Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 214


Dragon devouring mage

Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 214


This word referred to a position where one conducts politics and oversees state affairs on behalf of the king for various reasons.

In the case of the present Endymion, there was only one individual who could take on such a regal role.

In the audience chamber, which included soundproofing in its design, Russell asked Daria as they waited for the regent.

“Regency… Has something happened to His Majesty the king?”

His question was natural since typically, regencies are established when something befalls the reigning monarch.

Yet, as far as Russell could recall, at the time he had left the capital, King Alfonso Ratmos had been in good health.

‘If a problem has arisen, it must have been after that…’

Though not of an aged year, Alfonso had recently faced the significant crisis of a rebellion by close kin.

Even if it wasn’t a physical ailment, one couldn’t discount the possibility of a spiritual malady as a result of the blowback.

In response to Russell’s inquiry, Daria shook her head.

“Fortunately, youngest one, the worries you harbor have not come to pass.”


“He is simply in need of a rest period.”

Daria swiftly added to her explanation.

“After all, hasn’t he been tending to state affairs for a long time? It’s not strange that he’s grown a little weary. Moreover… it’s about time for the princess to start accumulating her own experience in governance.”

“I see.”

Daria giggled, offering advice to the nodding Russell.

“More importantly, little one, brace yourself for a good scolding.”

At that moment, the servant guarding the entrance to the audience chamber announced with a raised voice.

“The regent, Her Highness, arrives!”


The doors to the audience chamber opened, revealing a woman whose appearance matched Russell’s expectations to the letter.

The violet hair and matching eyes were the symbols of the Ratmos royal family.

Hecate Ratmos.

There she stood, just beyond the threshold.

Assuming the position of regent hadn’t led to any particular change in her attire.

The only notable differences were the baton at her waist, signifying the authority of the regent in lieu of a crown, and a look in her eyes that was less than pleased.

Russell flinched under her gaze, and Hecate immediately chastised him.

“Divine Duke!”

Her sharp rebuke echoed in the audience room, designed to keep sounds from escaping.

“Have you lost your wits! Do you even know where you are─!”

“This is none other than the Empire, the Empire!”

“The Empire’s feelings toward our nation are well known to be poor, and our nation’s feelings toward the Empire are no better. You should know this!”

Hecate’s voice pressed on relentlessly, and Russell felt an even greater force than when facing a superhuman.

The royal majesty Hecate usually carried seemed more potent now that she had ascended to the role of regent.

“And you, are you not a personage of grave importance to our kingdom!”

“Had this news reached the Empire by some mishap, they would have exerted all efforts to eliminate you!”

Hecate did not single-handedly reproach Russell, however. Even as she poured out her wrathful rebuke, her eyes continually swept over him with a touch of concern, as if checking for any injuries.

“Leaving without formal report and venturing into enemy territory is an offense that, in another’s case, would necessitate punishment comparable to treason or collusion!”

“However, Divine Duke. Considering the achievements you have made thus far!”

She drew the baton from her waist and aimed it at Russell.

“In light of these merits, from this moment forth, for the span of half a year, your external movements shall be restricted!”

Her declaration was delivered with solemnity.

“Without special reasons, the radius of your movements shall be limited to 500 kilometers centered around the royal capital!”

Hecate finished her pronouncement and looked directly at Russell.

“If you have any objections, state them now.”

With guilt on his conscience, nothing could be said even if he had ten tongues. Russell bowed his head in submission.


A soft confinement of half a year, which could be considered quite a lenient punishment given the circumstances.

It was something that, under normal disciplinary measures, would undoubtedly be impossible. Likely it was because only a few knew of Russell’s visit to the Empire that such a verdict was possible.

The severe and solemn mood dissipated as Hecate placed down the baton, clicking her tongue.

“You are quite the troublesome son-in-law, causing worry so frequently.”

Now that Hecate’s duties as regent were concluded, her expression and voice softened considerably from before.

Yet she did not forget to append a cold warning.

“If you pull such a stunt again without word, I will break your legs myself to restrict your external movements. Remember my words.”

Daria chuckled approvingly, “Oh boy, you can’t move an inch in front of Her Highness the regent. You’ve met your match!”

It seemed she was quite satisfied to see Russell chastened in her stead.

“I apologize for worrying you both.”

