Dragon Devouring Mage Chapter 209


Dragon devouring mage


Death Knight.

As mentioned before, they are by-products created during the process to birth an undead rivaling a superhuman.

Death Knights boast a level of strength that puts them above other lower undead, as implied by the “Death” in their name.

Among them, a few individuals crafted from superior specimens could evolve into Doom Knights—a higher tier—if supplied with enough death energy.

Of course, it would take tens of thousands of deaths, if not more, to achieve such a feat.

Nonetheless, it must be said that the Death Knight is a monster that cannot be taken lightly.



The by-product of an attempt to create a monster equivalent to a superhuman is merely that—a by-product.

They were never on par with, nor stronger than, Superhumans.


Mu Ya-ho’s single punch sent a Death Knight flying, deeply gouging the ground as it crashed.

The knight’s armor was dented, its eye glow dimmer than when it first appeared.

Boom, boom!

Facing the creature, Mu Ya-ho clenched her fists in anticipation.

Despite their unique undead resilience, the creature endured several punches, prompting a gleeful roar from her, akin to finding a favorite toy.

“This one really hits the spot!”

Before finishing her sentence, Mu Ya-ho’s thigh muscles bulged, and she shot forward like a cannonball.


Sonic Boom.

Mu Ya-ho’s dropkick hit the Death Knight’s chest, already sprawled on the ground before the sound of impact or air could burst forth.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

The resulting shockwave collapsed several building walls nearby, and a deep crater formed in the earth.

Another Death Knight swung its death-charged sword in an attempt to stop her, to no avail.



Barehanded Sword-Catch.

Effortlessly demonstrating a technique known in the East as barehanded blade catching, with a mere flick of her fingers—


—she lifted the Death Knight by its blade.

Caught off-guard by the abrupt action, the knight barely managed to begin a response before being forcefully slammed to the ground by Mu Ya-ho’s brute strength, a thunderous noise following.

Any other being would have been reduced to bone fragments by such a strike.


Delighting in the sturdy toy, Mu Ya-ho laughed heartily and unleashed a storm of punches.

Thump, thump, thump—!

She stood over the two Death Knights piled beneath her feet.

Rather than a battle, it was a one-sided display of overwhelming violence.

With every strike, a blast of wind rose, accompanied by dust clouds.

And after the ground-shaking noises ceased multiple times, Mu Ya-ho shook off her hands with satisfaction.

“Phew. What a blast that was.”

Then, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand, she turned toward Russell.

“So, what about your side? You done, male?”

“It was over a while ago.”

Russell casually kicked one of the rolling things on the ground with his foot.

Clang, rolling—

A tinny sound followed, and the object left by Russell’s foot fell beneath Mu Ya-ho’s feet—clearly a helmet that must have once been part of a Death Knight’s head.

The sinister glow that once emanated from behind the visor was long gone.


Fiddling with the helmet as if playing ball, she kicked it around while Russell glanced at the ruined Death Knights underneath Mu Ya-ho.

Their black armor was so crushed it was more like scrap metal now, with bones not just broken but pulverized.

Given such damage, even a Death Knight would not be able to live on.

Unlike Russell, who had used magic to exploit the undead’s weaknesses, Mu Ya-ho simply utilized her overwhelming physical strength for destruction.

‘I’ve been on the receiving end of those punches during our sparring sessions….’

Feeling a stiffness in his neck, Russell massaged his neck and shoulders as he explained to Mu Ya-ho, who was still playing with the helmet.

“These things were the core of the magic circle. With their destruction, the magic circles here will no longer function properly.”

“These were the core?”

“Yes. The transformation of the residents of this barony and the previous village into undead must have been due to—”

Russell paused, his face hardening, then he sighed.

He had to explain eventually.

“…to supply these creatures with death energy.”

Of course, it was doubtful that this amount of death energy could evolve Death Knights into Doom Knights.

Nonetheless, they were bound to become stronger than before.

“Are those bastards completely out of their minds, male!?”

Mu Ya-ho vented with disgust, kicking the helmet away.

“If they wanted to be stronger, why not just train? If they wanted to create something strong, why not work hard instead of killing so many people for such a goal?”

She couldn’t understand the situation, no matter how hard she tried.


Russell nodded in agreement with her sentiments.

“Anyway, with the barony in such a state, it means someone at the top of the empire must be in cahoots with the cultists. I need to report back on this.”

“Hmm, report. Right, we need to report, male. But—”

Mu Ya-ho trailed off, glancing up at the sky.

