Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 232


Dragon devouring mage


Crossing between the material realm and the spirit realm was no easy task to put lightly. The sensation was dizzying, as if all the sensory organs were being jumbled up at once, followed by a level of nausea that was difficult to bear even for those who had ascended to the realms of superhuman.


Russell tightly closed his lips, fighting the intense wave of nausea that surged within him.

“Does Pepper cross through such a gate every time he comes to the material realm?”

Considering how unphased Pepper seemed by the experience, it was either that spirits and humans responded differently, or perhaps the method or location of opening the gate made a difference. Without that consideration, the vertigo Russell experienced was inexplicable; he clenched his teeth hard to bear it.

In the next moment, whoosh! The sights before his eyes transformed. The bizarre sensation that space itself was twisting rapidly vanished, replaced by the dazzling light, brilliant as gemstones, which covered everything in sight. A radiant splendor born from the merger of a spectrum of colors.

Despite its beauty, Russell couldn’t freely gaze upon the spread before him due to the overwhelming dizziness and nausea that threatened to overcome him.


Pressing his temples with his fingertips, Russell muttered under his breath.

“…Feels like death.”

The sensation was like that of a hangover after emptying barrels of strong spirits, his head being kneaded into chaos. Alas, it was Aerein who responded to his comment.

“I agree. Benefactor…”


The worst off among the three was Ioh. Even among those classed as superheroes, there was a hierarchy of power, and Ioh, being the least powerful among them, was suffering the most. It wasn’t surprising; she was simply enduring with all her might, covering her mouth with her hand, not wanting to appear disgraceful in front of Russell.

That’s when it happened.

Aerein, who had managed to let much of her dizziness pass, approached Ioh’s side.

“Oh dear… You?”

Before Aerein could finish her sentence, she nudged Ioh’s waist with her elbow. Still quite dizzy, even that small push caused Ioh to lose her balance and stagger.


Just as an involuntary groan escaped her lips, thunk! Someone caught Ioh as she fell. More accurately, he had been standing in the direction she fell towards.

“Are you alright, Lady Ioh?”

Naturally, ‘that someone’ turned out to be Russell.

“Ru-Russell, Sir.”

Caught unexpectedly in Russell’s embrace, Ioh’s face blushed crimson in an instant, the surprise momentarily sweeping away her dizziness with overwhelming intensity.

“I’m so, so sorry!”

Startled, Ioh sprang out from Russell’s arms. She kept her head down, not wanting to show her flushed face, repeatedly apologizing while casting a glare at her mother, who had pushed her.

But Aerein pretended not to notice, looking away nonchalantly as if nothing had happened.

‘Couldn’t be helped… had to be done…’

With a discreet smile, Russell replied to the mother-daughter’s exchange.

“If Lady Ioh is unharmed, then all is well with me.”

He then looked around at their surroundings.

“This is the spirit realm…”

Russell had initially imagined the spirit world to be a simple, nature-friendly vista. However, what he beheld was completely different from his expectations. While there were sprawling meadows and dense forests, like in his imagination…


Every element that made up this world sparkled with a translucent glow, akin to colorful gems. The hues were so clear and transparent that one could see the leaves behind leaves, with even the blowing wind tinged faintly with color. The scene was straight out of a painting or a fairy tale book.

At that moment, among the breathtaking views, Russell sensed a tremor—a mix of alertness and curiosity. It was clear that the spirits, the original inhabitants of the spirit realm, were observing them. Likely it was the first time they had encountered beings from the material realm.

Russell’s attention, however, was on the small, seemingly insignificant presence wriggling amidst the spirits—a slime-like creature the size of a finger joint crawling around everywhere in the spirit realm. He was curious because unlike other spirits, these particular ones didn’t seem to have the same kind of intentional presence.

It was as if-.

‘They lack any will of their own…’

Beside him, Ioh cautiously murmured.

“It seems like they might be primordial spirits, Sir Russell.”

“Primordial spirits, you say?”


As Ioh explained, primordial spirits were essentially the origin of all spirits. Born in the spirit realm, nurtured by its energy, they eventually grew into various other spirits…

‘The starting point of evolution.’

The scene was fascinating and peaceful in many ways. Yet, all three of them held the same question in their expression.

“But what is it that made us be summoned to the spirit realm?”

“Indeed, what is it…”

It was then, chirp chirp! The sound came from Sherbet, also brought along by Russell, babbling with a familiar cry.


A small shadow cast overhead. Looking up, Pepper was circling above, gazing down at Russell. It seemed he had returned to the spirit realm using a different route, a portal of spirits only.


