Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 216


Dragon devouring mage



A violent tremor shook a quiet part of the Abent Forest as if an earthquake or a landslide had occurred. The ground shook intensely, and the air swirled violently, creating a colossal upward vortex.


It seemed as if a dragon was ascending as the strong wind caused great trees and boulders to be uprooted, soaring high into the air before falling back down repeatedly.


The aftermath was so tremendous that you could witness the scene from tens of kilometers away.

Moreover, leaves and tree roots taken up by the vortex rained down onto the villages of the beastmen, located dozens of kilometers away.

Although the distance was too great for any significant damage to occur, it was truly a natural disaster.

However, the beastmen confronting this disaster could only respond with tranquility.

“Hehe. Quite vigorous today, isn’t it?”

“Can’t be helped. It’s been four whole months, after all.”

“Muyaho-nim is probably stretching his body properly after such a long time.”

Recently, a beastman who was repairing the damaged water channels after a heavy rain, another who was fixing a partially damaged roof, and a third organizing the harvested fruit.

They all spoke with calm in their voices.

There was a good reason for this.

Having migrated from the Kuril Islands to the Abent Forest several years ago, these natural disasters had become quite the annual occurrence to them.

“Whenever that friend visits, he’s so enthusiastic…”

“Muyaho-nim truly is a romantic at heart!”

Amid their muttering, a bear-like beastman who had been drinking since noon raised his beer high, gazing in the direction of the distant forest still echoing with explosive sounds.

“To Muyaho-nim’s pure heart, cheers!”




Contrary to the term “pure-hearted”, Muyaho’s current activities were far from an act of affection. He extended his fist and performed a series of kicks while spinning his body. Then, using the same rotational force, he wielded his favorite weapon, a gargantuan spear.


A thunderous impact resounded as if lightning had struck, sending a shockwave that blasted away a portion of the forest.

The area affected was so vast that, had this occurred elsewhere, an entire forest could have vanished.

It was not an act of affection but literal destruction!

Glancing over at the ravaged landscape caused by his shockwave, Russell laughed lightly in disbelief.

‘Lucky it was an area meant to be cleared to begin with…’

Otherwise, it would have merely resulted in the pointless destruction of nature.

“Kyahaha! Try to catch this one, male!”

Whether Muyaho knew of Russell’s intentions, he launched himself like a cannonball once again.


To measure his speed one would have needed units of Mach!

As Muyaho’s form bore down on him, Russell stretched out his hand.

Slowly curling his fingers then snapping them open, he gathered the surrounding gravity like an antlion’s pit around and above Muyaho.

The scatter around him formed traps to bind Muyaho’s feet while one powerful strike aimed for the real target.


Perhaps because the gravitational pull luring her in had increased tenfold, Muyaho’s speed noticeably slowed.

However, Muyaho’s form was already within striking distance!


Dispersed shield spells that had been crossed shattered with a single strike, the shards scattering like broken mirror pieces.

Along with that went Russell’s figure laid bare, and Muyaho moved her arm.

Brandishing the ridiculously large great spear with ease, she thrust it towards Russell.



Time seemed infinitely stretched in that moment when Muyaho noticed shield fragments swirling around her.

‘…Static electricity?’

Small sparks flowed along the fragments, creating an organic resonance amongst themselves.

Russell flicked his finger.

Those sparks responded to the blue mana light emanating from Russell’s finger.

Before Muyaho’s spear reached Russell, a flash—


A blue bolt of lightning split the dry sky in two.



From where the lightning struck, light flickered rapidly as quartz granules melted and solidified again, the ground vitrifying with incredible speed.

Keraunos (Κεραυνος).

Among the many godly beings that once walked the earth, it was said the chief god of Olympia repelled his land’s threats with a spear of thunderbolts.

Known by its nickname as Zeus’s thunderbolt, this spell possessed such overwhelming destructive power fitting for its name.

Even proficient aura users hit directly by this spell couldn’t guarantee their survival.

If an ordinary person had been the target, they would’ve evaporated without leaving a corpse behind.

But the opponent was the King of Beasts, Muyaho.

She had boldly claimed that although she couldn’t beat Daria, she wouldn’t lose to Hemingway Melville, a powerful being who had even inherited the power of a dark dragon.


From within the rising cloud of dust, Muyaho voiced a sound somewhere between admiration and a groan.

“That was quite electrifying!”

As the dust cleared, her form became visible.

Looking as if she had just visited a strange hair salon, her hair became curly from the lightning and the smell of char rose from her body.

Not exactly intact, but no one would believe she was directly struck by lightning given her appearance.

On the other hand, it was Russell who seemed worse off.

