Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 217


Dragon devouring mage


The destination of Russell, Arendelle, bordered the realm of Endymion and was a nation mostly enveloped in ice.

Thus it came to be known as the Frozen Kingdom of Arendelle.

‘Well, strictly speaking, it’s a bit of a stretch to say it borders directly.’

And rightly so, as between Endymion and Arendelle lay the expanse of the Nadia Desert.

The very desert where Russell had sought the traces of the Dragon last time.

Only after traversing the scorching sands, replete with heat, does the territory of Arendelle reveal itself.

Contrary to its icy moniker, the first sight that greets you is not frozen tundra but expansive plains.

‘It’s said that about 70% of the land is covered with snow and ice, except for the part adjacent to the desert.’

The population of Arendelle was centered around these unfrozen lands.

Though Russell had led a freelancing life for several years before his return, this was his first visit to Arendelle.

Recalling the information he had read in books, Russell unhooded his robe.


A head of platinum hair shimmered, unlike his usual jet black, brightly revealed.

Arendelle was not as strict as the Empire regarding checkpoints and inspections, but black hair and red eyes were distinguishing features that stood out anywhere.

He had used magic embedded in a ring to disguise himself upon leaving Endymion territory.

‘If I resemble a native inhabitant to some degree, it should make moving around much easier.’

After safely crossing the border into Arendelle, Russell looked up towards the north.

His ultimate destination was not the southern reaches of Arendelle, where most of its people resided, but the frozen lands further north.

Amongst them was a lake named ‘Caliman’—known for its clear waters, ranking among the top five in Arendelle.

Russell visited it for a simple reason.

‘It is the largest lake among the ones located in the north of Arendelle.’


The northern tundra.

In that distant, frozen land, find the largest mirror where two full moons arise.

Two full moons and the largest mirror.

Although the wording of the mission was quite poetic, Russell focused on those two specific terms.

Many poets liken clear lake waters to mirrors, after all.

‘Perhaps the “two full moons” refer to the one in the sky and its reflection on the lake’s surface.’

Thus determined, Russell promptly left populated areas and upon reaching the ice-covered domain, he amplified his magical power.


Above his head, he conjured a ring of flame and summoned Pepper from beyond the Spirit Realm.


With a cry, Pepper revealed itself, and with a landing—


As its paws touched the snow-covered ground, Pepper shivered.

Gyaruk, gyaruk!

Then, as if disliking the cold sensation, it tapped its paws, drawing in heat and melting the nearby snow.

Chuckling at this, Russell called out to his companion—



Without having to hear, through their connected consciousness, Pepper nodded to Russell’s unspoken command.

Pounding its small chest several times with its paw, as if to say to rely on it, suddenly—


Enveloped in a surge of flames, Pepper emerged in the form of a dragon, ready to carry Russell.

Its size made carrying him a non-issue, the speed now exceeding the speed of sound.

Shortly after, a red streak flashed across Arendelle’s sky, heading north.




With the flapping of its wings, a gust of wind arose. Using this force, Pepper began to slow down for their descent.

Two days had passed since they took flight.

To cover such vast northern lands in just two days was a feat that would astound anyone, but not so for Russell.

‘I expected it to take a little less time than this.’

He had intended to use supersonic flight to cross the distance in a single day, but it had taken a full day and some hours more.

The delay was on account of Pepper, who, unaccustomed to sustained high-speed flight, had grown weary.

Hence, they had to rest periodically for Pepper to recover, inevitably extending their journey.

‘Well, perhaps it all turned out for the best.’

Due to the delay, they arrived just in time for the full moon. Otherwise, they would have had to wait near the lake until the next full moon.

With this thought, Russell continued his trek.


Pepper, now reduced in size to that of a small cat, had long since settled into a cozy spot atop Russell’s head.

They landed atop a tall mountain near Lake Caliman.

Up close, the lake was so vast it could be mistaken for a sea.

To fully appreciate such a view, this summit was the ideal vantage point.


Sharp mountain winds bit at him. Shielding himself, Russell alternated his gaze between the vast lake and the sky above.

‘About two hours until sunset?’

