Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 221


Dragon devouring mage



Beep beep, beep beep-

Russell observed Pepper and Sherbet tumbling and playing together, deep in thought.

‘What should I do with that creature…’

Taking it along wasn’t the hard part; the issue was having it around all the time. In battle or similar situations, he couldn’t well fight with something in his arms.

Was it as if Sherbet had read Russell’s mind?


Suddenly Sherbet sprang up from playing with Pepper, bounded over with its short legs, and opened its small mouth wide before biting down gently on Russell’s hand.


Surprised by its unexpected behavior, it didn’t hurt. Sherbet did not seem intent on harm, not even baring its teeth while biting.

It was at that moment.

[The infant ice dragon, Sherbet, uses Cryofication.]

With the notification, Sherbet began to transform, gradually forming a slender bracelet tracing Russell’s wrist. The bracelet, like carved ice, emitted a cold chill.


Following suit, Sherbet’s voice emanated from the bracelet. The exact meaning was unclear, but it seemed to say that now it could follow wherever he went.

The wonders didn’t stop there.

[The cryoficated dragon’s blessing is imbued.]

[The power and casting speed of water and ice-type magics greatly increase.]

[This is a crystal imbued with the young ice dragon’s power. It contains dragon might.]

[Upon infusing mana, both its strength and hardness will increase.]

The cold that flowed from the bracelet merged with mana and seeped into Russell’s body.

‘Such an ability…’

Russell knew dragons were mysterious creatures, but he hadn’t realized they possessed such abilities. This was a power he had never seen in other dragons. It must be a unique ability of the ice dragon or perhaps exclusive to Sherbet.

“Can you transform into other shapes as well?”


At Russell’s question, the ice bracelet rattled as if wondering.

‘Let’s see… like a spear?’

With that thought, crack, crackle-

The ice stretched out alongside the cold aura, and the bracelet took the shape of a long icicle spear.

Crack, crackle-

The speed of transformation was considerably slower than when it first formed the bracelet.

Beep, beep beep…

As Sherbet, now in the spear’s form, murmured wearily, Pepper translated its words.

Humble, humbler, humblerumble!

It may not have been necessary, but Pepper animatedly gestured with paws, tails, and heads to explain…

Russell found the scene adorably out of character for a dragon.

‘It must be difficult because the bracelet is the only form it’s used to.’

Having understood, Russell spoke to Sherbet.

“You can go back to your original form.”

Beep beep…

Crack, crackle-

Once more, the spear reverted back into the ice bracelet’s shape.

‘It seems practice in other forms will be necessary,’ Russell thought. It would be impractical to switch shapes in actual combat.

‘If unfamiliarity is the problem, then we can start slow practice from now.’

With the issue of bringing Sherbet along resolved, Russell turned away without a second thought and began to move out of the underwater cave.



From there on, Russell’s journey home was peaceful.

The barriers at the underwater cave entrance had vanished as if melting away when he was leaving, in contrast to their presence when he arrived.


Russell used Pepper for high-speed flight and quickly left behind the land of Arendelle, next crossing the Nadia Desert.

Even if Pepper possessed a young dragon’s power, its energy repelled any bothersome monsters in the desert.


A roar scattered the flock of flying monsters that had been gathering prey.

‘Dragon Fear.’

It seemed Pepper’s flights were lasting longer, perhaps signifying its adaptation to dragon power. Despite Sherbet occasionally releasing coldness, almost as if it disliked the desert’s heat…

It was as Russell approached the border of Endymion when the tranquility of his homecoming was shattered.

‘That is…’

It was so distant that he needed to use Eagle’s Sight, a circle spell, to see the line of people stretching along the border wall, waiting their turn.

‘Something seems off?’

Endymion, being one of only two superpowers on the continent, conducted strict entry checks. Yet, they weren’t normally so meticulous that such long lines would form. Russell furrowed his brow at the sight.

‘If there’s a need to improve the quality of entry checks…’

Amidst his musings, Russell dismounted from Pepper.


As if on cue, the moment Pepper shrank down to a smaller size, just before touchdown, Russell used a flight spell to gracefully land on the sand.

Having completed the landing, Russell walked toward the still distant wall.

‘Better to walk the rest of the way; riding Pepper would draw too much attention.’

Approaching, he noticed the queue was even longer than it had appeared from afar. Also, an unusual tension seemed to float between the border guards and those waiting for entry. High-ranking knights, atypical for customs, were overseeing the inspection process.

