Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 211


Dragon devouring mage


An aged voice; the place where the Black Dragon had taken Russell was a reception room located in a corner of the nest.

‘Whoever would have imagined such a space inside the nest.’

The height from the floor to the ceiling was about 3 meters. In between there, a round table designed with an antique look was placed along with several chairs, and from the ceiling dangled a chandelier that sparkled with diffused light, clearly looking expensive at a glance.

‘As I saw on my way here, besides the reception room, there seem to be several other rooms…’

This was a completely different sight from the dragons’ nests that I had seen so far.

Was it that the nests of the Black Dragons, or the Earth Dragon lineage, were special?

Or could it be that the nests vary depending on the individual characteristics of the dragons?

It was while Russell was contemplating this that…


The door opened, and someone entered the reception room.

With neatly swept-up yellow hair that was tied back and a face full of wrinkles, it was the Black Dragon who had transformed into a human form.


Certainly, there seems to be such a thing as individual taste; their extravagantly unmatched clothing was noticeable.

Despite its style hailing from quite an old era, the dress she wore looked as good as new.

And then there were the beautiful frills and jewels adorned all over the place.

Moreover, around her neck was a diamond necklace as big as a fist, and on her fingers were rings embedded with chunky topazes.

“I wonder if I’ve kept the little master waiting too long.”

As she spoke, with a whoosh and a thud, the teaware that seemed to have just been prepared flew through the air and landed on the table.

Click-clack, click-clack.

Using magic without even touching it, the Black Dragon started to brew tea and said,

“Before entering into a deep slumber… I bought this tea quite a long time ago, but thanks to preservation magic, it is still in good condition.”

The water started to boil, releasing a unique tea fragrance that tickled the nose like never before.

“Try some.”

The pumpkin-colored tea water, sipped—

Without any thought, as Russell was drinking, he suddenly widened his eyes in shock.

“This is—!”

“A tea that was favored by a few humans in the era of the gods. It’s made from moss that only grows on the upper parts of the World Tree, Yggdrasil, and is said to clarify the mind and purify mana with prolonged use. Hohohoho.”

It followed with an explanation that it was quite expensive, even ten times more costly than the same volume of gold, so only a few from that era could afford to drink it.

‘A tea that purifies mana…’

For magicians or aura practitioners who know that the explosive power they can harness varies with the purity of their mana, this was an invaluable treasure.

“I’m not sure if I should be drinking such a valuable treasure so easily.”

As Russell muttered to himself, the elderly dragon lady, taking on the appearance of an old woman, shrugged her shoulders.

“After all, this is the last of it that I have. And also, this old one does not have much time left, you see. Hohohoho.”

Having said that, she took a sip of the tea herself and then gave Russell a light bow.

“A bit belatedly, but allow me to greet you, little master. I am a subspecies that follows the lineage of the Earth Dragons. An ‘Earth Dragon,’ Opella Rou. You may call me simply Opella. Hohohoho.”

“Russell, Russell Raymond.”

“Hohoho, Russell Raymond. So that is the name of the little master.”

It seemed like she was trying to memorize Russell’s name, repeating it softly a few times.


“I suppose, according to this old one’s thinking, the little master must have many questions. Hohoho.”

Opella set down her teacup.

“Although we do not have much time, I would be glad if I could clear at least some of your curiosity.”


She gestured for him to ask anything freely, as there were still things he was curious about.

Russell lightly rubbed the tips of his thumb and forefinger together.

‘What should I ask?’

Although he had encountered dragons a couple of times so far, regrettably, he had not had the opportunity to have a proper conversation with them.

That was because they simply did not have enough time left.

“The Dragon Emperor…”

After contemplating for a while, Russell seemed to have decided on a question and began to speak.

“What kind of existence is the Dragon Emperor, and why have I become the Dragon Emperor?”

“That’s one of the most fundamental questions. Hohohoho.”

She took a deep breath and then, with a serious look in her eyes, she began to explain.

“The Dragon Emperor is…”

Literally, the Dragon Emperor was the ruler of all dragons and the sovereign of the species.

“Also, the origin of all dragons.”

“Origin, you say?”

“Yes. Without the Dragon Emperor’s existence, dragons could not have been present in this world at all.”

Russell contemplated the meaning of her words and then, as if something occurred to him, he exclaimed in surprise,

“Then is the reason why there are so few dragons left in this era because—!?”

At Russell’s question, Opella nodded sorrowfully.

“Because of the great master, our previous Dragon Emperor, the Dragon God King, has returned to nature’s embrace. Hohoho…”

“Dragon God King.”

Russell fixed his attention deeper on the storytelling, as Opella mentioned the Dragon God King. According to her explanation, the Dragon God King was a being who had lived for an unimaginable length of time.

And the reason for his death was a result of the wounds sustained from consecutive battles with those who stirred chaos in the mortal realm.

“Giants, demonkind, evil gods, heretical transcendent beings… He had fought many beings alongside Him.”

As if recalling those battles, her eyes naturally darkened.

But only for a moment, as soon thereafter, Opella restored her bright expression and with clear eyes looked at Russell and said,

“And the reason you became the new Dragon Emperor is that you are the last remaining offspring of Him. More precisely, you are the descendant of Him and the ‘Otherworld Savior.’”

