Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 224


Dragon devouring mage


Sssssk, burble-burble—!

The scorching Demonic Spear Geibolg pierced the ground like tofu, blocking the agile form of Jiabol from burrowing further.

With the arrival of not one but five such spears, a resounding symphony of demonic energy caused colossal pillars of fire to surge skywards.


The earth melted and bubbled as the silicate materials within fused into glass amidst the intense heat.

It was as if a single spell had recreated the very image of a superheated inferno.

Such an attack at close range would have left even formidable warriors worse for wear.

Moreover, it was astounding to see the flames and heat perfectly controlled and directed.


As if to prove this point, the inferno focused solely on Jiabol rather than on Aleks.

It was an extraordinary scene that no simple spell could produce.

‘Imbuing dissipating magical energy with one’s will?’ thought Walter Pigrett, his eyes flickering at the sight. A single exchange had given him an insight into the capabilities of this newly revealed adversary.

“Damn it!”

Cursing, Jiabol narrowly evaded the overpowering heatwave engulfing him.

Though he avoided significant harm, signs of soot stains and light burns were evident.

With an expression distorted by irritation, Jiabol raised his head.

Following him, two other superhumans on the ground also lifted their gazes skyward.

High above them, they recognized the figure descending rapidly towards them.

As they eyed Russell, he had also fixed his gaze upon them.

Rocketing down after employing high-speed flight, Russell was just about to resummon Pepper when he reconsidered.

‘Dragon’s Breath won’t be easy to land.’

Dragon’s Breath was a draconic power stronger than 8th circle army magic.

For a full-fledged dragon, it took a considerable amount of prep time to unleash such might.

For the young Pepper, it would require even more time.

‘They won’t simply watch as the high-density mana accumulates.’

That was why he had resummoned Pepper. At that moment…

“Who the hell are you!”

Jiabol shouted maliciously.

Ignoring his cry, Russell was greeted with a mission—


Assist Aleks Kaylen.

Join forces with Aleks Kaylen to repel the empire’s two superhumans.


A high-grade mana stone (edible)…

—Russell pushed the mission notification to the back of his mind and asked after landing before Aleks.

“Are you alright, Sir Aleks?”

“You are…?”

Aleks began before recognizing Russell in his youthfulness.

“Russell Raymond. I’ve come to support the frontlines by His Majesty’s command.”

“Morning Star Count!”

Aleks’ exclamation echoed their first encounter at this unexpected location.

Russell, with his jet-black hair and red eyes, had been immediately recognizable.

“Mingling with the Count in such a place was unexpected.”

Aleks sighed at his oversight.

He didn’t bother with formality. Though Russell might be the kingdom’s only duke, Aleks was significantly his senior.

Within the kingdom, superhumans had powers comparable to dukes or higher, despite their titles.

Then, a growling voice interrupted.

“Is the greeting over?”

The voice, thick with malice and murderous intent, belonged to Jiabol, who had been intercepted by Russell.


Jiabol and Walter positioned themselves strategically on opposite sides, while Aleks tightened his grip on his warhammer.


“Unwilling to show such a thing in front of a junior, but given the situation, I will accept your help.”

“Which way would you prefer?”

“Let’s take on what we’re each confident in.”

A mage fighting a mage, an aura practitioner facing another practitioner.

Backing each other up, the two turned in unison, ready for their respective adversaries.

It wasn’t until they made eye contact with their opponents that Walter, while stroking his long beard, addressed Russell.

“So you’re the rumored Super Nova.”

At barely 20 and having already passed the 7th circle, Russell’s fame had spread even to the Empire.

Deemed highly dangerous, his name recently topped the Imperial hit list.

“The Flame Tower Master’s pupil, are you?”

The name “Flame Tower” was bestowed to the strongest among the mage towers following the “Red Tower” lineage, all coveting the title.

The lineage extended not just to Endymion but also within the empire, with Walter himself being one of the Red Tower Masters.

It was no strange matter for his competitive zeal to surge with the mention of the Flame Tower Master’s disciple.

“Let’s see your talent, then.”

With those words, Walter Pigrett’s body surged with robust magical power.

The densely packed mana created a crushing pressure, and the ground caved in with a loud crunch.

Feeling the weighty force beneath his feet, Russell also manipulated his circles.


