Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 225


Dragon devouring mage


Fiercer and fiercer grew the battle between the two great archmages as time passed. The fight, which had been steadily accelerating, reached its peak when the arms of the two magicians seemed to multiply, leaving afterimages in their wake. How many spells were they casting at once, and with how many gestures did they enhance their power?

Due to the lingering afterimages, it became nearly impossible to discern the precise motions of their spellcasting gestures. Three, four… In a single breath, multiple spells were completed, painting the air with a myriad of colors.

If one asked whether all the spells being hurled forth in rapid succession packed tremendous firepower, the answer would be no. Contrary to the typical image of a great archmage capable of leveling mountains and reversing rivers, magical duels among the high circle often prioritize cunning over sheer destructive force. It’s about seizing space, dominating magical flows, and stealing control of the territory and mana from one’s opponent.

Unlike aura practitioners who solely build up inner power for combat, magicians use their own mana to command external forces and manifest their spells, leading to this nature of battle. Lightning crackled with a dim blue glare, hopping across spaces horizontally, and just then, a purple aura rose in a semicircular dome around Russell.

A gravity sphere that condensed and amplified the gravitational pull of the area several dozen times. Lightning that would have traveled in a straight line curved into a parabolic path under its influence, striking the ground with immense force. Yet, Walter’s relentless onslaught continued unabated, refusing to be deterred by a single failure.

This time, the attack came from directly above: the 7th-circle spell Keravnos, which roared multiple times with layered blasts, boiling the space with scorching radiance that evaporated not only airborne moisture but even the very clouds obstructing its path. And, amusingly enough, it was heat itself—woven from mana—that managed to intercept the oncoming wave of heat.

“Wield strength in numbers if power alone falls short!” More than twenty layers of Gevura spells surged from the ground, colliding with the descending lightning.

A cacophony of sound, lightning, and fire intertwined, and above the cloudless sky, hues of red painted a deeper shade. Throughout the fierce exchange, the one to experience a flicker of consternation was none other than Walter.

“How can this be…” Beneath the curtain of his beard, his lips quivered, and his long whiskers trembled violantly. “How can this be happening…”

Lightning magic was notorious for its formidable power and speed, yet it was deemed difficult to control. And Walter had devoted his entire life to mastering this form of magic. He considered himself to stand out even among his equals in matters of lightning spells. Yet on this day, his confidence was shattered before the twenty-something youth he had encountered here.

“Indeed, had he used flame magic to counter, I might have acknowledged it grudgingly.” After all, the opponent was the very apprentice of Daria Snowwhite. But the fact that he consistently blocked his spells—spells that belonged to neither the Fire nor Lightning category but to entirely different schools of magic, and multiple ones at that—was baffling. Ice, Earth, and Gravity…

The variety of methods Russell employed to thwart his spells furrowed Walter’s brow deeply. He could not have predicted that a young man not yet half his age, one who had devoted far less time to the craft, could repel the magic he had honed over a lifetime. If such was Russell’s prowess now, how far would he grow in just a few more years? There was no doubt why Russell’s name sat high upon the Empire’s hit list.

“If spared, this lad will undoubtedly become a major liability in the future.” Reflecting these sentiments, sparks began to dance across Walter’s entire being. Tiny sparks multiplied, swelling into a formidable aura that soon enveloped him with a blue electrical glow. Though it appeared as though Walter himself had transmuted into pure lightning, it was not an extraordinary technique. After all, it was no simple feat even for him to fully convert his flesh and blood into lightning. All he did was enhance the speed of the electrical signals flowing through his body with the power of lightning. But even this was a remarkable feat.

Walter Pigret. Originality. Indra Form.

Crackling currents streamed out behind him, shaping a vast orb. Flicker, flicker-flicker. It was like a second sun—a sun composed of blue lightning. The concentrated storm of bolts erupted into plasma, scattering fiery shrapnel in all directions.

Boom, boom, and BOOM! The aftershocks extended over a hundred meters, scorching the earth, and some of the caught undead evaporated on the spot without even the chance to scream.

So why then, when faced with such a devastating sight, did no hint of fear touch Russell’s eyes? Walter’s mouth twisted in annoyed contempt at the sight.

“Displeasing…” With a thought instantly translating into electric impulse and reflex action, Walter lashed out with his arms in a whiplash motion.──!!!

