Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 213


Dragon devouring mage


White foam surged at the bow of the ship, waves splitting unabated as we voyaged. Russell and Muyaho were currently using the sea route toward the Arcane Empire, intending to return to Endymion.



Throughout the voyage, even before setting sail and crossing the empire’s land, Russell was mulling over a particular topic of concern in his mind:

‘The Fallen Dragon…’

The term clearly referred to a corrupted dragon. Powerful but no longer bound by the noble duty and karma that its kind must uphold to protect the material realm—a dragon that shunned its sacred obligations. Some historical texts referred to such dragons with aberrant nature as Demonic Dragons.

However, curiously enough, the man Russell had encountered seemed significantly different from the Demonic Dragons of recorded history. Though he exuded an odd aura, his demeanor did not appear disordered as the title ‘Fallen Dragon’ might suggest. Nor did he seem consumed by a destructive instinct overwhelming his rational mind.

‘Can a dragon fall in such a way?’

But what troubled Russell the most was—

“Become strong enough to subjugate all dragons, strong enough to release me from these shackles. Grow powerful, young Dragon Emperor.”

—those profound words, along with the look in the man’s eyes.

An indifferent gaze, devoid of feeling, yet harboring a sliver of hope for salvation deep within.


Recalling that gaze, Russell sighed deeply.

‘Once back home, I must re-examine the records of Fallen Dragons and Demonic Dragons.’

His thoughts on the man persisted for more than twenty days, but that was as far as they went. Shaking his head as if to clear his thoughts, Russell stretched his stiff neck.


That was when Muyaho, seated opposite him, began fidgeting uncomfortably. Before her lay several empty bottles, all bearing high-proof alcohol labels that caught the eye.

Despite having emptied several bottles, she seemed unaffected.

‘She doesn’t appear to be dispersing the alcohol with her energy either…’

Is this what they call a drunkard?

“Do you require more liquor?”

Russell asked, noticing how she furrowed her brows disapprovingly. Muyaho shook her head, scratching her neck with her fingernails somewhat raised.

“No, it’s not that I’m uncomfortable… It’s just that my neck’s been itchy for days…”

“Perhaps you need to shed or bathe?”

“Wha-what blasphemy and nonsense do you spew, male!”

Muyaho erupted in protest to Russell’s joke, her face blushing noticeably with embarrassment.

“I bathed just last night and again this morning, I’ll have you know!”

Considering they had booked an expensive suite that provided water for bathing all day long, it wasn’t unreasonable.

“Then why…?”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.”

Muyaho’s shoulders slumped in response to Russell’s words.

“Could you take a look for me, male? There’s something irritating there, but I can’t see the back of my own neck—”

Her words trailed off as she tilted her head back, stepping forward to expose the side of her neck to Russell.


A pungent smell of strong alcohol, mixed with a fruitier scent, assaulted Russell’s nose.


An involuntary blush crept across his face as he averted his gaze, confronted with the intertwined bodily scent.

He checked the area Muyaho had been scratching.


Russell’s breath hitched, and sensing the change, Muyaho murmured with concern,

“What’s wrong, male? It’s not some skin disease, is it?”

“Hold still, please, Muyaho.”

To calm her, Russell reached out, brushing her hair back from the spot.


She stuttered, disconcerted by his gentle touch, her cheeks flushing even more. Meanwhile, Russell’s eyes were utterly serious as he identified what was growing along her neck.

‘Just as I thought…’


With a flick of his fingers, magic coalesced into two palm-sized mirrors hanging in thin air.

The Mirror Image spell.


Using the reflective angle of the mirrors, he showed her the irritated spot.

“Could you look at this, please?”

“What’s this…?”

Upon seeing her own neck reflected in the mirror, Muyaho’s eyes widened.

“Isn’t this a scale, male?”

Indeed, neatly formed dark scales adorned her neck, resembling the scales that appeared beneath Russell’s eyes when he used Dragon Transformation.

‘The splenius capitis muscles, on both sides…’

Thankfully, the scales were only present on those two locations, with no other traces elsewhere.

“Why would scales— I’m not even a reptilian beastkin…?!”

Muyaho shivered, scratching her neck, and Russell let out a deep sigh.

‘This is different than the situation with Io.’

Silver Dragon and Dark Dragon.

Whether the difference arose because of the varying types of dragons they resonated with, or if it was a disparity in their inherent strengths when they accepted the power, was uncertain.

One thing was clear, however—

‘It seems…’

—an explanation was necessary.

* * *


After the explanation was complete, Muyaho gently massaged the back of her neck with her palm.