As Russell called out, Garurururuk!

Pepper descended slowly, flapping his huge wings, in his full splendor as a spirit fire dragon, not in a minimized form.

“Sir Russell. This creature is…”

Recognizing Pepper, with whom she was acquainted, Ioh murmured as if sensing a similar force within him.

“It has come to be.”

Russell nodded in affirmation, and Pepper, having landed safely, lowered his back as if inviting them to climb aboard.

Garuk, Garurururuk!

Pepper, even without counting his wings, was massive, akin to a small hill. Effortlessly carrying the three onboard, he swiftly traversed the skies of the spirit realm. Colors whirled past them in fast motion as Ioh stroked Pepper’s neck tenderly.

“To think the small one I knew would grow up so much.”

Pepper seemed to relish Ioh’s strokes, purring between his teeth. Russell smiled at this sight, still keeping his eyes fixed ahead.

As they cut across the spirit realm’s skies, it didn’t take long before-


While scanning their surroundings, Aerein called out to Russell with a heavy, tense voice laden with caution.

Russell nodded in acknowledgment, replying softly, “Yes, I’ve seen it.”

He didn’t need Aerein to point it out; the ominous presence was clearly visible up in the skies.

Rumble rumble…

The clear blue skies slowly darkened with a tinge of shadow. As they looked far into the distance, a thick darkness set in with purple lightning striking through it.


The sight of violet thunderbolts was alarming in itself. The problem, however, was that there wasn’t just one or two.

Crackle, sizzle…

The storm’s epicenter raged with clouds spinning darkly as purple sparks burst forth incessantly. The lightning flared without pause, accompanied by the revolving clouds that now emitted an ominous purple glow — a maelstrom of purple lightning.

The terrible sight of the storm made it clear it was no ordinary phenomenon, and the faces of the three atop Pepper stiffened as they beheld it.

In the flash of lightning, a massive shadow lurked within the cloud — the silhouette of a titanic tentacle fleetingly revealed.

“What in the world is that…?”

At the sight of the incomprehensible giant mass, Ioh murmured with a blank expression. The ominous glow and the silhouette — as they drew closer, a swelling sense of despair and fear crept over them.

Overwhelmed by a tidal wave of menacing aura, Ioh trembled involuntarily.

Furthermore, parts of the spirit realm below seemed to be in utter collapse under the storm!

Crash and roar!

The fragmented spirit realm was swallowed by the storm, consumed within the tentacles’ depths.

“Is it… eating? Devouring the spirit realm?”

Aerein murmured in disbelief.

“It seems that this anomaly is what has befallen the spirit realm.”

As if to affirm those words, Pepper growled low with a contained hostility.


“Could that also be a type of spirit?”

Perhaps the creature was a mutant spirit of some sort, a thought voiced by Ioh in a murmur.

And the answer came from an unexpected direction.

“It is not.”

The voice woven amidst the wind soon took form as a lean male figure.

A solid presence not to be taken lightly — and that was only the beginning.

The writhing ground morphed into the figure of a woman, magma surged from a fissure transforming into a towering man, and moisture from the atmosphere coalesced into a long-haired woman.

Ioh exclaimed in surprise upon seeing the four figures.

“Zephyros, Agni, Amphitrite, Demeter!”

Names that could not be unknown to anyone with even the slightest interest in spirits.

“You mean to say they are the Kings of Spirits?!”

Aerein shook his head in response to Russell’s astonishment.

“More accurately, they are the avatars of the Kings of Spirits.”

The four elemental Kings of Spirits were each the master of the fundamental elements comprising the world.

A mishap involving any one of them manifesting could disrupt the harmony of the four elements and throw the world’s balance into disarray. That is why the Kings of Spirits created their own avatars to regulate the world’s equilibrium.

Upon Aerein’s explanation, the avatar of the earth, Demeter, smiled warmly in acknowledgment.

“You know much, daughter of the Elf clan.”

A smile befitting the avatar of the earth, anciently celebrated as the mother of all things.


Their gaze, all four avatars’ eyes, turned simultaneously towards Russell.

“The master of all dragons.”

“Dragon Emperor.”

One after another they spoke, and one of the avatars began addressing the group on behalf of the rest.

“We suspected as much when this creature became a fire dragon, but never did we expect to meet the master of all dragons in such a way.”

Eyes burning within the flames, the vivid yellow pupils of the avatar of fire, Agni, gazed back and forth between Russell and Pepper.

The Dragon Devouring Mage.


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