The plasma lashed out like a whip, extending all the way to Russell’s very nose in mere fractions of a second. Merely being caught in the aftermath was enough to scorch Russell’s thigh black. Strands of black hair burned away quicker than they could turn ash, and the ground beside where Russell stood cracked and vitrified.

With a single step to the side, Russell avoided the onslaught. But Walter was just warming up. Crackling lightning and plasma whips threatened Russell from all around.

With constant motion, Russell navigated the tempest. “Partial Draconification…” Then, he accelerated further. “Excel Haste!”

By calling upon even a fraction of a dragon’s might and utilizing draconic bones and sinews to fortify his body, he could attain superhuman speed. To weave through the storm of lightning, Russell had to match the intensity.

Despite this, he could not entirely evade the relentless assault. Brushed by the searing heat, burn marks etched onto his forearms, chest, and waist. The brooch given by Hecate, having already lost its light, was now useless.

To think that Walter could execute blows akin to 7th-circle spells with such speed! This was the hallmark of an Originality spell!

Amidst the blinding flashes, an emotion aflame slowly surfaced in Russell’s eyes, now gleaming with a golden light. It was pure exhilaration!

Like crossing a high cliff suspended by a single rope, any misstep could result in grave injury. Yet, instead of fear in this perilous situation, he felt a surge of joy—a feeling incomprehensible to others, but one that Russell himself clearly understood. “Transcendent Dream…”

This magic, said to have been created by the founding patriarch of the Raymond family, aimed to transcend the 8th circle. And within Walter’s spells lay the first steps towards such magic!

Discovering the path he must follow, Russell barely flinched at the accumulating wounds. “The path ahead is clear—what is a few more scars?”

If Hecate had heard such reckless thoughts, she would have been terrified. But Russell brushed them aside and reached out with his fingers. Fwshhh.

A tiny flame ignited at the tip of his index finger, slowly spreading across his hand’s back. He too was wearing magic, much like Walter had been. “So that’s what they meant by ‘spirit.’”

It was a realization that made him revisit the paths he had overlooked. With a sigh, a change began to transpire within Russell. Walter, seeing this transformation, wore a horrified expression.

“Could it be? Has he been stealing my magic in just a blink of an eye?!”

Unaware that his spells fell under a lower concept of the Transcendent Dream, Walter could only attribute the phenomenon to Russell’s innate talent. “Such talent is preposterous! There’s no way such a being can exist!”

If he dallied any longer, his spellcraft might be snatched away by this blossoming talent. Walter knew he had to stomp down this seedling right here and cut off its lifeline once and for all.

With this urgency, Walter’s magic transformed once again. Walter Pigret. Originality. Thunder of Milky Way.

The plasma sun fractured into countless lines of light, veiling the skies. Brighter than the sun itself, the clear blue heavens split into hundreds, then thousands of fragments as the beams of light converged and flowed. A massive torrential flow took shape above—a river of the heavens, a Milky Way of lightning, plasma, and light.

The furious current, blending and overlapping, produced a blinding luminosity that could incinerate an ordinary mountain or erase an entire battlefield. And from Walter’s hands, a miracle of utter destruction was finally wrought!

It was a magic that should never have been possible. But Walter’s jealousy and insecurity towards the untapped potential he saw in Russell made him burn his own life force without a second thought.

His face, aged by at least a decade, Walter spoke, “Right here… now…”

He stuttered, “D-die!”

As the world seemed to collapse, darkness enveloped everything, and torrents of light bore down on Russell.───────────!!!

An indescribable roar and overwhelming radiance filled the air. The relentless force approached moment by moment.

Russell’s concentration intensified to a breaking point within this perilous moment. With such heightened focus, the world around him began to shatter into fragments.

Consciousness shrank to an instant, even smaller than the smallest unit of time, stretching the flow at a sluggish pace.

Amidst all this, the principles of the magic Russell had studied and practiced began to whirl frantically. Whirlwind and whirlwind—!

Amidst the turmoil, Russell’s floundering consciousness sparked. Like the birth of a star, an epiphany flickered in his mind!

Amid the scattered principles, coalescing and separating, a new passage of magic was forged—Selflessness.

Without realizing it, Russell had reached a new threshold of magic. Almost instinctively, he spoke, “Spirit of…”

At that moment, with a thunderous roar, flames in the shape of a dragon enveloped his entire body. This marked the entry of a new Spirit of, distinct and powerful.

The dragon-devouring mage.


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