Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 231


Dragon devouring mage


The first emergency meeting summoned under the authority of Duke Russell.

Given its significance, the meeting’s attendees included figures of formidable status, ranging from King Alphonso Ratmos himself, to the queen regent and presumed heir to the throne, Hecate Ratmos.

Additionally present were the tower lords of the four major magic towers remaining in the capital and the master aura user Gillian Pelson, as well as ministers from various national departments.

Until now, Duke Russell simply hadn’t exercised the full extent of his authority.

The assembly powerfully illustrated the sheer magnitude of the duke’s position.

Of course, the king’s attendance was solely due to the extraordinary nature of the agenda.

Russell surveyed the gathered faces and began, “The truth is…”

He launched into his explanation.

Following his concise briefing, the atmosphere weighed heavy with gravity, and Hecate, with a serious expression, inquired in a markedly different tone from usual, “So, you’re suggesting these incidents happening across the nation are related to anomalies in the spirit realm?”

In this official context, there was no room for informality.

With political ranks in mind, the standing of the queen regent and the duke were nearly equal.

Russell nodded in response to her gaze, stating plainly, “Yes, that’s correct.”

“Hmm…” King Alphonso murmured before asking, “What do the rest of you think?”

The king’s query prompted a response from the minister of state affairs who’d climbed his way from commoner to his current role, proving his capabilities and right to speak amidst courtiers and aristocrats.

“Your Majesty, may I speak?”

With the king’s permission, the minister continued, “It is difficult to believe without any tangible evidence or basis… However, considering Duke Raymond’s actions thus far, there is a significant possibility that this is not mere unfounded speculation.”

His support wasn’t solely due to Russell’s exceptional talents for his age.

Russell had never failed a mission and had even confronted rebels with a mysterious power during a coup, preserving the royal capital.

His conduct, never straying from the rightful path, had become an example not only to magicians but also to the senior nobility.

As the minister spoke, others added their opinions in turn.

The defense minister began, “Though it’s disappointing to divert such a valuable asset as the duke elsewhere when we face potential war with the empire, the matters within our own borders are equally pressing.”

Next, the finance minister spoke, “The reports indicate substantial damage to farmers and traders. We may have reserves now, but there’s no telling how war might exacerbate the situation. It’s best to resolve these issues promptly.”

The assembled ministers concurred, turning the king’s gaze towards the highest-ranking guests—Daria and Hemingway, both involved in matters of magic and the spirit realm.

“While magic and spirit arts appear similar, they have fundamentally different origins and natures, Your Majesty,” Hemingway deftly assessed the king’s intention.

“And, as Duke Raymond is the last remaining human spirit mage on the continent, his very existence lends credence to our concerns.”

“So, we have both a justification and a solid basis for action,” the king summarized, exhaling softly.

“Hear me, Russell Raymond, Pillar of Endymion,” the king addressed Russell directly.

“Balancing the nation’s pride in you and domestic stability is impossible. There is no weighing one over the other.”

His voice filled the council chamber with authoritative resonance.

“However, as a ruler who has unfortunately been limited to simply receiving reports, this is all I can offer.”

The king’s tone bore a hint of regret, befitting of a sovereign.

“The Spirit Realm remains a largely unknown realm to us. Please…return safely.”

In response, Russell knelt on one knee, saying, “I, Russell Raymond, heed Your Majesty’s words.”



With the king’s approval, no further hindrance remained.

Immediately after the meeting concluded, Russell set out towards Avet Forest.

Specifically, he headed to the northern part of the forest, where the elves lived.

Russell’s haste was driven by a simple reason.

An anomaly had occurred within his nation’s territory—while it wasn’t immediately disastrous, it was only a matter of time.

‘If left unchecked, this phenomenon will certainly cause substantial harm.’

If the disturbance was indeed a result of issues within the Spirit Realm, it was only logical that the effects would worsen as the underlying problem intensified.


Pepper, sensing the urgency, accelerated its flight speed to the maximum.


The landscape whizzed by at an alarming rate, as if folding space with their swift movement.

The slicing winds created an illusion of warping the air around them.

As Russell stroked Pepper’s neck, a question crossed his mind, ‘But why did Pepper want to take me into the Spirit Realm?’

He could understand the dragon’s desire to seek help for a problem within its realm.

The real question was, who had instructed Pepper in such a method?

‘A pure idea from Pepper? If not…’

Transformed into a Spirit Dragon, Pepper’s power was among the pinnacle of spirits.

If there was a being that could summon him through Pepper…

In that moment, Gyaaak!

Pepper let out a cry, halting abruptly mid-air, a maneuver not needing any preparatory loop to slow down.

Russell, realizing they had arrived, swiftly dismounted.


As they descended, the green expanse of the forest took distinct shape below.

Among several elves looking up at the sky were Mwenyer Aerein and Ieo, noticing Russell’s approach as they had done previously.

‘Reverse Gravity.’


Using the counter-gravity spell to land, Aerein and Ieo approached Russell.

“We’ve been waiting for you, benefactor.”

“We can open the gate to the Spirit Realm a bit…!”

Stopping mid-sentence, a surprised Russell questioned, “Waiting for me?”



“The thing is…” Ieo presented a small brooch.

Resembling Russell’s own bauble, it was made of platinum with four gems embedded—a pass to the Spirit Realm.

Shockingly, Ieo wasn’t the only one with such a pass; Aerein also held an identical one.

Only days ago, it was deemed an exceedingly rare artifact, yet now they held two.

“How did this happen?” Russell expressed his bafflement.

Aerein began to explain, “We received these passes from the spirits just this morning.”

“This morning?” Pepper had also tried to drag Russell into the Spirit Realm at that time.

Simultaneously, Ieo and Aerein were given passes by their respective contracted spirits.

“Silphyr suggested to me, through the pass, that they might be seeking our assistance.”

“And my Nixie said the same.”

Silphyr and Nixie were names belonging to higher-aligning spirits of air and water.

“If the spirits are indeed asking us for help, we knew they would communicate in some way with you as well,” Ieo added, explaining why they awaited Russell.

If he had received such a message, he would undoubtedly be heading to the elf village to access the gate to the Spirit Realm.


Russell, pondering, extracted the bauble he had stowed away.

“You are correct.”

Russell looked briefly at Pepper, sharing, “When I woke this morning, this creature was fervently trying to pull me into the Spirit Realm.”

“So that means…”

“It seems there is a significant issue within the Spirit Realm.”

Russell, a 7th circle master, Ieo, powered by the silver dragon, and Aerein, a Mwenyer of the elves, all formidable in the material realm and spirit mages.

Their combined strength was formidable, and if spirits sought help from these three, the situation was no minor matter.

“We should visit the Spirit Realm as soon as possible,” concluded Russell, with Ieo nodding in agreement.

“We anticipated as much and have been preparing since dawn.”



Opening the gate to the Spirit Realm would take approximately three days. During this time, Russell observed the ritual process, hoping to learn the method in case a future visit was required.

‘Flint, layered rocks, water drawn at dawn, and… is that an albatross feather?’

The ritual’s components held deep ties to the four primary elemental spirits, relatively easy to procure if sought diligently.

The challenge lay beyond that.

As the third day passed and the ritual reached its climax, Aerein and Ieo’s harmonious melody filled the chamber. Russell, recognizing the ancient elven language used, abandoned his earlier plan of understanding the technique.



A sound impossible to replicate with human vocal cords.

As the harmonies between Aerein and Ieo intensified, the four objects began to resonate.


Sudden surges of spirit energy warped the space, revealing the entrance to the Spirit Realm as the duo’s song ceased.


The Dragon Devouring Mage


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