As the buzzing built, seven circles unleashed their power.

The momentum enveloped Russell, intertwining with Walter Pigrett’s magical might.

Mist swirled chaotically, the space contorted wildly, and Walter’s hands traced arcane symbols in a flash—


His fingers completed the incantation, and a thunderbolt crackled forth.


As the lightning pierced the space, ice formed in an instant, blocking its path.


Ice shards exploded in all directions, Walter preparing his next spell, stopped short in awe.


He’d never expected to take down his opponent with such a rudimentary scouting spell, but ice was a surprising counter.

‘One would think that a Flame Tower mage would counter with fire or lightning…’

The magic wasn’t high-tier, but its execution was seamless from conception to manifestation.

‘So the prodigy’s reputation isn’t unwarranted.’

The last of his illusions about Russell’s strengths vanished as Walter’s eyes narrowed.

Not thrilled but even more composed—Walter’s veteran nature shone through.

Yet, he was unaware that Russell’s magic was only getting started. Following the ice magic…


The very earth began to tremble.


The clash between Aleks and Jiabol had commenced just minutes before Russell and Walter’s confrontation.

The giant warhammer swung vertically in an overwhelming arc!

The resulting wave of force swept like a tidal wave over the earth towards Jiabol!

Crash and rumble!

Sensing the wave rushing towards him, Jiabol slammed his foot on the ground.

“Well, such a slow attack is nothing!”

This might’ve been a powerful strike, but easily leapt over by Jiabol, who then descended onto Aleks with crossed swords.


His cry of confidence reverberated—the disparity in experience was over a decade, but Jiabol still considered himself to have the upper hand.

He had not expected help from Walter out of necessity—he never thought he would lose one-on-one.

All the more so against someone yet to fully heal from recent injuries.

After all, avoiding the slow, mighty warhammer was as simple as dodging and weaving!

That’s when, bang!

A weighty shockwave struck him head-on.


Hurtled by the force, Jiabol arcs backward, tumbling on all fours before pivoting on his planted sword as he looked up bewildered.

‘What happened?’

Oblivious to his bleeding nose, Jiabol glared at Aleks, who was holding his still-grounded warhammer and extended fist.

‘A fist?’

Was it possible the shockwave from that fist caused his fall?

As Jiabol processed this, Aleks retrieved his massive hammer.

“Did you really think you could have such an obvious weakness and not bother compensating for it?”


Aleks slung the sandy hammer over his shoulder, scorn lacing his voice.

“I can’t recall ever seeing such a fool become a superhuman in Endymion.”

Imperial fools aside, he muttered to himself.

Jiabol’s face twisted with fury at the taunt.

“That son of a—”

The powerful blows had a drawback: slow consecutive attack chaining.

It was this weakness that had prompted Aleks to refine his technique further. Alongside martial arts, he had learned Pole Dance—a performance, more commonly known as pole dancing.

Upon his hammer hitting the ground, Aleks spun around the long handle to maneuver his body, launching into a physical art.

Admittedly, it was more akin to an Aleks-style Pole Dance, adapted for combat like sword dancing.

Regardless of the spectacle of a muscular giant gyrating hips, shoulders, and thighs, Aleks showcased his refined art.


Jiabol deflected a blow with one of his twin swords using a pole dancing move, the Goose Neck Grip, then scooped his other sword with his toe.


Aura clashed with aura, scattering debris in every direction.

Crack, crackle!

The ground split, exposing its pale interior. Each collision had enough force to crush several men at once.

Already distant from the four superhumans, both sides’ soldiers had cleared out to avoid getting caught in the clash.

Only the mindless undead shambled towards the chaos, obliterated upon contact with the superhuman auras.

Though some undead boasted a degree of immortality, low-ranking ones couldn’t withstand the power of superhuman auras.

Jiabol, however, was not about to be outdone.

“Not falling for the same trick twice!”

He swiftly swung his twin swords radiating his aura in a grid pattern, creating a barrier as he backed away to establish distance.

Soon after, the earth shook violently, and from the ground shot a spire like a lance piercing the heavens!

Boom and crash!

The sky echoed ominously as blue arcs of lightning crackled behind rolling thunderclouds.

A battle of superhumans that could shift the landscape and decree the heavens had just begun.

—The Mage Who Swallowed a Dragon


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