…

The earth, torn asunder to reveal its naked flesh, continued to moan without rest. In that aftermath, Russell could see the forms of others scattered around. No one appeared mortally wounded, but many displayed an assortment of bruises and injuries, likely cast aside by the effects of the assault.

‘If not for Demeter stepping in…’

When the creature’s attack came, along with the multitude of tentacles that struck with the speed of Mach towards the ground, it was the earthen dome raised in that critical moment that bought them time. Remembering the tentacles that shattered not only the dome of earth but also the many layers of Russell’s barriers, its prowess still felt vivid.

And assistance had come not only from Demeter. Amphitrite had purified the onslaught of mental waves using the waters of life.

“Is everyone alright?”

Her voice remained proud, albeit slightly subdued. The water making up Amphitrite dimmed slightly—was it merely an illusion?

‘No, it’s not an illusion.’

It was as if every curse and despair of the world had converged into that assault of mental waves. If unleashed into the physical realm, it could have triggered thousands of suicides and even more mental breakdowns. Taking on such force was none other than her. Even for the avatar of the Spirit King, unscathed she could not be.

“I am… fine.”

“So am I.”

Arein, Io, and Pepper responded with weary voices, indicating a mental exhaustion rather than physical.

‘I too felt my psychic barriers waver slightly from the mere remnants.’

Given such an impact on other individuals, the effects needed no further explanation. That’s why Russell turned to Amphitrite.

“Are you truly alright, Amphitrite?”


To her puzzled look, Russell quietly asked through a messaging spell.

-How many more times can you do that?

No matter the creature, it was unlikely to produce such a potent mental wave consecutively with an incomplete form. Amphitrite’s eyes widened, showing she hadn’t expected such a question.

“You have a keen eye.”

She smiled with a sparkle in her eye, fitting her dignified demeanor.

“I’d like to boast that I can withstand it, however much that may be… but you wouldn’t be fooled with keen eyes like those.”

Her water-formed hand splayed open in front of her.

“I can stand five times. Five times, I should be able to.”

“Five times…”

Presumably, it was a figure achievable only if she devoted all her strength to preventing those mental waves.

‘If she also has to expend energy in combat, the actual number would halve… About three times, then?’

If they all managed to overcome one wave on their own, four times would likely be the best scenario.

‘We’ll need to settle this before then…’

While the aftermath of their powerful attacks lingered, or perhaps for another reason, the creature too remained motionless.

‘Did our previous attacks have an effect?’

If so, continuing to whittle down its power seemed the best strategy. As Russell began to look up with that thought, Io, already gazing skyward, stuttered in shock.

“There, there… look at the … the eyes…”

The sky, shrouded in purplish darkness, revealed the beast slowly opening its eyes.


Ominous and dreadfully malignant, the single grotesque eye, which itself instilled fear, peered down from the storm’s center upon the earth.



Just by looking at it, the grotesque eye suffused with fear enough to make one close their eyes tight. Though devoid of any mental waves, its sheer appearance exuded horror.


Whether it was the burst of enmity or instinctual reaction, faint traces of dragon fear welled up from Io in response to the terror of the creature. Russell too closed his eyes for a moment, shaking off the fear, then scanned the creature’s entire form with trembling eyes. He sought to confirm if his previous attacks had any effect.

What overwhelmed Russell, however, was a different kind of terror.

‘There was no effect?’

Despite such a relentless offense, the body of the beast, as well as the newly grown cephalopod tentacles, showed no significant signs of damage.

That meant…

‘Its defense surpasses that of the giant we fought yesterday?’

Realizing the dire situation, Russell grimaced with a sickened expression. Insatiable hunger. Truly, could this not be the monster that rightfully bears the title of a fragment of the evil god? To destroy such a being would require even greater power than they had hitherto needed. And luckily, Russell possessed such a weapon that wielded the divine might necessary.

The divine weapon to slay the gods.


It seemed the sole solution.


In that moment, Io and Arein approached Russell.

“We have something to ask of you, Russell.”


“We know it won’t be easy, but… can we prepare ‘that’ move once more?”

It seemed the elven mother and daughter shared the same thought as Russell. The Spirit Kings, oblivious to their plan, looked on with question marks hovering above their heads.

The Mage Who Devoured the Dragon


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