Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 229


Dragon devouring mage


“Pepper, you—!”

Russell yelled in surprise as Pepper suddenly barged in. He hadn’t summoned her, so he never expected her to reveal herself first! Thank goodness she wasn’t in her Spirit Fire Dragon form, or else—!

Regardless of Russell’s thoughts, Pepper swiftly fluttered her wings after squeezing through the portal from the spirit world.


With her adorably small wings, she flew towards the wooden box. Pepper then peeked inside curiously, her nose twitching excitedly.

Sniff-sniff, chirp-chirp.

‘What on earth is inside that box…’

Although Russell was equally curious about the box’s contents, he couldn’t see anything from his angle. Pepper’s flitting and rump shaking obstructed his view.

‘Water, fire, wind, earth… I can feel the energies of the four basic elements simultaneously.’

In the academic world, these were considered the fundamental elements that make up the universe.

It was at that moment someone suddenly spoke amidst the surprise caused by Pepper’s appearance.

“Oh my!”

It was Princess Camilla.

“Is this the spirit that accompanies Sir Russell?”

It wasn’t surprising that she recognized Pepper.

“My, how adorable…”

It was still the same creature Russell would summon on the battlefield occasionally, albeit not in its dragon form. Many soldiers had witnessed this, so Pepper’s existence was well known among those from Kiell.

Thanks in part to this knowledge, rumors had been circulating within Kiell’s military camp—and possibly across the continent—about a human spirit mage.

“Haha, indeed.”

Following that, the King of Kiell laughed heartily.

“Just as described in the reports. This small creature spews such powerful flames?”

The King’s voice seemed pleased—perhaps because he had read reports of how Pepper had helped the Kiell army on several occasions.

“It seems she recognizes items related to spirits.”

“Spirits… you say?”

Russell cautiously asked, to which Princess Camilla responded.

“You may know, but the royalty of Kiell has historically been beloved by spirits.”

As time passed and the boundaries between the spirit and material worlds blurred, the mixed blood and its talents dimmed. They were no longer as beloved as before—but still.

“Yes. Among the former kings, there had been those who entered contracts with higher spirits…”

As Russell muttered recollections from a book he had once read, both the king and princess showed fleeting expressions of sorrow. If the royal bloodline’s potential had been properly handed down, Kiell’s monarchy would have been much stronger than it is now. Perhaps then, the nobles who resorted to petty tricks the day before would not have arisen.

But now, there was little point in lamenting using human efforts…

“It’s merely the faded glory of a forgotten past.”

With a bitter smile, Camilla reached her hand out.


She pulled an item out of the wooden box. Given the box’s small size, the contents inside were quite charmingly petite—a trinket that could fit easily in the hand, with multi-colored threads intricately woven together hanging down.

“This trinket is a treasure that has been passed down the royal family of Kiell since ancient times.”

As she opened her palm, Russell finally saw the trinket. Crafted using platinum to form a flower, it was adorned with four jewels in the center—red, blue, white, yellow.

The moment he saw the differently colored stones, Russell realized where the magical energy he felt was emanating from.


And not just any spirits—these stones bore the power of highly ranked ones.

Enthralled, he took a step forward as Camilla offered him the trinket in her hand. He only snapped back to reality after unknowingly accepting it, feeling the energies of the four elements coursing through his palm. He looked up hesitantly.

“Are you sure it’s okay for me to accept this? It must be an important artifact of the royal family.”

Looking at the king for confirmation, the king nodded as if it were a matter of course.

“Of course. Not only have you saved our Kiell multiple times…”

He paused mid-sentence, then continued.

“As spirit magic has faded from us, we no longer know what power this trinket holds or how to use it.”

A saying went, ‘A pearl without a string is not a treasure.’ Just like a precious gem must find its proper setting to shine, treasures must find their rightful places.

“Perhaps it would be better for you to have it—you, the continent’s sole spirit mage.”


After some consideration, and pressured by both members of the royal family, Russell finally nodded his gratitude.

“Thank you for bestowing such a valuable treasure upon me, Your Majesty.”

“Haha, it’s fortunate that the treasure has finally found its rightful owner.”