“If what you say is true, male, then I’ve fully accepted the power of the dragon, and once this power fully blooms, I’ll be bound to you in a master-servant relationship?”


“I might even grow horns on my head?”


Russell nodded affirmatively. He hadn’t expected this to be timely, but eventually, it was a conversation that needed to be had. On one hand, he was relieved to have come clean; on the other, he felt sorry for Muyaho. There were concerns about how she might react—with her freedom-loving nature, any ill will towards suddenly being tied in a master-servant relationship wouldn’t be surprising.

But contrary to Russell’s worries—

“I quite like that idea, male. Kahahaha.”

Muyaho’s response utterly defied Russell’s expectations.

“The power of a dragon… Such power to become even stronger is welcomed.”

“Excuse me?”

“And with that elf girl also in a master-servant relationship with you. Now I won’t be left behind and can claim an equal standing!”

Far from being upset, Muyaho seemed more than content, which puzzled Russell.

“Aren’t you displeased or upset?”

“Upset? Why would I be?”

Muyaho mumbled, narrowing her eyes sharply.

“Aha. I see what you’re worried about now, male. Given your nature, these concerns are to be expected.”

She then surveyed Russell from head to toe with a cunning gaze and said,

“However, male, there’s something you’re misunderstanding.”


“It seems you’ve taken our previous mating talk as mere jest.”

“Excuse me?!”

Catching Russell off guard, she continued speaking despite his surprise.

“Wolves choose a mate for life, and I am the king of wolves, bestowed with the blood of Fenrir.”

She asserted firmly, thumping her chest.

“In other words, male, you’re already the one and only mate in my heart. It’s true we weren’t in a master-servant bond… but really, what’s the difference?”

Muyaho shrugged her shoulders.

Was this the objective truth, or was it her whimsical interpretation?

Russell gave a bitter smile.

“As I’ve said before, I already have someone with whom I’ve promised my future. Therefore…”


Before Russell could finish, Muyaho snorted and spread her hand to side-step his words.

“There’s no need to worry about that issue, male.”


“Our conversation is already concluded.”

The conversation is concluded? Russell wondered what had transpired without his knowledge.

“The important thing is who will be the second…”

Musing to herself, Muyaho quietly whispered:

“…And I absolutely cannot lose to that sly elf girl. Exactly.”

Her fists clenched tightly, and her eyes blazed with fighting spirit.

* * *

A departure at the crossroads on the way to the royal capital was their parting moment.

“Hmm. It’s about time I returned myself, I’ve been away a while. Until next time, male.”

Leaving the grinning Muyaho behind, Russell’s arrival at the royal capital was greeted by Daria’s fierce reprimand.


Well, more of a ridiculously huge and sugary scolding than a reprimand really.


Russell uttered dully upon witnessing the massive object that had struck right where he’d just been standing.

The floorboards were so thoroughly dented it was as if a hefty object had smashed into them.

“Getting hit by this, even if it’s candy, would be fatal.”

True to his words, a gargantuan lollipop had crushed the spot where Russell was standing—a candy bigger than a grown man.

“Hmph, as if that would kill…”

Daria scoffed at Russell’s remark, showing not the slightest hint of amusement.

“At most, you’ll end up with a broken limb or two, so don’t worry too much.”

Despite Russell’s grimaces, Daria continued to gesture with her fingertips.


With another motion, the lollipop took the stance of a great axe wielded by a warrior!

“I can’t believe you’ve got the nerve to wander about… I should break your legs with this to ensure you don’t go gallivanting outside for a while.”

Just as Daria’s angry worry was about to engulf him, a saving ring—trrring—resounded!

Connected to the first floor of the Mage Tower, it was a direct line setup to deliver urgent messages to the Tower Master.

Daria paused her finger-wagging in the midst of the unexpected alarm, letting out a sigh.

“Tsk, lucky brat. Hold on for a moment.”

Casting a brief glance at Russell, she picked up the direct line.

“Ah, a message from His Majesty?”

Her eyes narrowed meaningfully at Russell as she received the news from the first floor. Then, after a moment, click.

“It seems I’m not the only one itching to break your legs.”

Daria set the alarm aside and chuckled as if she found the situation amusing.

“You’ve barely set foot in the royal capital, and yet how precisely timed His Majesty’s knowledge is to contact you.”

Presumably, His Majesty had been paying close attention to any news about you.

She murmured to herself, rising from her seat.

“Don your gear. The Regent seeks your presence.”

“The Regent… Your Majesty?”

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