Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 233


Dragon devouring mage


As it felt somewhat absurd to continue conversing while flying through the sky, Russell and his companions, along with the Spirit Kings, looked for a nearby place to descend. A few minutes later, with a thud, they landed in a forest not far from there. Through the moderately dense underbrush, they could clearly see the form of a lightning storm. Rumble. The storm raged on, and with each lightning strike, the land of the Spirit Realm was cleaved apart. Not just the land but every element upon it, from rocks and trees rooted in the earth to the very flow of magma deep beneath the surface—the collapse of the terrain caused everything to crumble and scatter. “It’s like witnessing the end of the world,” Russell thought, staring at an enigmatic cluster of tendrils voraciously devouring the destroyed world.

Confronted with a sight hard to believe with one’s own eyes, Russell wore a sickened expression. Then, after the Spirit Kings’ incarnations had descended, he looked back and forth between them and the lightning storm before speaking up. “Was it you who summoned us to the Spirit Realm?”

The Earth Spirit King, with a compassionate look, nodded in response. “It was the will of the Spirit Realm that called you here. We, too, are part of the Spirit Realm, albeit within a minor category, so yes, you could say that’s the case, Dragon Emperor.”

As expected.

It was the moment Russell’s speculation came true—he had guessed that it wasn’t Pepper’s own will, but someone else’s intention that had summoned them. Since he always carried a pass, it made no sense for Iona and Arlein, the other two, to also receive a pass.

“And the reason we have been summoned is because of that thing out there?” This time, the query was answered by the watery figure, Amphitrite.

“Yes,” replied Demeter, the incarnation of the Earth, with a benevolent maternal image, unlike Amphitrite who bore the appearance of a haughty beauty.

“What exactly is that…” Arlein murmured as he gazed at the ominous lightning still pouring down.

Could it be an illusion? It felt as if the position of the lightning storm had come closer since last time, and the scope of the storm seemed a bit larger now as well. ‘It must not be an illusion,’ Russell thought, because despite its subtlety, everyone present had undoubtedly sensed it.

“The nature of that entity is ‘an insatiable hunger’,” Agni, the incarnation of fire, growled with flames shaping into fangs.

“An invader, a fragment of chaos that entered from beyond our world, consuming and engulfing an entire world,” the Fire Spirit King revealed.

From beyond the worlds, a fragment of chaos.

Magnificent and overwhelming descriptors were used to explain this being, suggesting that even stories from beyond the world were necessary to describe it. That’s how the Spirit Kings’ incarnations expressed it, without any exaggeration.

Perhaps feeling his explanation was insufficient, Zephyros, the incarnation of the wind, added, “Would it be quicker to understand if I said an Outergod, an INVADER, a god that has entered from beyond and not of this world?”

“Put simply, an evil deity that has come from beyond this world,” Russell summed up.

“Hmph, a god? That thing hasn’t even reached the status of a god, it’s merely a fragment,” Amphitrite muttered petulantly, while Agni growled once again with hostility.

“There must be someone in the material world offering it coordinates. I wonder what lunatic summoned such a malign deity…!”

Russell had been following these grand explanations reasonably well until now. But at the mention of the material world and coordinates, his thoughts came to a sudden halt, as if he’d been hit on the back of the head with a hammer, his neck stiff with aftershocks. “Wait, hang on. Material world? Coordinates? What are you talking about?”

“Hmph. Since none among the spirits would summon such a creature, surely some fool from the material world is to blame,” the fiery Agni suggested as his flames violently burst forth in all directions, as fierce as his temperament.

Demeter, smiling wryly, took on the task of explaining again. “You may or may not know, but even though the Spirit Realm and Material World have distinct names, they can essentially be seen as one and the same.”

According to Demeter, the Material World was the central world upon which this universe pivots, whereas the Spirit Realm was just one of many worlds orbiting it. ‘Is this some kind of satellite world?’ Russell quickly came up with the term. A world that revolves around another, like a satellite. The term did not exist, but that seemed to be the appropriate understanding of it.

“So you’re saying a fragment that was searching for coordinates in the Material World crash-landed in the Spirit Realm as it orbited outside the Material World… Is that the right understanding?” Russell clarified.

“Indeed. The Dragon Emperor, I see you are both a Spirit Summoner and a Mage,” Demeter acknowledged, impressed that he had grasped the complicated explanation so quickly.