While Russell faced the scrutiny of both women, Hecate crossed her arms and posed a question.

“So, why exactly did you go to the Empire?”

“That is…”

Before Russell could respond, Hecate continued with her supposition.

“You are aware… that the Raymond family has inherited the blood of dragons. Is this matter related to them?”

It was a guess that almost hit the mark.

Russell’s expression involuntarily soured.

‘I used dragonification in my battle with Blaine… so they must have suspected the dragon bloodline.’

They had nearly accurately deduced his purpose for traveling the continent.

Daria elaborated.

“Youngest one, we knew you had been collecting information about dragon traces for some time. Furthermore… your strength increases significantly after each trip.”

“It’s too rapid growth to dismiss as mere talent. There’s usually only one explanation.”

“Thus, we concluded this: that you are seeking objects tied to your family or to dragons, and your realm is expanding rapidly through these fortunate encounters.”

Although not entirely correct, the answer was about ninety percent accurate.

‘After all these years, they’re neither fools nor blind. It’s about time they noticed.’

The only inaccurate part was that it related not to Raymond but to his mother, but there seemed no need to correct that.


“You have always roamed within or near our own lands, but now it seems one such thing was in the Empire.”

Daria clicked her tongue in realization and, as if struck by a thought, Russell suddenly spoke.

“Speaking of which, there was a strange occurrence during my visit to the Empire.”

“A strange occurrence?”

Even though Endymion’s attention was turned inward due to the princes’ struggle for the throne, information about the historical adversary, the Empire, was something they needed to keep track of.


Russell began to explain everything in detail.

How one of the Empire’s regions, although on the frontier, was being completely overrun by undead.

How Death Knights and Doom Knights were being created there.

As Russell’s tale unfolded, the faces of both listeners grew increasingly grave.

Finally, as he finished recounting the events, Daria spoke up with a somber tone.

“No wonder… It explains why we’ve lost contact with the spies planted in the Empire.”

Spies were essentially living on borrowed time—once discovered, losing contact was inevitable. Recently, however, the frequency of severed communications had spiked by about twenty percent.

“Viewed in light of this, there’s certainly no way it’s unrelated to this situation.”

“That’s not all that bothers me, Daria.”

“Yesterday’s events, the Testament from the Heretic following his plot with the Grand Duke, the chaos within the Empire, and the outbreak of undead in the frontier—timing together suspiciously.”

Hecate, crossing her legs with a serious expression, identified the unsettling pattern.

“It’s all happening too simultaneously to seem merely incidental.”

“Understood, Your Highness the regent.”

Understanding her intention, Daria bowed lightly in response.

“We will increase our surveillance in the Empire and ensure close communication.”

“I count on you, Daria.”



‘It’s already past dusk by the time I’m home, even though we arrived at the capital in the midafternoon.’

With a soft chuckle, Russell reflected on the eventful day. Of course, he could hardly blame anyone else.

Everything that had transpired was a consequence of his own actions.

“Welcome back, Your Grace.”

As he opened the door, a housekeeper cleaning the first floor recognized him, bowing respectfully, and he nodded back at them.

Given the absence of any other presence than the bustling housekeepers…

‘It appears my father-in-law is out on duty.’

With his professorship laid aside, there could be no other reason for his absence.

“I shall not require food; would you prepare a bath for me?”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

Upon Russell’s request, the housekeeper bowed and left. Russell, returning to his room, sighed and began to remove his coat.


Using a Cleaning spell, he brushed the dust off the coat and was about to unpack when—


A familiar sensation suddenly gripped him, making him halt in his tracks.

‘This is…!’

The faint bond felt as if it had strengthened into a chain of steel.

Simultaneously, a tiny spark of fire appeared deep within his thoughts.

With a roar, the fire ballooned from a mere spark into a massive inferno!

Then, the notification followed.

[The fire elemental Pepper (Intermediate) has fully assimilated the power of the Fire Dragon.]

[The fire elemental Pepper (Intermediate) has been reborn into a new entity: the Spirit Fire Dragon.]

[Your contract with the Spirit Fire Dragon Pepper is restored.]

[You can summon the Spirit Fire Dragon Pepper from now on through the gates of the elemental realm.]

As the notifications ceased, a cry emanated from the depth of his consciousness.


The Dragon Devouring Mage.


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