The conversation on the trinket was thus concluded. After chatting for a while longer, Russell returned to the room that had been assigned to him since he needed to pack his belongings. He had recently received orders to return, and it wouldn’t be long before he had to head back to Endymion.

As he packed, Russell gazed at the trinket he had received from the royal family of Kiell. Perhaps because it emanated a strong presence of spirits, it felt familiar even though it was his first time seeing it.

Chirp, chirp.

Pepper had also stayed, continuously circling the trinket instead of returning to the spirit realm.


Russell tried infusing his magic into the trinket out of curiosity, but no apparent change occurred. Likewise, it seemed impossible to absorb the magic within the trinket.

‘What is this item for?’

It was a mystery even to the royal family of Kiell, the trinket’s original owners.

Sighing, Russell called out to Pepper, thinking she might know.



But Pepper firmly chirped in denial, shaking her head. Though she had unexpectedly darted out of the spirit realm, drawn by the familiar energy, she wasn’t any clearer about the trinket’s purpose than Russell was.


As Russell sighed again, Pepper protested as if it weren’t her fault.

Chirp, chirp, chirp-chirp!

She didn’t stop there, thumping onto Russell’s head with her front paws as if he were her nest. Her soft foot taps weren’t particularly painful, but they were persistent…

Squeak, squeak.

Amused by the scene, Sherbet giggled from within the bracelet, and Russell turned his attention back to the trinket, still under the teasing assault from Pepper on his head.


To learn more about this item, it seemed he’d need to seek out those well-versed in spirits.


The landscape whipped by rapidly as a gust of wind erupted around him. Clouds flowed like rivers beneath him, and the sun seemed endlessly close as Russell gently stroked Pepper’s neck.


Pleased by the touch during their high-speed flight, Pepper chirped. They were high above the ground, beyond the gaze of others. Currently, Russell was leaving Kiellian territory, riding on Pepper as they entered Endymion.

He could have used a nearby mage tower for instant transport to the capital, but he had good reason to travel on Pepper.

‘Before going to the capital, there’s a place I need to visit.’

Soon, pockets of lush green peeked through the layers of clouds—a striking and deep verdure even visible beyond the cloud cover. The Avent Forest.

Russell’s destination lay within the northern part of this expansive woodland.

“Shall we descend gently?”

At Russell’s suggestion, Pepper gracefully lowered her altitude while maintaining her swift speed.


Shortly after they began their descent, a disturbance spread from deep within the forest. While Russell’s altitude was still too high for human eyes, not all beings were restricted by such limitations.

Birthed with the blessings of spirits and possessing vision several times superior to humans, the Elves noticed Pepper’s presence and looked upwards.

The commotion was just about to unnerve and alert the Fairy people when—


“Sir Russell!”

Upon recognizing Russell, Arein, and Io shouted in unison.

“A savior? Our savior?”

“That’s right, it’s the human who saved us!”

With recognition, the ripples of surprise subsided amongst the Elves, the Feather Folk, and the Fairy clans. Their interactions with humans were still mostly uncharted territory for them.

Understanding this, Russell smiled lightly as Io approached him, tucking her hair behind her ears in a somewhat flustered manner.

“So suddenly…”

Usually composed, the daughter seemed to become a fool in front of their savior—stuttering uncontrollably. Taking her place, the Elven Muenar—Arein—welcomed Russell instead.

“We didn’t expect such a sudden visit, savior.”

Among the Elves, who had lost two Muenars in recent conflicts, Arein was the only Muenar left. Russell offered her an awkward smile in response.

“Have I imposed?”

“Not at all,” Arein assured, shaking her head emphatically.

“It’s just that, had we known you were coming, I would have prepared a bottle of our fine fruit wine.”

Fruit wine prepared by the Elves with their unique ingredients and methods is said to be worth its weight in gold.

“Your words honor me, but I’ve come on different business today.”

“Different business?”

With the mother-daughter duo looking curious, Russell opened a pocket-dimension and retrieved the trinket he had received.

“This is—!”

Upon seeing the trinket, a spark of recognition lit up Arein’s eyes.

“Do you recognize it?”

“Of course.”

Arein nodded, speaking with a nostalgic look in her eyes.

“This is a trinket imbued with the power of the four Elemental Kings. And…”


“It serves as a sort of pass—a permit for entering the realm of spirits.”


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