‘It will take some time at this rate.’

As Russell drew closer, a knight noticed him and raised his voice threateningly.

“Hey, why aren’t you…”

Well, he tried to speak.

Before he could finish, Russell showed his credentials from the Mage Tower, cutting him off.

“Duke of the Kingdom, Saint of Light, Russell Raymond.”

As he spoke, the enchantment on his ring dissipated, restoring his eyes and hair to their natural color.

“Saint, Saint of Light?”

The knight stretched his words upon recognizing familiar terms, then paled as he saw Russell’s true colors and saluted.

Click, click!

“An honor to the Kingdom! We welcome the Saint of Light, Sir!”

The resounding salute drew the attention of all those nearby as Russell waved his hand wearily.

“Such formalities are unnecessary, and not to my taste. More importantly,”

He asked the most pressing question for the current situation.

“Could you explain what has caused all this?”



Being the Kingdom’s sole duke and the regent’s fiancé, essentially designated as Lord Consort (駙馬都尉), and hailed as the greatest genius produced by Endymion made Russell the talk of the town wherever he went.

Perhaps, that’s why, shortly after Russell appeared on the border wall, word spread like wildfire.

As a result, the officer explaining the situation to Russell was of higher rank than before.

“So, immediately following the end of the imperial succession war, the fifth prince…”

Russell corrected his choice of words.

“You mean the newly crowned emperor recognized the existence of the Black Tower and then immediately began attacking both the Nadje Confederation and Kriel?”

“Yes. No one knows where he’s gathered so many corpses, but he deployed an undead army to strike both countries simultaneously.”

Walking alongside the middle-aged man, who nodded and added to Russell’s summary, a group of knights followed. The man, responsible for overseeing this boundary, showed Russell the utmost respect.

And, given Russell’s status, it only made sense, for the lord of a border region might be king within their domain, but to Russell, he was but a firefly before the sun.

‘I did suspect the dark cult had backers in the imperial high ranks, but who would’ve guessed the fifth prince himself?’

Russell bit his lip slightly, contemplating the depths of darkness infiltrating the empire.

He cared not how the empire, an age-old enemy of the kingdom, might crumble, but the dark cultists sowing chaos was a different matter.

‘After all, they revere death, corpses, and blood.’

Problems involving the cult inevitably brought those three issues. Currently, undead hordes besieged both Kriel and Nadje, did they not?

‘Of all nations, Kriel and Nadje were attacked first.’

Russell softly shook his nose bridge. Britannia, although an empire, made no allies due to its hegemonic tendencies.

On the other hand, Endymion had secured sturdy alliances, with Kriel and Nadje particularly special.

‘They were among the first neutral nations to form an accord with Endymion.’

To the empire, they might never have been allies, but it might feel like a betrayal nonetheless.

‘Could the assault on those two nations be mere coincidence in such a scenario?’

Perhaps this threat was also a warning to any remaining neutral states — don’t bare your fangs at us lest you wish harm.

Nevertheless, Endymion wouldn’t just stand by and let its allies suffer.

“How is our kingdom responding?”

“We’ve already sent aid to both nations.”


“Yes. The head of the Yellow Tower has led mages and soldiers to the Nadje Confederation, and similarly, Sir War Hammer, Arek Kaelen has gone to Kriel.”

Arek Kaelen, known as the War Hammer, was one of Endymion’s extraordinary powers managing various regions. Known for wielding a massive hammer with ease, his blows could shake the earth’s crust and splinter mountains.

While not the highest within the hidden hierarchy of superhumans, he was more than capable of dealing with undead.

The border lord continued his explanation.

“And, to prepare for any possible emergencies, both the head of the Lance Tower and Sir Gyllian are organizing additional support forces…”

As they reached the nearby Ivory Tower, the conversation shifted.

“We’ve already sent word to the Mage Tower, so you can use the warp gate without delay.”

The border lord took care to prepare even the smaller details ahead of Russell’s arrival.

“Thank you.”

“Oh, not at all.”

Russell thanked him, but the border lord waved his hand, somewhat flustered.

“It’s an honor to briefly host the Saint of Light, an esteemed figure of our kingdom.”

He seemed genuinely non-sycophantic, his face exuding honesty—clearly a straightforward person.

Acknowledging the border lord, Russell turned his gaze to the towering Mage Tower.

He’d learn more about the situation upon reaching the capital city.

The Mage Devoured by the Dragon


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