Zephyros then added with a no-nonsense tone, “It’s easy to predict where the creature, having feasted on the Spirit Realm and grown in size, will head next.”

“The Material World.”

If they couldn’t stop the monster here, the Spirit Realm would suffer, throwing the natural balance into chaos, and the Material World itself could become the next direct target.

“Fortunately, it is merely a fragment and not the main body, and it hasn’t had the chance to fully gather its power yet,” Demeter revealed. There was still time to stop it.

“But if it devours a significant part of the Spirit Realm and recovers even a portion of its true power…”

By then, it would be too late to intervene. Demeter was saying that now was the only chance.

After a brief silence, it was Russell who broke it. “Either way, it sounds like something we absolutely have to do.”

The mere damage to a part of the Spirit Realm was already affecting the Material World. If the monster regained its strength and crossed over into the Material World?

‘Catastrophe would ensue.’

Outergod, or perhaps Evil Deity.

It was only a fragment of a being called a deity if the creature were to engulf the Spirit Realm. How powerful would it grow? There were plenty of formidable individuals in the Material World, but there was no guarantee that they could stop it.

Moreover, wasn’t the current situation such that most were divided between the Empire and Endimion, harboring mutual animosity?

“Is there a chance?” Russell asked.

“It would be difficult on our own, but with your help, it is entirely possible,” Zephyros laughed. The incarnations of the Spirit Kings held powers rivaling Eighth Circle Master wizards in strength.

And now, Russell, Iona, and Arlein had joined them.

Pepper, too, seemed determined to lend a hand, having achieved the power level of a true dragon despite his youth.

If one considered purely the firepower present, it seemed at least Seventh Circle level.

The preparations for battle fell into place in an instant. The first to erupt into action at their full size was the storm—a vast figure by the name of Zephyros.

────Let me blaze the trail!

His bellow was as grand as his enlarged form, and the moment it echoed with the winds, Zephyros had already charged towards the lightning storm.

Amid a thunderous crash, came a wind so powerful it seemed to rip apart the very space, racing horizontally across the horizon and slamming into the epicenter of the electric tempest.


A roar beyond human hearing capacity was followed a split second later by a shockwave that blanketed the ground in a semi-circle.

The dust rose harshly as the ground split open, and then, Zephyros’s voice cut through: “Now!”

A tunnel through the wind revealed itself amid the rising dust, Zephyros having cleared a path by pushing through the lightning storm with his body.

Without delay, the rest launched forward at the signal.

In a flash, they surged into the heart of the storm.

With a mighty roar, the true form of the creature, obscured by the storm, was made starkly visible.

At the core of the storm, atop the peak of darkness that twisted like a vortex, were the tentacles they had seen from the outside, shooting out into the void.

An ominous purple, the disgusting twitching of tentacles and suckers not unlike those of a cephalopod, except they were thousands of times larger.

Containing in its midst an open maw, different from the tentacles and suckers, resembling the beak of a parrot, it snapped at fragments of the Spirit Realm floating in the air.

“Eek!” Iona gasped as she came face-to-face with the creature’s form inside the storm. A tremendous pressure bore down on her, enough to bring ordinary beings to their knees in despair.

But Iona was no ordinary elf; she was an elf who had inherited the power of a silver dragon.


She grit her teeth, feeling her blood boil deep within. An exceptional species even among dragonkind, Silver Dragons did not derive from a single attribute but instead possessed the power of wind and the derived attribute of metal, iron.

The boiling blood heated to the temperature of molten metal, and alongside a rumbling growl, a sound unbecoming of her leaked between Iona’s sharp teeth.

Fangs grew sharper while scales sprang forth along her arms. The wings from her wrists, unlike a dragon’s traditional back wings, boasted a sleek form reminiscent of scythes.

Russell, casting a spell, caught sight of this transformation and wondered. ‘Has she achieved draconic transformation?’

Matching Russell’s observation, her eyes morphed too, embodying a fierce silver akin to a silver dragon’s.

At the completion of her transformation, horns sprouted from her forehead, elongating like spears. With a heavy breath, the air itself seemed to be swallowed by Iona’s open mouth. It was a peculiar phenomenon, known to occur only when dragons opened their maws.

The reason was singular—silver radiance…a galactic torrent surged upwards from the center of the storm into the sky.


The Mage Who Swallowed a Dragon


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