Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 230


Dragon devouring mage


“To think I would actually see something that I’ve only read about in the clan archives…”

A hint of marvel mixed with Elaine’s murmuring voice, suggesting the item’s special, rare nature. Russell’s eyes fluttered in anticipation. Swallowing hard, he muttered to himself,

‘If even the elf clan considers it a precious artifact… Just how much love did the royal family of Kiel receive from the spirits in the past?’

Shoving the fleeting curiosity aside, Russell asked,

“So, with this pendant… as long as we have this pass, we can enter the realm of spirits anytime and anywhere?”

He had infused mana into the ornament without any noticeable reaction, like a portal opening – a fact he indicated with a subtle thrum of his own magic circle.


The tremor at the heart’s core.

The realm of spirits, a place not fully documented even in the ancient texts.

The existence of a passage confirmed it wasn’t entirely unexplored, but it was clear very few humans had ever set foot there.

‘A mage can’t help but be intrigued by the unknown; to say otherwise would be a lie.’

Elaine shook her head gently in response to Russell’s question.

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.”

Picking up a tree branch nearby, she drew a circle on the ground and explained.

“Just as a spirit needs a gate to manifest in the material world, humans need a door to enter the realm of spirits.”

“A door? Can’t we just use the path the spirits use to come and go?”

“That’s merely an exit for spirits to emerge, we need a separate entrance to enter from this side.”

Elaine set down the branch after a slight shake of her head.

“Fortunately, the clan archives contain instructions for opening the door. It will take roughly three days to prepare, of course…”

She said with a slight smile.

“If you wish, I can start preparing immediately.”

Russell hesitated mid-speech, suddenly faltering.

He desperately wanted to witness the mysteries of the spirit realm right away.

‘But now is not the time.’

There were two alliances in Endymion. The war that broke out in Kiel and the Naje Federation was not yet concluded, and he was in the middle of returning.

Taking a brief respite to visit the elf village was one thing, but venturing into the spirit realm for days would—

‘I would face a reprimand.’

He imagined Hecate’s eyes turning stern as he shuddered.

“My benefactor?”

“Lord Russell?”

The elf mother and daughter, puzzled by his behaviour, cocked their heads to the side before Russell quickly declined.

“I would love to visit the realm of spirits immediately, but it appears the opportunity is not just yet.”

There was no need to fret; there would be another chance since they had the pass and a way to open the door.

“I will ask again another time.”

At that moment, Russell had no idea that he would be visiting the realm of spirits much sooner than he had anticipated.

* * *

Four months later.

The war that was expected to have a decisive outcome only became more stagnant over time.

The initial fierce offensives were a thing of the past, as the empire’s forces and undead armies focused on maintaining their position, instead of advancing.

The front lines saw only minor skirmishes, with the main imperial forces remaining utterly still.

Naturally, there weren’t any notable battles among superhumans either.

Alex and Amelia Marwin, too, were safeguarding their realms in case of emergencies.

Yet, the current state was far from peaceful.

The calm before the storm.

An eerie tension spread across the continent, evidenced by the hundreds of intelligence reports received daily.

The situation had Endymion’s high-ranking officials in frequent, strenuous meetings.

Moreover, another problem loomed.

As it was, the kingdom’s atmosphere was uneasy, with bizarre reports emerging from all over.

Entire conifer forests drying out overnight, vast fields of wheat rotting away, wells and springs suddenly drying up or becoming contaminated—these occurrences were seemingly everyday news.

There were even absurd rumors of trees near the western perimeter of the kingdom, spreading roots and branches like tentacles.

King Alfonso Rathmos rubbed his temples in vexation as he read these reports.

“All these complications on top of the empire’s movements are already a burden to my mind…”

Yet, as king, he couldn’t ignore domestic issues.

The regent Hecate, after a thorough review of the reports, spoke up.

“Sir Hemingway.”

“Your command, Your Majesty?”

“I believe a scout team was sent out recently. Has there been a follow-up report?”

Hemingway shook his head in response to Hecate’s inquiry.

“We haven’t found anything unusual yet.”

“Might the empire be orchestrating some trickery?”

Subverting from within was also a tactic in warfare. Hecate was probing this aspect.

“We’re considering that angle in our investigations, but we haven’t found any traces of manipulation yet…”

He trailed off, then added.

“We plan to dispatch a second investigation team comprised of more capable individuals.”

If the mage tower considers them capable, they’re likely at least Fourth or Fifth Circle—competent mages in their own right, with diverse experiences and expertise.

Following that discussion, the king drew the meeting to a close.

“We can’t welcome the enemy while internal instability plagues us. I understand everyone has duties, but please, pay this matter more attention.”

“Understood, Your Majesty. I’ll report any leads immediately,” Hemingway assured.

With more issues yet to cover, the meeting continued.

Exhausted from the evening’s proceedings, Russell only managed to return home late at night.

Even the sturdiest of officials not of superhuman caliber must have been worn out by the incessant meetings, yet they showed no signs of fatigue, only shadows of weariness on their faces from handling such matters too often.

Russell dropped his coat onto a wall hook and unbuttoned his shirt, sinking deep into his bed.

He let his thoughts drift back across the day’s discussions, focusing on two concerning matters.

The empire’s behavior was the first.

Why, having lost two superhumans like Mclay Hughes and Walter Pigrett in recent years, were they mobilizing for large-scale warfare?

‘What are they thinking?’

Handling an enigma like the empire was unsettling.

Russell let out a groan, unable to conjure a clear answer to the problem.

The kingdom’s widespread anomalies troubled him even more than the empire’s actions.

‘Why does it concern me so much?’

He couldn’t fathom why, but as slumber eventually claimed him, a mission notification obscured his view.


Anomaly in the Realm of Spirits.

The Realm of Spirits is in danger from sudden anomalies.

The Realm of Spirits and the Material World are inextricably linked, and these anomalies are starting to affect the Material World, manifesting across continents.

Resolve the anomalies in the Realm of Spirits.


– ???

‘It’s already affecting the material world?’ Russell bolted up, the reality of the drying woods, the dead land and wheat fields, the contaminated water sources all flashing before his eyes.

The implications were staggering, and before long, summons from the Archduke demanding an emergency gathering were sent out to key figures across the capital.

It would be the first meeting Russell called upon using his authority.

The Dragon Devouring Mage.


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