It would take a bit more time for the full moon to rise. Fortunately, the weather was fair this evening.

Had it been poor, and had they missed witnessing the full moon, they would’ve had to wait until the next one.

‘Maybe it’s time to kill some time until the sun sets completely.’

He checked the terrain and the sky for a moment, then used magic to dig into the snow, creating a temporary abode before swiftly entering it.


With a light magic spell for illumination and opening his subspace, he took out several magic scrolls.

They were from a hoard in a dragon’s lair he had obtained the previous day, including some ancient spells no longer in active use.

Relying on the small light, Russell’s eyes deepened as he reviewed them.

‘To reignite the magic’s embers using the remnants of spent mana, thereby stacking the firepower… Incredible.’

A consecutive casting of the identical spell, without even a moment of delay between them. Understanding the essence, he realized why this magic had become obsolete.

‘To require both, the purity of mana and a level of magic control beyond the bounds of the circle…’

It was a spell beyond the capabilities of present-day, average 7th Circle wizards.

Purity and control.

‘Considering these aspects, in this era, there’d be only one other mage capable of manifesting this magic—my master.’

It made sense that such a challenging spell would fall into obscurity and be forgotten. However, there are always exceptions.

‘Hmm…can I manage it?’

Although he doubted others could achieve it, Russell was confident he could manifest the spell.

‘Not that I possess the same exceptional skill or prowess.’

His control over mana was exceptional, even exceeding that of many 7th Circle wizards.

And compared just in terms of the purity of mana, it was much higher than Daria’s.

Nonchalantly, Russell glanced at the name of the magic once more.

‘Fury of Indra.’

This 7th Circle lightning magic spell held an edge over Keravnos, which paled in comparison.

Restoring and mastering it would not be easy, but—

‘If restored successfully, it could serve as a powerful trump card.’

While not quite on the scale of Hellfire, it was still a formidable magic.

Time passed, and Pepper, who had been resting on Russell’s lap, yawned widely.


Stretching its limbs, it awoke.

Russell, jolted from his focus by the noise, quickly checked the sky.

Though time had advanced, he could still see the round full moon.

Stepping out of the shelter, he looked upon Lake Caliman.

The nearby full moon shone onto the lake, mirroring upon its surface.

Moonlight cascaded down, reflecting in all directions from the water-


For a moment, the world seemed awash with moonlight, prompting Russell to tilt his head.

‘So… what now?’

It was indeed a beautiful sight, but no matter how long he looked, there was no trace of a dragon within it.

‘Could it be that I’m in the wrong place? Or have I missed something obvious here?’

As thoughts crisscrossed swiftly, Russell’s eyes shone with fierce intensity, scanning for anything he might have overlooked.

After a while gazing at the lake’s surface, a faint glimmer of anomaly spread through his gaze.

‘The reflection on the water… differs from the actual view?’

If the lake were indeed a perfect mirror, reflections would match precisely, but discrepancies existed.

It was not the rippling of water causing the distortion but something else entirely.

‘Part of the reflected ice wall seems entirely different.’

A towering ice wall on the north side of Lake Caliman, its reflection on the water’s surface varied from the actual structure.

Immediately recognizing the oddity, Russell activated a flight spell.


Skimming the surface of the lake, he headed towards the discrepancy.

‘This is…’

A faint trace of magical power oozed from where the image in the water differed.

It was so subtle that he did not perceive it atop the mountain.

‘A pattern of magical power?’

Magical patterns of this sort are usually cast for one primary reason.

‘To conceal something.’

In other words, something was hidden beyond this pattern of magic.

Simultaneously sensing and analyzing the magic flow, Russell began to reverse-engineer it rapidly.

Sending his own magic through to dismantle the existing pattern was no easy task, given its faintness and complexity, but, fortunately, Russell’s precise magical control was up for the task.

The pattern took about five minutes to break.

Immediately after, water at his feet began to whirl in one direction.


As the surface water churned violently, what emerged was a vortex leading to a long passageway below the surface.

A sight akin to a whirlpool-shaped route taking shape.

And beyond it—

‘What’s that?’

—revealed the entrance to an underwater cavern.


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