“Otherworld Savior…”

“A term to describe the one who came from another world and together with our king saved this world. Now that I think about it, your black hair is very similar to that of the Otherworld Savior.”

At that moment, all the puzzle pieces seemed to start falling into place.

Why mother’s heirloom ring, which was kept in the museum, had responded to the Dragon’s Heart as well.

‘Mother… was a descendant of the Otherworld Savior.’

He couldn’t be sure if she had known this fact.

“So does the second generation of dragons refer to those among us who possess strong dragon traits, individuals who are awakening as the next generation’s dragons?”

It was a question muttered while thinking of Iona, who is rapidly transforming into a Silver Dragon, and Pepper, who might be transforming into a Fire Dragon in the Elemental Realm.

“That’s exactly it.”

At Russell’s question, she nodded.

“And I also have just made a decision to pass on my power to a child who will become the next generation of dragons. Hohohoho.”

“By just a moment ago, you mean…?”

As Russell asked back, Opella shifted her gaze.

To someone far away, outside the nest, she muttered softly as if seeing them.

“There’s a girl outside, a Fire Dragon inheritor. Though not an Earth Dragon, she holds a definite trace of dragon lineage. Hohohoho. With her strong abilities, she will surely be able to accept my power well.”

The conversation between Russell and Opella continued with several other questions.

Among the most memorable ones was—

‘The Dragon God King had a great interest in what the Otherworld Savior often referred to as games.’

‘He particularly liked the concept where certain actions or efforts were rewarded accordingly. Hohohoho.’

—why exactly the Dragon God King’s power was being transmitted to him through missions and rewards?

After a trivial exchange for tens of minutes, the tea that had been brewed at first began to cool down to lukewarm.


While speaking, Opella suddenly grabbed her chest and groaned.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, I am fine, but… it seems my remaining time is nearly over.”

“You mean…”

Just like the Silver Dragon, it meant that Opella’s time to return to nature was approaching.

“To meet the little master, I have been extending what little life I had left by going into a deep slumber, but in truth, it was natural for this to happen. Hohohoho.”

She slowly stood up from her spot.

“However, before that, there’s something personal I must pass on to the little master.”

“To me?”

“Please follow me.”

After patting her chest several times and fixing her complexion, she got up with a significant look and left her seat.

Step by step.

She walked out of the reception room and headed towards a massive stone door deep within the nest.

As she reached the door and began to reach out her hand, she turned back to look at Russell.

“When the little master looks at my nest, does it appear quite different compared to the other dragons’ nests you’ve seen?”

“Oh, yes…”

“That can’t be helped. I am from the Earth Dragon lineage. I hold the power of the earth, which contains all kinds of precious things.”

After saying this, Opella pushed the heavy stone door open with all her might.

“In novels and stories, dragons covet gold and treasures based on us Earth Dragons as their motif. Hohohoho.”


With a heavy sound, the stone doors opened to both sides, and immediately a bright light poured from within.


For a moment, a dazzling display of multicolored gemstone lights flooded his vision.


Russell involuntarily groaned and shielded his eyes, then widened them in amazement.

“This is…!!”

The pile of gold bars stacked up like a small hill obstructed the view; it was just a part.

Behind it, several more mountains of gold could be seen neatly stacked.

It wasn’t just gold; mixed in were all types of jewels scattered across the floor.

No, it wasn’t just gemstones.

‘Are those paintings and sculptures over there…?’

Just from a rough estimate, the treasure seemed to rival the annual budget of Endymion.

As Russell was astounded, Opella’s voice flowed into his ear.

“Hohohoho. These are things this old dragon has collected over a lifetime since my youth.”

The pride in her voice was palpable.

“These are treasures I’ve held dear for many years, typical for a greedy dragon…”

But that sentiment was short-lived, as she then turned to Russell without any sense of loss.

“Would the little master please accept them?”

“For me to receive all of this…”

As Russell hesitated, she shrugged.

“I cannot take all of this with me as I return to the earth. Hohohoho. Please consider it as the last gift from this old dragon and accept it…”

While talking, she furrowed her brow.

“Oh dear. Hohohoho. It seems my allotted time has truly come to an end.”


With that, a powerful storm of mana whirled around as Opella’s aged form began to disintegrate into sand, starting at her feet.

“If possible, I wanted to serve until the end, but that cannot be… I hope the child who receives my power will serve the little master well. This old dragon will certainly be watching. Hohohoho.”

By the time she finished speaking, her entire lower body had turned to sand, and in an instant.

“Ah, now that I think of it, I almost forgot to mention something. Hohohoho.”

As if she had just remembered something important to inform, she slowly opened her mouth.

“Little master, to the north…”



The Frozen Tundra in the North.

Seek the largest mirror where two full moons rise in the far north’s frozen land.



By the time Opella finished speaking, her body was long gone, turned to sand.

Only the sand where she had disappeared flowed across the floor towards somewhere.


As if guiding the person who would inherit her power.


“Achoo! Sand!”

The Mage Who Swallowed a Dragon


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