“Cough, cough—”

Thrown far away, buried in a pile of rocks, Russell coughed out as he got up.

‘To continue thrusting the spear even when struck by lightning…’

Though he wasn’t penetrated by the spear tip, his entire body ached from the blast impact.

‘It might not be broken… but there could be cracks.’

Thinking so, Russell sighed and raised his arms, suggesting:

“Perhaps it’s best to stop for today.”


Russell’s proposal was met with a brief glare of dissatisfaction.

“Fine. Male. We’ve certainly roused ourselves properly after so long; let’s call it enough for now.”

Muyaho nodded casually, and the great spear in her hand turned into an ivory-colored anklet and disappeared.

After dissipating the spear, Muyaho approached Russell with large strides, saying:

“But look at this, male.”


“As you said, the horns have grown.”

When she roughly cleared her messy hair, a pair of horns that seemed carved from rock were revealed.

Her eyes, too, had changed to look more reptilian than lupine.

“Well, it seems about time for them to disappear, though.”

As Muyaho shrugged her shoulders, the horns began to recede rapidly, and her eyes returned to normal.

“When did this start happening?”


At Russell’s question, she tilted her head and scratched through her hair.

“Not sure when it started, but when I draw upon a certain level of strength, horns appear and my eyes change.”

Resembling Russell when he used the Dragonification ability.

It seems that although she’s yet to fully transition into Dragonification, she’s instinctively drawing upon the power of a dragon.

‘I had to struggle so much to learn Dragonification…’

This could be what’s referred to as innate talent or sense. As Russell gave a forced smile, Muyaho inquired:

“So, what are you planning to do now, male? If you have no other engagements, how about dinner in the village…”

“Ah, it’s a lovely offer, but I have plans for tonight.”


The Abent Forest was located thousands of kilometers away from the capital.

As Russell couldn’t stray more than 500 kilometers from the capital, he shouldn’t have been here.

Yet he was, for a simple reason.

‘The beastmen and the elf tribes needed someone to report their situations.’

With more than just mere friendly ties with both races, Russell was the ideal candidate for such responsibilities.

And today’s appointment was—

“I’ve arranged to meet with the princess.”

“Hmm, if it’s a prior engagement with your big sister, then I can’t complain.”

Muyaho replied as if conceding,

“Can’t exactly jump the queue.”

With her lips pouting, nevertheless.



The distance between the capital and the Abent Forest stretched for thousands of kilometers.

Even the nearest warp gate to the capital lay hundreds of kilometers away, but for Russell, this was hardly a problem.


In the form of a massive dragon, Pepper carried Russell across the sky in an instant.


Almost before evening, Russell returned to the capital by cutting through the sky in a straight line, thanks to the warp gate.

‘Still got some time…’

There was enough time to change out of his dusty clothes and take a bath.

After fully preening himself, Russell entered the castle about an hour later, perfectly timed for his appointment.

His dinner with Hecate mirrored any casual couple’s – filled with trivial and everyday chit-chat.

But it was Hecate who broached the main issue.

“Perhaps it’s time to discuss the reason for our meeting today, wouldn’t you say? My dear?”


Caught off guard, Russell choked, needing to cough to clear his throat.

“Normally, I would have thought it just an evening date, but our promised half year is nearly over. Surely you arranged this meeting because you have something you want to say.”

Calming herself after Russell’s cough, Hecate chuckled, finding amusement in his reaction.

“So, where to this time? If it’s like last time with the empire, I must refuse…”

“It’s not the empire.”

“The empire, you say─ So, not within Aria’s borders either, I take it.”


Following Russell’s brief explanation,

“The northern frozen lands… You’re heading to another difficult place this time. My dear.”

The frozen lands to the north were dangerous for reasons different from the empire.

Though there was a nation, its influence barely extended beyond the southern territories.

As one moved further north, it gave way to a frigid wasteland, completely inhospitable.

With temperatures plummeting to dozens of degrees below zero and half the year shrouded in severe snowstorms, progress was anything but easy.

“Not to mention… unseen threats hidden beneath the snow.”

Of course, Hecate was well aware that Russell’s abilities were well beyond concern for such dangers.

Nonetheless, as a lover promised a future, she couldn’t help but worry. It would be preposterous not to.

“However, one who will become the Martial King cannot simply flip his promises as if they were nothing.”

With a sigh, Hecate addressed Russell.

“Dress warmly and return safely, that is my wish.”

She then quickly added,

“Of course, with nearly a month left, be sure to fulfill your duties in the capital until then.”

With that, Hecate consented to Russell’s journey to the north.

The Mage Who Swallowed a Dragon.


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