“Have we been under someone’s watchful eye this whole time, or is it just my imagination?”

“Being watched?”

“Oh, I’m not sure. I felt it for a moment then it vanished. Might have been my imagination.”

“It must be a misperception. Who could possibly deceive Mu Ya-ho’s senses?”

After all, she was among the strongest even within the ranks of superhumans.

Russell’s words brought an embarrassed smile to Mu Ya-ho’s face. Blushing, she replied:

“Cough, ma-male. It’s nice to hear that, but if it were my master… During the past half year, I’ve met various mighty individuals representing our country in Endymion.”

No one had shocked her quite like the woman named Daria when they first met.

Mu Ya-ho, by her own estimate, was one of the strongest individuals she had encountered.

So, she muttered softly:

“She might be able to escape my senses. Hmm…”



High in the sky, where thick clouds mostly obscured the view, a black-haired man smirked as he watched the pair below.

“A woman with sharp instincts.”

Then, his gaze shifted back to Russell…

“He’s grown stronger than before, but still not enough.”

And, with that thought, he continued to follow the two from above, flying through the sky—slowly, very slowly, yet surely.

* * *

Two weeks later.

Unlike the grand celebration of his arrival after just three days in the empire, Russell’s last fortnight had been unremarkably peaceful.

Unaware of the dreadful happenings elsewhere in the empire, the small villages and territories they occasionally passed through were tranquil.

‘Of course.’

Even if culprits had imperial officials in their pocket, causing such chaos across the empire would have been exposed quickly.

And so, the peaceful journey came to an end. As they ascended a steep mountain trail, Mu Ya-ho asked:

“So somewhere up this mountain lies the place you’re looking for, male?”

The path was rugged and perilous, opposing their smooth stride.


They could see a sea of clouds beneath the cliff edge—a sight referred to as “yunhai” or “cloud sea.”

Tramp, tramp, clop, clop—

The methodical sound of boots and leather shoes echoed. The trail Russell and Mu Ya-ho ascended was along one of the peaks of Giallo Mountain.

Giallo Mountain (Giallo Mountain).

It was known across the empire—and perhaps the whole continent—for its scenic beauty, making it one of the top five locales.

As expected.

With vast scale and peaks soaring into the sky, the seventy or so rock pinnacles and the perpetual cloud sea were enough to overwhelm even Russell for a moment.

‘I’m seeing it in person for the first time, but it’s exactly like in the books…’

If not for the rugged terrain and treacherous landscape, the mountain would surely attract droves of tourists all day long.

‘And indeed, at the mountain’s base, there were a few villages catering to those coming to see the terrain…’

But given the empire’s state, business didn’t seem to be booming.

Russell shook off his thoughts and looked up.

The summit they were climbing was the sixty-seventh of the over seventy peaks of Giallo Mountain, located at the heart of the range, untouched by outsiders.

‘There’s something related to dragons here…’

Just then.


As if responding to something, the map in Russell’s hand disintegrated into ashes.

At the same time, a small compass made of green light appeared on his palm.

“Looks like…”

Confirming the arrow that pointed steadfastly in one direction, Russell’s lips curled into a smile.

“We’re almost there.”

* * *

At that moment, an entity long dormant was roused by Russell’s presence.

[Hum hum hum. Has the time finally come, little master?]

The mighty being, which almost ceased all life functions to preserve its dwindling lifespan, began to slowly move its eyes.

As it did, several glittering crystal shards—resembling drops of tears but more beautiful—fell from the corners of its eyes and disintegrated.

[And to think, a child of dragon lineage. I’m unsure if you’re the bride, but it seems you brought a suitable young girl with you.]

The voice, reminiscent of an elderly crone, was both kind and gentle.

[Ho ho ho.]

Watching the approach of the two for a while with soft bow-shaped eyes, suddenly, the entity’s gaze turned ferocious.

[Begone, fiend!]

Unleashing a massive wave of thought energy, the huge being directed its fury toward the sky.

[This is a sacred place prepared for the little master! You dare not set foot in such a space!]






The black-haired man, caught off-guard by the unexpected thought wave, clenched his teeth as he was pushed far across the sky.

“This damned old hag…!!”


“Not that I…”

Gripping his fist so tightly that his sharp nails dug into his palm, blood began to seep out.


Ignoring the slight pain as if it meant nothing, his eyes blazed with resolve.

“…not that I chose to become this way…!”

His bitter words slowly dispersed into the sky.

The Dragon Devouring Mage.


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